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En la película “No mires arriba” descubren que un cometa va a destruir la Tierra.

¿Es realmente posible que algo así ocurra? Pues sí.

Esto es lo que se hace para medir la peligrosidad de los asteroides que vemos en el cielo y mantener el planeta a salvo 👇🧵
Los NEO (Near-Earth Object) son #cometas o #asteroides que en algún momento durante su trayectoria alrededor del Sol pasan a menos de 1.3 UA de nuestra estrella.

1 UA es la distancia que separa la Tierra del Sol. Por tanto, 1.3 UA nos pilla bastante cerca.
Para hacer una primera evaluación del NEO nos fijamos en dos puntos clave de su órbita.

· Perihelio: punto más cercano al Sol
· Afelio: punto más alejado del Sol
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If you're a llama shaver, these are really accurate (and compelling) headlines for your niche. Remember, the objective of a headline is to get clicked in search results. But also keep in mind that some headlines can be #clickbait.… Clickbait headlines are meant to bait you into clicking (hence the name) but the content doesn't always measure up to what you were expecting. Sometimes it does though. Here is an example of a clickbait headline:… It's a clickbait headline because it creates an information vacuum in your mind, it's sensational, and it prays on humans' FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

You can learn more about clickbait headlines here.
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#Pandemie ist für mich das große (traurige) Erwachen:
Handlungsfähigkeit der #Politik zerrieben zwischen #Förderalismus, Unfähigkeit und Geltungsbedürfnis einzelner.
Gesellschaft gespalten von #Wissenschaftsfeinden auf Basis von gesellschaftlich toleriertem #Aberglauben.
#Medien setzen auf #falsebalance und #ClickBait. Vermeintliche #Experten verkaufen gedruckte Lügen und machen sich die Taschen voll, #EchteExperten werden verunglimpft, angefeindet und mit dem Tod bedroht.
#Kinder werden nicht geschützt, sondern #Durchseuchung preis gegeben. #Maskenpflicht zum größeren Übel als #LongCovid erklärt.
"Randgruppen" werden vergessen, #Aufklärung über #Impfung findet kaum statt und wenn überhaupt nur auf Deutsch und bitte in Eigeninitiative.
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This mindset fascinates me. When black people critique Hollywood for failing at representation for decades mostly white studios said we should stop begging to get into movies and "make our own". Now that is the go-to response for black people caping for problematic television
Pointing out the consistent erasure of MOC and the one sided diversity of straight and queer couples in high profile #Netflix shows amounts to "begging" for inclusion 🤔 Would he make that same argument about Afro-Latin erasure in #TheHeights ? That criticism was "begging" ?
@YouNetflix is part of a long standing theme in Hollywood where "diversity" means centering straight white men and adding a bevy of poorly developed sexually available WOC around them. It's a problem, it's not new but change only occurs when you point it out. But there's more...
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You change nothing by tweeting! We're either preaching to the choir or buried by the Jack-boots.

Get involved locally and do something of substance. Then tweet to your heart's content. I do.😘😎

Sorry, but this is #Clickbait #Truth
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Doxxing/Framing @aya_velazquez-@BMI_Bund order: via @Tagesspiegel/@glr_berlin/@ChristophMKluge/@Tieresindfreaks-rectal terminus of Journalism:
✔️publish RealName
✔️associate 2 controlledOP (didn't attend scripted crap)
✔️downplay @haintz_markus mole-status

"Muuh the police dudes in that live podcast by @haintz_markus himself were only referencing Aya's tweets, really, it's a conspiracy"

Low quality #DamageControl #Clickbait by


@BMI_Bund didn't like Aya's Panic Paper Emails-FOIA megathread, activated their low quality soft power tools (controlledOP asset Querdenken-framing) via cesspool journalism @Tagesspiegel.……

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🧵Met 10.000 man een feestje vieren. Een dom idee?🧵

Ik ga even Excellen, en je raadt nooit wat er uitkomt!

#clickbait #whatCouldPossiblyGoWrong
Ten eerste, hoe langer dit draadje, hoe complexer het gaat worden. Dus de eerste getallen zijn eigenlijk bullsh*t. Maar naarmate ik meer aannames doe, denk ik dat de schatting beter is.

We beginnen. Aantal mensen in Nederland: 17,5 miljoen. 3,5 gevaccineerd.
--> 14 miljoen over.
We gaan er vanuit dat er 150.000 op dit moment *besmettelijk* zijn; en het virus kunnen overdragen.

Dus de kans dat iemand besmettelijk is in de groep van 14 miljoen is 1,07%.

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Graham Gooch/ Gayle time stamp
@Fancricket12 explains how this field of sports journalism and broadcasting has changed in past few years.
He also explains why he was famous once upon a time for doing MBA ✅👍
5:25 #Clickbait and it's problems @cricvidya @yasirrizvi Image
9:05 Sometimes it's @Twitter that breaks news in the field of sport/ cricket . Where news comes and how it is consumed has changed .
Challenge of factual correctness posed by Twitter newsbreaks.
@Fancricket12 @cricvidya
10:15 XYZ guy on twitter and his sources starts reporting stuff and it gets 5000-10000 likes . Without taking names .❤️🙃🙃
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Quem nunca foi influenciado a clicar em algum link atraente pela curiosidade que o título despertou? Ou porque acreditou encontrar uma solução milagrosa para seu problema?

Esses são os famosos caça-cliques.
Caça-cliques, também conhecidos por clickbait, é um termo utilizado para se referir a manchetes ou títulos sensacionalistas que desejam atrair um grande número de cliques em determinadas páginas ou sites.
Alguns fazem uso de frases sensacionalista, promessas milagrosas e imagens para conseguir despertar a curiosidade sobre determinado assunto, sem compromisso com a veracidade da informação ofertada.
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Wir haben uns mal das neuste Video von #HeikoSchrang "gegönnt". Der #Clickbait Titel "Hammer: Wird der Führerschein verboten?" war einfach zu verführerisch.

Ein Thread.
Erstmal kommt ein 4 Minuten langer Werbeblock. Er redet über Unterstützer aus der Schweiz & Österreich, die für seinen Gerichtsprozess nach Deutschland kommen.

T-Shirts verkauft er nicht am Gericht, aber online. Online!

Er wünscht sich ein "T-Shirt Meer" statt Fahnenmeer.
"Diese Sendung wird anders als alle anderen."

Wir bezweifeln das einfach mal.

Und gleich Werbung für seinen Newsletter.
Danach Telegram.


Brieftaube fehlt nur noch. Oder Fax.
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"There needs to be a mass submission with opposite views. if these views aren't given equal space, then they need to be called out for bias. Get writing!"

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¿Qué tienen en común las películas #ElCaballeroOscuro (#TDK) (2008) de Christopher Nolan y #UnaMenteMaravillosa (2001) de Ron Howard? Abro #HILO ⬇️⬇️
En realidad, era un poco #clickbait. Las preguntas adecuadas serían:

1) ¿Qué es la Teoría de Juegos en Economía?

2) ¿Qué es el Dilema del Prisionero y dónde sale en #TheDarkKnight?
Para no extendernos demasiado, diremos que la #TeoríaDeJuegos es una área de las Matemáticas que estudia diferentes estructuras de incentivos.

La teoría económica se sirve de ella para estudiar, predecir y comprender la conducta humana en la TOMA DE DECISIONES.
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@ProVeg_UK Hi guys. You hit the nail on the head with #clickbait, I'm afraid. I never claimed tofu is worse for the environment. My talk was about incorporating the complexities of human nutrition into sustainability assessments.
@ProVeg_UK I showed a prototype of one way to do this, which was intended simply as a proof of concept, but it seems to have been interpreted as a case study. This was never my intention
@ProVeg_UK We are, however, working on novel methods to calculate environmental footprints of multiple food groups and these approaches will hopefully be peer-reviewed and available later this year.

In the meantime, just to reiterate, we did not claim tofu is worse for the environment.
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🤦‍♂️ Genome-wide methylation scan in... 60 subjects. Two CpG sites were "borderline significant" (i.e., not significant) in a microRNA that regulates all kind of stuff. And this is the headline... 🙄 #clickbait #shmoxytocin #shmepigenetics
Paper is here. Abstract reads VERY differently from the @newscientist piece... (Lots of borderlines and potentials and putatives...)
@newscientist <waits for @EpgntxEinstein and @dsquintana's heads to explode...>
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Año 1971. Changsha (China). Varios trabajadores cavan un refugio antiaéreo para un hospital cuando ante ellos aparece lo que sería la tumba de Xin Zhui y en su interior, su momia; la mejor conservada del mundo.​ Un espectacular hallazgo. #WH_arqueología Image
No os flipéis mucho, la foto del anterior tuit es una recreación de su aspecto real. 😆
Ahora que hemos captado vuestra atención, seguid leyendo para saber cómo era su vida, la importancia del descubrimiento y el -impresionante- aspecto real de la momia. #clickbait
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The Fourth Estate is like the rest of society: #diverse and complex, yet immensely important. Several #Media outlets continue to operate with integrity, passion for truth, and professional excellence…yet…
Sadly, many well-known #news brands have fallen prey to the same desire for eyeballs and subscriptions that infects so many @YouTube vloggers and @Instagram “celebrities”.
Posting disingenuous and misleading #clickbait headlines to drive traffic or whipping up non-stories into narratives designed to inspire outrage and division is something we have come to expect from the current political Administration.
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My #hottake on the NRA lawsuit: It’s Not What You Think
Despite breathless coverage from .@RollingStone, .@nypost and others, the NRA isn’t going bankrupt, although I’m sure it appreciates .@thegoodgodabove's and everyone’s #thoughtsandprayers.
Neither are #NRA's expressed economic concerns related to the recent criminal indictment of #MariaBukhina for illegal flows of #Russian money to the #GOP via the #NRA.
Instead #NRA alleges that #NYS governor and chief banking and insurance regulator are improperly pressuring #banks and #insurers not to do business with the #NRA, in order to carry out a political, anti-#gun rights agenda. But are they?
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BBC #newsHACK: Reaching Young Audiences

IE @BBC wants to figure out how to get young people addicted to checking the news (and maybe reinvent #clickbait?)
"How can trusted news providers reach young audiences?

Participants will be asked to prototype a new format that addresses one or more news needs identified by our research."

"These include:

* “News grazing”, or the habit of checking frequently for news updates throughout the day
* The need for news’ relevance to be clear and accessible
* The desire for human significance in reported news"

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Another example of why you should always read the small print. Despite the #ClickBait title, the author himself agrees that the effect is not #Sanskrit specific.
Beats me as to why you would say one thing in the title and another in your article.
Better controls for testing the validity of #sanskrit being the cause for the enlarged hippocampi would've been #Buddhist monks who have similar chanting practices.
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