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As Trump builds #Inertia going into 2019 with a Homerun SOTU & Roaring economy the Democrats appear to be lining up to EAT EACH OTHER.
SEE:Virginia State Gov.
A Cultural SHIFT is coming & when it hits it will SHAKE the #Luciferian Swamp to it's Core.
As the Battle for America's Soul enters into a New Phase & Intensity The Stars are Aligning to Herald It & Light the Way.
The work begun by Andrew Breitbart is now being completed by THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES
assisted by those @GenFlynn called #DigitalSoldiers
Many of these "Soldiers" are right out in the open.
Like me.
& my Brother Brian @drawandstrike who have been fighting the Good Fight in Social Media since 2009.
We were unfocused & inexperienced.
The Death of Andrew & the Rise of ISIS changed that.
Our Worlds changed.
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Young (18-34) whites exhibit the lowest in-group bias of any racial/ethnic group, while white liberals are the only demographic to register a pro-outgroup bias (#whiteguilt)
Somewhat relatedly, a clear majority of young white libs and dems think that a majority-minority America would "strengthens the country", while a majority of mods, indeps, reps and cons say that it 'doesn't make a difference.'
White democrats and liberals who give the 'strengthens the country' response are significantly more likely to register a pro-outgroup bias
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New thread on #WhiteGuilt. We've seen through these lies:

❌Migration has no affect on house prices, wages or hospital waiting lists

❌White race does not exist

❌Diversity is beneficial

❌ Multi-culturalism works

But there's one lie that's gaining not losing ground ...
Lie gaining ground is #Boomers are responsible for situation West is facing.

One generation, spanning 18 yrs, single handedly changed us from a thriving, affluent, dominant race with strong family values and flourishing communities into impoverished, powerless individuals? 🤔
This lie is gaining strength because too many whites have internalised the message white people are privileged, untrustworthy and evil.

White people are the cause of all that's wrong with the world.

White people don't deserve to exist.

So what do we do with that guilt? .....
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