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British & American "representative democracy" is a farce, a stitch-up which ensures government of, by & for the elites, especially in academia, which perpetuates the lie of government of, by & for the people.

The state has always facilitated society's self-exploitation.
I'm not a history buff, but many historical truths are denied or twisted by western academics, as they are in authoritarian regimes. America didn't go to war against a tyrannical British king, but against the British parliament, which continues to abuse its power.
America's founding fathers knew that forming a single nation from different European peoples of the same race would be difficult enough, & thus, in the 1790 Naturalisation Act restricted citizenship to Whites.

And so it has proven. America never became a genuine nation -
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"Diversity" has two, very different, meanings.
In the mouths of politicians it is Orwellian newspeak for a global #MeltingPot & racial mixing of human beings, the destroyer of genuine human diversity, which is a product of pre-modern #NaturalSegregation.
This Orwellian shift in the meaning of "diversity" is a consequence of an overreaction on the part of Western academia to the evils of Nazism, as elaborated on in the following thread:
The Orwellian shift in the meaning of "diversity" was accompanied by an Orwellian shift in the meaning of RACISM, which used to means hatred or contempt for someone or some group on account of their race or ethnicity, but now simply means racial or ethnic prejudice.
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It's very depressing when someone you like & admire, & try to communicate with, calls you a RACIST for your trouble, which has happened to me repeatedly.

Maybe I should simply accept that I AM a RACIST, but I refuse to, because it is not true.
Unless one accepts the Orwellian shift in meaning that has occurred in regard to RACISM, which used to mean hatred or contempt for an individual or group on account of their race or ethnicity, but now simply means racial or ethnic prejudice, which everyone is guilty of.
Thus has prejudice become a modern, secular replacement for #OriginalSin, & the principal means by which state & academic authority (BigBro) rewards, intimidates & controls Western societies.
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#RichardDawkins refuses to apply his expertise in evolutionary biology to understanding evolved human nature & the kind of societies it has given rise to, I presume because, like all academics, he is under massive pressure from colleagues in the social sciences not to do so.
The social sciences are modern, secular heirs & in some ways counterparts of the medieval clergy, more interested in controlling society than in understanding it, for which purpose they have created a modern, secular replacement for #OriginalSin, in the form of racial prejudice. Image
Human beings are inherently prejudiced about everyone & everything, making it an ideal replacement for original sin, redemption from which demands that one submit to state authority & ideology of post-racial #multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism.
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30 min into this interview, I paused it & downloaded the audio version of Sara's memoir, which I couldn't stop listing to until it was done. It affected me as it had Brian. I then returned to the interview. @DrBrianKeating @ProfSaraSeager
via @YouTube
It's a very personal & moving memoir & may not be everyone's cup of tea, it occurs to me, but it blew me away. I felt a deep empathy with Sara & those she wrote about, as Brian had clearly also done, I guess because she was being so honest about her most personal experiences.
There is, however, another reason for my empathy, which I want to be as honest about as Sara is in her memoir, partly because in this same interview Brian mentions the well-known public intellectual & podcaster #SamHarris, with whom I have a profound difference of opinion.
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The West has always been dominated by a moral supremacist elite, which in medieval times was organised in the Catholic church.

It's modern, secular & decentralised counterpart is the church of #AntiRacism, which has replaced #OriginalSin with #WhiteGuilt.
Although decentralised, the Church of Anti-Racism derives much of its spurious moral authority from #SocialScienceAcademia, which, in the aftermath of Nazism, embraced a racial ideology which went to opposite but equally insane extremes.
In place of the Nazi extremes of racial purity & supremacy, Anti-Racist ideology goes to the opposite extremes of promoting #RacialMixing (DIVERSITY) & White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred. Anyone opposing this self-destructive ideology is demonised as a RACIST.
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This was my response to a woman who describes herself as

"a thoughtful decent human being who recognises inherent prejudice".

#woke #antiracism #originalsin #prejudice #socialcontrol #DIVERSITY.
Many Native Britons left the British Isles for America, to escape tyranny of state, church &/or capital.

The tyranny of state, capital & now even the church (of #AntiRacism) has been reimposed on their descendants.

And the strange thing is, most don't seem to even notice.
The woman, @BoudicaThe, I was engaging with has now blocked me, which is a shame, but typical of those who share her ideology, which they make a moral virtue of: "I'm not engaging with bigots & racists!"

Here are screenshots of our exchange, as far as it got: ImageImage
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I have some important insights & ideas to contribute to the issue of race & identity, but anything which fails to comply with his own, illiberal & quite Orwellian racial ideology @DAaronovitch dismisses as RACIST.
The British state & establishment, like all western establishments, which have shared roots in international academia, are committed to an ideology of racial mixing, known in Orwellian newspeak as post-racial multiculturalism & DIVERSITY, & promoted by mass 3rd world immigration.
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For centuries, Europeans were taught by their own priesthood to despise themselves as sinners. Only by submitting to Church authority & ideology, we were taught, could we escape eternal punishment & damnation in the fires of Hell & gain the reward of everlasting life in Heaven.
This is how we train dogs, by a regime of rewards & punishments. It is also how humans are trained to obey state authority.

The religion of #AntiRacism replaces #OriginalSin with whiteness & #RacialPrejudice. White people are required to deny & despise their own race.
Our modern, secular priesthood is not as clearly defined as it was in medieval times, & nor is the religion itself. It's all very fuzzy & difficult to grasp, but still very effective in subjecting us to state (rather than church) authority. Image
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Nationalism is an expression of #HumanTribalism, which state & academic authority now demonise, because of its abuse by the Nazis, & because it serves #BigBrother & his minions as a modern, secular replacement for #OriginalSin.
Just as the Nazis manipulated & exploited evolved human nature & tribalism, so too do all states, including democracies like our own; only, for mercenary, rather than evil purposes.

But mercenary purposes can have evil outcomes, as those of western democracies certainly will.
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#GeorgeOrwell wrote 1984 (pub. 1949) under the strong influence of recently defeated fascism & still rampant Soviet communism. He could hardly have imagined how #BigBrother would embrace #LiberalDemocracy, #AntiFascism & #AntiRacism in the West, but this is what happened.
Jonah Goldberg, @JonahDispatch, in his book #LiberalFascism, goes some way towards recognising the fascist origins of progressivism (or should I say, the progressive aspects of fascism?), but not nearly far enough. The Orwellian nature of DIVERSITY goes unmentioned.
Big Brother imposed the madness of mass immigration & the ideology of post-racial multiculturalism & DIVERSITY on the West as an instrument of socio-political intimidation & control. The ideology goes to the opposite, but equally insane, extremes of Nazi racial ideology. Image
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The re-start of #RMB internationalization could finally help get rid of the “#originalsin” of currencies in emerging market, said CF40 member Guo Kai,…. 1/6
It will greatly reduce the negative impact of exchange rate fluctuations, capital flow fluctuations and “#longarmjurisdiction” in other countries. 2/6
Eichengreen and Hausmann have proposed the “original sin” of currency in 1999, arguing that because currencies of developing countries are not international, they cannot be used for external borrowing or even domestic long-term borrowing. 3/6
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