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1. Today's The Planet newsletter has pictures of my village, where cyclists mostly have their own roads as you often see in the Netherlands.

Here they are warned to slow down at a crossing.

A short thread 🧵

#cycling #Zeeland #Netherlands #biking #nature

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3. In the main street of the village, there are horse chestnuts everywhere.

Do you pick them up or leave them on the ground?


#chestnuts #autumn #autumnwalks #outdoors #nature
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How it started... how it's going... #cycling #cyclinglife
My first cycling computer and my current one.
Sigma BC 301 vs Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Sigma BC 301Garmin Edge 1030 Plus
My first and my last Polar. The workout data could be read from the device via infrared. With the S725 you could set a 15sec recording interval.
Polar CS 200(cad) vs Polar S725X Polar CS 200Polar S725X
The SRM PowerControl 6 (VI) was my bike computer after the Polar S725. Here was a recording interval of 1sec possible. SRM PowerControl 6 (PC 7) was also great and the current SRM PowerControl 8 (PC 8) is still in use. SRM PC7SRM PC8SRM PC6
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Ever wondered how the peloton could look like in a parallel universe? Look no further!
Here's a thread, enjoy 🙃

#cycling #concept #cyclingjersey
The one with the spoon and the jar
@AG2RCITROENTEAM x @NutellaGlobal Image
The one with the racing colors
@AstanaPremTech x @GulfOil Image
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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
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#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/15/2021…
To Manage Wildfire, California Looks To What Tribes Have Known All Along…

#wildfires #ForestryManagement #NativeAmericans #IndigenousKnowledge
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@oyostategovt medal winners @nsf_edo
David Joseph - Gold 🥇
Sarah Adegoke - Gold 🥇
Men's Doubles - Gold 🥇
Mixed Doubles - Silver 🥈
Sarah Ochiba - Gold 🥇
Edward Shinyi - Silver 🥈
#TradoSport (Ayo Olopon)
Johnson Adeoye - Gold 🥇
Men's Team - Gold 🥇
#TradoSport (Ayo Olopon)
Mixed Doubles - Gold 🥇
Seun Aiyedun - Silver 🥈
Yakubu Adesokan - Gold 🥇
Mimo Olabode - Silver 🥈
Noah Adeola - Silver 🥈
Ibrahim Dauda - Silver 🥈
Kazeem Oseni - Silver 🥈
Osewa Toyosi - Bronze 🥉
Rofiat Aanuoluwa Lawal - 3️⃣ Gold🥇🥇🥇
Taiwo Liadi - 2️⃣ Gold🥇🥇 & 1️⃣ Silver🥈
Taiwo Osijo - 1️⃣ Gold🥇 & 2️⃣ Silver 🥈🥈
Latifat Lawal - 3️⃣ Silver🥈🥈🥈
Saheed Adeyemi - 1️⃣ Gold 🥇 & 1️⃣ Silver 🥈
Men's Doubles - Gold 🥇
Alao Adedolapo - 2 Bronze 🥉🥉
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Meine Mobilitäts-Geschichte. Achtung, lang!

Würde man meinen alten Freundeskreis fragen, würde dieser mich wohl eindeutig als Auto-Person bezeichnen.
Denke ich jedoch an meine Mobilität seit meinem 18. Geburtstag, war das Auto nur so lange relevant wie ich auf dem Dorf...
gewohnt habe. Zur Schule, Wehrdienst (ja, so alt bin ich schon 🤭), dann Ausbildung und Arbeitsstelle in die nächste Stadt (15 km), alles mit dem Auto. Das Auto war ein gebrauchter Astra F, der, als ich ihn für einen Fuffi an den Exporteur verkaufte, 14 Jahre alt war und ...
230.000 km runter hatte.
Ich wechselte den Job, jetzt 50 km entfernt, und gönnte mir ein "richtiges" Auto. Seat Leon FR, 201 PS, sportlich, LPG-Anlage, knallgelb. Jeden Tag mindestens 100 km pendeln für 1,5 Jahre.
Private Änderungen brachten es mit sich, dass ich dann näher ...
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#CosasDeLaVuelta. El @ArchivoRTVE contiene mucho material sobre la historia de @lavuelta. Aquí, una pequeña recopilación de enlaces a secuencias y resúmenes de la carrera entre 1955 y 1977 emitidos en el No-Do. #LaVuelta #LaVuelta21 #ciclismo #cycling #cyclisme
#CosasDeLaVuelta. La primera edición organizada por 'El Correo' prosigue con su desarrollo. Etapas catalanas. Miquel Poblet, en el podio:….
[📽️ @ArchivoRTVE].
#LaVuelta #LaVuelta21 #ciclismo #cycling #cyclisme
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Plans released for what @GlosCC claim is cutting edge #cycling route costing majority of active transport budget for whole county this yr. Fails LTN1/20 on almost every sheet, 2.0m for long lengths, relies on pedestrians walking single file/doing detours😭… Long sections built at 2.0m...Section through centre of b...
#B4063 @GlosCC 'Signature' Glos-Chelt cycle route proposal. This will be slow thread analysing each element.

A) Lane widths. 3 metre minimum from LTN1/20. Important so cycle users can pass safely. Shared use acceptable in non-urban areas. Only ~36% of route meets guidance (1/x) Hand measured (approximate)...
#B4063 But doesn't LTN1/20 say minimum at 'constraints' of 2m? Yes, but constraint is "where there is a physical constraint on an existing road." c44% of the 3.6 mile route is only 2 metres wide, inc. where ample spare road space. It's narrowest at busiest sections as well. (2/x) A section of road illustrat...
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A better thread of #wintermaintenance of #Oulu 🇫🇮 main #bicycle routes: General info, quality requirements, control & implementation. Oulu shows you can maintain your #cycling infra round the year even in extreme conditions. Where there’s will, there’s a bike path! 1/x
It’s a bit unusual joint contract with two municipalities @oulunkaupunki & @KempeleenKunta and state road adminstration @POPELYkeskus. Due to joint contract, the area borders will show no quality variations or other visible deviations. #MeanwhileinOulu 2/x
This contract consists of 125 km of most important regional routes. Many of them are connections to/from #Oulu city center, but there are also important ring routes and areal paths. The total amount of bike paths in #Oulu region is over 1000 km, naturally maintained as well. 3/x
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U-15 #cycling trial sets to go down in @oyostategovt.
Date: 6th February, 2021
Time: 8am
Distance: 60km
Venue: Ologuneru Road, Eleyele, Ibadan.
To spot talents and prepare for the National Youths Games.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Thomas Tuchel
#grassrootsports Image
The U-15 Cycling trial event in @oyostategovt on Saturday.
Cross section of the cyclist s and officials.
The Weeknd
Tom Brady
Messi and Ronaldo ImageImageImageImage
Executives of the @oyostategovt Sports Council Mr Gboyega Makinde (M), Director of Organization Mr Kehinde Ojelowo (L) and Director of coaching and training Mr Popoola Olatunde (R).
The Weeknd
Tom Brady
Congratulations Queen
Channels TV ImageImageImageImage
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The U.S. has ~300 cities whose population exceeds 100K. Most of them have "buffered" (by PAINT: 0 protection) bike lanes, with the (car) #parking lane along the curb. SWITCH the bike & parked car lane, and you'd have traffic-calming and a MUCH safer #cycling experience. @PBOTinfo
I cannot stand seeing streets that are "improved" for "cyclists" by putting a wide bike lane *between* parked and moving cars. #Portland's N Denver Ave is a classic example. SWITCH the bike lane & car #parking lane; it solves many issues simultaneously! /2
Biking between the curb and parked cars means that there's almost *zero* car movement around you, outside of intersections. Door-zone biking is nearly eliminated--and if a passenger door does open, you're not thrown into car traffic. /3
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The most ridiculous article ever on #Cycling in #London appeared in the increasingly absurd Tory Weekly, The @spectator ... by Paul Burke. (@paulburkeradio) - an advertising copywriter.

And it's just so laughable it deserves a thread to debunk it's idiocy. Image
@spectator @paulburkeradio "Of course cycling is inherently right-wing"

He's not even trying to be ironic. He means it.

The 'Right Wing' can claim to ownership of many activities .. cycling is not one of them.

I have no data either way but my experience is that cyclists tend to be centre or left-ish. Image
@spectator @paulburkeradio Cyclists apparently "terrorise motorists with violently bright and flashing lights .."

Not ever seen this. Ever..

Perhaps he means legally safe, approved and recommended lighting, ideal for catching the attention distracted car drivers on their phones .... Image
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Bike is back from repairs so it's time for a Leicester city cycle tour, first one in a while. Also first winter ride of my adult life I think! The gloves went back in the bag after the first hill however.
#leicester #cycling #cycleinfra #ActiveTravel
This is the A563/A5630 Anstey Lane rbt. Despite Leics CC recently upgrading it, only one arm is signalised although the cycle route crosses at least two. 3 lanes of busy traffic on each arm. Less confident or mobile users have absolutely no chance.
Towards Strasbourg Dr the path goes behind the bund. Like most New Town developments more land was used to futureproof the ring road. Now it makes a reasonable path along with 70s segregated track heading into the estate
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1⃣ People want LTNs and cycle lanes, and opposition has been inflated.

People overestimate other people’s opposition to walking and cycling infrastructure. Concerns about new infrastructure are quickly overcome when people see the benefits.
2⃣ LTNs & cycle lanes reduce congestion.

Studies have shown that installing LTNs results in some people driving fewer trips, combining multiple trips into one, travelling at a less congested time or switching to public transport, walking or cycling.
3⃣ #LTNs and cycle lanes are good for business.

Our #PedestrianPound research shows footfall increases 20-35% on streets where the pedestrian experience has been improved.

For well-designed projects, sales can increase by 30% when footfall is boosted.
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(1/6) On 5 November 2020, I will give invited online lecture "Outdoor and #indoor #ventilation and #dispersion associated with #COVID_19 transmission". Organised by Prof. Chris Baker @lichfieldbaker of @unibirmingham
Register now (max 300 attendants):…
(2/6) Topic 1: droplet transmission in running & cycling. Coming back to the movie below, which has raised much feedback - not always equally relevant - around the world, but also threats to yours truly & stalking of his family. #COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #decency #respect
(3/6) Topic 2: strategies for safely reopening and keeping open indoor sports centers (gyms) in the #COVID__19 pandemic. Suggestion for "certificate of equivalence" as practical solution. Peer-reviewed publication here:…
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Today in pulp... I look back at Raleigh bikes: the most exciting bikes on the planet! #ThursdayMotivation #cycling
Raleigh was the all steel bike that defined a generation of cyclists: for many it was their first introduction to the joys - and perils - of cycling!
The brand was named after Sir Walter Raleigh - inventor of the cigarette. And it was built in Nottingham - home of the cigarette. So obviously everyone who rode one smoked...
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Nine facts about #ActiveTravel #LTNs #walking #cycling

Fact 1: 75% of people would like to see more money spent on cycling in their city.
The types of infrastructure people would find most useful are segregated on-road tracks (64%) and traffic- free cycling routes (60%).
Fact 2: Cycle lanes move more people than car lanes.
A three-metre wide lane can move 700 to 1,100 people per hour in cars, whereas for bicycles and walking this increases to 2000 to 6,500.
Fact 3: Walkers and cyclists spend more in shops.
Retailers overestimate how many of their customers travel by car by a factor of 100%.
Per square metre, cycle parking delivers five-times higher retail spend than the same area of car parking.
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The nine most common #ActiveTravel myths busted.
#LTNs #cycling #walking

Link to full report at the end of this thread.

Myth 1: There is no public support for investment in cycling infrastructure
Myth 2: Road space reallocation to bicycles will bring urban traffic to a grinding halt.
Myth 3: Removing car parking spaces will harm the local economy.
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(1/7) Your daily dose of #cycling #science & #engineering:
#Drafting single pacelines. Aerodynamic drag in percentage compared to when riding alone. Everyone benefits, also first one.
#cycling #aerodynamics
Peer-reviewed publication here:… Image
(2/7) As is well-known, riding in peloton is aerodynamically more advantageous than riding in single paceline. Quantified here. Average drag in peloton is about half that in single paceline.
@TUeindhoven @KU_Leuven @ANSYS #cycling #aerodynamics #peloton #science #resistance Image
(3/7) About our common research project on #peloton #aerodynamics, our long-time partner @ANSYS made this movie, recorded in @TUeindhoven #windtunnel.
Research thanks to team including these partners: @TUeindhoven @KU_Leuven @ANSYS @HPE_Cray
#cycling #drag
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(1/3) New peer-reviewed scientific publication: #aerodynamic benefit of #cyclist drafting behind #motorcycle

@TUeindhoven @KULeuven in partnership with @ANSYS. Published in @ISEA_Journal

#cycling #aerodynamics #wielrennen…
(2/3) With special thanks to Dr. @fredgrappe for valuable feedback and Dr. @Dr_Tom_Allen for taking care of anynomous review process and editing.
@ISEA_Journal @SpringerEng
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(1/x) Based on good comments - as always - from @fredgrappe @Blog_cyclist & co on our work on aero drag in climbing train, hereby further details. All included in our scientific publication, but that will only appear later.
@TUeindhoven @KU_Leuven @ANSYS @LeTour #TDF2020 Image
(2/x) First: reference: percentage drag reduction in team time trials. Scientific peer-reviewed article here:…

@TUeindhoven @KU_Leuven @ANSYS @LeTour
Published @Elsevier_Eng @ElsevierConnect

Note: this is only drag reduction, not total resistance. Image
(3/x) For slender riders. Weight rider 60 kg, CdA = 0.25 m².
Moderate inclination, moderate speed.
@TUeindhoven @KU_Leuven @ANSYS @LeTour
#TDF2020 #TourdeFrance #cycling #aerodynamics Image
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(1/5) Every disadvantage (= #COVID19) has an advantage (= PhD defenses available online). Here the ful #PhD ceremony of young Dr. @FabioMalizia88 @LeuvenU . Excellent defense Fabio, well done.
#cycling #aerodynamics #science #Engineering Image
(2/5) Some of his publications here: Literature review on the history of bicycle aerodynamics:…

@LeuvenU @VLAIO_be @TUeindhoven
#cycling #aerodynamics #science #engineering #research
@Elsevier_Eng Image
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