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Welcome to MoCTrack for January 5, 2020.

This is our 2019 year in review for all of the tidbits you need about last year’s legislative action. Congress is heading back to DC this week, so now is the time to see how they did last year!
#MoCTrack 1/27…
The great folks at @538Politics provide our Trump Tracker numbers, showing how often each MoCs vote with #IMPOTUS.

We took all those 2019 numbers and show you each lawmaker’s high and low point, as well as their 2019 average.

#MoCTrack 2/27
@538politics First up a rundown of 2019 in legislation, by the numbers.
#MoCTrack 3/27
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My sister @NessZim just asked my advice for herself, husband, Miss 7 and Miss 4 regarding the current smoke in Melbourne from the #bushfires so I’m going to collate several useful tweets and threads here I’ve seen from health experts. If anyone else has any info please add. 1/
Thanks @SotirisVard Professor of Environmental Population Health Australian National University @ANUPopHealth who tweeted these 6 useful tweets of 6 things we can do to protect ourselves from #bushfire #smoke #AirPollution linked here in a thread 🧵
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Air quality in Amsterdam versus in my new hometown of Kunshan in China. Dangerously high air quality levels all throughout the Netherlands due to New Year’s Eve fireworks. Interesting event from a environmental policy research perspective. I'll dedicate a thread to it. #vuurwerk
The air quality in Amsterdam started to worsen before midnight, but deteriorated rapidly at midnight, which is when the fireworks are shot into the air. #vuurwerk #airpollution #vuurwerkoverlast #vuurwerkmist
The neighborhoods most affected in Amsterdam are Amsterdam-West and Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. #vuurwerk #airpollution #vuurwerkoverlast #vuurwerkmist
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We all know someone suffering from:

Lung diseases
Heart diseases and stroke
Mental Health

These noncommunicable diseases are the 🌍's biggest killers, responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths worldwide.

We need your help to #BeatNCDs!
@WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @pahowho @DrTedros @UN Tobacco. 🚬
Alcohol. 🍻
Air pollution. 🏭
Unhealthy diet. 🍔
Physical inactivity. 🛋️
These are the main NCDs risks.

Let's STOP them.

Let's #BeatNCDs.
@WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @pahowho @DrTedros @UN Tobacco kills people.

We can #BeatNCDs by beating tobacco.

Say #NoTobacco 🚭
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#ClimateChange is a health problem.

#ClimateChange is a health problem.

#ClimateChange is a health problem.

#ClimateChange is a health problem.

#ClimateChange is a health problem.


Burning fossil fuels is the main driver of #ClimateChange.

It also causes #AirPollution that kills 7 MILLION people every year.


#ClimateChange is already threatening our health. We MUST move to cleaner:
- Energy sources 💨☀️
- Transport 🚡🚴‍♂️
- Agricultural systems 👩‍🌾🎑
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Safeguarding human health from #ClimateChange impacts 🌪️🌊🔥🌞 is more urgent than ever, yet most countries are not acting fully on their own plans to achieve this, according to the WHO first global snapshot of progress on climate change & health 👉 #COP25
@pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @DrTedros @antonioguterres @UN @UNFCCC The most common #ClimateChange sensitive health risks identified by countries:
🌞heat stress
🌪️injury or death from extreme weather events
🦟 food, water and vector-borne diseases (such as cholera, dengue or malaria). #COP25
@pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @DrTedros @antonioguterres @UN @UNFCCC Countries are increasingly prioritising #ClimateChange & health, with half of the 101 countries surveyed having developed a national health & climate change strategy or plan. #COP25
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WHO and the global health community call on governments, businesses, institutions and financial actors to deliver an ambitious #COP25.

Here 5 recommendations to boost #ClimateAction & protect our health 👉
@WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @UNFCCC @DrTedros @UN @antonioguterres 1⃣Commit to save lives, cut carbon emissions & clean air

#AirPollution kills over 7 million people a year.
2/3 of outdoor air pollution is from burning fossil fuels. Governments can clean air & save lives by bringing down the CO2 emissions that are driving #ClimateChange. #COP25
@WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @UNFCCC @DrTedros @UN @antonioguterres Following the @UN #ClimateAction summit, over 50 national & 80 subnational governments have committed to achieve WHO Air Quality Guideline values & align their climate and air quality policies by 2030.

Act Now: Join the Clean Air Initiative 👉 #COP25
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This #WorldChildrensDay we celebrate 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Every child deserves a long and healthy life and that includes a right to:
👶Be safe
👶Clean Air

It's time for #HealthForAll children 🌍🌏🌎!
Every child has the right to be safe!
Experiencing violence in childhood impacts lifelong health and well-being. It is estimated that up to 1 BILLION 👧👦 have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence or neglect in the past year.
We must #EndViolence! #WorldChildrensDay
@WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @DrTedros @UNICEF @unicefchief @UN Every child has the right to play!

Less 📱 screen time, more play ⚽ & recreation time 🚲 helps children to grow up healthy!

Help your child to #BeActive and healthy!

#HealthForAll #WorldChildrensDay
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Today is World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day.

Over 250 MILLION people 🌍 suffer from #COPD globally.

COPD is not curable, but treatment can relieve symptoms, improve quality of life and reduce the risk of death.

It’s time for #HealthForAll
@WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @pahowho @DrTedros @UN @UN_News_Centre DYK: Over 3 MILLION people died from #COPD in 2015 alone.

Over 9 out of 10 COPD deaths occur in low­ and middle­-income countries.
@WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @pahowho @DrTedros @UN @UN_News_Centre These are the main causes of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:
🔻Tobacco smoking (including passive exposure) 🚬
🔻Indoor air pollution 🔥 🥘
🔻Outdoor air pollution 🏙
🔻Occupational dusts & chemicals 🏗 #COPD
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Today is #WorldPneumoniaDay.

#Pneumonia alone killed more than 800 000 children in 2017, accounting for 15% of all deaths of children under 5 years old.

It’s the single largest infectious cause of death in children 🌎🌍
@WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @pahowho @DrTedros @UN #Pneumonia is a form of acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs. It can be caused by a number of infectious agents, including viruses, bacteria, or fungi. #WorldPneumoniaDay
@WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @pahowho @DrTedros @UN #Pneumonia can be spread in a number of ways:
1⃣The viruses & bacteria that are commonly found in a 🧒's 👃 or throat, can infect the lungs if they are inhaled
2⃣Via air-borne droplets from a cough or 🤧
3⃣Through blood, especially during & shortly after birth
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Air Pollution in Delhi: Special Bench of Justices Arun Mishra and Deepak Gupta assembles
Attorney General KK Venugopal present in the Court, suggest solution to tackle the issue. Venugopal speaks about Stubble burning, suggests Punjab and Haryana may be divided into zones and each zone be allowed to burn stubble on specific days allotted
Justice Mishra: Why just stubble burning be allowed?

Venugopal: Farmers cannot be asked to compromise on their livelihood. If stubble burning is banned, farmers will eb affected.
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Lighting a fire to cook a meal 🍳, light a home 🛋️, heat a room 🌡️.

For billions of people, these simple daily acts can turn the household into a dangerous place.

Exposure to household #AirPollution produced kills 3.8 million people each year.

@WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @DrTedros @naokoy21 @DrMariaNeira @UN Over 3 billion people use polluting fuels & devices: wood, coal & dung in simple stoves for their daily cooking. The resulting household #AirPollution is the 🌏’s single greatest environmental health risk.
Most of these people are poor, & live in low- & middle-income countries.
@WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @DrTedros @naokoy21 @DrMariaNeira @UN These cooking practices are inefficient, and use fuels and technologies that produce high levels of household #AirPollution with a range of health-damaging pollutants, including small soot particles that penetrate deep into the lungs.
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#DelhiPollution: Supreme Court takes up the issue of pollution in the capital and other parts of North India.

"Delhi is choking every year and we are not able to do anything. Evry year this is happening for 10-15 days," Justice Arun Mishra
Justice Arun Mishra: This cannot happen in a civilised country. Right to life is the most important... 'We want to burn our crop and let others die' we can't live like this

Justice Arun Mishra: State machinery is also not functioning properly. There is passing of buck... Delhi should do or Centre should do. And now, see pollution levels.

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The Principal Secretary to PM held a high level meeting today evening through video conferencing with states of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi to tackle #AirPollution

It was decided that the Cabinet Secretary will monitor the situation with these states on daily basis.

State Chief Secretaries have been asked to monitor their districts on 24x7 basis. The Centre has asked neighboring states to reduce fire incidents and increased dust levels due to adverse meteorological conditions.
During the video-conference, Chief Secretaries of States provided details about the actions being taken by them to improve the situation.
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9 out of 10 people around the 🌏🌍🌎 lives in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits.

The lack of visible smog is no indication that air is healthy.

Across the 🌍, cities & villages are seeing #AirPollution 😷 exceed the average annual values recommended by WHO’s air quality guidelines.

Check how safe the air you breathe is:
DYK: 1/3 of deaths from:
-Lung cancer
-Heart disease are due to #AirPollution.

This is an equivalent effect to that of smoking 🚬, & much higher than the effects of eating too much 🧂.

Health effects of air pollution are serious:
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Over 4 MILLION people dies every year as a result of exposure to outdoor #AirPollution 😷😷😷😷

We need to stop this silent killer! It's time to #BreatheLife!

"Two weeks ago, 35 mayors pledged to deliver clean air for the more than 140 million people that live in their cities by signing the @c40cities Clean Air Declaration. There is a momentum and we need to build on that."-@DrTedros at the #CleanAirSummit #BreatheLife
@c40cities @DrTedros @cityoflondon @MayorofLondon @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO "#AirPollution is already a crisis. If #London 🇬🇧 alone reduces air pollution, it is not enough. It’s the joint actions that will help WHO in encouraging city by city, country by country to commit to the WHO Air Quality Guidelines"-@DrTedros at the #CleanAirSummit
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🆕📰Now finally out as @iza_bonn DP:

My paper on the impact of indoor #airquality on cognitive performance of #chess players! 🏭♟️ (with @KunnSteffen @umsbe & #JuanPalacios @MIT)

Paper here:

Summary 👇🏻(1/N)
We know that #airpollution is really bad for your #health.

Exposure to poor air quality may have harmful impacts on the 🧠.

Question: What are consequences for performance in complex cognitive tasks? (2/N)
We study the effect of air quality on cognitive performance using data from #chess tournaments. Why chess? ♟️

Because it's a complex, cognitively demanding task with strong incentives, involving strategic decision making under time pressure. (3/N)
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From apathy to anger, a #hazemalaysia thread:

Southeast Asia is experiencing its worst haze since 2015. Swipe for the view outside my window. My independent air quality monitor shows an air quality index (AQI) reading of 199. The optimal for human health is <50.
Much has been written about what’s causing this #haze - irresponsible agricultural practices, the drainage of carbon-rich peatlands, patronage politics, drought. So I won’t go into why this is happening. Instead, I want to share my journey from apathy to anger.
I was 12 during the terrible haze of 1997, the worst recorded. I spent 5 years in smoggy China, where I had a ready stash of N95 masks. It’s not like I didn’t know about bad air. But when you grow up experiencing air pollution, I think the average person normalizes it.
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Our secretary General @fjgodfrey gives feedback about the prevention workshop at @PACT_eu #HealthPACT #Wellbeing4all #EU4health
#HealthPACT @fjgodfrey Clearly and frankly, we don't need the excuse that 'we need more data'. What we need is political will to do what needs to be done to improve population health #EU4health #Wellbeing4all @PACT_eu
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1/4: First lesson learned at #HealthPACT event: EU health policy is a door and has multiple faces to improve population health. Complementary EU competence is just one of the many ways EU can act! #Wellbeing4all #EU4health
2/4 Second lesson learnt at #HealthPACT @PACT_eu event: most of the known EU law is internal market regulation. Via International Trade, the EU cost-shaping global systems impacting health @Trade_EU #Wellbeing4all #EU4health #EUTrade
3/4 Third lesson learned at #HealthPACT @PACT_eu event: there are many financial instruments influencing how health policy is perceived at European level - which are key to change the perception of health as an 'opportunity' rather than a 'problem'. #EU4health #Wellbeing4all
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#Climatechange got you down? These 50 people will cheer you up. This month: I'm featuring @grist's 2019 #Grist50 Fixers here on my feed. There's more than one reason for you to feel good about the future!
Meet Ploy Achakulwisut (@_aploy). She’s got climate #activism down to a science. Ploy dedicates her work — such as research connecting #AirPollution in the southwest U.S. to premature mortality — to furthering @climate awareness. #Grist50…
What did it take for Robin Amer (@rsamer) to create an award-winning investigative #podcast on #environmental justice? Three years, more than 65 interviews, and one lawsuit against the @FBI. @thecitypod talks trash — and listeners love it. #Grist50…
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The Health Interventions in Volcanic Eruptions project has finished. It has been amazing and challenging in equal amounts!! I will be adding highlights to this thread over the coming days. Enjoy! #IVHHN
The consortium was made up of academic (@durham_uni, @GeofisicaUNAM, @univ_indonesia, Kagoshima Uni, @IOMworld) and stakeholder institutions (@PAHOemergencies, @pmi_diy @SaveChildren_ID) and funded by @Elrha/@wellcometrust/@DFID_UK.
The aim of the project was to determine the effectiveness of different kinds of respiratory protection worn by communities affected by eruptions, and to understand what cultural contexts influence people’s motivations to wear them. We worked in Indonesia, Mexico & Japan.
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Leticia: @airallianceHOU has their own purple air monitors for #ITCDisaster. @HarvardU also has monitors. #ITCfire is why we cannot afford rollbacks. Study by @EnvironmentTex show companies like ITC don't incur problems from air quality violations. EPA & TCEQ not protecting us
.@HighTechAztec @SierraClub: Experiencing symptoms of exposure and high levels of distress.

I care because I live here, too. My mom lives in Deer Park. Friends who are pregnant & vulnerable. Concerned about cumulative impact. Scares me

#ITCDisasterTownHall #ITCfire #UTCDisaster
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.@UN report warns that cities and regions in Asia, middle-east and Africa could see millions of premature deaths by 2050 if the nations fail to drastically scale up environmental protection measures.

Photo: Rahul Gayakwad/BCCL/Kolhapur
Flagging the deadly impact of #AirPollution and #WaterPollution that annually claims at least nine million lives globally, a new @UN report calls for urgent action to save humanity from the disastrous consequences of environmental degradation.

The report warns that #WaterPollution alone will become the number one cause of death in the world by 2050.

📸Adityamadhav83/Wikipedia Commons
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