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.@BBCr4today The significant reduction in road transport #AirPollution and its associated #health impacts that #ElectricCars enable should reduce #NHS demand lowering government spending that will partly offset lost fuel duty revenue. #r4today ImageImageImageImage
.@BBCr4today Toxic air pollution particles found in lungs and brains of unborn babies

Particles breathed by mothers pass to their vulnerable foetuses, with potentially lifelong consequences… #r4today
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The @capher_india consultation meeting on #AirPollution & health to inform India’s revision of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards is now underway! Image
To learn more about CAPHER-India (Collaborative for Air Pollution and Health Effects Research—India), check out the website for the network >
Dr. Mukesh Sharma @IITKanpur gave an overview of considerations and questions in the NAAQS revision process.

He also highlighted that there is a need for broad engagement across stakeholder groups to ensure that all aspects are considered and different viewpoints are heard.
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You can join the livestream for this workshop being organized by @HEIresearch @EuroRespSoc & @ISEE_global

@DrMariaNeira joins the meetings from the #WHA76 urges the #AirQuality community to work closely with climate change.

She also notes that EU should take the lead and be the first to use the ambitious @WHO air quality guidelines.

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#CleanAir4Europe | Bard’s assessment of the 5 best and worst things about the proposed new EU #AirQuality Directives (so far!) cc @EuroRespSoc @HEIresearch @ISEE_global @VSinkevicius @DrMariaNeira @javilopezEU

The proposed new EU air quality directives are a step in the right…… Image
Important IMF report for #CleanAir4EU #CleanAir4Europe conference: “The estimated multipliers associated with green spending are about 2 to 7 times larger than those associated with non-eco-friendly expenditure, depending on sectors, technologies and horizons. These findings……
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I spoke to the Sunday Times about why car ownership in Camden has fallen 6% since 2019

The number of diesel vehicles in Camden has dropped 43%! Among many other measures, we levy a 'diesel surcharge' to encourage people away from diesel #AirPollution… Photo of text in a newspape...
But despite the rapid recent drop, long term policy really matters. Car ownership in Camden has been falling since 2010. Why? In my view, at least 3 fundamentals matter here ...
1/ A functioning, accessible, and reliable public transport system. The (politically decided upon) investment since 2000 is still paying dividends

People who live outside London who talk to me about this always remark 'Why would you need a car?' It's a practical, logical choice
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Wood burning can cause cancer, esp lung cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease, dementia, premature death, & other health issues which are devastating. Wood burning emits more CO2 than gas. Inaction and silence on this affects everyone.
No laws to stop residential burning (fireplaces, fire pits, backyard burning, planned burns), & no public campaign on the dangers of residential burning means anyone can burn and emit smoke into your home. No action now, leaves you, the next generation, & environment unprotected
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“The honking of horns and revving of engines doesn’t just affect those in the vehicles — it can also raise the #bloodpressure of people living near the road.” #trafficnoise #noisekills @CityofProv @PVDMayor @PVDCityCouncil @HealthyPVD @Brown_SPH @RIHealth…
“Previous research had shown a connection between road #trafficnoise and an increased risk of #hypertension (#highbloodpressure), but it was still unclear whether it was the #noise or the pollution from the traffic that was the cause. Now, researchers say they have the evidence.”
“The results ... surprised researchers. People living near road #trafficnoise were not only more likely to develop #highbloodpressure, but the risk of this outcome increased with the ‘dose’ of #noise, even when researchers adjusted for fine particles and nitrogen dioxide.”
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'Doctors have a role in tackling air pollution: here’s how some are rising to the challenge.'
@WanderingSal @bmj_latest

'UK’s air quality is a public health problem, particularly for children’s respiratory health.
Outdoor exposure to air pollution contributes to 26 000 to 38 000 deaths a year in the UK'.
@WanderingSal @bmj_latest #AirPollution

'Outdoor exposure to air pollution contributes to 26,000 to 38,000 deaths a year in the UK - and has been shown to increase the risks of heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, and strokes.' @WanderingSal @bmj_latest @asthmalunguk

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Heading towards Barcelona from Les @aimerigues..
A "SUPER-ISLAND" on the horizon... Image
Starting the "superilla" tour...
More details coming soon...
#ErasmusPlus Image
Superblock, less pollution and sound, more green and walking... and more inequality probably too, among other contradictions...
#SustainablesCities @aimerigues
#ErasmusPlus ImageImageImageImage
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Aakash Bhadana, Vasu Kaushik and Rahul Gupta from Haryana have created ‘Caeli’, a smart automated drug delivery and anti-pollution mask for respiratory patients.⁠

#infosysfoundation #innovation #awards #Aarohan #aarohaninnovationawards #education #healthcare #innovators
#AarohanReturns #aarohanisback
Patients dealing with respiratory diseases are at maximum risk from air pollution. According to statistics by WHO, more than 90% of the global population today breathes toxic air & air pollution is the reason for over 7 million deaths every year.⁠
#Caeli is a smart, automated drug delivery and anti-pollution mask for #asthmatic and other chronic respiratory patients. It can significantly improve the quality of life for #respiratory patients living or travelling in polluted areas.⁠
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If you aren't tuning in yet to @VigilForHD16 introducing a phenomenal bill at #colorado #legislativesession ✨HB23-1101 - Ozone Season Transit Grant Program Flexibility ✨ #CleanAir #publictransit #ClimateJustice is important

@baconforco discusses the bill as well - who represents D7, and how much transit has mattered to #students #youngpeople and #workingparents and how much #CleanAir matters to her constituents #copolitics

Follow the bill!🔥
@VigilForHD16 gives us a lesson on group level o-zone - "which is a combination of heat and toxins, and they mostly come from oil and gas operations - and then transportation is the next big one" #copolitics

Fantastic point Rep. #ClimateJustice
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(1/4) To encourage farmers to stop #stubbleburning, Udhami Kisan self-help group in Khosa Pando village of #Punjab's Moga district set a unique agro-machinery bank.
(2/4) This bank provides agro-machinery -- such as Mulcher, Happy Seeder, Bailer, Zero Drill and Roto Seeder -- at a nominal rent to manage crop residues, particularly #paddy #stubble.
(3/4) The impact has been amazing. Instead of burning stubble, 90% of the village's farmers have started ploughing the paddy residue back into the soil, improving soil fertility and increasing the next yield.
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(1/5) Every year, millions of tons of farm #stubble and crop waste are burned in India — resulting in toxic, air-polluting #smog.
(2/5) Founded by #Pune-based siblings Shubham Singh and Himansha Singh, the #startup #Craste helps prevent this from happening by buying the stubble from farmers and creating products like tree-free #packaging and formaldehyde-free particle boards used to build #furniture.
(3/5) Craste does this through a patented proprietary process - Fumasolv - that separates three main components from crop waste, which are cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose.
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70 years since the #airpollution event that kickstarted the way we govern this challenge today (The Great Smog). In honor of this anniversary, I wanted to clarify a few points about this particular historic event “shifted understandings of air pollution”. A thread.. 1/6
People knew, as they know now, that #airpollution is bad - this is well documented in academic & literary works. The challenge is rather the capacity to do something about it, through regulation & sharing info about how we can protect ourselves @UKHSA 2/6
Regulating pollution via UK, US or EU legal systems, at the expense or trade off of commercial production & activities, requires strong evidence of human health effects. Sadly, this means policy often isn’t strengthened until we experience deaths (like during The Great Smog) 3/5
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🚨 EXCLUSIVE: 🚨 Despite over 8,000 complaints recorded, NO local authority with a smoke control area has issued a fine for smoke pollution in the past five years.

My investigation for @TheENDSReport reveals the state of the broken enforcement system…
One resident who lives in a Smoke Control Area in the affluent London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames told me that smoke pollution has "ruined her life".

Yet she told me that when she raised the concerns with the council "they were very dismissive".
“It took nearly two weeks for them to tell the neighbours to stop burning and by this time I had been rushed to hospital with a severe asthma attack – their attitude has been appalling", she said.
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Dear MPs, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Groene Stoker, which is presenting a petition today, is not a citizens' initiative (which they claim to be) but was founded and financed by the stove industry! #deception @Kauthar_
This so-called 'citizen organization' was set up and managed for a long time by entrepreneurs from the stove industry (sourc:Chamber of Commerce).The financing isn’t transparent.#astroturfing
@HabtamudeHoop @SandraBeckerman @kbhagen @Pieter_Grinwis (2/7)
In the years that the HoutrookVrij Foundation participated in the Wood Smoke and Health Platform, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management hardly managed to find wood-burners willing to participate in the dialogue. Wood burners were not organized. But then..
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Every year, exposure to #AirPollution causes millions of deaths.

To save lives and achieve #HealthForAll, let's align our efforts and claim the right to clean air.

📌 Illustration explaining tha...
In children 🧒🏽 👶🏻 👧🏾, exposure to #AirPollution can cause:
🫁 reduced lung growth & function
🗣️ respiratory infections
🩺 aggravated #asthma

📌 A child is walking and read...
In adults, ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the most common causes of premature death attributable to outdoor #AirPollution, and evidence is also emerging of other effects such as #diabetes and neurodegenerative conditions.

📌 A man walks on the sidewalk...
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"This week marks two years since the siege of Tigray began.
The Afar and Amhara regions are also affected by the conflict, but WHO and our partners have access to those regions and have been able to deliver humanitarian aid."-@DrTedros
"However, the humanitarian situation in Tigray remains catastrophic. As I have said before, the siege of 6 million people by Ethiopian & Eritrean forces is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world."-@DrTedros
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BREAKING :: My city #Faridabad india's most polluted city.💔
⚠️The air quality index (AQI) hit the 400 mark post-Diwali as the PM2.5 (particulate matter of 2.5 microns that is suspended in one cubic cm area) was recorded at 400 at 4 pm on Oct 30, 2022 🧵

#WeDontHaveTime #Rewild ImageImage
The Air quality is safe (good) upto PM2.5 of 50 or below, it is moderate between 100 and 200, while above 200 it is poor. The level between 300 and 400 is very poor and above 400 it falls in severe category.

#SupportRewilding #DemandRewilding #SayNoToPlastic #SayNoToAirPollution
The poor air quality might extend for further period due to prevailing weather conditions in north India.

Wake up india

#SupportRewilding #Greenjobs #WeDontHaveTime
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📉 The Tories have tanked our economy and we are facing more massive cuts.

💡Scrapping 5 biggest road schemes would ‘nearly halve budget deficit'

🧵 A thread on why we need to scrap road building plans for the sake of our economy AND our environment 👇…
🌍 Building new roads is absolutely the wrong thing to do in a #ClimateEmergency

🚛 Roads increase traffic, noise, air pollution and carbon emissions

💰 The 5 largest road schemes in the pipeline as part of #RIS2 all have weak economic cases and will cost £16BILLION! @StopRIS2 An aerial photo of multiple...
1️⃣ £10 BILLION - Lower Thames Crossing

A tunnel connecting Kent and Essex under the Thames estuary. 14.3 miles of new road and widening of the A2 and M2 in Kent

This will bring a massive increase in emissions and loss of wildlife and surrounding natural areas

Follow @tcaginfo An artist impression showin...
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1. With winter closing in, it's worth remembering that #woodburners affect indoor #air as well as outdoor:
- Can triple PM levels inside the home;
- Can create short-term but intense exposure associated with refuelling;
Our Paper
2. Our study involved households across #Sheffield taking part for us to understand the real world pollution from "eco-certified" stoves over a period of 3 weeks each.
We installed #IoT AQ sensors inside & outside the house. We provided participants with a tablet and dashboard.
3. Led by @Jwheydon, we also tried to understand the social aspect of wood burning during the study, with a survey prior to the study followed by interviewing every household. This helped us understand two main things..
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🚨#Peshawar is the most polluted city in #Pakistan today.

The #AQI is over 270, nearing the "hazardous" category. The PM2.5 concentration currently is 43.2 times the WHO annual #AirQuality guideline value. 😷

Data from @IQAir and #PCAA.
At this level for healthy individuals:
🚨50% experience moderate/greater lung function impairment
🚨20% experience large/greater lung function impairments
🚨10-15% experience moderate/severe respiratory symptoms (chest pain with aggravated cough)

(US EPA Risk Assessment)
Individuals with asthma, other respiratory conditions will likely be more severely impacted, leading to increased emergency room & clinic visits & increased hospital admissions. 🏥

😷Wear a mask
🪟Close your windows
🚲Avoid outdoor activities
🫁Run an air purifier if you can
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@kprather88 I can share what I've been told so often over the years about why =>N95/FFP2 respirators/masks😷& filters may not "significantly" reduce⬇️ #AirPollution health risk. Some= valid points to consider:
1- health effects of varying concentrations of PM2.5 exposures aren't linear.
@kprather88 cont...
2- they share poorly-designed studies in which too little filter surface area/efficiency/air flow rate is installed to provide enough cycles (i.e., air changes) per hour through filters for the space. When this is pointed out, they reply "solutions must be affordable" 2/
@kprather88 cont...
When one highlights that affordability, while very valid, answers & takes us toward a policy question rather than simply answering "do filters work" to reduce exposure of occupants to outdoor/indoor #AirPollution, they continue to conflate the #IndoorAirQuality science 3/
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Unpopular opinion: scented dryer sheets should be banned.
I don't know who needs to hear this, but #SARS2 makes many of us even more sensitive to chemical fragrances and other toxic substances like these.
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