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❎ Watching too much television📺 can worsen your genetic tendency towards obesity,
✅ But you can cut the effect in half if you walk briskly for an hour a day🚶‍♂️⌚, report researchers at the…
American Heart Association's 2012 Scientific Sessions on Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism

❌A sedentary lifestyle🛌 marked by watching TV 4 hours a day increased genetic influence by 50 percent👀
🤓 Each gene that increases BMI 👉 was associated with 0.13 kilograms/square meter (kg/m 2 ) in BMI.
🚴‍♂️ The highest level of physical activity significantly reduced Obese genes 👉 reducing BMI 👉 comparing 0.08 vs. 0.15 kg/m 2
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Heading towards Barcelona from Les @aimerigues..
A "SUPER-ISLAND" on the horizon... Image
Starting the "superilla" tour...
More details coming soon...
#ErasmusPlus Image
Superblock, less pollution and sound, more green and walking... and more inequality probably too, among other contradictions...
#SustainablesCities @aimerigues
#ErasmusPlus ImageImageImageImage
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The health-related benefits of #walking does not depend on the time or place of walking

1. Met a marketing professional whose work required travelling on 15-20 days a month, with early morning/late evening flights. He lamented there is no proper time or place to walk.
2. I suggested that he could walk inside airport terminals (after security checks, while waiting to board flights).
Most people sit, read newspapers, gossip or have coffee/snacks, while waiting to board.
The pictures below show my evening walk at Mumbai airport (T1) last month.
3. Walking would result in similar benefits, irrespective of time or place chosen for walks. One often needs to wait for 30-40 min for boarding, & walking during that time is ideal.
Preferably use stairs instead of escalators.
I remember a similar post of @IamShajanSamuel
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Resistance training may be superior to walking alone in managing HbA1C levels in patients with #diabetes

1. #exercise is important in diabetic control and leads to lower HbA1C (glycated hemoglobin) levels.
A recent study compared the effects of #walking & resistance training.
2. If walking exercise was performed for >150 min a week (or >5 days a week for 30 min at a time), based on the global guidelines, without resistance exercise, no significant effect on HbA1C levels was observed.
3. On the other hand, if males performed only resistance exercise for ≥5 days a week, it was effective in managing their HbA1c levels, without walking exercise. Therefore, performing resistance exercise is important & beneficial for improving condition of patients with diabetes.
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Taking 6000-9000 steps/day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in older adults aged 60 or more

1. In a recent study, taking 6000 to 9000 steps per day was associated with a 40% to 50% lower risk of CVD, compared with taking 2000 steps per day.
#walking #Medtwitter
2. There was a dose response noted between CVD risk and number of steps per day.
As the number of steps per day increased, the risk of CVD too decreased.
3. Compared with those who got the fewest steps/d (median 1811), the risk of CVD was 20% lower in those in quartile 2 (median of 3823 steps/day); 38% lower in quartile 3 (median of 5520 steps per day) and 49% lower in quartile 4 who walked the most ( median of 9259 steps/day).
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A #runner who would #swing his left arm more than the right
1. I have been running outdoors for two years. Over a period of time, one gets familiar with fellow runners- specially their style, pace & endurance. This post is about one of those runners, who was a regular (like me)😆
2. He had one odd style- he would swing his right arm lesser than the left while #running or #walking.
He would continue in the same style for about 60-70 minutes of his #RUN.
His #pace was excellent- 60 minutes for a 10 km run.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
3. Our interaction was limited to "Good mornings".
Six months had passed since I first saw him. At this point, I noted that I could outpace him on a few occasions (I was much slower than him to start with).
I had started to think about possibility of a #neurological #disease.
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🧵The father of #MeanwhileInOulu, Mauri Myllylä, 87. The first traffic engineer in Oulu. There's just so much we all owe to him especially regarding cycling. Talked with him last week over dinner about some of the historical important planning decisions they made back in 60's 1/
City of Oulu started growing rapidly in the late 50's and 60's. We needed a traffic engineer. I'm so happy they chose Mauri, who understood the importance of #walking & #cycling even during our strongest era of automobilization. He faced a lot and I do mean A LOT of criticism 2/
over his decisions and plans. I can't even imagine how bad it must have been. But he managed to stand his ground. First ever separate bike paths were built in Oulu in the 1960's, and he pushed through a 1971 masterplan for main cycling network that was also built. 3/
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Shorter #stride length is associated with higher incidence of life threatening clinical events in #olderadults
1. 14,000 people (Av age 75 yrs) were followed up for 33 months. 10% of them sustained #Falls. Stride length was shorter in fallers as compared to non-fallers. Image
2. In a sub-analysis based on gender, the stride length was longer and #walking speed slower in males compared to females.

#running #fitness #healthylifestyle
3. Major adverse events (MAEs) were 36% higher, physical disability 26% higher and #mortality 69% higher in older people with shorter stride length.
MAEs included physical disability, falls, dependency, institutionalization, and mortality.
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(1) I love forests for their beauty, the peace and calm I feel when I walk on forest trails, and their role in preserving biodiversity and the climate.

Today, I was reminded twice how diverse other people's attitudes toward natural forests may be.

Start of a thread 🧵

(2) First, according to a BBC Panorama investigation, I learned that a firm that has received six billion pounds in green energy subsidies from UK taxpayers is cutting down forests that are essential to the Canadian ecology.

🧵 #forests #nature…

(3) Reporters concluded that millions of tons of imported wood pellets, classified as renewable energy, are burned at Drax's largest power plant in Britain. However, part of the wood came from Canada's old-growth forests, which took thousands of years to develop.

🧵 #trees
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#Technology: "One way to reduce #transport emissions relatively quickly, and potentially globally, is to swap cars for #cycling, e-#biking and #walking – active travel, as it’s called."… #solutions
"Tackling the #climate and air #pollution #crises requires curbing all motorised #transport, particularly private cars, as quickly as possible. Focusing solely on #ElectricVehicles is slowing down the race to zero emissions."
"We also estimate that urban residents who switched from driving to cycling for just one trip per day reduced their carbon footprint by about half a tonne of CO₂ over the course of a year, and save the equivalent emissions of a one-way flight from London to New York."
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7 things which really helped me in changing my #life altogether for GOOD!!

A Thread...

Like & retweet!!!

#healthy #HealthForAll #health #HealthyEating #wealth #finance #personalgrowth #investing #Investment #lifestyle

Spending less than u earn..

This is simple but yet a POWERFUL statement to stick in ur mind.
It helps u to stay with no #debt and be in #debtfreecommunity which brings immense peace and can focus on ur #happiness rather than earning mindlessly to clear ur debt.
Thread (2/7)

Investing every month.

Keep #investing a small amount of ur earnings - expenses in a medium which can beat #inflation.

@RichifyMeClub is a great person to promote this a lot.. ❤️
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#Walking The need to walk as a form of exercise cannot be stressed more. #10K steps a day is most recommended now a days. The largest and strongest joints and bones of the human body are in the legs. Strong bones, strong muscles and flexible joints form the Iron Triangle that
carries the most important load i.e. the human body. 70% of human activity and burning of energy in one's life is done by the two feet. When a person is young, his/ her thighs have enough strength to lift a small car of 800 kg! The foot is the center of body locomotion. Both the
legs together have 50% of the nerves of the human body, 50% of the blood vessels and 50% of the blood is flowing through them. It is the largest circulatory network that connects the body. So walk daily. Only when the feet are healthy then the convention current of blood flows
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Big shout out 📢 and massive thank you 💚 to Andy and his friends from @TheAngelDurham, The Elm Tree and The Holy Grale pubs in Durham. They are walking from Newcastle to Durham to raise funds for our branch!
Andy and his crew have crossed over from the County of Tyne and Wear and into County Durham! By the time they get to Durham they will have walked @ 14 miles 💚
Andy and his team are still going strong - they have now passed through Chester-le-Street and are on the final leg of their #walking #fundraiser for our branch 💚
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How to start walking, to get active, even if you have never exercised
As part of my #ship30for30 Cohort, I wrote my first atomic essay about one of my favorite activities #Walking🚶. Here it is as a 🧵
1/12 Moving more improves our health - We all know that. But...
We spend hours and hours sitting on our desks, and then we eat, and then we sleep. And we repeat.
2/12 To get out of this endless cycle, I signed up for gym memberships. But that gathered dust, while showing up as debit on my bank cards. I found a better way, and best of all it was free.
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1. Today's The Planet newsletter has pictures of my village, where cyclists mostly have their own roads as you often see in the Netherlands.

Here they are warned to slow down at a crossing.

A short thread 🧵

#cycling #Zeeland #Netherlands #biking #nature

2. If you share a fascination for nature, please join the community of thousands of readers that start their day with inspiration from The Planet newsletter.

You can sign up for free or support via a paid subscription for the full experience.



3. In the main street of the village, there are horse chestnuts everywhere.

Do you pick them up or leave them on the ground?


#chestnuts #autumn #autumnwalks #outdoors #nature
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"For a long time, I slotted my bazaar walks as a time-waster. Why, I didn't even have shopping to show for it!" .@suchiswriting #whyloiter #walking #women #tuesdaytakeover
And then I read "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. She prescribes something she calls The Artist Date, a weekly date with, er, yourself. She writes: "The Artist Date is a once-weekly, festive, solo expedition to explore something that interests you." #theartistsway
"The Artist Date need not be overtly 'artistic'– think mischief more than mastery. Artist Dates fire up the imagination. They spark whimsy. They encourage play."
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Claudio Flores of Ecuador finished the #50km #Walking race last... at over one hour behind the winner from Poland (Dawid Tomala)... but the crowd on the footpaths waited patiently for him to cheer him right till the end.. Kudos... #Olympics
1/2... I have said before... Indian climates are not friendly for "Endurance Sports".... Gurpreet Singh failed to finish the #50Km #Walking and suffered cramps very early on.. When will @WeAreTeamIndia & GOI realise this?
2/2.. Govt & IOA should not invest in promotion of #Walking or #Marathons It has nothing in store for Indians.. If some athlete wants.. let it be personally/privately funded effort.. not state funds.. #GurpreetSingh #Olympics @WeAreTeamIndia @ianuragthakur
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Can #exercise “strengthen” the intervertebral disc?

A brief history of research from 2013 to 2020:


🙏 collaborators

Thread 👇 👇 👇 👇
First, we did a review of the literature (narrative, not a #systematicreview. This was back in my pre-systematic review days!)… in @SportsMedicineJ

🙏 @DieenJaap, Kirsten Albracht, Prof. Brüggemann, Dr. Vergroesen
It has been well established that exercise and loading can impact IVD height. E.g.……

So, exercise and movement protocols can at least ‘influence’ the IVD
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1⃣ People want LTNs and cycle lanes, and opposition has been inflated.

People overestimate other people’s opposition to walking and cycling infrastructure. Concerns about new infrastructure are quickly overcome when people see the benefits.
2⃣ LTNs & cycle lanes reduce congestion.

Studies have shown that installing LTNs results in some people driving fewer trips, combining multiple trips into one, travelling at a less congested time or switching to public transport, walking or cycling.
3⃣ #LTNs and cycle lanes are good for business.

Our #PedestrianPound research shows footfall increases 20-35% on streets where the pedestrian experience has been improved.

For well-designed projects, sales can increase by 30% when footfall is boosted.
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Nine facts about #ActiveTravel #LTNs #walking #cycling

Fact 1: 75% of people would like to see more money spent on cycling in their city.
The types of infrastructure people would find most useful are segregated on-road tracks (64%) and traffic- free cycling routes (60%).
Fact 2: Cycle lanes move more people than car lanes.
A three-metre wide lane can move 700 to 1,100 people per hour in cars, whereas for bicycles and walking this increases to 2000 to 6,500.
Fact 3: Walkers and cyclists spend more in shops.
Retailers overestimate how many of their customers travel by car by a factor of 100%.
Per square metre, cycle parking delivers five-times higher retail spend than the same area of car parking.
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The nine most common #ActiveTravel myths busted.
#LTNs #cycling #walking

Link to full report at the end of this thread.

Myth 1: There is no public support for investment in cycling infrastructure
Myth 2: Road space reallocation to bicycles will bring urban traffic to a grinding halt.
Myth 3: Removing car parking spaces will harm the local economy.
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1/3 Opening.

During the 'lockdown' in the UK, we rediscovered our local area, not venturing outside our town for nearly 3 months. We are lucky it is a small town and close to fields and a river. This restriction in where to go felt a lot easier to be with ... Image
2/3 than the self-restriction we often imposed on ourselves when we deep in the childless grief. As we would choose places our of reach, to minimise triggers. Admittedly we choose early or late walks to avoid busy times, so triggers were reduced on the whole, ...
3/3 but still there often felt a stillness, a peace, which I could never find deep in the grief, but so longed for.

#ChildlessNotByChoice #Childless #Childlessness #InvisibleGrief #Grief #Loss #Lockdown #Walking #Healing #LifeAfterChildlessness #ChildlessCommunity
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Further to this #popup #cycling #sustainability #zerocarbon #worldcyclingday might appear counter-intuitive that Manchester is not supportive of pop up cycle lanes. So a thread👇🚲🚴🚴‍♀️
Pop up cycle lanes have traction with the press and looks like they are also popular with (commuter) cyclists. Light segregation schemes are becoming increasingly popular in other cities on the back of the Covid19 pandemic #Cycling #Manchester
Sure they offer value for money and with being temporary, they also offer adaptability. Estimated cost of constructing a kerb-separated cycle track in central London is
approximately £700,000 per km, compared to around £60,000 per km for light segregation…
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There’s been a surge in walking and cycling in the #pandemic. Government has promised extra billions. It’s what @TheGreenParty has campaigned for, for many years. So how is it looking in #Sheffield?

To set the scene … since the 1960s, Sheffield had been developed to encourage the private car. Politicians competed for the motorist’s vote.…
The £2 billion, 25-year #PFI contract with #Amey failed to enhance safe pedestrian crossings or walking routes, safe cycling facilities, safe dropped kerbs for wheelchair users, safe routes to school.

It was a contract to keep roads just as they had been 25 years previously.
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