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This is a long thread about a long journey: the story of a school run that went from this↙️… to this↘️. 🧵
#CleanAirDay #SchoolStreet #Guernsey A man pushing a buggy holdi...A relaxed crowd of children...
🌟 Two awesome headteachers & dedicated staff team
🌟 Parents & carers
🌟 The wider community
🌟 Cross-departmental govt support
🌟 And, most of all, lots of inspirational kids! 🤩💪

Here’s how I saw it happen, from the perspective of my front row seat.
About nine years ago, I dropped my oldest child off for his first day at St. Martin’s Primary School, but when I went to pick him up at the end of the school day, I was shocked that the playground I’d waved him goodbye from had transformed into a carpark. A school playground crammed...
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🎉 To celebrate #CleanAirDay, @ERGAerosolScience are sharing the PM dashboard. It shows what PM2.5 is made of at a background location in London every hour of every day… @ERGImperial @imperialcollege @NPL @metoffice 🧵
Tweet 2:
💪 Understanding what PM2.5 is made up of helps us recognise which components may be more detrimental to our health. There isn't quite enough evidence to allow us to prioritise policies to abate one component over another based on health effects Image
🔎 PM2.5 comes from a wide range of natural and man-made sources. Measuring what PM2.5 is made of helps us recognise which sources are most important in contributing to the PM2.5 concentrations we are exposed to now and in the future Image
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1/6 🌍 Today is #CleanAirDay, and I am so thrilled to have spent my morning at @HBInfants School interacting with the children the power of science and technology in combating air pollution! This was covered by @itvcalendar on tv tonight at 6pm. A thread 👇 #AirQuality Image
2/6 🧪 The highlight of my day was interacting with these bright young minds and introducing them to the world of air pollution sensors. Their questions on how the sensors work were a pleasant reminder of the curiosity and wisdom that comes with youth. #STEMEducation
3/6 🤔 One intriguing question was, "Why this specific school?" Well, Hunters Bar Infants School serves as a living example of how proactive measures can mitigate the effects of air pollution on a local level. @HBInfants #LocalHeroes
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Well done to all involved in #CleanAirDay actions in & around Preston Street Primary this morning 👏👏👏Air pollution notices were handed out before school on behalf of the Parent Council Transport & Environment Committee before school by volunteer campaigers😉#Edinburgh #LEZ Image
These notices highlight the unique position of Preston Street Primary sitting diectly on the boundary of a “Low Emission Zone” which skirts two sides of a primary school building. Step out of the playground at either side of the building and you step directly outside the #LEZ ImageImage
As far as we are aware there are no current plans to extend the LEZ coverage area beyond the current plans. Hopefully this will change when there is #AirPollution data available once the current zone is in operation. #ActiveTravel #Edinburgh #LEZ
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Ironically, people with the privilege to do so are retreating from poor and unsafe air conditions on so-called #CleanAirDay. On this federally recognized day, it's time for the federal government to take serious action to make clean air a reality.
This is not the “new normal.” It is, however, the result of normalizing the use of fossil fuels. From #BayduNord to Canadian banks being the #1 funder of fossil fuels globally, this country must stop investing in fossil fuels and worsening the climate crisis.
Political leaders must do everything in their power to address the climate crisis and do it now. At Ecojustice, we’re doing all we can to act, which means holding governments accountable to fighting the climate crisis.
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🏅It's #CleanAirDay so we honor our favorite corporate polluter: @amazon

Last year, Amazon's own numbers showed its emissions jumped double digits. That's like the world’s largest plane (A380 w 853 passengers) flying from London to Boston. 83,868 times.

🧵 1/x #Streets4People Image
But these emissions are *just* from Amazon brand products, which make up only 1% of products on Amazon dot com.

If all others produced similar levels, the total impact of Amazon on our air would be what the A380 would emit flying London to Boston... over 8 million times.

These emissions aren't just numbers. They show up in notoriously underserved communities where environmental injustice is already wreaking havoc on health. In Newark where communities successfully beat back #NoSecretHub, 1 in 4 children has asthma.

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Absolutely humbled to have my song "Our World (Fight For Air" featured and LIVE + BREATHE mentioned in this powerful @EddieNestorMBE x @BBCRadio4 documentary on the inspirational Rosamund Adoo-Kissi Debrah//@EllaRobertaFdn & #AirPollution 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾... 1/n 🧵…
@EddieNestorMBE @BBCRadio4 @EllaRobertaFdn The @EllaRobertaFdn & Rosamund's work over close to a decade has been inspirational in highlighting the need for #CleanAir and also a call for #EllasLaw. Brilliantly told by @EddieNestorMBE 🙏🏾... LISTEN above & read about Ella's story below.... 2/n
LIVE + BREATHE, incl. the free Southwark Park multi-activity Event for #CleanAirDay was FOR the people of #Lambeth & #Southwark BY the people ✊🏾. Highlighting current #AirPollution, but importantly CELEBRATING what #CleanAir would enable us to do 💪🏾🥳
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Today is #CleanAirDay

🫁 Air pollution is a health and environmental emergency in the UK.

🚗Transport is the UKs largest emitting sector, accounting for nearly a third of emissions in 2019.

🚚71% of the UK’s transport emissions come from cars and vans.

A thread 1/5
⚡️🚗The UK cannot achieve its climate targets with electric vehicles alone, efforts must be made to cut the number of car journeys.

Read our report

Reducing traffic can:

☁️Improve air quality
🚗🚗🚗Reduce congestion
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Improve community wellbeing
💷Save billions across the economy

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🧵Today is #CleanAirDay.

#AirPollution not only impacts human health but also the health of our woods and trees. Addressing air pollution is vital to protect and restore our ecosystems🌳

#Nitrogen air pollution is a significant issue for UK woods. According to the #StateOfWoodsAndTrees report 100% of woodlands in England exceed the nitrogen critical load – all will have deteriorated as a result.…
Bushy grey beard #lichens were once far more abundant, but are sensitive to #AirQuality. They act as miniature forests on trunks and branches, where invertebrates live and birds forage. They’ve also been found to have anti-growth effects on human cancer cells!
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Proud to announce that my first solo-authored article on ‘freely available’ #AirQuality info channels has been published in @BigDataSoc just in time for UK #CleanAirDay tomorrow! (also my 1st doctoral thesis chapter @UniofOxford @SociologyOxford @OxfordDemSci ;)
A thread 🧵 1/15 Image
If you are involved in #environmental or #AirPollution governance from the local-to-international scale, please give this research article a read & a #retweet! 2/15… Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Im...
This research is motivated by the growing number of individual-level digital health intervention channels (apps, sensors, etc) to manage environmental exposures + Mounting evidence that they can reduce the burden of poor health outcomes 3/15 Creator: Xavier Donat  Copy...
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I'm disappointed by this #CleanAirDay thread. Strikes me as a token gesture, esp when many of the tweets are directly copied & pasted from your thread last year (bar a few changes). So it's hard to believe your ❤️'s really in it. As others have noted, the sentence
"The improvement in air quality during #COVID19 shows that further progress is possible, if balanced alongside the social and economic needs of the city" is toe-curling. This is a false dichotomy. #AirPollution costs the UK economy ~£20bn p.a.…
People used to say the same about #ClimateChange: we can do some stuff, but not if it hurts the economy! Thankfully they don't say that anymore, not really - because it was nonsense. And it is here too.
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Happy #CleanAirDay everyone!

We’re determined to tackle #AirPollution in our city, keeping #Norwich2040 a Liveable City for future generations.

Make sure to take a look at the free resources provided by @cleanairdayuk!
Air quality is something we really want to address.

It has serious impacts on health especially among our more vulnerable citizens such as children, older people, and anyone with heart or lung conditions.

Air quality is typically worse in less affluent areas too.

We publish air quality reports ever year, and an action plan every five years.

We’ve measured air quality in the city since 1998, and have made big strides since then.

Our latest air quality action plan will be completed later this year #CleanAirDay
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"#COVID19 is teaching all of us many lessons.

One of them is that health is not a luxury item for those who can afford it; it’s a necessity, and a human right"-@DrTedros
"Public health is the foundation of social, economic and political stability. That means investing in population-based services for preventing, detecting and responding to disease"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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Today is the first ever #CleanAirDay for Blue Skies.

7️⃣ million people die every year because of #AirPollution. That's about 20,000 people each and every day!

👉 Image
#AirPollution is the world’s single environmental risk factor leading to 1️⃣ in 9️⃣ deaths worldwide.

👉 #CleanAirDay
#AirPollution is the second leading cause of non-communicable diseases after tobacco use.

👉 #CleanAirDay
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"The #COVID19 pandemic & the measures taken in many countries to contain it have taken a heavy toll on lives, livelihoods & economies. But there have also been some unexpected benefits. In many places, we have seen a significant drop in #AirPollution"-@DrTedros on #CleanAirDay Image
"We are reminded of how starved our lungs have been of clean, uncontaminated air.
This respite in our normally bustling cities & towns has resulted in cleaner air, fewer cars, less noise, & communities that are safer for 🚶‍♀️ & 🚴"-@DrTedros #CleanAirDay

"In the face of global challenges posed by #AirPollution, #ClimateChange, social & economic inequalities, & the ongoing pandemic, we have a chance to build back better.
Building back better must mean building back greener & cleaner"-@DrTedros #CleanAirDay
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