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Here's a video from todays trail-ride with my Wolverine.

Update regarding my license: a supervisor called me today, telling me I'd get my day in court... I reminded her that I was denied my day in court for the charges stemming from David Folkins foolishness in January.
I've posted about being found #GuiltyExParte for my Jan MVA? That court date was 7 or 8 April. I was in remand from 14 March 21 to 29 April 21, across multiple facilities, two being #SJRC and #RHC.

(*#Discovery hasn't occured yet re crim allegations, 2022 Q1 at earliest date.)
I've got 9 Demerits against me, 3-4 from Jan, the rest from #March14 - all unproven, with me not being allowed, or diverted from attending court.

I've been a political prisoner in Canada.

I don't say that lightly. I never asked for this; but I always play the hand dealt me.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/02/2021…
Israeli scholars find millions-year-old human traces in ‘Miracle’ Cave…

#israel #HumanHistory #caves #archaeology #discovery
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Our Human Ancestors Were Apex Predators that Mostly Ate Meat for 2 Million Years: Study…
In a world far older than our tame streets lined with fast-food joints, cafes and global supermarkets, a stone-age man stalked his large prey to attack it at the right moment with the most advanced stone tools available to him.

#Discovery #evolution
Researchers at Tel Aviv University reconstructed their nutritional intake, only to find that humans were apex predators for about two million years!

#Discovery #evolution
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It’s been a while since our last post, and we sure have been busy. Both the #Discovery and #GoodFortune teams have been on the water many days scanning (i.e., #remotesensing), SeaSearching, diving, and identifying the trail of #artifacts leading away from the #RingSite in #Area2
$SFRX is also actively working with the State #DivisionofHistoricalResources (DHR) to confirm that our previously disclosed #RingSite is, in fact, a Shipwreck Site so that we can continue our work there in earnest.
Check out the pictures of the three deadeye rings lying next to each other on the #RingSite. Dozens of #artifacts are on the surface and buried in that area, according to our disclosure to DHR. It’s very exciting!
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🔻Pourquoi l’ivermectine est méprisée par les laboratoires, le Gvt, et les autorités sanitaires alors qu’elle pourrait éviter des milliers de décès dus au COVID-19 ?

Parceque ce traitement n’est pas rentable :…
Nous avons affaire à des laboratoires privés. Pour survivre, ces laboratoires doivent en permanence innover. Pour financer la recherche, il faut des bénéfices, et sans bénéfices, pas de recherche, et sans recherche, plus de laboratoire.
Medincell développe une version injectable de l'ivermectine comme traitement préventif contre le COVID-19.

Ce traitement nécessiterait une injection unique pour un mois plutôt qu’une prise de comprimés…
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A pit full of 6,200-year-old skeletons is now the oldest known example of 'indiscriminate, mass killing'… Image
A man in a Croatian village was digging a foundation for his new garage in 2007 when he uncovered a pit full of skeletons.

#discovery #Archaeology
New research about the mass grave suggests the bones belong to 41 people - children and adults - who were killed together and buried 6,200 years ago in the modern-day village of Potočani.

#discovery #Archaeology
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/12/2021…
World's first dinosaur preserved sitting on nest of eggs with fossilized babies…

#dinosaurs #fossils #paleontology #discovery
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/18/2021…
Thought-detection: AI has infiltrated our last bastion of privacy | VentureBeat…

#AI #privacy
mRNA Platform: Drug Discovery & Development - Moderna

#development #discovery #drup #platform
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How #Traffickinghub sold the entire world a lie that @Pornhub profited from sexual abuse of children and used the NYTimes to persecute sex workers Thread

Understand that ALL exploitation is wrong. But what has gone unchallenged is the Trauma Mining of Survivors of sexual assault
It has come to my attention that LM is not only guilty of defamation, but purposely endangering the lives of sex workers by inciting a culture of violence, doxing, rape and legal threats to maintain a vacuum of any scrutiny towards her fictitious theory about PH
This comes after a year of researching the extensive links and associations @ExodusCry has and what their intentions are for public "decency".

I will make this a short thread as to point the obvious flaw in LMs conspiracy that @Pornhub is in fact guilty of any

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Thanks to @kimbiddulph it’s #Archaeology31 time again! - Starting with prompt number one: #new.

Which in this case is: New year, new journal. Empty pages waiting to be filled with thoughts, notes, sketches ... opportunities. Image
#Archaeology31 day 2, #future, offers a great chance to highlight a topic I found particularly interesting as of late:

How will an #ArchaeologyOfTheFuture look like - What do *we* leave behind for future colleagues?

(Weekend reading recommendations included. 😉) Image
Starting with the question what actually constitutes #CulturalHeritage, #sites, and #monuments of our age ...

(#Archaeology31, 2. #future)
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#Discovery | Archaeologists in #Pompeii found an incredibly well-preserved ancient snack bar complete with remnants of 2,000-year-old food…
Archaeologists in #Pompeii discovered a well-preserved snack bar complete with 2,000-year-old food remnants.

The so-called thermopolium - which is Latin for a hot drink counter - was discovered in the archaeological park's north-eastern Regio V site, which is not yet open to the public.

#Pompeii #Discovery
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[DAY 1 - Learn more about the @CaiCommunity]

The objective of the CAI community is to develop and share #pedagogical and #technological tools to support the emergence of a community of #computer science #teachers
The targeted participants are primarily teachers of French-speaking pupils at the end of primary and secondary school (K5-12 i.e. 10-18 years old).
The project is providing a #webplatform and digital tools, to facilitate the #discovery of #computer #science to be used in the #STEAM #classroom
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Pr que cela soit clair #Solidarity auquel #DisCoVeRy fournit les données de mortalité des patients a tiré au sort 1853 patients. La moitié ont eu l'hydroxychloroquine l'autre moitié rien.

Mortalité #HCQ : 11% (104/947)
Mortalité sans #HCQ : 9% (84/906)…
A tiré au sort 5451 patients entre remdesivir et pas de remdesivir

Mortalité #Remdesivir : 11% (301/2743)
Mortalité sans #Remdesivir : 11% (303/2708)
A tiré au sort 2771 patients entre lopinavir/ritonavir et pas de lopinavir/ritonavir

Mortalité #Lopinavir/ritonavir : 11% (301/2743)
Mortalité sans #Lopinavir/ritonavir : 11% (303/2708)
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"L'#hydroxychloroquine est protectrice pour le cœur, non nocive: une revue systématique"

Source :…

En #France, c'est le Pr Milou-Daniel DRICI, directeur du CRPV Nice-Côte d'Azur, qui effectue la pharmacovigilance relative à l'HCQ et l'AZT pour le compte de l'ANSM.

Son dernier rapport :…

Notez que des victimes de la désormais fameuse nouvelle formule du Levothirox ont contesté publiquement certaines affirmations semble t-il un peu trop péremptoires (et inexactes) du susnommé Pr DRICI:

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🔥Comment on prend en charge les patients COVID-19 en novembre 2020 ?
Pas de recette miracle, de la pratique d'infectiologie générale et quelques adaptations pour cette infection virale sévère
Je vais concentrer sur ce que je connais, les patients hospitalisés.
Nos critères d'hospitalisation sont simples :
- patient avec COVID-19 et besoin d'oxygène supplémentaire
- les autres patients, sauf cas particuliers, on est obligés de les laisser rentrer ac consignes claires
L'adaptation du débit d'oxygène au besoin est primordiale. On n'est pas en réa mais on a à disposition :
- Lunettes
- Masque à O2
- Optiflow
- CPAP (Boussignac) : une forme de ventilation non invasive

Objectif est d'éviter l'hypoxie (diminution O2 dans le sang lié à pneumonie)
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A @NASA spacecraft circling #Jupiter has captured the planet's colorful electrical outbursts — sprites and elves — for the first time…
.@NASA's Juno spacecraft has discovered that #Jupiter's atmosphere produces lightning-like electrical outbursts called transient luminous events.

#Discovery #space
On #Earth, these colorful lights occur during thunderstorms, when lightning strikes produce red tendrils called sprites or glowing disks called elves high above the clouds.

@NASA #Jupiter #Discovery #space
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🔥Les résultat de #Solidarity @WHO, essai mère de #DisCoVeRy sont là

Confirme déception des antiviraux "repositionnés"

Nbre de patients impressionnant : 2750 Remdesivir, 954 Hydroxychloroquine, 1411 Lopinavir, 651 Interferon+Lopinavir, 1412 Interferon, and 4088 no study drug
405 hôpitaux, 30 pays, c'est ENORME !
On juge de la mortalité, un critère fort

#Hydroxychloroquine : va dans le sens d'augmentation de la mortalité mais NON SIGNIFICATIF donc on ne peut rien dire
#Remdesivir : AUCUNE DIFFERENCE DE MORTALITE, comme on le dit depuis des mois en analysant les différents essais
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#OTD 30 years ago: 6 October 1990, the joint ESA/NASA #Ulysses spacecraft was launched by the Shuttle #Discovery from @NASAKennedy. Ulysses was the first mission to study the environment above and below the poles of the Sun 👉… @esascience @NASAhistory
During its 17.5 years in space, ESA/NASA #Ulysses rewarded scientists with the unprecedented depth and breadth of its results, not just about the Sun and its influence, but also with surprising insights into the nature of our galaxy and the Universe 👉…
ESA/NASA #Ulysses was designed to last for five years but the mission was extended four times, allowing Ulysses to pass over the Sun's poles for a second and third time, and spending more than 17 years in space.
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🔥J'avais promis un thread sur ma présentation orale au congrès européen sur #COVID19 #ECCVID @ESCMID :
#Hydroxychloroquine: pros and cons
Congrès qui remplace @ECCMID annulé cette année

1/n Image
Le début de ce délire collectif autour #hydroxychloroquine peut être tracé au 25/02/2020 lorsqu'un microbiologiste français affirma
"une amélioration spectaculaire" ac #HCQ l''infection pulmonaire la plus facile à traiter" et a conseillé de courir en cherchesr d les pharmacies Image
Le 25/02/20, déjà impliqué dans la recherche thérapeutique #COVID19 je me souviens avoir couru sur #PubMed @NCBI chercher les données cliniques que j'avais manquées et qui permettait d'affirmer cela.
La recherche fut rapide : Image
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🔥Thread de mes threads sur la recherche clinique / thérapeutique et l'hydroxychloroquine #HCQ #COVID19

Premier thread ever, sur la recherche médicale thérapeutique face à #SARSCoV2
Thread sur l'#HCQ et pourquoi ce traitement est rejeté par l'ensemble des infectiologues et d'ailleurs l'ensemble des médecins et des scientifiques
Un thread sur la prise en charge de la #COVID19 à destination du grand public qui n'a pas beaucoup changé depuis
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🔥Thread de mes threads sur la recherche clinique et l'hydroxychloroquine #HCQ #COVID19
Premier thread ever, sur la recherche médicale thérapeutique face à #SARSCoV2

Thread sur l'#HCQ et pourquoi ce traitement est rejeté par l'ensemble des infectiologues et d'ailleurs l'ensemble des médecins et des scientifiques

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Sind WHO-Studien für Übersterblichkeit verantwortlich?

Durch ein neueres Interview mit d Kieler Arzt und Internisten Dr. Claus #Köhnlein mit dem Sender RT Deutsch stoßen wir auf neue, brisanten Aussagen, die Testreihen der WHO im Bezug auf d #COVID19-Epedemie betrifft. In dem /2
Interview wird erklärt, dass #WHO bereits im April Testreihen auf d Weg gebracht hatte, um eine schnellen Behandlung durch #Hydroxychloroquin zu ermöglichen - ein Medikament, dass aus d #Malaria-Behandlung bekannt ist, aber nur über eine schmale therapeutische Breite verfügt. /3
Diese Testreihen waren #Discovery, #Solidarity, #Recovery und #Remap genannt.

Köhnlein kritisiert in dem Interview die von der WHO bestimmte #Eingangsdosierung von 2,4 Gramm mit anschließend 800 Milligramm täglich für d Tests, d seiner Ansicht nach viel zu hoch gewählt war. /4
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