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🧵‼️Sasha Latypova artist turned researcher (like myself) has released an impressive presentation on the Military-Pharma-Biodefense-Industrial Complex that created the Covid-19 medical countermeasure cartels.…
🧵 Part 2 of Sasha Latypova. #Mustwatch #BARDA #Coronavirus #vaccines
🧵And for those wanting to know her background : Image
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Meanwhile, Real Criminals with Real Evidence of Real Crimes go unchecked. 🎼@RealBrysonGray
#BidenCrimeFamilly #TrumpsInnocent #TRUMP2024
The time ABC news does one clip about #HunterBiden. #Ukraine #Burisma #BidenCrimeFamily #MustWatch #Share
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1.- #Bowfinger is a #comedy on #Hollywood, #loBudget escapism and the #filmmakingindustry. It's somehow reminiscent of #TimBurton´s #IconicClassic #EdWood but stylistically adapted to suit a wider audience and in that sense is superbly written and delivered by @SteveMartinToGo #Bowfinger French distribut...
2.- Add to that If you want or need some lazy motivation before deciding to watch the Starred cast flawlessly led by #SteveMartin, #EddieMurphy, @terence_stamp, @RobertDowneyJr,@imheathergraham,@ChrisBaranski among many other less known names but not less important acts.
3. Direction is on charge of #British comedy #craftman, #Muppet master legend, #JimHenson´s righthander and solid deliverer @TheFrankOzJam with #MustWatch titles like #DeathAtAFuneral, #TheStepfordWives, #TheScore, 1986 #LittleShopofHorrors, #TheDarkCrystal among others gems.
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.@PLnewstoday asked Mariupol resident about Russian attacks on civilian areas.

Mariupol resident:
— May Poroshenko, Zelensky and all his boasters be damned. Death to them!
Hit them.
— Whom?
— Beat these Ukrainians. They destroyed our houses to such a fucking extent. We rent an apartment and there the glass shattered into smithereens.
Other residents of Mariupol:

— They occupied schools. The tanks were put around schools. They put them also near the kindergarten.
— Did they shoot from the kindergarten?
— Yes!
— Who?
— Ukrainians!
— They occupied the kindergarten territory.
— Who?
— Ukrainian tanks!
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#DelightReview : #Incendies
2010 - #French
#OTT- #AmazonPrime
#Genre - #Thriller #War #Drama

The film is about the ultimate cruelty and pain that a woman experiences. But the twist of the screenplay puts us together with the story film that goes so
1/8 Image
and transmits the pain of that woman to the viewer.

Through this story,the sectarianism within Christianity and Muslims and its ugly face are shown. The film is based on a stage play called #Incendies.
A woman who dies after working as an assistant to an Advocate
for eighteen years will give her will to the Advocateand ask her children to join both a man and a woman on one condition. The condition was that the woman should find her father, and that her son should find his brother with him, and then add the property
#Incendies Image
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Nobody - 2021

இந்த படத்தை பற்றி பார்க்குறதுக்கு முன்னாடி ... உங்களுக்கு ஆக்ஷன் திரில்லர் படங்கள் பிடிக்கும் என்றாலோ, John Wick series படங்கள் பிடிக்கும் என்றாலோ யோசிக்காமல் படத்தை பாருங்கள்.

தரமான ஆக்ஷ்ன் என்டர்டெயின்மென்ட் கேரண்டி. 👍👍

#tamilhollywoodreviews #Tamil
ஹீரோ ஒரு குடும்பஸ்தன் . இரண்டு குழந்தைகள் மற்றும் மனைவியுடன் வம்பு தும்புக்கு போகாமல் அமைதியாக வாழ்ந்து வருகிறார்.

ஒரு நாள் பஸ்ஸில் தனியாக வரும் பெண்ணுக்கு உதவி செய்ய போய் ரஷ்ய கும்பலுடன் பகை ஏற்படுகிறது.

ரஷ்ய கும்பல் தலைவன் இவனை கொல்ல ஆள் அனுப்புகிறான்.
ஆனால் ஹீரோ எல்லாத்தையும் பிரிச்சு மேஞ்சு விடுகிறான்.
அப்புறம் என்ன வில்லன் குரூப்பை எப்படி போட்டுத்தள்ளுகிறான் என்பது மீத படம்.

படத்துல லாஜிக், கதை எல்லாம் பார்க்க கூடாது.

20 நிமிடங்கள் மெதுவாக போகிறது படம். பஸ்ஸில் நடக்கும் சண்டையுடன் படம் வேகம் எடுக்கிறது.
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சிறை கைதியின் வாழ்க்கை பற்றி எழுதும் ஒரு writer.அவன் மனைவி ஏன் அவன் கொன்றனு கண்டு புடிச்சங்களா இல்லையா இதான் கதை.Slow Movie ஆனா Climax🔥
மம்முட்டி நடிப்பு🔥
#malayalammovies 🎬
MOVIE:Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu
தொடர்ந்து ஒரே மாறி ஆனா கொலைகள் நடக்கிறது..அதை போலீஸ் கண்டு புடிச்சர்களா இல்லையா இதான் கதை.
இது கொஞ்ச பழைய படம் ஆனா நல்ல இருக்கும்..🙌
#malayalammovie 🎬
Tag: @GiriSuriya_7 @Gowthamnavneeth @Thalapathy_Bk @Smiley_vasu__ @Karthicktamil86 Image
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.@nytimes produced its war film vs #Israel that it's been working on for wks. The storyline: Israel used US weapons to bomb Gaza apt buildings & kill civilians.
I saw this coming. See thread.
Gaza’s Deadly Night: How Israeli Airstrikes Killed 44 People.…
2/ The NYT ignored proof of tunnels & command center that CREATED A SINKHOLE.
3 wks ago NYT advertised for a tekkie who could help produce this video.
NYT ignored Hamas' reax to question about a command post, but bored in on IDF response.
Film's producer has HRW & AJ "history."
3/ .@herbertnyt How come WSJ asks #Hamas but you can't? "When asked if a tunnel was under Wahda St or if Hamas has tunnels under residential 'hoods, Basem Naim, Hamas office of intern'l rel:“How to defend ourselves, w tunnels or w/out, where to have the tunnels, is our choice.”
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(Thread 1/n) The Future of Health & #Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?

@daniel_kraft eloquently summarizes the early innings of #healthcare #technology, and its #future. #mustwatch

My favorite takeaways below:

(Thread 2/n) The Future of Health & Medicine:
Where Can Technology Take Us?

Some companies discussed: $TDOC $DRIO $GDRX $AMZN $UBER $AAPL $FIT $AMWL $GOOGL

@TeladocHealth (I think) would be wise to purchase
@DetectTest @VitalConnectInc @TytoCare @HeartFlow ImageImageImageImage
(Thread 3/n) The Future of Health & Medicine
Glucose Monitoring paving the path forward.

Diabetes care started the path forward. Wearable monitoring, is still in it's infancy. What other applications will come?

@TeladocHealth @Livongo ImageImageImageImage
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THREAD: For some fun TGIF fare let’s highlight some great @TheFIREorg gifs (TGIGIFs?) made by our AMAZING comms staff! (All of which are available through the gif button on Twitter & Facebook!) 1/8
I LOVE this animation of the logo for my blog, the Eternally Radical Idea! It salutes 3 once-radical ideas — the earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun, the structure of hydrogen AND Doctor Manhattan’s iconic symbol! 2/8…
This adorable gif is from our Speech Code of the Month for February 2021. We feel like we’re stuck in a Groundhog’s Day-style time loop, having complained about this civility policy @JohnsHopkins since 2006! 3/8…
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@infinity10 WATCH NOW!! Repeat just started - FYI I only managed to catch the #DIALOGUE 10 minutes into it last night - after I came back from dinner at Ishin Japanese Restaurant off Old Klang Road KL (I can see it from my apartment), 6.00 p.m. sitting: Exactly this portion!
*section: Interview with Nobel laureate from Australia (Melbourne I think) - Peter Doherty:-
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#MustWatch 👀

MARR: How was money was allocated to your constituency?
JENRICK: That was decided by another minister
AM: Who?
RJ: @JakeBerry
AM: Who also got money for his constituency
RJ: That was a decision made by another minister
AM: You?
RJ: Er...yes
“There have been some changes in govt over the last few days & the decision has been made to be back on your show” @RobertJenrick implies that the government's 201 day boycott of @GMB was Cummings’ fault

He will is the faux scapegoat for all govt failures
Cummings may have left the building but he hasn’t left govt

He’s in position til Dec working on #COVID19 strategy & it is likely to continue to work on this, away from public scrutiny

#Palantir & #FacultyAI are running UK’s COVID data store & #GenomeUK was launched in September Image
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This #MustWatch video is insanely sick and dangerous! Not just Muslim soldiers over the centuries taking over the #HagiaSophia, but it closes with a picture of Jerusalem's Temple Mount. Image
The video also shows Erdogan wishing safe passage to the Turkish oil exploration ship that is threatening war with Greece & friends.… Image
Erdogan doesn't see himself as the Caliph of the Neo-Ottoman Empire?
Here with the PA's Abbas and on the Temple Mount - Haram al Sharif. ImageImage
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Jojo Rabbit 2019


Comedy Drama

After long time laughed a lot 💕
#watchedmovies #Highly_recommended #MustWatch ImageImage
Wind River 2018


Mistry Thriller

#watchedmovies #worth_a_watch ImageImage
Prisoners 2013


Crime thriller

#watchedmovies #worth_a_watch ImageImage
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If you haven't seen @jonathanvswan's wild interview with @realDonaldTrump, it's a #mustwatch. Here is the full 35-minute interview which will make your mind boggle. Never ceases to amaze me that this guy is president of the world's most powerful country 1/…
Look, @jonathanvswan, who is a good friend of mine, has been getting lots of deserved praise for this interview - as did Chris Wallace before him. But ask yourself why other/previous interviewers haven't been able to do interviews like this? Why not?? 2/…
To be clear, in my view, Jonathan could have been tougher at times, and I tend to be a tougher interviewer. Everyone's style is different. But the fact that polite, smiling, non-aggressive Jonathan was able to expose Trump in this way speaks volumes. 3/…
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Weekend Reading : Story of Indian Spy in WW2 - Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan

Born(1914) in Russia, and later moved to France, Noor was a direct descendant of Tipu Sultan, and daughter of Inayat Khan ( teacher of Sufism in Europe ) and Ora Baker ( American ).
A very quiet,shy and sensitive girl, she kept to herself and studied Music and child psychology. She became a writer as she grew up and in 1939, her book ‘20 Jataka Tales’ based on Buddhist Jataka Tales was published. When Germany invaded France, they fled to England in June 1940
In Nov 1940 she joined WAAF ( Women Auxillary Air Force) as Aircraft Woman 2nd Class and started her training as Wireless operator. She even applied for a commission in 1941.
In 1942, Noor joined Churchill’s secret Special Operations Executives (SOE).
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Carlos ஒரு Bank  employe. அவர் அவரோட பொண்ணு கூட car ல போய்ட்ருக்காரு. அப்ப அவருக்கு call வருது. அதுல ஒருத்தன் உன் car ல bomb இருக்கு car ல இருந்து இறங்குனா bomb வெடிச்சுரும்னு சொல்றான். ImageImage
அந்த bomba அஹ dismantle பண்றதுக்கு ஒரு பெரிய amount aha bank ல இருந்து transfer பன்ன சொல்றான். அதுக்கு அப்றம் என்ன நடக்குதுங்கரது தான் படம்.பட‌ம் விறு விறுன்னு போகும். Thriller movie fans miss பண்ணாம பாருங்க.
#watchedmovies #Highly_recommended# #worth_a_watch



இது ரொம்ப வித்தியாசமான phsyco thriller படம். Cesar பிறப்பிலேயே அவனுக்கு சந்தோஷம்ங்கற ஒரு உணர்ச்சியே இல்லை னு நம்புறான். அதனா‌ல யார் சந்தோசமா இருந்தாலும் அத கெடுக்க எந்த level க்கு வேணாலும் போவான் அவன பத்தின படம் தான் இது. ImageImage
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“In the last quarter century—there’ve only been seven truly new vaccines introduced globally into clinical practice.”—@Merck CEO Ken Frazier w/#Harvard Business School’s @tsedal on the grave disservice done to the public w/over promising a #COVID19 vaccine
“You’re one of four African American CEOs in the #Fortune500—does it make a difference to ‘our ppl’ that you’re in the room?”—@Merck CEO Ken Frazier w/#Harvard Business School’s @tsedal discussing the issue of race in America post-#GeorgeFloyd
nb: @wkamaubell @staceyabrams
@tsedal: What does it take to find a reliable vaccine?
@Merck’s Frazier: It takes a lot of time—(I think) the record for the fastest vaccine ever brought to market was Merck in the mump’s [#MMR #MMRV] vaccine, it took about 4yrs; our most recent vaccine for Ebola took 5.5yrs. Image
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Sully 2016



2009 ஜனவரில நடந்த உண்மை சம்பவத்தை அடிப்படையா வெச்சு எடுத்த படம்.My all time favorite Tom hanks நடிச்ச படம். Flight Newyork ல இருக்க LaGuardiaல இருந்து Charlotte Douglasக்கு பறந்துட்டு இருக்கும் போது பறவை மோதி ரெண்டு இன்ஜினும் damage ஆகிறுது. ImageImage
அதனா‌ல வேற வழி இல்லாம hudson River ல land பண்னுராரு captain Sully. அதிர்ஷ்டவசமாக flight ல இருந்த எல்லாரும் உயிர் பிழைக்கராங்க.
இந்த சம்பவத்துக்கு அப்றம் எல்லாரும் Sullyய ஹீரோவா பாக்குறாங்க. ஆனா அவர் ரொம்ப குழப்பத்துலயும் restless ஆவும் இருக்கார்.ஏன்னா அவர் மேல enquiries வருது.
அதுல இருந்து அவர் எப்டி வெளிய வர்றார்ங்கரது தான் படம். அந்த enquire scene லாம் நல்லா இருக்கும். Climax Tom hanks acting 💥💥. இன்னும் பாக்கலனா miss பண்ணாம பாருங்க. #Highly_recommended #MustWatch #worth_a_watch
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Yellow flowers on the green grass🌻🍃 (2015)



    நான் பார்த்த முதல் Vietnamese படம். நாவல base பன்னி அழகா எடுத்திருக்காங்க. அண்ணன் தம்பிக்கு இடைல இருக்க அன்பு, சண்டைகள், காதல், கிராமத்து வாழ்கைன்னு படம் ரொம்ப நல்லா இருந்துச்சு. ImageImageImageImage
நான் பார்த்த ரொம்ப அழகான Visuals இருக்க படத்துல இந்த படமும் ஒன்னு. இதுவரைக்கும் எந்த படத்துலயும் இவ்ளோ நல்ல Visuals பார்த்தது இல்ல.இதுக்காகவே இந்த படத்த பார்க்கலாம். நான் எடுத்த screenshots add பண்றேன் பாருங்க. உங்களுக்கும் படம் பார்க்க தோனும்.
#watchedmovies #MustWatch ImageImageImageImage
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99 years ago - on 31 May, 1921 - white mobs ransacked & burned down “the Black Wall Street” of Greenwood, Tulsa.

26 black people died & more than 800 were injured. #TulsaRaceMassacre #riots2020 #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Why is what happened in Tulsa a century ago👆or what happened in the Deep South two centuries ago relevant to today?

Kimberly Jones explains discrimination, inequality & institutional racism in USA - using Monopoly. #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #Trump  (PART 1)
“You broke the social contract when you came & you killed us in the streets.”

Powerful, eloquent & angry.

#MustWatch Part 2: Kimberly Jones on racism in America #BlackLivesMatter  #EndRacism #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #GeorgeFloydProtests #GeorgeFloyd
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Just a movie with the 90 minutes run time made a big impact on my heart. That to with the kids as a main leads.please watch if you want to know about the genocide of Jews. Literally cried at the end. #Heart_Breaking #photo_review #Hitler_vs_jews #photo_story #MustWatch Image
Forget to add the movie name Image
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