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Their Royal Heilnesses
Secret 1933 film shows Edward VIII teaching Nazi salute to the Queen.
Edward, who once gave a #Nazi salute to #Hitler and claimed he was “not a bad chap”…
(Saxe Coburg Gotha house was renamed House of Windsor)

Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
More than twenty years after his death in indigent circumstances, his grandson became King of Sweden as King Carl XVI Gustaf.…

video Hitler's favourite Royal
Nazi Princess: Hitler, Lord Rothermere, and Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe
Roosevelt “she is more dangerous than 10,000 men”. A part-Jewish Austrian princess with Nazi sympathies, went in the U.K. to meet the Windsors.…
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#Hitler and all his leading associates were #Jewish!
A German Jew named Dietrich Bronder claimed this fact in "Before Hitler Came".… (Ordo ab Chao article)
📚🤓 Bronder Before Hitler Came (1975)… ImageImageImage
I always wonder "what if Hitler & co were puppets on a string with the endgame to destroy the Germanic people and thus creating the state of Israel, meanwhile killing the religious jews and keeping the satanic ones alive"🤓🤔
65 Rare Color Photographs of World War II Taken by #Hitler's Personal Photographer

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#Masonlar #Yahudiler #Tapinakcilar
#Kabala iliskisi..#Turkiye

Bircok insanin merak ettigi konulardan biri de,
Masonlar ile Yahudiler arasinda bir baglantinin
olup olmadigina dairdir.

ikisi arasinda cok güclü baglar var evet.

Ünlü bir Mason sözü der ki;

"Müslüman düsmanlarimizla carpismalari icin,
Müslüman dostlarimizi silahlandirin"

#Kabala'yi ögretenler Yahudilerdir.

Yahudi olmayanlara her pisligi yaptirdigi piyonlara #MASON denir.
Masonlar ve Yahudiler
ikisi de Kabala'ya sahipse,
Seytan ikisiyle de ayni dili konusuyor demektir

1100'lü yillarda
Mitraist Vatikan'in Papasi Urbanas
Suriye-Sam ve Kudüs sehirlerine saldiri emri verir

#Hac'li ordular büyük bir katliam gerceklestirir

Mitra;iran Gunes Tanrisi ImageImage
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65 Rare Color Photographs of World War II Taken by #Hitler's Personal Photographer

The Bush Hitler connections to auschwitz, eugenics, etc
The eugenics movement - the same money, the same leaders like Ford, Mellon, Du Pont, Standard Oil, Rockefeller, Shell, Frank W. Notestein, C. C. Little, E. A. Ross, Philip M. Hauser, Alan Guttmacher…
The Mellon Foundation supports HIA too 😉
So, #Mellon made big bucks doing business with the nazi's, just like #Bertelsmann. These day's they sponsor a #Jewish foundation which sponsors #BLM black 'activists'. What a #Cohencidene 😂… ImageImageImage
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Well was Liberal at one stage

But that more a #Progressive #Labour policy

As was #Eugenics & #Euthanasia in general

It was #Liberals #Socialists and #Marxists #Hitler got his ideas from

You need to #EducateYourself

Read this especially last few links…
Well was Liberal at one stage

But that more a #Progressive #Labour policy

As was #Eugenics & #Euthanasia in general

It was #Liberals #Socialists and #Marxists #Hitler got his ideas from

You need to #EducateYourself

Read this especially last few links…
Don't you just love it when the dumb ignorant uneducated Twits #BlockAndRun?!?!
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@TrumpTalk1 @realDonaldTrump cannot got into a location unless he invokes the #InsurrectionAct. Right before an election is NOT the time to go about that. The @DNC has only to ask for help and @potus will give it. They are refusing to do that because their big plan, unfortunately, is 1/
@TrumpTalk1 @realDonaldTrump @DNC @POTUS 2/ ... the overthrow of the #US itself. That is and always has been their plan since @BillClinton was #President.

Look at the revolution on #Ukraine. Same exact tactics they are using now. They have combined #AdolphHitler’s way with #SaulAlinski’s.

#GeorgeSoros has added a...
@TrumpTalk1 @realDonaldTrump @DNC @POTUS @BillClinton 3/... new twist. Naming the #muscle (#BrownShirts for #Hitler) after things that everyone holds dear. #AntifaTerrorists are really #Fascists, which we all dislike (#Hitler); #BLMTerroristThugs are really the modern day #KKK—notice they collect billions of $, but NONE ...
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@kommacoaching De #COVID19 censuur door de #WHO/#EU via socmedia bedrijven, de zgn. Factcheckers, MSM en de #ADL is al van eerdere datum. Het trieste besef dat wij via ons eigen belastinggeld gecensureerd worden is tegelijk de natte droom van #Hitler en #Stalin geweest.
@kommacoaching Covid-19-strip uit 2012 |
Er is een EU-stripboek aan het licht gekomen dat de hele #COVID19-pandemie, inclusief een wereldwijde #lockdown, al in 2012 nauwkeurig heeft voorspeld.
@kommacoaching The @EU_Commission should be ashamed for censoring the EU-population during #COVIDhoax
Read pls "The EEAS Strategic Communications and Information Analysis Division"
(A thread on EU-Censorship)…
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@DLF (1/12) Als 4-sprachiger Künstler, Migrant mit 4 ethnischen Abstammungslinien, mit drei Religionen groß geworden, mit 11 Jahren die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit erworben, sehe ich es als meine selbstverständliche Pflicht an, um als Brückenbauer zwischen den Kulturen zu vermitteln.
@DLF (2/12) Früh, bereits als Jugendlicher, habe ich in der damaligen Bundeshauptstadt Bonn an internationalen Initiativen teilgenommen, oft auch mit Christen, Juden, Moslems, Agnostikern & Atheisten. Immer war Kunst und Musik der Katalysator, der uns verbinden konnte. Erst später:
@DLF (3/12) Durch die Tätigkeit als Vorsitzender im Integrationsbeirat einer großen Stadt in Bayern, erhielt ich Gelegenheit mich intensiv mit dem Islam, seiner Geschichte, dem Koran, der Sira, der Sunna, den Hadithen, vielen Fatwas & den Leitgedanken des Islams zu beschäftigen:
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The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline.

However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will
tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars.

They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now
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ADI: Kamuran
Dogum Tarihi: 10 Temmuz 1856
Dogum Yeri: Hirvatistan
Milliyeti: Bosnak
Dini: islam
ABD Göcmenlik bürosundaki kayitli ismi: Cameron(Kamuran)

1856=Osmanli imparatorlugu yillari

Nicola Tesla

Tesla kim mi?
#Yakinda ImageImage
Nikola #Tesla'nin mezari yoktur,bulamazsiniz
Öz Yahudi olan
"Adolf Hitler'in
üst rütbeli subaylar
ve amiraller dahil,
150 bin Yahudi kökenli askeri vardi."

Helmut Schmidt/Eski Almanya Basbakani.
Adolf #Hitler'in mezari yoktur,bulamazsiniz.. ImageImage
Albert Einstein

Yahudi asilli
Almanya-Ulm dogumlu Fizikci.

Tüm Yahudiler gibi;
Nobel Baris Ödülü sahibi

Zamanin ötesinde buluslar yapanlardan biri

Nikola Tesla'nin cagdasi ve Tesla'nin tam ZIT kutbunu temsil eder

Albert Eintein'in mezari yoktur,bulamazsiniz..
... ImageImage
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#cnp #Trump #Zionism #Christian #RightWing…
Zionism and the British Empire
#British backing for #Jabotinsky, #Weizmann and the #Jewish State
#Zionism #Palestine…
The Cult & Israel 🤓
Many EU aristocrats belong to the "British Israel" movement that believes the British sovereign is the head of the Anglo Saxon "Lost Tribes" of Israel and that the Apocalypse will see the full reconstitution of the British Empire 😈…
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Today when we read WW II, people often question, why didn’t anyone do anything when they saw #Hitler do what he was doing ? What exactly is anyone doing to #China today ? They are building concentration camps and herding #Uighur Muslims into them. They are claiming territories.. ImageImageImage
..of neighbours. They are using scare tactics to subjugate smaller nations. They are on massive industrialisation spree. They have a huge army and keep building more arms and armaments. If this is not a repeat of 1930s North Europe, what is it ? Thankfully, this time there.. INDIA to take this beast down. It’s not only a personal fight but our responsibility to keep this expansionist and dictatorial regime in check. I fully support my government and Armed forces on every action they take against China today. Let’s get things in order! Jai Hind.
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Fidel Castro- #Küba

Margaret Trudeau (Justin Trudeuau'nun annesi)

Justin Trudeau (Cocuklugu) #Kanada

Sakli Secilmisler..
1923'te Alman Hükümetine darbe girisiminden sonra tutuklanan Nazi Mahkumlar;

Birinci Resim:
Tutuklu olan
Adolf Hitler ve Rudolf Hess

ikinci resim:
Adolf Hitler
Hermann Kriebel (Solda)
Emil Maurice (Arkadaki genc)

Darbeci Naziler gayet rahat ve guven icinde..
Her anlamda gizemli bir gecmisi olan
Fasist Diktatör Adolf Hitler,
2.Dunya Savasinda
70 milyondan fazla insanin ölmesine sebep oldu.

Adolf Hitler gercekte kimdir?

intihar ederek öldü denen kisi,
gercekten Adolf Hitler miydi?

Cifte Görüntü yanilgisinin maskeli araci miydi?
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Sari Saclim
Mavi Gözlüm..#Atatürk
Günümüzdeki #Satanizm'in Babasi olan Aleister Crowley;
Bush'un Öz Dedesidir.

Baba ve Ogul Bush;
1853'te #illuminati ilkeleriyle kurulan
Satanist Kuru Kafa ve Kemikler Cemiyeti'nin Üyeleri.

Kemik Adamlar.. Image
Bush Ailesi
Nesiller boyu Satanist ögretilerle ic ice yasadi.

Aleister Crowley ve Barbara Bush

#Aleister Crowley;
#Barbara Bush'un Babasi

Barbara Bush;
Ogul #Bush'un Annesi..

Aleister'in not defteri ve tarihsel belgeler.. Image
Aleister Crowley
50 yasindayken
Fransa #Paris'te Frank ve Nellie O'hara'nin evinde yasiyordu

McCall Corporation'in Baskani Marvin Pierce'in karisi olan
ABD'li Pauline Pierce Aleister'i ziyarete geldi

Pauline'nin ziyareti sirasinda
Aleister KARA BÜYÜ ile ilgileniyordu Image
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Xi’s #China is a #Nazi #Germany lookalike. It is also in a hurry

#Hitler felt if he did not move fast, the allies would become powerful.

Perhaps China feels the need to move fast before their population goes into decline.…
A case can be made that the historical parallels are not just the ones concerning the similarity of Xi’s China to Hitler’s Germany. The parallels are also about responses from the rest of the world, including the West & the way these responses are read by the mandarins in Beijing
No one broke off diplomatic relations with Germany when Dachau was set up. Did the Uighurs actually expect any action from the world’s human rights lovers? Someone in Beijing has read on the supine stance of flabby democracies as articulated by German ideologues of the 1930s.
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There's video of #KenoshaShooter as well as video of militia members explaining to each other that the police planned to push protesters at the militia members so they (the #Militia ) could take care of the protesters. 1/13…
Then, later that night, the #kenoshapolicedepartment tossed bottles of water to those militia members and thanked them for their help while simultaneously telling protesters they had to leave the area because they were "civilians."

Then the militia members staged themselves 3 blocks south of 60th street and the police kettled protesters to 60th street. It was then that this militia member shot one of the protesters in the head with an AR-15.

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Why is there so much hate against #Hindus in world?
I mean we Suffered a lot! And we are suffering a lot right now!
Is it because we are Tolerant?
Are all these people taking advantage of us being tolerant?
I am starting to questioning “अहिंसा परमो धर्म” @TulsiGabbard @DrAmbardar
I mean no body seems to say anything to Islamic extemist nations like #Pakistan,#Turkey,#Iran nobady teaches them anything? In fact people like @aamir_khan and many more appreciate them (#Erdogan_war_criminal)and defame India!
I just learned that there are many Indian-American/Canadian organizations, whose very motto is to defame #Hindus to death, and comparing them to #Hitler’s ideology! Many wants to break our nation into pieces, to create #khalistan, and people are promoting it!
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@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 1. So those 2 soundbites out of all those articles (could you say which & where or are you assuming they're in there) are all you picked up

Not all the left wing & socialist bits

That's what they call cognitive dissonance

#CulturalMarxists didn't just strip out nationalisation
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 2. #CulturalMarxists didn't just strip out nationalisation

They stripped out ALL the Economics & ALL the Class War out of #Marxism because they saw they weren't going to work in overthrowing the old order & no one argues they're not Marxists or Socialists

#Hitler& #Mussolini
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 3. #Hitler& #Mussolini only adapted #Internationalism & control of means of production to something that would work in real world

But what else is not Socialist

Marx (money is Sun to Fri religion of J3ws/are to blame for capitalism) & #Engels racist #Eugenicists

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@Transman74 @milburn_ted @bridges_walls @Stop_The_EU Yeah

You're one of the rose tinted tin foil hat brigade who think slipping "Socialist" into their name was all a conspiracy theory to trick socialists into joining the Nazi Party…
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Thread of Stefan Zweig's Life Story Begins!

Austrian novelist, theater writer, biographer and journalist Stefan Zweig, born in Vienna on November 28, 1881, is known for his short story #Chess and his wonderful biography works supported by psychological analyzes.
#StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
#StefanZweig met literature at a young age and received extremely high level education in this field. Having learned #English, #French, #Italian, #Latin and #Greek, he also studied #philosophy. Stefan Zweig
Originally interested in poetry, the writer was largely influenced by the great German poet #RainerMariaRilke, born in Prague. Zweig, who translated the poetry translations of #CharlesBaudelaire and #Verlaine into German, then traveled to South Asia. #StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
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Am 20. Juli wird #Stauffenberg in Deutschland gefeiert.
Er hat gehandelt, als viele Andere tatenlos zusahen und wurde dadurch zum Opfer. Er war vorher 11 Jahre lang #Taeter im #Nationalsozialismus.
Er eignet sich deshalb _nicht_ als Identifikationsfigur für Zivilcourage (Thread)
Neben #Stauffenberg gab es weitere Widerstandskämpfer:innen gegen das unmenschlichste Regime in der Geschichte, das in #Deutschland Fuß fassen und 12 Jahre lang innenpolitisch relativ ungestört #Krieg, #Vernichtung und vor allem #Holocaust betreiben konnte.
Es gab aber auch Widerstand gegen den NS. Beispiele sind:
Georg #Elser verübte am 8.11.39 ein Attentat auf Hitler, das leider fehlschlug. Er wurde am 9.4.45 im #KZ #Dachau ermordet - 20 Tage vor der Befreiung des Lagers durch die #USArmy.
Es gab die #WeisseRose... (3/x)
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#Pompeo's anti-China rhetoric is more and more like that of #Hitler against the Jews in WWII.

Germany at that time was also mired in deep economic difficulties and Hitler was also trying to find a way out. The Jews were an easy target.

#Democracy can't prevent hate & insanity.
The CPC successfully put the pandemic under control in China and provided aid to 120 countries. China's death toll is proportionally 1/120 of that of America. The WH is the real threat to the American people and to the world.
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