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Comment ces #virus qu’on ne trouvez que chez les #animaux ont pu franchir la barrière des espèces et infecter l'#Homme?

C’est tout simplement à cause de l’« #EFFONDREMENT_ÉCOLOGIQUE ».

Et qu’est-ce qui est à l’origine de cet effondrement écologique?

On peut citer :
1)la #DÉFORESTATION qui crée des "passerelles" pour la circulation des virus entre animaux mais aussi entre animaux et humains. Conséquences : certains animaux meurent et d’autres perdent leurs habitats naturels de ce fait des espèces se retrouvent à cohabiter. Elles sont
davantage en contact avec l’Homme créant ainsi une #promiscuité entre les animaux mais aussi entre l’homme et les animaux ce qui favorise la #transmission d’agents pathogènes qui, par #recombinaison entre virus d’espèces différentes, peut être dangereuse pour la santé humaine.
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[THREAD] Some thoughts on the horrendous #BeirutBlast and recent protests.

Many of my friends lost their homes. They can never return 2 their apartments or collect their personal items. Others have minor physical injuries and mostly material damages. 1/18
Some of my friends’ relatives died days after the explosion. Other friends are severely injured & are still at the hospital. Many are still figuring out ways 2 raise money (bcos banks aren’t giving us our $) 2 repair their homes & donate to help out many displaced families. 2/18
We only have shattered glass and material damages. @sanatkaram & I are ok. No injuries. Thanks to friends around the world for your texts, calls, & emails. It means a lot to us. 3/18
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Did you miss early bird registration for @WIMSummit?
It's ok!
You can still get discounted pricing if you are
🌟 An @AMWADoctors member
🌟 Have a group of 5 or more
🌟 Attended a #WIMSWebinar (a few more are coming up!) #WIMStrongerTogether
Wondering why you should attend?
🌟Renowned speakers
🌟Networking Opportunities
🌟Mentorship, Sponsorship, Leadership, Media, Speaker training
🌟 Writing in medicine workshop
🌟Personal and Professional development
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[Neurones] $NRO / Thread

Cette ESN est un de nos coups de ❤️ (point de vue fondamental).

3 points à aborder pour aller droit au but :

1)Management :
Les dirigeants abordent sincèrement et ouvertement des problèmes et des succès. Le RA est un régal
Politique RH (nerf de la guerre d ESN): Faible turnover pour une parisienne
NB: Un turnover en baisse peut être annonciateur d’une crise, pas forcément un exploit RH
2) Activité :
Une image vaut 1.000 mots :

#résilience et #rentabilité en continue au RDV depuis… près de 20 ans.
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After attending the @PolicingReview webinar this morning, here's a short thread on why #resilience isn't the answer to police (or any Blue Light) wellbeing because you can't ask individuals to be resilient when the organisations are unable to be so themselves.
For basic wellbeing, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs says we need food/water/sleep which given cancelled rest days, shift work (with often bad set patterns) & non-protected ref breaks (esp in police), these basic needs are not being met on a regular basis 2/
We then require safety (stability) in our home/work lives & whilst Blue Lights don't tend to face redundancies, given the constant threat of standards dept or IOPC (police) investigations, high turnover in job roles, many have an anxious attachment to the Job therefore unsafe 3/
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Being an entrepreneur is often depicted as "loving to live in an emotional roller coaster"...

Let's talk about the cost of it
& what the ones we love, wife, husband, kids, parents, ... endure
I keep thinking that I am an operator, a builder,
that I've always been building right,
and that every move I did had a sense! #vision
But, after 5months far from my wife, my kids,
so close to join them back to France,

I got notified today that it will be impossible for me to board next week without a 72h covid test
- while it requires at least 5 to 10days to get the results in the US atm. #CovidTesting
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Today my colleagues and I at @RockyMtnInst released a new report that lays out modern principles and recommendations for grid #resilience in an era of transformational technology change and growing security risks.… 1/8
Two trends motivated this research. First, the increasing likelihood and impact of catastrophic risks to grid security from climate change, other natural disasters, and malicious attacks. Each has the potential to cause a wide-scale, months-long outage. 2/8
At the same time as these risks grow in likelihood and impact, power system technology is changing faster than ever. Wind, solar, batteries, internet-connected controls, and gas are quickly gaining market share and displacing legacy assets. 3/8
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"Governments are spending vastly more in support of fossil fuels than on low-carbon energy in rescue packages triggered by the #COVID19 crisis"
If Europe's "#GreenRecovery" is a hoax, it's also a missed opportunity (1/3) 👎…
2/3 - Focus on short-term recovery and 'saving' our out-dated energy system neglects the additional social benefits of clean energy: reduced #airpollution; energy sovereignty; clean #jobs; system #resilience and local value chain creation
3/3 - Governments need to #BuildBackBetter with strong policies for #renewables & #energyefficiency: priority dispatch, use of renewable electricity over #fossilfuels, boosting shares of renewable heat.
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Last year, #StrokeStories aired on @ABCTV .

A group of #stroke survivors trusted us to develop a play script from their personal stories of trauma, survival, #resilience, growth & disability pride. They learned playmaking skills, & performed the piece.…
📺Here's a snippet for those of you not in Australia and unable to watch 🧠🧡
#StrokeStories @ABCTV
@HMRIAustralia @rehabinnovat @StrokeBrainPRC @HNEHealth @strokeCRE @blackdoginst @georgeinstitute

#ArtsForHealth #theatre #playmaking #DevisedTheatre #stroke #rehabilitation
The ensemble of #stroke survivors helped shape the research around the impact of the Devised Theatre Performance Process.

Group playmaking & theatre performance is social, stimulating & cognitively challenging. Group members said it brought #joy, agency & a sense of belonging.
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I’m noticing some barriers of entry to embark on a shared journey toward equity & justice are set so high in some spaces that its counter productive. Not to say the journey is easy or quick but you can burn a lot capital & energy in the pre-work & never to get to the work ya kno?
I still run into a version of this ALOT in Emergency Management where out of excitement that someone wants to build resilience we throw the 20 some odd @fema IS courses at them and use that as barrier that ultimately gets in the way of building a resilient community.
The courses like other tools across #EMGTwitter have their place and can be helpful, but ultimately my belief is when a concerned and curious community member (in a leading role or not) comes to you it’s from a place of building relationship.
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To be human in a pandemic – A thread

Over the past 48 hours I heard from numerous clients, colleagues, and friends sharing similar messages of fatigue, stress, and burnout. “You don’t need to respond Sarah, I just need to share this…” is how many of those messages started. 1/
Ok folks…we need to talk (flips chair around and straddles like a school counselor trying to be cool). Let’s jam. 2/
During the first month of the pandemic there was a collective experience of disruption, disorientation, uncertainty, and chaos. People shared how overwhelmed they felt, exhausted trying to figure out how to work from home. 3/
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Thread by @isabelrodbar: Are SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence estimates biased?…

The Great Stagnation—or Decline and Fall? - Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Think. Live Free.…

#civilization #fall #decline
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@ClimateBonds today we'll be talking abt #adaptation and #mitigation, both critical issues, says @seankidney making his opening remarks (webcasts and podcasts of previous #EUTaxonomyExplored webinars are available on @ClimateBonds' website)

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Throwback to Dec to interview in New York for the force of nature (+ fellow original #mancunuan) @DaneiCesario (my tip for a future @AIANewYorkState @AIANational president) for her insightful @WallenDaub Napkin Sketch series #architect #architecturestudent #futurearchitect #riba
In fact that pic I a always use is a @DaneiCesario original when in Manchester last year...
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Thread #7 Au-delà de cette pathologie, la sortie de #confinement, va-t-elle voir une résurgence du #troublesspsychique? Y compris dans la population générale?
L'isolement prolongé a été abordé sur ce thread, #confinement oblige. Paradoxalement, en temps normal et dans "ma" #bipolarité, de courtes périodes peuvent être aussi bien des signes avant-coureurs que des bouées de sauvetage.
S'isoler peut permettre de fermer la porte à trop de négativité, à un flot d'information trop important, à des pensées envahissantes qu'on ruminerait… S'isoler constitue aussi une option pour ouvrir les soupapes, laisser la vapeur s'échapper et descendre en température.
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Il y a peu, j’ai lu un peu par hasard une série de tweets qui m’a semblé familière. Pas par mon expérience professionnelle ou mes relations personnelles mais tout simplement par ma propre histoire.
Le tableau était assez clair, j’ai reconnu la spirale que représente une #dépression longue.
Voulant bien faire, je laisse un court message avec ma stratégie dans le cas qui est décrit, puisqu’en creux, c’était un appel à l’aide.
Peu de temps après, un autre, plus explicite cette fois.
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#Résilience : à Toulouse, les armées agissent de façon concrète au profit de la population en mettant en œuvre les 3 volets de l’opération : ✅#RSL_SAN#RSL_PROTEC#RSL_LOG
#TousMobilisés #NousSommesLà #COVID19fr
#RSL_SAN : 3 missions d’évacuation sanitaire ont permis de transférer 12 patients atteints du #COVID19fr, vers les hôpitaux de Toulouse grâce à un A330 de l’@Armee_de_lair équipé Morphée vendredi dernier ainsi qu’un hélicoptère Caïman de l’@armeedeterre et un A400M dimanche.
#RSL_LOG : suite à une demande de concours du préfet de la zone de défense et de sécurité sud, le #14RISLP a déployé du matériel afin d’augmenter la capacité de stockage d’un site logistique pharmaceutique particulièrement sollicitée en terme logistique par la crise #COVID19fr.
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Après le shampoing qui rend les cheveux résilients, y’a l’armée qui lance son opération mystère #Résilience. Je suis bonne pour changer mon sujet de thèse à cette cadence de déformation du concept. Mais c’est quoi en fait la résilience ? 👇
Selon les disciplines et les disciples on trouve plusieurs définitions et cadres conceptuels, notamment qui tentent de faire le lien entre résilience, vulnérabilité, adaptation ... Le pb : cette polysémie rend difficile toute operationalisation/utilisation dans la vraie vie.
Si je devais en donner une définition intégrative je dirais que c’est la capacité d’un système à maintenir son identité face à des perturbations. Identifier l’identité à maintenir n’est pas trivial. La résilience de quoi ? Sur quelle durée ? Face à quelles perturbations ?
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We in the #climatecrisis-fighting business need to understand what #COVID19 will mean for climate action. Some COVID impacts will accelerate it; others will slow it down. We need to start preparing now and asking what we need to do differently. 6 issues loom biggest for me:
1/ Financial Response: COVID has shown what a "wartime footing" financial response looks like. For years, we have been calling for one on climate. COVID shows both that it can be done and how it can be done--with concerted fiscal, monetary, and financial action.
2/ Imagination: COVID shows the cascading economic and social impacts of a full-blown, global ecological shock. Yes, COVID acts faster than climate change, but many of the impacts are similar. Climate chaos risk will feel a lot less like scare-mongering or fiction after this.
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1/n What are the 7 ways to build #resilience & #strength in the times of corona. I wrote this detailed article on LinkedIn . Here is a snapshot #coronavirus RKB
2/n Have a disciplined routine- Make a daily schedule of work time/ leisure time/ physical activity & time for meditation/ breathing techniques. Having a structure to the day will galvanize our energy productively & give us a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.RKB
3/n Self Care & Self Compassion-
These are the days, when it’s OK to be not OK. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel some ups and downs. Pick yourself up. Meditation will help assuage these feelings. Physical activity will also keep the mind elevated and upbeat.RKB
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It’s the final round of @CNASdc’s wargame looking at #airpower in the context of a China-Taiwan warfight in 2030.
Just to reiterate, this scenario and all actions taken within the game are notional.
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