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Predictable application of The Law of The Gated Institutional Narrative:

Every important story that begins as something else, once reported, now will always end up instantly being about gaslighting, perseveration, framing, distortion, Russell Conjugation, omission, etc.

If the races were reversed, do you have any question that this would be reported as an assumed terrorist attack by a white supremacist perpetrating a hate crime?

Not only do I have no doubt, I also know that you have no doubt.

We’re in monstrous territory. Our media as monster.
And no, I’m not tweeting about the crash. I’m not tweeting about any motive. I’m not tweeting about my ability to read your mind.

I’m talking about how media would choose to cover the SAME loss. Accident, Manslaughter, homicide, murder; the fact that matters to the GIN is race.
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There has been ample talk about an upcoming market #crash ever since, well, the previous crash.

People point to, among other things, Shiller’s CAPE ratio, at a 38 multiple (second highest ever).

How do we know if we really are in a #bubble? A thread is due.
Let’s dive in👇🧵
1/ Is there anything we can use to tell whether a market is indeed in a bubble? To borrow a quote from The Big Short:

Lawrence Fields: “Actually, no one can see a bubble... that's what makes it a bubble.”

Michael Burry: “That's dumb, Lawrence. There are always markers.”
2/ Let’s examine those “markers” by revisiting what the top authority on market irrationality and exuberance has to say about it – Nobel winner @RobertJShiller

His book Irrational Exuberance anticipated both the 2000 dot-com bubble burst and the 2006 housing bubble burst.
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Getting some DMs whether #stock #market is going to crash.
Remember a few things.
#Bullmarket in midway when person like me without any #financialeducation / #stocks knowledge tweets regularly as expert!
When people R at fear of #Markets crash!
When everyone is putting (1/n)
Their #money into #LargeCap from #midandsmall #caps!

Sign of #impending #crash in #Markets :
People #invest in very high valuation stocks without any fundamentals!
#Deja_vu that bear market doesn't exist!
People feel to leave job as #Markets a better and regular place to (2/n)
People R buying #realestate as if there is no #Tomorrow!
#Ileterate people like #me feels they contol D #Markets!
#Asset #heavy #businesses R running #amok!
#bond #yield n #interest #rates all time high!
#Danger ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

U R on D verge of crash!
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Important: 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑

Dr Reddy's Laboratories reported a drop in the June quarter net profit where market was expecting something great in contrast!
This caused a downward slide for nifty 50 and sensex today.

The pharma giant also said that it received a subpoena from American market regulator Securities and Exchange Commission 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑for production of documents concerning Commonwealth of Independent States geographies.🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑

D matter may result in govt enforcement actions against D company in D US n foreign jurisdictions. It may lead to "civil and criminal"sanctions under relevant laws.🛑🛑🛑

Hopefully market will not be affected.
NOT a recommendation for educational purposes only.
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[START HERE] Next Friday, July 30th, at 4:15pm the Federal Reserve will be PUBLICLY releasing the total derivative exposure numbers of all the biggest domestic AND foreign banks AND their lending clients- INCLUDING Citadel! #MOASSGUARANTEE #amc #gme /A1
This is why we found Citadel Connect. The Federal Reserve is auditing the entire financial system thanks to the directive issued via Federal US Code Chapter 12, which was updated July 1, 2021. The ATS dark pool was also FOIA'd @Charlie1337420 /A2
How was the 2008 crash caused? Because of out of control derivatives. This report is an annual report that banks can easily lie about. Now it must be a daily average reported every quarter. Here’s JP Morgan with OVER $40 TRILLION in derivatives exposure TWO YEARS AGO. /A3
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Do u recognise this man walking beside #AlbertEinstein, Hideki Yukuwa & John Wheeler?
~Nominated for #NobelPrize for Physics in 1951.
~"father of Indian nuclear programme"
~famed radio telescope at Ooty was his initiative
~ died in Air India Flight 101 #crash on Jan 24, 1966.
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has been named after him.
Homi Bhabha!
In October 1965, Bhabha had announced on All India Radio that they could build an atomic bomb within 18 MONTHS if given the go-ahead by the Government of India.
A few months later he "died".
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#Breaking #VegetationFire #solo #vehicle #crash #OrangeCounty #CNF @CHPCapistrano @OCFADivision4 are responding to a vegetation fire that started after an off-road, vehicle crash

The location is deep in the #CNF & access for #OCFA & #CHP will be very difficult due to the terrain
#Update - This solo vehicle crash, that started the vegetation fire, is now being reported as an overturned Jeep with multiple injuries
#Update - For those unfamiliar with this terrain/ give you an idea someone with #4WD off-road experience during daylight hours & with decent road conditions, the average drive time up the mountain to Harding Truck Trail & Maple Springs Rd, takes at least an 1 hour
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Serious traffic crash has S Springwater Rd closed between S Hattan Rd and S Bakers Ferry Rd.

@clackamasfire @clackamasfire @AMRMultCo @LifeFlightNtwrk on scene.

There were two people involved in this crash, both transported with injuries. One by @AMRMultCo and the other by @LifeFlightNtwrk

Initial investigation revealed one car crossed into the oncoming lane.

@clackamasfire worked to extricate both involved.

Emergency crews secured a landing zone at Carver Park for @LifeFlightNtwrk

A @ClackCoSheriff criminalist who conducts collision reconstructions responded to the scene to assist patrol deputies with their investigation.

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The biggest #bubble of our lives:
- Retail makes prices at the margin by buying OTM calls on sh1t #stonks
- #Tether prints USD backed with #bitcoin and loans & it’s fine
- “It’s a software co” EV maker is larger than almost all #software companies
- Digital images sell for >$300k
- People now make videos explaining they don’t need to work jobs because they buy stonks when they go up
- $ETH is undervalued on basis of cashflows for transactions that token holders have zero claim on
- #Ripple dumping on you is fine because they have $XRP fans in Japan
- #Restaurants & Small #businesses go bankrupt because of #lockdown and slow gov’t help but it’s fine
- $HTZ tries to do a cap increase out of chapter 11 because #robinhood
- A Company does reverse stock split and people brag about gains on per stock price basis on social media
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#Ukraine #Chuhujiw #plane #crash #Planecrash

At least 22 people were killed in the crash of an Antonov AN-26 military aircraft in eastern Ukraine. This was announced by the civil defense in Kiev. Image
Accordingly, there were also survivors in the disaster in Chuhujiw in the Kharkov region. Students from the Air Force University are also said to have been on board. It should have been a training flight. The aircraft crashed on the approach to the runway.
A wreck burning in the dark could be seen in pictures on social networks. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined.
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#Serbia #MaliZvornik #Plane #crash

A MiG-21 military aircraft crashed in Serbia in the border area with Bosnia-Herzegovina. Both pilots were killed in the accident near the town of Mali Zvornik, as the Ministry of Defense announced in Belgrade.
A farmer, on the bottom of which the plane hit, was seriously injured, according to a prosecutor in the district capital Sabac. The cause of the crash is still unclear. According to the ministry, the two pilots were on a flight under their assignment.
This was not detailed further.
The MiG-21 had been used in what was then Yugoslavia since 1962, the last machine of this type entered service in 1983. The MiG-21 aircraft remaining in Serbia are mainly used for training purposes.
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A lot of investors are afraid of a huge market #crash. You shouldn't, as I'll show.

There are very simple recipes that everyone should apply in #investing that protect you from a big crash.

No stop losses, options, hedging or a fancy strategy needed.

A thread 👇(1/6)
Let's take the worst stock market period every investor has heard of but no one of us has actually experienced: 1929, the Big Depression.

Common knowledge says that it took 25 years to recover your money. That sounds really, really scary. 😱😱😱(2/6) 👇
2 important elements:
1. There was deflation, so you could buy more with your $. The nominal worth of the $DJI is deceptive.
2. In 1932, the average dividend yield was 14%! Not counting them is fake.

Because of this, it only took 4 years to really recover. There's more! 👇(3/6)
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Most of you know that wages in the United States have remained stagnant since 1980, when adjusted for inflation. Do you realize, however, that the US is a global #empire and that we are likely witnessing the fall of that empire?

That's right, the US has political or... 1/16
#military control of much of the world. That comes from military support of dictatorships and right wing leaders throughout Central and South America, throughout #Africa and in parts of #Asia, such as India and the Philippines. But that also includes economic control, and... 2/16
economically, we also have a huge amount of control (although not total) over most of #Europe and some of the countries in Asia where we don't have political/military control.

Our "capitalist" system has been corrupted and subverted by the forces of greed. Our once... 3/16
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1) Interessante Fakten:
Bedenkt man, daß #Griechenland seit Jahren die erhöhten Sterberaten vorweg genommen hat,wirds noch klarer. Der Zusammenhang zwischen maroden Staatsfinanzen u. marodem #Gesundheitssystem u. damit einem #Coronahysterie-fiasko mit mehr Toten ist auch klar. ImageImageImage
2) Die #Lockdown-Toten werden vor allem erst als mittelfristige Folge sichtbar, wenn der #Crash nachhaltig die Volkswirtschaften destablisiert hat.…
3) Damit ist auch erneut bewiesen, daß der #Lockdown eher negative Auswirkungen in jeglicher Hinsicht hatte und noch haben wird. #Schweden übersteht das Ganze voraussichtlich ohne gesundheitliches und finanzielles #Chaos.
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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1/ #Corona, Recession, Depression, biggest #Crash of all time...

While everybody is occupied with speculating about the consequences of the Virus, I believe there is something much bigger going on here:

The Death of the Fiat System - the biggest Wealth Transfer of all time
2/ If you don't get it yet, this is the biggest economic event of our lifetimes.

I have the feeling when everything is said and done, paper money might be worthless.

We might be witnessing the biggest paradigm shift ever! A few thoughts:
3/ This is my favorite chart of all time:
Over the past decade the Fed balance sheet grew exponentially.

What do you think will happen this time considering the whole world is going into lockdown right now?
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Pieni Iran-USA-ketju. Maan johto ei pystynyt salaamaan kenraali Suleimanin liikkeitä Bagdadissa, vaikka se tiesi "Suuren Saatanan" olevan kostoretkellä aiempien iskujen vuoksi. Dronen täsmäisku tappoi kenraalin suunnilleen lentokentän turvatarkastuksen jonosta. #fail 1/10.
Suleimanin hautajaisiin osallistui miljoona ihmistä, jotka itkivät, osa aidosti, osa ehkä varmuuden vuoksi. Ruuhkassa survoutui kuoliaaksi noin 50 ihmistä ja 200 loukkaantui. Hautajaisia lykättiin. Iran on vanha sivistysmaa, mutta tällaista sähläystä on vaikea ymmärtää. #fail 2.
Flashback: Kun islamilaisen tasavallan perustaja ajatolla Khomeini kuoli 1989, hänen hautajaisissaan väkijoukko kaappasi ruumiin turvamiehiltä ja riepotteli sitä sinne tänne. Kun kalmo saatiin hautaan, perään hyppäsi useita surijoita. Ryysiksessä kuoli 8 ihmistä. #fail 3.
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In retrospect, it wasn't a great idea for Michael Flynn to replace his legal team with someone from Lou Dobbs' green room who had accused the Federal Reserve of trying to deliberately "#crash the market" in order to "destroy @POTUS and enrich #Soros".…
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Just spoke with @YrekaCHP Sgt. Scott Yox regarding this morning’s fatal #crash. At some point this morning, a Reddaway semi truck hit the median of I-5 and jackknifed going down Anderson Grade.
The driver got out in the dark of the early morning. Some time later, another truck tried to squeeze between median and jackknifed Reddaway truck, ended up hitting Reddaway truck driver, killing him.
Second truck driver knew he hit something but did not know it was a person. Pulled off at the next possible rest stop as a safe place, saw damage to the vehicle.
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