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#MaStrackZi #Merz #CDU #Populist #humorlos

Von #Bayern schnell ins #Sauerland
zum #Flugzwerg aus dem #Mittelstand.
Den wollte zweimal keiner haben,
weil er nur schwerlich zu ertragen.
Noch so ein #alterweißerMann,
Der glaubt, dass er es besser kann.
Die Sitten, so moniert er voller Trauer,sind nicht mehr wie bei #Adenauer.
Nach außen bürgerlicher Schein,
im Herzen aber voll gemein.
Wer vor #Krieg geflohen ist,
verhöhnt er als #Sozialtourist.
Heißt ein Junge #Ali und nicht #Sascha,
beschimpft er ihn als #Grundschulpascha
und alle #Klimaaktivisten
sind für ihn nur #Terroristen.
Doch treibt‘s ein #Naziprinz zu wild,
Wird der Flugzwerg plötzlich mild.
Beherzt er auf die #Schwachen drischt,
weil er gern im Trüben fischt.
Grad die, die #christlich selbst sich wähnen,
sollten sich für ihn was #schämen.
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1)How did Congolese tribes related to #Banyarwanda came to think they owe their loyalty to Rwanda? In 1986 after Museveni captured power in Uganda helped by Rwandan Tutsi refugees,they started a campaign to mobilize all Tutsi tribes in the region to prepare invasion on Rwanda!
2)So tribes related to Tutsi from Burundi,Tanzania,Uganda & Congo sent their sons to join #RPF.After Rwanda was captured,many Rwandans fled the country while those Tutsi related tribes who were not Rwandans came to inhabit in Rwanda as a new home! They replaced exiled refugees!
3)Many #Hutu villages were massacred in thousands if not in millions so that invaders can have a land to inhabit! During their mobilization period,the Tutsi who were Congolese ended up feeling as Rwandans because Rwanda became their country after replacing Rwandans!
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“Get It”?

MIRRORS (whole building = one giant mirror) ARE POWERFUL TOOLS.

It would upset me for the longest time thinking about all who have done all they have in time not able to receive the love & appreciation for all they have done to preserve what evil has been trying
So hard to erase from everyones lives …
Most knew from the time they started helping it was “ALL FOR A 🦌 BUCK” …

They had to trust what it was they were doing would be translated to the world in A way for the world to see with their eyes wide open ..

Layer has been pretty much put together the way Wrestling is—All scripted predetermined outcomes ..
If evil was scripting staged world changing attacks upon the world to push the masses into A specific direction that benefited evil, good had to counter evil somehow.
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19Sept 634 AD, Khalid Bin Walid Conquered #Damascus from Byzantine Empire. The legendary General #KhalidBinWalid took one of the biggest risks of his life to get historic city which later rose as the Capital of #Umayyad Muslim #Caliphate & became known as Urus-al-Bilad.
Fall of Damascus & The Love Story.
On Aug 21, 634, Siege of Damascus began. Khalid RA's Army encircled the city even without proper siege machinery, denying it supplies until the Byzantines capitulated on 19Sept. Bt Did u know the Story is told with a Romantic angle in Urdu Lit.
Damishq had 6 gates So Accordingly, Khalid RA divided his army into 6 parts
Gate of Thomas: Shurahbil
Jabiya Gate: Abu Ubaidah
Gate of Faradis: Amr
Keisan Gate: Yazid Bin Sufyan
Small Gate: Yazid Bin Sufyan
Eastern Gate: Rafay bin Umayr
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#رشتو 1/آنالیز داده توییت های یک هفته اخیر با هشتک های #LiveLikeAli و #Ali + عکس :)

امروز مجموع توییت ها و ریتوییت های این دو هشتک را آنالیز کردم
هشتک LiveLikeAli در این یک هفته حدود 82 هزار توییت و ریتوییت داشته
هشتک Ali در همین مدت 183 هزار توییت و ریتوییت داشته
در هشتک LiveLikeAli، تعداد 12686 کاربر مشارکت داشته اند
در هشتک Ali تعداد 11114 کاربر مشارکت داشته اند

برای هشتک LiveLikeAli حدود 60 هزار ریتوییت و 22 هزار توییت زده شده است
برای هشتک Ali، حدود 150 هزار ریتوییت و 23 هزار توییت زده شده است
تا همینجا از روی اعداد اطلاعات زیادی بدست میاد
اما بگذارید کمی دقیق تر با تصویر نشون بدهم

برای هشتک LiveLikeAli ماکزیمم تعداد ریتوییت هر کاربر، حدود 200 و میانگین درجه هر کاربر (تعداد ریتوییت کردن ها و ریتوییت شدن ها) 3.93 است
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Dr. Wong's recent MS is 1 of 31 papers authored+co-authored by our T32 post-doctoral fellows since 2016. Grateful to @nih_nhlbi for funding our Training Program (T32 HL129949), given a pressing need for physician-scientists and scientists in pediatric pulmonary medicine. 1/3
Thankful for our T32 fellows -Drs. Tim Perkins, Anjani Ravindra, @catarmbruster, Rob Abood, @EricaLStevensMD, Soyeon Kim, @jeremy_landeo, Bo Zhai, Kristina Gaietto, + Matt Wong, our outstanding mentors and faculty, and our Exec. Committee-Drs. @EForno+ John Alcorn+ @morrisa1668
And very appreciative to our External Advisory Board - Drs. Tom Ferkol + Ed Silverman + Ben Gaston, @PittPediatrics + @ChildrensPgh. @NHLBI_LUNGDir
#BestGeneration #FundTheFuture #HealthEquity #Innovation #Discovery #Asthma #CF #ALI
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#2NE1 Image
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1. Cübbeli Ahmet kime hizmet ediyor?
Cübbeli Ahmet konusunda kafası karışık olan insanları bilgilendirme yazısı olan bu çalışma, Cübbeli'nin Cemaat içerisinde yapmaya çalıştığı "ŞEY"in ne olduğu konusunda yeterince bilgi içerecektir! Ve bu sayede büyük RESİM görülecektir!
2. Malum olduğu üzere “Cübbeli Ahmet” konusu İSMAİLAĞA câmiâsı içerisinde çeşitli sıkıntılara sebep olmaktadır. Bu sıkıntıların sebebi, Cübbeli'nin yaptığı işlerin Cemaat içerisinde tasvip edilmediği halde, yapılanların kabul görülüyormuş gibi bir görüntü oluşturulması! Image
3. Cemaat içerisinden kurumsal olarak bir cevap verilmese de, bu konuda verilen tepkilerin neler olduğu ve kimler tarafından gündeme geldiğini kısa bir çalışma neticesinde göstermek istiyorum. Bu sayede oluşan kafa karışıklılığının bir nebze olsun giderileceğini düşünüyorum.
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
The meaning of word Welayat, Wali, Mawla,...
لبیک یا علی!
He claimed that welayat doesn't mean political leader. See how their sources refute his claim.👇👇👇
It's fixed that Umar ibn Khattab after death of Abubakr said:
"I'm the Wali (from the root of Welayat) of the Wali of the Prophet and Abubakr."
انا ولی ولی رسول الله
I have a question: Wali here means political leader but doesn't mean political leader about Ali ibn Abi Talib?!
◇Other evidences that shows 'Wali' means Caliph and political leader:

1."Umar said: If Salim was servant of Hozaifa, I would appoint him as your Wali."
لو کان سالم مولی حذیفه حیّا لَوَلَّیتُهُ..
_Umar used the word 'Wali' for who can be appointed._
Ibn Kheldon/ v.1 / pg. 243
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Imamate is a Qur'anic principle. Imamate is taken from the Qur'an. After many hardships, Ibrahim Nabi was appointed as an Imam by Allah. He also prayed for his generation and asked God to appoint Imams from his generation, too.
Imamate leads to the order and harmony of the people and obedience to the greatness of the leadership. "Imamate" guarantees the continuation of the goals of "Risalat"(Prophethood).
The word "Imam" and its plural "Imams" are used in the Qur'an a total of twelve times, seven of which are singular and five are plural.

Of course, why 'twelve times' is repeated is a matter for thought!
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[◇]The Shiite religion is the only religion that has both Qur'anic reasons and narrative reasons.[◇]

Comparing Shia with Sunni

All Islamic religions are respected. We respect all opinions.

But non of other Islamic religions have Qur'anic reasons, nor narrative reasons.

Do we have that the Prophet had said: Take your religion from Ahmad ibn Hanbal, from Shafi'i, or from Abu Hanifa, or from imam Malik?
They have no reason.
They don't have it at all.

When were these religions formed? 200 years after the death of the Prophet.
Ahmad ibn Hanbal was born in 164 AH.
Imam Shafei was born in 150 AH.
And also, the imams of other religions.
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When was Shia founded?
Shia is the follower of Muhammad by Ali.
It was existed in the time of Rasulollah.
The Prophet quoted:" O Ali, You and your followers(Shiites), are the best creatures."
Tafsir Tabary/Sha'n Nozul/98:8 ImageImage
"The first name which was appeared in the time of Rassulollah, was 'SHIA'.
Salman Farsi, Abuzar Qifary, Miqdad ibn Aswad and Ammar was known as Shia, in the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAA)."

Narrated by:

Ibn Hatam al-Razi (Sunni)/Book Al-Zinat/120 al-Shia ImageImage
The Messenger of God said: Haven't you hear the word of Allah who said: "They are the best of creatures."¹

They are you and your Shiites. Me and you are supposed to be on the Kosar Basin, when it's time for an audit [of people on the day of Judgement].
Allama Alusi/Roh al-Ma'ani ImageImage
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Lelaki yang bersedekah s’waktu ruku’🍂🍂🍂🌱

Tidak seperti biasanya, hari itu Ali bin Abi Thalib pulang lebih awal menjelang ashar. Isteri beliau, Fatimah binti Muhammad menyambut kedatangan suaminya yang seharian mencari rezeki dengan sukacita.
Menerka-nerka seberapa banyak rezeki yang dibawa Ali, mengingat keperluan di rumah yang semakin besar. Namun harapan Fatimah tak tertuai, Ali berkata, “Maaf sayangku, kali ini aku tidak membawa uang sepeserpun”.
Tidak ada gurat kecewa dari puteri Rasulullah itu, sebaliknya ia menyambut suaminya dengan senyum terindah. “Memang yang mengatur rezeki tidak duduk di pasar, bukan? Yang memiliki kuasa itu adalah Allah Ta’ala” sebuah jawaban yang sejuk terasa hingga ke dalam dada Ali.
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I often see hardcore #Sunni accounts condemning the #Shia, for the latter "denigrate the #sahaba," the Prophet's companions.

They can't realize that this is because the Shia have a different version of the history of early Islam.

And the Sunni history is just another version.
Personally, I would not condemn any of the early figures in Islam - but I would not sacralize them either.

#Ali and #Aisha went to war over power. The all glorious sahaba killed each other for power. Obviously this was a very human history, whose full truth we may never know.
Whether you are #Sunni or #Shii, the immediate post-Prophetic Islam isn't too rosy.

It includes coercive wars (on "ridda"), nepotism, tribalism, assassination, and lots of intra-Muslim bloodshed.

So, to say that Islam brought a "perfect political system" isn't convincing.
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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

#MunajahSyàbaniyah #Àli

Ya Allah sampaikan salawat kepada Muhammad dan Keluarga Muhammad. Dengarlah doaku, ketika aku berdoa pada-Mu. Dengarlah seruanku, ketika aku menyeru-Mu. Hampiri daku, ketika aku memanggil-Mu.
Aku t’lah lari menuju-Mu, berhenti di hadapan-Mu, bersimpuh pada-Mu, berserah diri pada-Mu, mengharapkan pahalaku dari hadirat-Mu.
Engkau ketahui apa yang ada dalam diriku, Engkau kenali segala keperluanku,
Engkau arif akan apa yang tergetar dalam hatiku, tak tersembunyi bagi-Mu urusan kepulangan dan kembaliku, dan apa yang ingin aku ungkapkan semuanya dari mulutku dan aku ucapkan dengan keinginanku dan mengharapkannya untuk hari akhirku.
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#tphakijat #palautuskielto #EIT #oikeuselää
"Katsotaan, että sunnit eivät sinänsä ole vaarassa, joka tuntuu maatiedon valossa epäjohdonmukaiselta." Näillä strategioilla #Migri on tehtaillut kielteisiä #turvapaikka'päätöksiä, joita oikeuskaan ei korjaa.…
#tphakijat #EIT #oikeuselää
"Eli henkilön kidnappaus ja lunnaiden vaatiminen ei liity henkilökohtaisesti hakijaan. Kuulostaa arkijärjelläkin suhteellisen mielettömältä väitteeltä." Kuinka monen kohdalla #palautuskielto'a on tämän takia rikottu?
#tphakijat #palautuskielto
"Päätöksistä ilmenee, että kyse on siitä, että on haluttu ja on pitänyt tehdä kielteinen päätös. Eli jonkinlaista ohjausta on tullut, että irakilaisille hakijoille tehdään kielteisiä päätöksiä. Miksei muillekin kansallisuuksille"
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1/Dear #loumedia:

GDC believes it takes a ton of racially-motivated gall for @AndyBeshearKY to stand on this hallowed activist ground for this event, the @AliCenter. He privately apologized for 1) @steve_beshear's lack of Black diversity on the board;

2/ 2) he never publicly engaged @MattBevin's decision to join the @LouisvilleJRC racial composition case, nor former Prez Ramsey's abrupt turnaround to support Bevin, including an order to stop operation of @uofl BofT;
3/ And most importantly he has never explained why it took criticism of a 2017 @uoflf audit for him to start a criminal investigation, ignoring probable cause evidence of crimes in 2015 article by Chris Otts.…
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