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Can equitable #ArtificialIntelligence be achieved without legislations? Why is @towbinaj talking about this. Find out the answer to both questions in this #SIIM23🧵 Image
@towbinaj .@towbinaj typically has very clear objectives. This @RadiologyACR @SIIM_Tweets #DSI Summit talk is no exception #SIIM23 💪 Image
@towbinaj @RadiologyACR @SIIM_Tweets This book was first published in 1972. Dr. @towbinaj notes that we are no closer to achieving #healthequity #SIIM23 Image
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So happy to share #MedPaLM2 - our team's evolution of Med-PaLM. A new state of art for medical question-answering!

Med-PaLM 2 scores 86.5% on MedQA-USMLE, exceeding Med-PaLM's score by >19% 🤯, & 81.8% on PubMedQA...

More here:… Image
We believe in rigorous, careful evaluation. Physicians even preferred #MedPaLM2's long-form answers to answers from other real 🇮🇳🇺🇸🇬🇧 physicians along 8/9 axes of quality including medical accuracy (consensus w/medical opinion) and reasoning, with less likelihood of harm Image
MedPaLM-2's performance was superior to Med-PaLM far beyond exam performance. To highlight the real-world importance of nuanced evaluation we introduce a new dataset of "adversarial" questions designed specifically to probe LLM weaknesses including #HealthEquity Image
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🚀New Publication📚We examined the effect of telehealth expansion on counseling service-seeking intention via DiD analysis, providing support for #telehealth. We also highlighted worsened racial disparities in mental health. #TherapistTwitter…
thread (1/8) Image
Results from DiD show the shift to telehealth wasn't associated with a change in counseling service-seeking intentions among clients, both for racial/ethnic minorities and White individuals. (2/8) #MentalHealthServices #Access Image
Implication 1: no evidence suggests declines in counseling service-seeking intentions after the universal shift to telehealth around March 15, 2020. Current policies tied to telehealth should continue beyond the pandemic. @CounselingViews @ACA_CTOnline #TelehealthPolicy (3/8)
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1/ Really important new report on climate change and children’s health today from @EPA - it’s not an easy report to read, but it’s a necessary one.…
2/ We know that children are uniquely vulnerable to climate change, because their bodies are still growing and developing. And health impacts during childhood can affect an entire lifetime.
3/ The report anticipates potential climate impacts for children in the US at 2 and 4 degrees of warming - we don’t know exactly when these levels of warming will happen, some estimates suggest we’ll reach 2 degrees of warming by 2040. (My own kids will be 24 in 2040.)
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How are you so prepared for COVID?

I buried my lover in 1993 due to HIV AIDS after spending six years helping out with activism, drugs and policy.

So I knew to do a few things in January 2020 to now. 🧵1/6
1. Started wearing masks, because protection from infection is rule one.

2. Started stocking up on food, and medical supplies, because it wouldn't be there (and it wasn't during the early stages)

3. Started informing my friends and family to be safe. 2/6
4. Built a system to keep my neighborhood supported with volunteers, skills and supplies.

5. Started researching alternative meds, supplements.

6. Got vaccinated day 1 I was allowed. 3/6
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Happening NOW!

Follow this🧵for live tweets of the #Barnraising panel discussion feat. @DrCMBoraas @UshmaU @ajeanstevenson Dr. Suzanne Bell & Dr. Siri Suh! @minnpop #abortion #healthequity
Dr. Siri Suh is faculty at @BrandeisU & teaches Sociology of Reproduction.

Last fall after the #Dobbs decision, enrollment in this class doubled. Shows interest but also alarm in the aftermath of overturn of #RoevWade. @minnpop #Barnraising #abortion
Dr. Siri Suh's research area is post-#abortion care in Senegal, which is a country where abortion is prohibited.

Recently, she has focused on use of misoprostol & working to decolonize reproductive health knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa. @minnpop #Barnraising #healthequity
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We'll be live-tweeting the #Barnraising panel discussion feat. @DrCMBoraas @UshmaU @ajeanstevenson Dr. Suzanne Bell & Dr. Siri Suh! @minnpop #abortion #healthequity
The in-person #Barnraising group is grounding in the political history of #abortion in the US & globally, with @minnpop member Dr. Elizabeth Heger Boyle outlining US restrictions on #RoevWade from the 90s to #Dobbs. #healthequity #ReproductiveJustice
Dr. Elizabeth Heger Boyle continues to define PLACE as a social delineation, a distance, and as physical environment.

@WHO advocates for #abortion across the globe, but that international authority has different meaning in US. #Barnraising #healthequity #ReproductiveJustice
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Clarifying Thread: Why I speak up for #HinduAmericans and #Hinduism.

My friends and colleagues are often surprised by how vocal I am in speaking up on #HinduAmerican and #IndianAmerican issues on @Twitter (only).

They are surprised for a number of reasons.

a. Focus of my professional work is #GlobalHealth, #Innovation, and #HealthTech adoption. Focus of my community work is underserved communities in the Bay Area, which tend to be non-Indian and non-Hindu for the most part.

b. My friends know that I’m fairly understated in my faith, which is more philosophical, less rituals. I am informed by a decision my widowed great-grandma made when she chose an egalitarian, spiritual group that eschewed caste labels. My family still follows that path.

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#MondayMorning 🧵

Repeat after me:

Patient burnout is an undocumented public health crisis. 🚨
2) #PatientAdministrativeBurden (PAB), or the work that individuals need to do to get the care they need, is of epic proportions, especially in the context of chronic illness, multiple co-morbidities, life-altering, and life-limiting conditions. 📈

#MissionImpossible #PtExp
3) Patients are buried in:
👉 piles of paperwork
👉 fragmented, manual, poorly coordinated workflows
👉 massive losses of time in waiting and navigating uncharted, unsupported care journeys

#PtExp #Healthcare #UnblockHealth
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Who would you be mad at? Imagine: You need a life saving procedure.

Fortunately, it is covered by your employer's health coverage, but you have to pay the deductible.

Your deductible is $1,000.

1/ You learn later that your neighbor, who is uninsured, also needs the same life saving procedure.
2/ You feel so bad for her. You feel so grateful that you have coverage through your employer. Sure, it cost you a $1,000 out of pocket and you pay about $400 per paycheck in premiums, but at least this life saving procedure was covered.

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The First Annual #CorsiRosenthalBox Awards continue. Threads embedded in this tweet recognize all of the outstanding recipients of earlier awards. We end w/ the top CR Box Award - The Protecting Others Award (POA) (I know - the name of the award keeps changing).
The Protecting Others Award underscores a movement originally intended for making effective air cleaning accessible & also to provide an opportunity to build in bulk to help others lower their inhalation dose to virus-laden and other aerosols. This award recognizes the latter.💙
There were so many GREAT entries for the POA. So, we will highlight the g💙💙dness of many before announcing our top three awards. I note again that these awards are only for those who submitted replies to the original call as there are others out there doing great work!
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University health centers provide this support and basic services, like flu shots, and often more complex services such as lab work, imaging services, and exams. But would a student understand that by visiting its website?…
On the #HealthLiteracy for #HealthEquity blog, @AHIMAResources member Alice M. Noblin, PhD, RHIA, CCS, PMP shares insights and findings from her study now published in the journal, Perspectives in Health Information Management.…
Both the @ACHA_tweets and the @AUCCCD support the #CuresAct Final Rule as a means to empower college students as consumers of health and mental health services and issued official guidance in May 2022.…
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I am still trying to understand why #healthcare and #publichealth still use the term ‘hard to reach’. Over the years I have noticed strangers will talk to me-unprovoked- and end up telling me their story or some issue they are navigating. This happened yesterday. 1/ Image
I was sitting on bench soaking up the sun and a man passed by then pivoted back to tell me about the trouble he was having getting an updated ID. This was on his mind acutely because he had just come from the social services office. 2/
He was told he needed a bill to prove his identity but he lives in a building and doesn’t pay utilities. He was headed to a telecom store to figure out how to get a bill for his cell phone- which is pay as you go. In the end he talked to me for at least 15 minutes. 3/
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I was fortunate to be invited to @WhiteHouse to engage in an event called “Communities in Action: Building A Better Michigan” put on by the @WhiteHouseOPE46

While I’m honored to have been invited, it started off with an incident that, I feel, justified my very presence…(1/5) Tabletop name tag saying Dr. Oluwaferanmi Okanlami : Univers
We were directed to an address to have a COVID test before entering. As we approached, it was apparent that there was no wheelchair access. I was w/ state rep from Kalamazoo, Julie Rogers, & she went in to let them know I was waiting outside and couldn’t get in. (2/5) A brick building with stairs leading up to a door. A sign sa
Once inside @WhiteHouse, I used that as an opportunity to talk about how we can implement wonderful policies, but if the very people who are intended to benefit from those policies can’t even physically access them, all we are doing is further exacerbating this disparity.(3/5) A black man in a long white coat seated at the head of a lon
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My brain every time someone says “#fedisbest” at me Image
We need to talk about #breastfeeding like the reproductive right, child right, and public health issue that it is.

She’s not buying a tiny house. She isn’t even just feeding her child…

People have medical reasons for wanting breastfeeding that you may not have considered:

- minimizing their own risk of developing cancer or diabetes
- sensory needs
- bonding with a surrogate child, foster child, or adopted child
- trying to keep a sick child alive

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Unpopular opinion: scented dryer sheets should be banned.
I don't know who needs to hear this, but #SARS2 makes many of us even more sensitive to chemical fragrances and other toxic substances like these.
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As of 9/22/2022 update…

The vaccine I was administered & assured on site prior to injection “has no adverse reactions, not even anaphylaxis because there is no PEG” has been pulled from distribution & no longer offered. I am still disabled 18+ mths. 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
2/ I called the # from above, hoping by now, someone knows who I can contact to report adverse health event in Washington State…

But no one knows who is responsible for mass vaccination sites. It’s not publicly available info, not even lead nurses know.
3/ we know contamination existed & doses were released. When manufacturers are allowed to disconnect all information from lot numbers and no one knows who oversees mass vaccination sites or how to report adverse health events, there’s a massive problem in tracking safety signals
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Love this keynote on #digitalhealth #equity @CourtneyRLyles #isrii11. We assume everyone has consistent access to wifi, devices, broadband but many groups who have the most need may not. How can we go beyond our typical spheres of influence to impact health? More info in paper 👇🏼 Image
another takeaway: consider whether relying on a particular research method in #digitalhealth excludes certain groups (eg lower digital literacy, differential access to devices and internet connectivity). consider using multiple ways of gathering data during co-design #isrii11 Image
re #digitalhealth implementation for #healthequity — the setting and context are important! design for the setting it will be implemented in up front, with continuous stakeholder input & partnerships with community from the beginning #isrii11 Image
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I'm @RRHDr, a #healthequity researcher & the Founding Director of @CARHEumn. My work seeks to manifest racial justice & liberation by making the invisible visible. This means that I start from the premise that racism is a fundamental cause of health inequity. #HardemanTakeover
Today I'm taking over @ia4phs to talk about #structuralracism and health from methodological innovation for measuring racism to its manifestations in our society from abortion access to policing. Structural racism as a #populationhealth crisis. #HardemanTakeover
Structural racism is a public health crisis, but it's also a FIXABLE problem!

Earlier this year @CARHEumn & @minnpop hosted an event on the measurement of structural racism. A product of that event was this 🔥 reading list. #HardemanTakeover
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What might the Jobs & Skills Summit mean for health? The @CroakeyNews bulletin this week has a series addressing this very question. HT @MiriamDVDBerg for showing the way forward for #HealthEquity at #JobsSummit2022… #AusPol
Here are @MiriamDVDBerg recommendations to #JobsSummit2022, based around the five themes put forward by @JEChalmers et al #AusPol cc @_PHAA_ @SandroDemaio @VicHealth @baumfran @SharonFrielOz @Mark_Butler_MP #SDOH Image
Five ways the Jobs and Skills Summit can help address our healthcare needs – By Kylie Woolcock of @AusHealthcare… #AusPol #HealthReform #CoherentStrategy #JobsSummit2022
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Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your #healthcare strategy?

As @salesforce's Chief Medical Officer, it's my job is to anticipate questions surrounding health and wellness.

Read my 5️⃣ predictions that stand to shake up every #business 🧵👇 Graphic reads: Health is your business, no matter your indus
Sustainability and health are intrinsically linked. 🌎🩺

Orgs can help our communities by prioritizing business practices that conserve resources, fight #ClimateChange, and promote #HealthEquity.

In the journey to #NetZero, we must be part of the change. Graphic reads: Prioritizing sustainability and stabilizing o
We’re facing an alarming mental health crisis. It's past time for #business leaders to take bold steps.

Companies must do their part to understand and meet employees needs all while destigmatizing #MentalHealth.

As @hyder_brent says, “Without our people, we have nothing.” Graphic reads: The pandemic jolted global rates of major dep
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There are things that happened that led to things that happened that led to things that are happening. If you don't want to call it by a name, just describe it.

And instead of it feeling like some pressured mandate, look at it the way we look at all things.

As history.

Not something designed to make someone else feel ashamed. Not a wagging finger or even a quest for moral distress. Just the things we do when we care for patients. We ask questions.

About the things that happened.
That led to things that happened.
That led to the things that are happening.

You know?

And this is necessary to know. Not just "the in thing." But just a thing that we need in our arsenal to do a good job caring for human beings.

You know?
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1/3: In part 1 of this #MedProf series, learn about @CherylWillmanMD, executive director of @MayoClinic Cancer Programs and director of Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center:
2/3: @CherylWillmanMD discusses Mayo Clinic's roots and commitment to diversity, inclusion and #HealthEquity, and the importance of community involvement and support in #CancerCare:
3/3: @CherylWillmanMD discusses the role data plays in @MayoClinic's cancer programs, innovative and upcoming treatment options, and
Mayo Clinic's plan for cancer #ClinicalTrials:
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