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Let’s talk about the proverbial elephant in the room RE #CompassionateRelease of persons incarcerated in #prisons in the midst of #COVID19. A [long] thread with thanks to @briewsf @DrNovisky @GeriPowerMD 1/21
While a partnership between @FAMMFoundation @NACDL @WashLaw4CR is tackling petitions in the @OfficialFBOP Why don’t we see governors and other leadership extending release to many of the #vulnerable housed in state #prisons? 2/21
By #vulnerable, I mean those persons who meet #CDC guidelines for greatest risk of serious illness due to #COVID19 -- persons over 65 (#olderadults), those with #chronichealth problems including severe #asthma #liverdisease or are #immunocompromised (#hepatitis) 3/21
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Another heartbreaking #coronavirus story: a beloved Brooklyn middle-school teacher, @ZoeMungin, just died of #COVID19 complications, after twice being refused a #COVIDー19 test. She was just 30 years old.
Rana Zoe Mungin taught social studies in East New York, Brooklyn, a predominantly black and Latino neighborhood that has been ravaged by #coronavirus.

She died in the same hospital where her older sister died of an #asthma attack 15 years ago.

Zoe was a first-generation college student who graduated from @Wellesley and also earned an MFA in Creative Writing from @UMassAmherst.

#coronavirus #COVID19
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Today, about a month after I came off the #ventilator and 3 weeks after my hospital discharge, I had a telemedicine consultation with a pulmonologist.

#coronavirus #Covid_19 #COVID19
I told him about my cough, a sometimes productive cough that gets worse at night, and my shortness of breath from mild exertion.

#coronavirus #Covid_19 #COVID19
The cough is not surprising and could last 2-3 months, he said. He prescribed me a steroid inhaler that should help if it’s #asthma, which it could be. (It’s no longer the #COVID19 cough at this point.)

#coronavirus #Covid_19
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Just because you're young doesn't mean you're immune to #COVIDー19.


🔹 #asthma & #diabetes make even young people #HighRisk for serious complications

1/3 #HighRiskCovid19 #SocialDistancingNow
Symptoms may be so mild for young people that THEY AREN'T NOTICED.

So people who DON'T KNOW they're infected & contagious go about normal activities & infect others: parents, grandparents, people with asthma, lung disease (ex: asthma), diabetes, etc. 2/3 #FlattenTheCurve
#SocialDistancing ISN'T JUST ABOUT YOU.

It's about EVERYONE in your community.

It's about making it safer FOR OTHERS.

Don't be a #carrier.

Don't send me to the hospital because I had to go get my prescriptions.

Don't infect your parents & grandparents. #StayTheFHome 3/3
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There are currently THOUSANDS of Americans with #coronavirus. We know this is how the pandemic has operated everywhere. Many of you will have it with little serious illness. But for those in the high-risk categories, that it not the case. They will get very sick.
We ALL have to behave as if we're carriers who could infect someone who has a weakened immune system and thus at high risk. @CDCgov says 131M Americans have chronic illness like heart disease, #diabetes or #asthma. This virus is easy to transmit. You MUST follow the guidelines.2/
The rules are not unbearable. Stay in as much as possible. Wash your hands and face. Do not touch your face. Wash/alcohol your phones, keyboards, remotes. Wash your clothes if you've been outside. Do not sit or lie on your bed in your street clothes. Take shoes off indoors.
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Singular (generic = montelukast) is a medication commonly used to treat #asthma & allergic rhinitis.

Last week, the FDA announced a ‘boxed warning’ & new discussion points with patients regarding side effects.

I’ll provide some thoughts in this thread…
Montelukast blocks part of the leukotriene pathway, which can be activated as part of the late phase allergic response for people with environmental allergies (pets, pollen, etc) or asthma.

It is NOT an antihistamine.

It has NEVER been a 1st line treatment for asthma/allergies.
Montelukast can help some people as an add on treatment when their allergic rhinitis or asthma is not well controlled with other medications.

It is commonly misused by itself to treat allergic rhinitis, which is not effective. New FDA warning encourages not using as such.
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Part 1 - Optimal Nutrition Vs Vaccines 2 Protect Against Infectious Disease

The topic of vax’s is an entirely reductive 1. Whether ur pro- or anti-vax, it’s likely u fall into the trap 2 argue 4 or against vax’s like it’s the only game in town.

Vaccines are not only the most divisive issue of our times, it also tends to dominate the health conversation wrt infectious diseases. How did micronutrients get pushed aside?

Well it may have something to do w/food & supplements not being “patentable”.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion $ biz whereas the pharma/vax industry is a trillion $ biz. Big Pharma dominates ad budgets, politicians in Congress & has successfully established group think wrt vax’s & infectious disease.

I’ve never been a fan of group think.

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#Elternschule ist ein Dokumentarfilm (2018) über die umstrittene kinderpsychosomatische Klinik in Gelsenkirchen. Er zeigt nach Einschätzung von z.B. Kinderschutzbund Gewalt an Kindern. In diesem Thread verlinke ich Tweets zum Thema aus den letzten 15 Monaten. #KeinPreisFürGewalt
Die Grundlage der #Elternschule-Therapie in Gelsenkirchen ist das "Gelsenkirchener Behandlungsverfahren". Eine kritische Analyse des Behandlungsmanuals.

Ein Patientenbericht aus der #Elternschule-Klinik in Gelsenkirchen.


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My sister @NessZim just asked my advice for herself, husband, Miss 7 and Miss 4 regarding the current smoke in Melbourne from the #bushfires so I’m going to collate several useful tweets and threads here I’ve seen from health experts. If anyone else has any info please add. 1/
Thanks @SotirisVard Professor of Environmental Population Health Australian National University @ANUPopHealth who tweeted these 6 useful tweets of 6 things we can do to protect ourselves from #bushfire #smoke #AirPollution linked here in a thread 🧵
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Part 1 - Optimal Nutrition Vs Vaccines 2 Protect Against Infectious Disease

The topic of vax’s is an entirely reductive 1. Whether ur pro- or anti-vax, it’s likely u fall into the trap 2 argue 4 or against vax’s like it’s the only game in town.

Vaccines are not only the most divisive issue of our times, it also tends to dominate the health conversation wrt infectious diseases. How did micronutrients get pushed aside?

Well it may have something to do w/food & supplements not being “patentable”.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion $ biz whereas the pharma/vax industry is a trillion $ biz. Big Pharma dominates ad budgets, politicians in Congress & has successfully established group think wrt vax’s & infectious disease.

I’ve never been a fan of group think.

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I'm not usually one to do this but I've seen a few tweets today which have subtly encouraged me to do more and therefore I believe that my story do the same for others.

Y'all would wonder what I mean by my heading, I'll explain

I'm a new surgical resident doctor, working in one of the teaching hospitals in Lagos. I've received various forms of advice, demeaning comments et. al with regard with me choosing to practice in Nigeria, despite having a masters from a foreign university.
Story for another day!
I was headed home from work at about 8.30pm after being in theatre from 7am till just before leaving work. I was negotiating the bend off Ikorodu road, at Anthony; the Gbagada inlet road where Bertola Machines limited is located. This was the scene of this lifechanging event...
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Do you live in Advair or Symbicort country?

I took a peek with @JHMaley at Medicare Part D data for 2017, when Part D spent $2.2B on Advair (diskus + HFA) and $1.3B on Symbicort, the two biggest LABA/ICS combo inhalers for #asthma and #COPD.

[THREAD] #pulmcc
We see county level variation in relative use of the 2 inhalers, though generally more Advair spending in most counties.

Not surprisingly, we see a similar pattern for individual prescribers. Some only Rx'ed one inhaler or the other, and when they did, it tended to be Advair.
Compared to Advair and Symbicort, the next two combo inhalers, Dulera ($97M) and Breo ($67M), made up a small fraction of combo inhaler spending.

All of these are generally considered equally effective. In my practice, the main determinant inhaler choice is insurance coverage.
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Are you ready for the annual autumn #asthma spike in symptoms and exacerbations?

Happens every year, roughly 3 weeks after school starts.

Why? Schools are cess pools. Viruses = major asthma trigger.
Also weather changes, ragweed, mold contribute. Friday #Facts Thread⬇️
Important to prepare for autumn #asthma management by assessing current level of control AND having up to date prescriptions (home AND school) & treatment plan.

Asthma changes throughout the year & over time, which means treatment should be fluid to match needs.
#Asthma symptoms not well controlled?
-Assess current treatment, including technique & adherence
-Address comorbid conditions (allergies)
-Review environmental triggers & exposures

-THEN consider changing medication
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Environmental allergies are extremely common - affect ~40% of people.
Many upper/lower respiratory symptoms due to allergies but undiagnosed or treated incorrectly.
Likewise, many symptoms NOT due to allergies, also treated incorrectly.
This #MondayMorning thread will discuss⬇️
4 main nasal symptoms due to allergies:
-Runny nose (clear mucous)

No itching + mainly congestion = likely nonallergic causes.

Important to note that #asthma & allergies often go hand in hand. Poor control of rhinitis = cough, wheeze
Physical exam very important in helping diagnose environmental allergies:
- Nasal crease from rubbing
- Dark circles under eyes (although very common and can be from ANY cause of congestion)

Inside nose:
- Allergic mucosa is pale, almost bluish
- Dark red = nonallergic/infection
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College students will soon move into their dorms or apartments to get ready for fall semester.

There are many challenges to independent living & teens w #asthma #foodallergy or other allergic conditions have to incorporate self management as well. Thread ⬇️ #WednesdayWisdom
A few things adolescents w #asthma #foodallergy need to learn how to manage:
- Communication
- Access to meds at all times
- Prescription refills
- Doctor appointments
- Environmental assessment/avoidance
- Recognition of symptoms
- Treatment if symptoms occur
- Risky situations
Adolescents living independently who have #asthma #foodallergy also must balance:
- Class/work schedules
- Sleep
- Exercise
- Diet
- Social interactions
- Normal expected risk taking behaviors (college = ⬆️ opportunities for sex, alcohol, and drugs)
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Ich habe das Buch "Asthma ist heilbar - das Gelsenkirchener Behandlungsverfahren" (1999) von Prof. E. A. Stemmann in den Händen, eine weitere Säule der Therapie in der #Elternschule. Ich werde daraus zitieren, um das Therapieverfahren transparent zu machen.
"Zur Erziehung eines Kindes (...) gehört, daß es lernt, zu gehorchen, auch wenn durch den dabei entstehenden Streß Asthma nachfolgt. Es geht nicht, daß das asthmakranke Kind seinen (unberechtigten) Willen gegen seine Eltern durchsetzt, ja regelrecht erpreßt." (S. 307)
Nach dem "Gelsenkirchener Behandlungsverfahren" beruht #Asthma auf einem evolutionären "Revierkonflikt", nach Eindringen eines fremden Wesens in unser "Revier". Pneumologische Forschung und Behandlung wird zugunsten einer "neuartigen Sichtweise" als ungenügend zurückgewiesen.
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1/ #medtwitter #twitternists #proudtobeGIM

I've been sitting on a @SocietyGIM #sgim19 debrief #medthread since the meeting, and thought I might finally take a swing at it - here goes ..

I am considering whether I can do more division/systems leadership in coming years .. ->
2/ Theme of the conference was 'Courage to Lead', and single best workshop for me was :

Leading Change: Tools/Tips for Change Management

Crediting Alfred Burger, Emily Fondahn, Brent Petty, Nathan Spell, Dan Steinberg - can't find them on Twitter, so giving proper 🗣🗣.
3/ would like to share key concepts for all of us trying to lead in academic medicine or in #advocacy spaces.

First key Slide/thoughts:

The hard stuff - barriers to change .. ->
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1/ It's all scaremongering isn't it about #brexit and #drugs? Stockpiling, price hikes, and, as @MattHancock warns, dead patients. Well, here's the lowdown and it's not pretty. With or without #softbrexit.
A thread
2/ Patients with long-term conditions such as #diabetes, #asthma or #schizophrenia, #blood pressure, #heart problems or #cancer down to daily medicines for #rashes and skin problems, take for granted that they will be able to get their medicines when they need them.
3/ According the UK's Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
73 per cent of pharmaceutical imports in the UK come from the EU. This equates to around 37 million packets of medicines every month from the EU worth £18.3 billion.
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I am scheduled for my 3rd surgery since December on Thursday.
Please do me a favor and promise to call your reps and senators and tell them you support and need the #ACA/#Obamacare and they only have your vote if they reject Trump's efforts to kill it.
Here's a thread on why:
Many Americans think the #ACA/#Obamacare is insurance.
It is not.
The #ACA is a law governing insurance companies & forcing them to cover women & people with #PreExistingConditions.
The #ACA also says women cannot be forced to pay more than men for insurance.
The #ACA/#Obamacare also provides for children 26 and under to be covered under their parents' insurance plans.
The ACA also created the healthcare marketplace, which provides tax subsidies for those unable to pay full-price for health insurance.
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Remarkable @bmj_latest @BMJCaseReports report documenting the extreme lengths a bedbound patient went through to get a diagnosis of #POTS, #MCAS, #SIBO and #tachycardia

read her story here

#MedEd #MedTwitter @MayoClinic…
2. After suffering for 16 years, seeing 19 docs with repeated misdiagnosis:

Her cardiologist couldnt diagnose #POTS

Her gastroenterologist couldnt diagnose #SIBO

Her immunologist couldnt diagnose #MCAS

Her neurologist referred her to a #psychiatrist!…
3. Patient: the "neurologist was out of ideas and suggested I get a psych evaluation, which I declined"

the patient <referred herself> to @MayoClinic

#SickNotWeak #chronicillness #chronicpain #MedEd #medtwitter…
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Somebody hire me to write about what it's like to actually live in poverty.

I can write about it from myriad vantage points:

▪As a late middle-aged woman (women 50+ are the poorest segment of US population)
▪As a #lesbian(employment discrimination is huge among lesbians)
▪As a chronically ill person (131M Americans have chronic illnesses from #cancer to #asthma that interfere with employment)
▪As a #disabled person (#disabled are the largest minority group in the US, but are most un- and under-employed)
Every time I pitch poverty as a topic, I get an eye-roll.

Poverty was barely mentioned in 2016 Hillary raised it a few times; Sanders talked about "the ghetto" and Trump said he would cut taxes, but he actually cut entitlements.

Yet 1 in 7 Americans lives in #poverty.
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1/I've said many times that I am poor because I am unemployed (except for my writing) and I am unemployed because I am disabled.

I am now officially rejecting that shit.

I am still disabled. I still am not employed.

#Disability #ChronicIllness #poverty
2/But the reason I am unemployed is because society has deemed me disposable. This isn't on me.

#disabled #DisabledPeopleMatter #PplWDisabilitiesMATTER
3/It's because society has decided the WANTS of the abled (specifically in my case, to use fragrance and decorate with balloons) are more important than my survival. This isn't on me.

#BanBalloonsInstead #fragrance #MCS #MCAS #allergy #asthma
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I have been battling a new health crisis since my surgery was postponed June 15.

There is no way to adequately articulate--even as a writer--the breadth of hardship inflicted on sick Americans by the Trump presidency & Trump-led #GOP, like lame-duck @SpeakerRyan.
The @CDCgov cites 133M as the number of chronically-ill Americans who have #cancer, like I do, or another illness that impedes their daily lives.

The majority of that 40% of the US population still have to work despite often disabling illness because we cannot afford not to.
I've been writing about #healthcare in America since I was a cub reporter and put on a small story in the mid-80s that turned into a much bigger story: #AIDS.

When you're in your 20s writing about other 20somethings dying, it changes you.

Then I got #breastcancer at 26.
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I had another life-threatening heart/lung episode today.
I'm not sure how much of it had to do with my cutting my heart meds back to once a day while appealing the increased price by my health insurance from $120 for 60 pills to $1k for 60 pills.
We had to call 9/11.
I couldn't afford to go to the hospital--when you call 9/11 the city charges you $1,200 for the trip to nearest hospital.
They only accept cash.
The EMTs checked me out, told me to take the heart meds the way they were prescribed, established I wasn't in VFib, just SVT AFib.
So all day, instead of doing work that needs to be done, I have been trying to get my heart rate under 140, which given my lung meds increase my heart rate, has been more work: breathing exercises my PT taught me, single nostril breathing @HillaryClinton taught me (try it).
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