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#OffTheBlocks, Vol 129 | Some thoughts on NFTs and the sports and entertainment markets in today's newsletter.…
The #NFTization of the world of sports and entertainment is a major shift away from the fan experiences that we were all accustomed to pre-Covid seem like an ancient world now.
As a #fan there was not much to choose from previously - they went to the game/event, made a beeline through security, showed their tickets, and went in and savored overpriced beverages and hot dogs.
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Day 1:
Want to know how to gain your target audience’s attention? A skilled use of #keywords helps you reach customers by understanding their problems in the moment.
Get the #audience insights you need to resolve their problems 👇…
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Day 2:
Top 5 #books on #Copywriting:

1. The copywriter's handbook
2. Breakthrough advertising
3. Ogilvy on advertising
4. Influence
5. The Adweek copywriting handbook


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Day 3:
How to write like Reader’s Digest:

✅ Load your copy with facts
✅ Write short but info-dense sentences
✅ Be specific with your explanations
✅ Write less adjectives
✅ Spark curiosity

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Are words more powerful or images?
Which strategy is most effective for #Twitter growth?
This is a very important issue that can have a huge impact on your business.
A Thread by “Wealth Roadmap” 🧵
I do not know what position and job you are currently in.
Are you a business #manager or an #entrepreneur or an employee or looking for a #job?
In any case, today's information will be useful to you.
Human beings today are bombarded with millions of words.
More than 70 million #tweets are published daily.
All kinds of emails, text messages and #advertisements surround us.
It is difficult to convey our message to the audience in these circumstances.
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AAAAAHHHHH, I Knew it would come to this!!! LOL ...😂

I'm going to have to use A 'Life Line', I'm going to ASK THE AUDIENCE ...
#AUDIENCE- What do you think? 🥞 or 🧇?
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Hari ini, saya akan berbagi sedikit tentang proses pembuatan strategi #DigitalMarketing, baik untuk #brand/corporate maupun untuk #politik. Semoga bermanfaat. Sila komen atau DM jika Anda tertarik.

A thread - part 1. Image
Kita mulai dengan memahami apa itu #DigitalMarketing?

Adalah metode #marketing (pemasaran) dengan memanfaatkan #internet dan teknologi digital berbasis online guna mempromosikan produk, layanan atau tokoh tertentu sebagai #brand.

A thread - part 2. Image
Lalu, mengapa perlu #DigitalMarketing?

Beberapa alasan:
* Biaya lebih ekonomis dibanding marketing tradisional.
* Akses ke audience lebih luas.
* Jangkauan lebih personal, e.g. via #mobile.
* Tracking jelas terkait hasil.
* Trend kontemporer & masa depan.

A thread - part 2. Image
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Everyone who says "#BoThSiDeS" can shove that phrase right up their backside, because of the @GOP using the turocharged capitalist equivalent to #warlordism in #congress and #senate, holding the entire nation as hostages for their reactionary bullshit!

And this "political #instability" and "#political uncertainty" is making the #USA a worse place to invest, conduct business in or with and to have to deal with in general.
Because Ghouls like #McCornell are just being #assholes for the sake of doing so and not facing #accountability for it!
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#miltwitter I don't want to ask @DTRmag @austdefence @andrewmagoo19 @KZiesing @DefenceConnect as they will suggest that advertising works! I want to understand from the #audience how much influence on your decisions advertising has? Suggestions appreciated as to what works best!
Can’t believe “ a little “ is scoring so well @thinkdefence ! I thought you were the only twitter account other then @MelanieRovery and @Sam_Cranny that anyone followed! Apparently @DTRmag is very popular? Image
Good news for @DTRmag @austdefence @andrewmagoo19 @KZiesing @DefenceConnect @JanesINTEL the survey and feedback suggests you are right and Advertising helps, a little! It also reinforces the importance of communications. COVID presents new comms challenges, online conventions??? Image
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We #Live #eviL in #WorldwideTheatreShow & we are the #participating #audience in the #SatanicSystem
What is #Satanism?
Is it full of #Devil #worshiping #maniacs who #sacrifice #children?
Lets have a look⬇️
10 Forms Of Satanism That Exist Around The World…
10. #thesatanictemple

#SatanicWorld #SantanicSystem #WakeUp
'The Satanic Temple is an organization that probably wouldn’t fit most people’s idea of what a Satanist is'

The Satanic Temple
9. #Luciferianism #

'#Luciferians are rather similar to #LaVeyan #Satanists. Most of them are nonreligious and simply treat #Lucifer as a #symbol'

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PSA for #publichealth authorities & reporters working on #COVID2019.

Please think about people who are old, living with chronic illness and/or immunocompromised by medication.

They read/hear/watch your announcements, press conferences and news stories. They’re #Audience. 1/x
As you know, people who are old, living with chronic illness or immunocompromised by medication (POCII) and are infected by the COVID-19 virus have an elevated risk of slow recovery, complications and death. This routine context appears in most guidance and news stories. 2/x
So far, so good. But since POCII with #COVID19 are isolated, and unlikely to be professionally engaged with this pandemic, there’s a danger of marginalizing them in public discourse. The standard account of their relationship to the virus is unsatisfactory. 3/x
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Hm, it sounds like that in Dec 2019 Emma Hilton thought it so important that other biologists disagreed with her on her definition of biological sex that she gave an academic freedom talk about it.

And in Feb 2020 she told me that there's no such disagreement.

What changed?
I don’t know what Emma’s own story would be for why she’s made such different statements about disagreement in her field on definitions of biological sex.

I can tell you what seems like a plausible story to me, however.
In a talk that’s focused on the importance of academic freedom and its role in protecting the emergence of disagreements among researchers, it suits her to emphasize disagreement among biologists.

It suits the topic and #genre of the talk. It meets #audience expectations.
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Some of the #teamies, i.e. me, can't be there which is really sad but for a wonderful reason, granddaughter-sitting-Sadie-Rose. So I thought in celebration of the launch, I'd share some photos from the art exhibition that ran alongside the conference.
What better place to start than with the art exhibition team: @10PYusuf, The Dame and @Rodkippen.

There will be more!
#myboys😊 Image
@10PYusuf @Rodkippen As with many stories there was of course a #backstory - @DrDeeMichell and me(!) met at the Foundling Museum for a pre-conference chat where talked all things orphans and #CEP. Dee had travelled with hubby to be at the conference.

#careexpconf ImageImage
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