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How I wrote #BelisariusAndAntonina Part 6: Funding a book project. As a tenured professor, research is part of my job requirements, and yet there were still aspects of the process of writing my book that required institutional support. 🧵 #History #Book #Publishing Saint Jerome Writing by Car...
Before talking about my specific situation, I want to acknowledge that academic historians have *wildly* different support for their research programs, something that non-academic followers of mine may not realize.
Tenured professors at elite research universities might teach few classes and have research assistants, allowing them to pump out publications. At the other extreme, many untenured early career researchers are often paid by the class and have essentially zero research support.
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#Ukraine Banning Pro-russian TV Stations and Political Parties - #Disinformation #Overview Image

“This is a recurring #disinformation narrative by pro-#Kremlin media about the West’s purported attempts to interfere in #Ukrainian politics and set the #political establishment there against #Russia.
In reality, neither pro-#Kremlin parties nor #politicians nor #media are #persecuted in #Ukraine as long as they obey the #law.
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What makes a well-written book?📚

Check out the following #writing tips.

Suggestions from editors at McGill-Queen’s University Press (@McGillQueensUP), University of British Columbia Press (@UBCPress) & University of Toronto Press (@utpress).

Hope this is helpful! Thread: 🧵👇
1/ Write clearly! Read Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, and follow that advice. Discussing complicated ideas does not necessarily mean complicated writing. (Randy Schmidt, @randyubcp) #ElementsofStyle
2/ Look at books you cite often and are inspired by as a model. Keep your audience firmly in mind and write to that audience. Stick to the core objective. Resist incorporating material that, while interesting, detracts from that primary aim. (Dan Quinlan, @utpress) #focus
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Interested in publishing an academic book? Here’s some tips from acquisition editors Dan Quinlan of @utpress, Emily Andrew of @McGillQueensUP and Randy Schmidt of @UBCPress as we prepare for a publishing panel at #CPSA2023 that I’ll be moderating. A thread… 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
1. Research the publisher. Familiarize yourself with their books. Address your first correspondence to the acquisitions editor by name. No “Dear Editor”! (Dan Quinlan @utpress) #publishing
2. Schedule meetings with editors at conferences. Send a 1-2 page overview of your project in advance. Practice an elevator pitch. (@eandreweditor) #conferences
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One last ICYMI thread from our #AWP23 panel! “What’s one piece of advice you have for someone wanting to start a literary journal?”

#litjournals #litmags #publishing #indielit @ExpoReviewLit
“We’ve seen a ton of lit journals shutter recently and it’s been shocking, but there is still a glut of journals out there. Do your research and look at other journals, what do you have to say that’s different? What do you want to do and why?” (1/2)
“It’s so much better to do one thing well than not take care of people and have things get lost in translation.” — @anyamariajo (2/2)
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📚A thread about writing and publishing for writers and aspiring writers📚 #writing #publishing 1/
I’ve been engaged in some form of writing on a regular basis for the last 10 years or so. Over the last 3-4 years I’ve had the world of publishing opened up to me. After publishing a few dozen articles, I recently published my first book. 2/
God willing I’ll have more coming out in the years ahead. I plan to continue writing books as long as I have something to say that I & others think is valuable. As a new writer, I have some notes, observations, & lessons from my experience that I think others may find helpful. 3/
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As a publisher, you're always looking for ways to create high-quality cookbooks without breaking the bank. That's where AI comes in - platforms like and Lunchbox.AI can generate stunning food images that are perfect for your cookbook.
Here's how:
1Upload your recipe to the AI platform of your choice, and let it work its magic. The neural network will analyze your ingredients and create a photo that matches your recipe perfectly.
Not only does this save you time and money on photography, but it also helps you avoid copyright issues on @AmazonKDP. You won't have to worry about using someone else's photo and potentially getting in trouble.
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You wouldn't BELIEVE who comes to tell me their problems in ##publishing and #writing so red flags I cannot point at enough even with my most MASSIVE POINTY STICK
1. If you're told this is your one shot, your opp, run for the sodding hills
2. No dialogue? Get out of there
3. If the person or people you might work with on your book repeatedly & openly criticise other sectors of the industry, TREAD CAREFULLY SHOUTY CAPITALS. I don't mean all the epic folk who work to effect change, but something harsher and sharper; bombast
4. This one is crucial
4. If you feel nervous in contact, or frightened even, do NOT suffer this one alone. Share how you feel with someone you trust and if you're a union member, ask for advice. It may be a formal complaint is needed
5. If you're told everyone else is happy, what's the issue with you?
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Thread - My columns on #innovation #creativity #entrepreneurship at the intersection of #culture for The New Indian Express. Just putting them all at one place.
1 - Design to Drive the return of #tourism post pandemic…

#travel #design
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MemberOwls [ An A.I Powered Membership site creator in 2 Minutes for dummies.]: What are the features of MemberOwls?…
#webdeveloper #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketingtips #digitalmarketer #Sales #Salesforce #marketingoptimization Image
How To Rank ANY webSite on the first page of Google Without Backlinks [Ranking Number 1 on Google Made Easy]…
#SEO #seorankjng #DigitalMarketing
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Give a talk on tips for getting a paper published for early career docs. I had fun putting it together with my own reflections as a jr. author, sr. author, peer reviewer, and editor. I thought I would share a 🧵 @SVM_tweets #ACCFIT #SVMNextGen #publishing
#1. Choose Journal to submit with care. Consider fit as well as prestige (impact factor, IF). Make sure paper fall within scope of journal. Review journal website and consider pre-submission inquiry to editorial office.
#1.5 IF is but 1 factor; need to be sure your paper will be assessed by knowledgeable reviewers in its field a timely fashion with possibility of ultimate acceptance. Others may disagree, but I think it’s helpful to identify your first choice journal before writing the paper.
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Hey everyone! I’m back online from hiatus and it's been an interesting few weeks. As I'm sure some have been wondering (and asking), I wanted to make sure to set the record straight on why I am no longer at Amistad. Buckle up for a thread… #ICYMI
On August 29, 2022, at around 10am ET, I was abruptly informed that the Senior Editor role at Amistad was being eliminated and thus my services in this position were no longer needed. I was also told that my official last day at HarperCollins would be September 9th. (1/?)
Within 30 min. of being informed of this my HarperCollins account was disabled. I was unable to effectively do my job or contact my authors/coworkers as an employee. None of my colleagues were alerted of management’s sudden decision about the dissolution of this position. (2/?)
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🚨NEW: Publisher of @DineshDSouza's book 2000 MULES has issued a FULL RECALL. I received this image from a book vendor for Walmart. The book's election fraud premise has been widely debunked.

I've asked publisher @Regnery why it issued the full recall. Will report. #Publishing Image
“'My opinion then and my opinion now is that the election was not stolen by fraud,' Barr said. 'And I haven’t seen anything since the election that changes my mind on that, including the ‘2000 Mules’ movie.'” @reveal…
@Regnery's "list of authors reads like a 'who’s who' of conservative thought and action, including Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Dinesh D’Souza, Newt Gingrich, Mark Steyn, Mark Levin, Ed Klein, David Horowitz, Laura Ingraham, Donald Trump"

I await Regnery's reply Image
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Hey, brilliant writers! I shared this in a couple of virtual events last week. This is how I pitch a story to producers, and you can use it to pitch to agents or editors, too.
#WritingCommunity #screenwriting #MondayMotivation #WritersofTwitter
Remember, the person you're pitching your story to may have to pitch it to someone else! A literary agent will pitch it to editors. A book editor may pitch it to execs or sales reps. A producer may pitch it to investors. So keep it simple!

#HowToPitch #amwriting #writinglife
1. Unless time is a real constraint, take just a minute for small talk before launching into your pitch. Establish some rapport.

#HowToPitch #publishing #screenwriting
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Why would a publisher prefer/choose to endorse and publish a white author's book on BIPOC magic and culture (hoodoo, voodoo, folklore, Afro-Caribbean, etc...) when they could publish a real author of color.

A thread 🧵 #witchtwt #writingcommmunity
I was having this conversation while drinking coffee w/ two priestesses who are planning to write a book in the future: BIPOC, books, ghostwriters, con-artists, marketing, and publishers.

#witchtwt #occulttwitter #writingcommmunity
Before getting into statistics (below) the first reasons why this happens are obviously:

1st MONEY because the big bookstore chains and publishing companies are in the hands of white men who prefer to keep it that way.
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#MondayMorningMailbag Q: How do you deal with bad reviews and all the other negativity that comes with being an author?
A: Being an author is very, very hard, and publishing is often a tough, soul-crushing business. 1/ #authors #authorlife #writinglife #books #publishing
No matter whether you are indie or traditionally published, so many bad things can happen to you as an author – terrible covers, low sales, books/series being misnumbered, books being taken off sale for no reason, accounts being frozen . . . The list goes on and on and on. 2/
Plus, everyone is going to have an opinion about EVERY LITTLE THING in your book – good, bad, and ugly – whether they have actually read your book or not.
Y'all wouldn’t believe some of the comments I’ve gotten over the years, including the following:
3/ #authors #authorlife
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Being consistent in regularly #publishing new content on a blog is hard, especially if you have many other things to do. In my case, I try to publish a new post every week.… always make sure that every post that I launch will be useful to my current and future readers, and that’s why I mostly focus on creating evergreen content.… This also allowed me to grow and have a continual increase in readership on my blog, wherein new readers could be future linkers So if a single content can acquire natural links from at least 10 unique linking domains (on an average) on its entire lifetime
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As @thedreadmachine's Kickstarter campaign for Mixtape: 1986 progresses, I thought it might be fun to provide some insight into why I voted for each of the 16 stories that made it into the final table of contents.

#editing #publishing #amediting #anthology
(Before I continue this thread, the campaign:…)
1. @Joduckwo's story "One of Those Nice Guys" subverted my expectations by the end of page 1, packing in detail and immediate intrigue that kept me guessing. The ending is tight, which I appreciate after reading so many promising stories that fall apart by the last page.
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
Five New Frontiers for NFTs has put together a series of challenges for you.🤜🤛
NEAR DEVs is sponsoring the twentythird obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #MEMES #cryptocurrecy #webdevelopment #Web3 #Bitcoin
So whats there in the #challenge🤔
🔘Let's collaborate on articles that will #assist new NEAR developers.
🔘You are free to write on anything #NEAR-related. Perhaps how-to manuals for NEAR, or tips and #techniques from building smart contracts on NEAR.
It's just a matter of time before you go for the #stars.
🔘The protocol #NEAR is fantastic. People should be aware of a variety of #aspects. Let's write about topics that #interest you but aren't often discussed.
We understand that you have a lot to say.
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I am looking for some good CHEMISTRY WRITING exercises to use with my research group. e.g. re-writing sentences and paragraphs etc. Any suggestions? Thread below is the writing resources I use. 1/10 #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #writingtips #ozchem #chemistry #publishing
Whitesides' priceless tips is always a great place to start. 2/10…
The Science of Scientific Writing by George Gopen and Judith Swan. 3/10…
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Not only experience, which is important, but clinical #research does not parse out the Japanese man or woman from the South Asian man or woman on heart disease risk, epidemiology, treatment.

#EBM lacking for us then

#MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
And then there is the question of who is white.

Iranian/Persian & Arabs are white on census.
Does the rest of America agree?

Racists & xenophobes tend to use loophole to say being anti-Muslim (whom they consider to all be Arab) is “not racist.”…
Proving again: race is a social construct

Not until 2020 Persians really started to call selves “POC” (for self protection)

Have lots of Persian friends
Urdu culture has Farsi roots

But let’s be honest: Persians have seen selves as superior race, apart…
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You're job CAN be your life but it doesn't have to be.

I enjoy my job, I'm good at my job, but I do it so I can support my family.
Can Apple and Android get their emoji game in order? I'm getting sick of seeing crossed out boxes
It's odd how often accepting people comes with stipulations.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/26/2020…
How Cities Lost Control of Police Discipline…

#unions #police #Detroit
In Search of a New Reserve Currency - World Game…

#reserve #currency #world
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/12/2020…
A Tiny New Publisher Is Making Food Books to Raise Money for Restaurants…

#books #crowdfunding #publishing
Our Obsession With ‘Expertise’ Is Holding Us Back…

#capacity #LearnedExperience #knowledge #value
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