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Successful #publishing cover letters – a thread.

I’ve had several requests for the letter I offered to share the other day. I've now found it and, instead of writing lots of PMs, I think it's best if I just share it here with everyone. #publishinghopefuls #workinpublishing
There’s nothing more infuriating than not getting the call and not knowing why. Often it's down to stronger CVs competing with yours,but the letter can also play a part. I’ve been lucky enough to have people give me tips when I started out so I'm sharing them here...
...together with what I’m now looking for in the letters I receive. It’s not exhaustive and there are other ways to do things. But it gives an idea.

1) Keep it short. An A4 max is ideal.
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Inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s dark web: greed, sex and daddy issues #thread | #Epstein #PrinceAndrew it’s all in this THREAD 🧵....
How did the #Oxford-educated daughter of a publishing tycoon wind up in jail charged with trafficking minors for Jeffrey #Epstein? Vassi Chamberlain, who knew #Maxwell, speaks to her former friends
London, 1990. I have just arrived at a dinner in a newly opened Soho restaurant with people I barely know. I see a long table rammed with the deafening confidence of entitled rich young things.
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A tale of 2 reviews: Recently, my book, “Modern Bonds: Redefining Community in Early 20thc. St. Paul,” has been both lauded and panned. Why? Opposing views on racial justice and its history in MN. Let's take a closer look. #academia #publishing #racism 1/12
The negative review critiqued Modern Bonds for its persistent focus on #racism/racial discrimination & the way I challenge positive narratives about midwestern culture especially compared to other parts of the country. That review is here 2/12…
Given current discussions & research @ the nature/history of racial discrimination in MN’s Twin Cities it is surprising that the neg review suggests I *overplay* the presence/impact of structural & overt racism there a century ago. #JimCrow #MidwestHist 3/12
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The #PublishingPaidMe conversation reveals what WOC have always known, that racial hierarchies ARE perpetuated by publishing deals. As a writer from the #SWANA region, I'm dismayed by the systematic pattern of low advances/pay to Arab, Iranian, Turkish and North African writers
I think this has everything to do with the fact that voices from the region that contradict or offer a counter-narrative to the Master Narrative of the west are often dismissed bc the industry is afraid (perhaps unconsciously) to disrupt the status quo, or
assumes the audience for such books will be limited & yet I believe that the #publishing industry, devoted to celebrating voices, is poised to be a leader in breaking this chain of silence. They have everything it takes to change the landscape & enough brilliant editors to do so
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1/15 Thread about EDITS.✏️As someone on both sides of the publishing fence I wanted to talk a bit about the editing process + how to deal with it. Having your book edited can be terrifying - after all, it’s something you’ve worked on for ages + now it’s in someone else’s control!
2/15 Of course that feels weird. AIM: the aim of edits is to make your book better + to ensure it appeals to as many readers as possible. Often, as the author you’ve spent so long working on your ms that you naturally become a bit blind to it + so another pair of eyes is crucial.
3/15 One thing to keep in mind throughout is that you + your publisher have the SAME goal - to sell books + reach readers. We’re all on the same side! ATTITUDE: when you receive big edits on your ms, the temptation is to read them all at once, panic + respond with a knee-jerk
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THREAD: Following the #CAA2020 I would like to share the slides and Q&A from the #publishing session, how to get published and read, last Friday with @ivittieditor and @Arts_Routledge
@ivittieditor @Arts_Routledge There are so many journals! Tip: find the journal first before writing. Are you writing for a large generalist audience or would you have greater impact in a more niche pub? Find out about themed issues. Consider what is needed for you: publisher? readers?
@ivittieditor @Arts_Routledge recent authors? online only publications? metrics like Impact Factor or indexing services? type of peer review? submission process and avg length of time? Open Access? Who is the editor? Who is on the editorial board? Who are recent authors?
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This cannot come soon enough.

It is also a good opportunity to return to a perennial subject for me, which is that individual academics can and should pushback against the current exploitative system of article publishing.… #AcademicChatter #publishing
First up: Reviewing. The last time I was asked to peer-review an academic article for free was yesterday, for a journal owned by Brill, a company that turns a profit yearly.

I asked for a modest honorarium. They said no. I'm not reviewing the article.…
A reminder here that if even half of scholars valued their labor enough to demand some compensation for using our considerable skills and expertise to review, the system would collapse. And it should. Companies are making money off of our free labor, giving us nothing.
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Here is a thread about What Literary Agents are looking for in New Writers:

1/ A clear idea. However complex the story, a debut novel must offer a simple proposition of author, pitch and market.
2/ the pitch must promise the potential of moving the readership to a new place, but not by completely ditching what has been proven already to have worked.
I call it a bridge from somewhere familiar to somewhere new and unexpected.
3/ a debut novel must showcase talent and voice, but not at the expense of story. Self- confidence in the voice, editorial discipline and a certain degree of risk taking must all be evident.
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One of my favorites to keep nearby. 2016 version. @CanterburyClass Please notify me when the updated version is ready. We'll need to remove the last 5 chapters, especially @HillaryClinton Nom speech.
Someone help me out. I can't find a #twatter presence on any 3 of these #publishing companies. Seems odd?
I'm also curious as to how many these companies made donations to the @ClintonFdn ?🤔
One everyone should re read!
#SilenceDogood8 Just so happens to be on page 17 😉…
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Things I've learned during my time as an editor. A thread.
1) Editors have 4 options: accept, accept w/ minor rev, accept with major rev, decline. The letters for the first & last options are obvious. The letter for the middle two sound like the MS is rejected.
2) Basically, no one gets accept on the first submission.

3) Good reviewers are hard to find. Corollary: Be a good reviewer.

4) Authors argue with editor decisions way more often than I realized. Corollary: Being polite and fact-driven is really important. #phdlife
5) Don't plagiarize. Yes, this needs to be said.

6) Don't just cite yourself & two of your friends in your reference list.

7) You don't have to make every change requested by the reviewers, but you do have to explain why.

8) The cover letter is really important.
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With my very first book, my editor told me, “I don’t care what your book sells in the first week. I care what it sells in the first ten years.” Now we’re at the point where it matters what your book sells before it’s even for sale!

A #thread about #preorders. #publishing👇
Preorders, of course, are when you order a book (or anything, really) before you can actually buy it online or in a store. There are some upsides to this — you guarantee you’ll get it on Day One, for one thing…
…and if it’s something with constrained availability (like, say, the newest iPhone) and you REALLY want it, it’s comforting to know you can definitely have it ASAP.
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Day 2. Still pre-conference. I must confess that while taking notes today, I sincerely wondered to myself: how will I condense this much information in a way that its essence is not lost? So much was said; so much needs to be done. Oya grab your seat. @LagosStudies #lsa2019
The first panel was the Gender and Academy II. Panelists were Yetunde Zaid, Lynn Schler, Bamidele Wale-Oshinowo, Oyeronke Oyewunmi, Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome (@mojubaolu) and Taibat Lawanson (@TaibatLawanson) The first question shows that mentorship comes in various forms.
Who was your first mentor?:

"My first mentor was my Ph.D. supervisor. He was good @ treating students equally&that gave everyone a sense of confidence when starting out with their career. It distilled any competition that we might have&developed a sense of community.” Schler
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I am going up for tenure next year & preparing my materials. There is a book chapter I was invited to write in Fall 2014 just months after I got my PhD. I submitted the chapter in Spring 2015. The edited collection this chapter was written for has still not been published.
I am sure there are decent reasons for the immense slowdown in production. But can you imagine if I was relying on this publication as a junior scholar? I write this piece less than a year after graduating & will likely have tenure before its published. That’s bananas.
As someone working in disability studies I know there was many reasons for delays in schedules, but as a multiply marginalized junior scholar I also know that one publication coming in YEARS late could really fuck with someone’s tenure case.
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Given the news on U of California and #Elsevier, I am going to do a THREAD on contracts, negotiations, and publishing in the academy. This thread is meant for humanities folks, grad students to professors, slanted to Western academic contexts. #publishing #AcademicTwitter
Starting point - Get rid of the I'm-an-academic-fumbling-in-the-real-world attitude. Seriously, knock it off. You have a PhD, or you will, and you are making decisions, signing legal contracts, and all that jazz. Own the ethical and practical implications of publishing.
Negotiate your contracts. I negotiate every single publishing contract I sign. Yes, Every. Single. One.

Most commonly, I want the ability to share the full, post-publication / print version of an article online, for free (prepublication version w/o page numbers helps nobody.)
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Media that covers #Media #Publishing #Journalism #tech #SocialNetworks is often critical of traffic-driving algorithms, distribution of ad revenue, personal data collection/sale. Yet these writers have the ability to get users to force change. /1…
Most of the abuses that this sector of media is critical about come from internet giants, who pay lip service in response, because those abuses are very profitable, & regulation is unlikely in the US & users not motivated enough to change their usage of networks. /2
US regulation that would help stop the criticized practices is unlikely to help, mainly because Congress isn't qualified to design these regulations, so they would leave it to lobbyists working for the industry to be regulated /3
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Listing off some #altac #publishingjobs resources that folks without the privilege of a job network might not know about. Feel free to contribute & share. #pocpubjobs #pocinpub #latinxinpub #academicjobs #weneeddiversebooks

cc: @PocPub @LatinxinPub @c4disc
.@PublishersLunch has a great board for general publishing:

@aupresses members often list their #universitypress jobs here:…

@HigherEdJobs is more general but can be narrowed down to publications & editing:
.@ScholarlyPub has its own #scholarlypublishing job board:

@Mediabistro is a broad #mediajobs board that includes a publishing & editorial section:…

@BookJobs is another good general #publishing resource:
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#TLDR - if you're a woman or from a #workingclass or 'minority' background in the UK, your exclusion from #publishing is not by accident it's #ByDesign. Inclusion programmes deal w/ symptoms; for change, we need redesign. (co @BareLit & @rlfwriters)…
"They didn’t stop to consider the picture that includes what we have been taught to euphemistically call “side effects”, “human cost”, “collateral damage”." #ByDesign
"But consciousness is hard work and most of the privileged are unwilling to do the work."

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