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So glad I got to hear the fabulous @namoore — in Indy for the @ncph board meeting— speak yesterday to students in the IUPUI #Publichistory program. Tons of practical advice given, but I especially appreciated the inspiration & call to action. 1/5
“What a time to be alive” (the talk’s alt title!)—Public History has a vitality and urgency right now that should not be taken for granted. “Find the chaos and dive in.” 2/5
People crave historical insight, but their lives are too busy to access scholarship; among other things, public historians can help digest and convey mountains of scholarship so audiences can plug in. So many “aha” moments follow. 3/5
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Getting Ready to tweet #SHEAR19 #s13 Roundtable: Going Public--History and Humanities Beyond the Academy. #PublicHistory #Twitterstorians
.@drhonor discussing how the panel came about. She doesn't want the panel to be about how can academics engage with the public. Historians do this all of the time and its a constant. This is a panel to discuss and celebrate types of public-facing work. #SHEAR19 #s13
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#OTD #OnThisDay from Himmler's Appt Book, June 8, 1941: Himmler arrived at the office this Sunday morning and had an intriguing meeting with SS-Obersturmbannführer Bender at 1145.
Bender was the Superior SS- and Police Judge on Himmler's staff. Himmler in particular was interested in a penal unit of the SS-Totenkopf Division.
This had been established as a punishment unit by Theodor Eicke the first Commander of the concentration camps to avoid incarcerating them in the camps themselves.
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1/ Featured today: RuSHA trial prosecution doc NO-1615: decree signed by Ulrich Greifelt re obtaining Polish children for Germanization. "It is necessary that they are subjected to a racial & psychol process of selection; those considered racially valuable will be Germanized..."
"age 6-12 will be sent to German Folkschools, age 2-6 boarded with families designated by Lebensborn." Childless SS families preferred. "Special attn to be given that the phrase 'Polish children suitable for Germanization' not reach the public."
3/ Children spent 6 weeks at Brockau (Bruczkow), in a palace taken over for this purpose. Later they were housed in a convent in Kalisz. Those who passed selection sent on to Germany. Other sources say remainder sent to concentration or labor camps, most died. (Pic: Brockau)
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1/ In response to some recent request, a quick thread about how I teach with my smartphone app and website for local history, @SpokaneHistoric.
2/ First of all. I did not invent Spokane Historical, it runs on @Curatescape, developed by @urbanhumanist and @ebellempire at Cleveland State University. Thanks, friends!
3/ The best how-to guide for creating content was written by @aaronbcowan for his Curatescape project, You can read it here:…
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Lots of great things happened out of the #wg5 yesterday for Early Career Public Historians in Academia. Here are a few thoughts that came out our curriculum discussion. Things were flying too fast to tweet on the fly yesterday. #ncph2019
In undergrad #publichistory classes where you can't feasibly pull off a real project, having students produce project proposals, grant applications, and other prep documents helps them think through many of the logistics of doing PH work. #wg5 #ncph2019
If you develop a good structure for implementing PH projects in your classes, you can rotate out content and community partners within that structure to be more efficient. #wg5 #ncph2019
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This text that will soon be added to a historical marker for a Confederate monument in Georgia pulls no punches. #CivilWarMemory #publichistory…
Providing this sort of contextualization is absolutely necessary, but I want to take issue with the following choice of words: "This monument and similar monuments WERE CREATED TO..." Is there direct evidence that this particular monument's purpose was solely black intimidation?
No doubt, it is part of the story, but what about the focus on Confederate veterans, who were dying off in large numbers by this point in time? This transition to a generation that never experienced the war years was critical in these ceremonial acts.
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Thinking about how to explain #publichistory and #digitalhistory scholarship to colleagues on academic #tenure and promotion committees, especially those who are used to sole-authored books as the gold standard #dh #digitalhumanities 1/15
The core of the work is familiar: conceptualization, research, and writing (even if the ultimate presentation is not in the form of prose). The work is original and interpretive, just like traditional monographic scholarship. 2/15
But #publichistory’s attention to #sharedauthority means that the work is developed in cooperation with the public, a process that sometimes provokes conflict and controversy that the scholar has to manage. Sometimes great potential projects can’t come to fruition. 3/15
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I started my new class, #HIST199 (the History Workshop required for majors and minors) with Jim Gardner and Sarah Henry's 2002 article in TPH (@ncph), "September 11 & the Mourning After: Reflections on Collecting and Interpreting the History of Tragedy." It's such a great piece.
Gardner and Henry write so eloquently, about the role of the historian -- collecting, preserving, and interpreting; making choices; seeking out collaboration.… @ncph #HIST199 #museums #publichistory
But they also are frank about what historians aren't--they can't see the future; they sometimes have trouble dealing w/emotion; they aren't making memorials. My students learned about context: what it meant that Gardner & Henry were writing within the first year after. #HIST199
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