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Trump delivers belligerent 25-minute rant on fake 'national emergency'… #InstabilityInChief #AmericanSociopath
Cue the articles of impeachment. 🚨 #NationalEmergencyDeclaration
Cue the #25thAmendmentNow. 🚨
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Blah blah, Lie, Lie President Trump makes announcement regarding Ending the government shutdown"

Shutdown Ends for 3wks...…
#TRUMPCrazy -'Women are being taped, tied up in the back of cars...
then they make a left or a right into the United States...
theres nobody to catch the four women w/tape around their mouths..

They're Coming... Coyotes, MS13, HumanTraffickers, SickMigrants

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@realDonaldTrump Donald Trump believes he was born to be king - LA Times
@realDonaldTrump Ex-Trump employee: 'He thinks he's going to be king' | TheHill
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It's time for a psych eval.

Republicans privately call Trump "nuts" and publicly say he needs "adult day care."

Is it Alzheimer's? Is it Adderall addiction? Is it the vanity hair loss drug he takes that is known to cause impotence and mental confusion?…
This is “an emergency”: The case for evaluating the president’s mental capacity — by force if necessary.
#25thAmendmentNow… via @voxdotcom
Joke’s over. Trump is so crazy he shut down the government to impress Ann Coulter. And so compromised he allowed the Turkish President to dictate military strategy in Syria. The #ComplicitGOP must finally act. #25thAmendmentNow #ImpeachTrump #ResignTrump…
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No hyperbole. We are in serious danger with General Mattis resignation. trump can now go directly to combatant US generals &ask them to do anything.The only thing stopping a horror, is those generals saying “no”. trump tests then pushes the boundaries until stopped.
trump has already used the military as a police force within our own borders, totally against Posse Comitatus Act. No one stopped him. trump even brought up the military when speaking to Pelosi & Schumer about the govt shutdown.
trump keeps bringing up the military to do everything he wants. We are in serious danger. So is the world. #25thAmendmentNow
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I'm pretty sure this is unconstitutional. (See 14th Amendment.)

And if he manages to do it, Don Jr. should be the first deportation.

Trump: End birthright citizenship for some US-born babies

#TuesdayThoughts #25thAmendmentNow…
Bye bye, @DonaldJTrumpJr!

If your dad is deporting US-born kids who were born here to immigrant mothers, enjoy your new home in the Czech Republic!
So, now that we have the distraction of the day out of the way, here's how you can help take back the house and tell this choad to fuck *all* the way off.
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If you haven't laughed yet today, here's a video of President Trump walking up the stairs to Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. While this isn't grounds for the #25thAmendment, it does fit the pattern of Trump just being a fucking idiot.
@ManInTheHoody can you confirm, CGI or shit related stickiness? and can you put this to music, please?
And I added it here because fuck it.

⚡️ “"Who am I? Why am I here?" #25thAmendmentNow” by @AynRandPaulRyan…
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The #TrumpPressConference so far:

- George Washington
- Calls Kurdish guy "Mr. Kurd"
- Tells female reporter to sit down
- No one knows what he's talking about
- #25thAmendmentNow is trending
- He's been ranting for eighty minutes
- It's still only 6:18pm
Donald Trump has psychotic break during utterly deranged press conference…
Julie Swetnick just changed everything about the Brett Kavanaugh nomination…
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You thought the world was laughing at him yesterday - they are in absolute stitches at today's epic embarrassment.

Trump addresses a Kurdish reporter as "Mr. Kurd" #25thAmendmentNow
Trump says he rejected a one-on-one meeting with Justin Trudeau at the #UNGA, threatens tariffs on Canada auto exports: "We're going to tax the cars coming in, and we'll put billions and billions into our treasury .. Canada has treated us very badly"
Aside from his economic illiteracy (Americans pay the tariff, not foreign exporters), his personal animus towards Trudeau and Canada – neighbors, close allies, brothers and sisters – is senseless and destructive.
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Trump just started giving his 4th press conference as president.

So far, he's just reiterating a bunch of shit he said yesterday.

He keeps slurring the word "economy", so you know he's been into Dr. Happy's Bag o' Benzos this afternoon.

Follow @atrupar for video
"Ecomeny" x 2.
REPORTER: Mr. President, you have daughters. Can't you understand why these accusers didn't come forward sooner?

TRUMP: *****loud fart noise*****
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HA-HA-HA! @realDonaldTrump and #Rosenstein have trolled all the the media! Getting many outlets to report absolute fatalities & haven't been talking about #Kavanaugh and the ridiculous developments there yesterday.
Trump and Rod will meet Thursday. What else happens Thursday?
Opps.... Just one example of MANY.

Looks like a busy day of retractions today.
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LORDY, I hope there are tapes!

Rosenstein discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to oust Trump in the days after Comey was fired in May 2017 and also discussed wearing a wire to secretly record his conversations with Trump.
This is just fucking delicious.
Looks like we weren't the only ones talking about the 25th Amendment!

⚡️ “"Who am I? Why am I here?" #25thAmendmentNow” by @AynRandPaulRyan…
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Montana Plaid Shirt Guy begs to differ.
Plaid Shirt Guy is all of us. (h/t @IamKatieMoe) #25thAmendment #25thAmendmentNow
Plaid Shirt Guy is more skeptical of Trump's absurd claims than most NYT reporters. (h/t @lademocraciala)
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Our very stable genius President who has all the best words cannot pronounce the word "anonymous".

He tried twice.


⚡️ “"Who am I? Why am I here?" #25thAmendmentNow” by @AynRandPaulRyan…
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I know not who wrote the #NYTimesOpEd and frankly I don't care.

The situation currently is that the house is burning and we are more focused on who set the fire than trying to save the house.

My tweets seem like rambling lately, and to my friends I apologize. /1
It is my inner feelings, my emotions, my anger, and my frustrations that I share.

We can focus on finding out who to blame for the fuck up in the 2016 elections, or we can focus on how to limit the damage to our democracy to 2 years. /2
Apparently the checks and balances that our forefathers had put in place are not working as expected. If the #NYTimesOpEd is to be believed, it is high time that we invoked #25thAmendmentNow and save democracy, but party has taken more importance than country /3
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In light of The NY Times article and its mention of the 25th amendment I think it’s time to repost this. It’s important because his behavior could actually be related to early signs of dementia not just him being an idiot. #25thAmendment
Something I wrote back in 2017 Whay America needs to understand about dementia.
Most importantly is that a personality disorder gets magnified by early dementia which may be why Trump is sooo over the top. Only actual Nuero-psych testing could separate out the two
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In his new book, Bob Woodward describes “an administrative coup d’etat” and a “nervous breakdown” of the executive branch, with senior aides conspiring to pluck official papers from Trump’s desk so he couldn’t see or sign them #25thAmendmentNow…
Unfit for office.

"Again and again, Woodward recounts at length how Trump’s national security team was shaken by his lack of curiosity and knowledge about world affairs and his contempt for the mainstream perspectives of military and intelligence leaders"
John Dowd was convinced that Trump would commit perjury if he talked to Mueller. So, on Jan. 27, he staged a practice session to make his point.

Dowd peppered Trump with questions about the Russia investigation, provoking stumbles, contradictions and lies #OrangeIsTheNewBlack
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Holy crap. 🔥

When a POTUS' "closest aides" have to steal papers off the Oval Office desk so the President doesn't get us into a nuclear war, that's when you know it's time for the #25thAmendmentNow. #TuesdayThoughts
"He's an idiot. It's pointless to try to convince him of anything. He's gone off the rails. We're in crazytown," Kelly is quoted as saying at a staff meeting in his office. "I don't even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I've ever had."
Read this.

Seriously. Do it right now.

Bob Woodward: Trump's aides stole his papers 'to protect the country'
#TuesdayThoughts #25thAmendmentNow
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JFC, Trump!🙄

American flag's stripes are red and white.
Trump should know this, considering the fit he throws when someone kneels at a football game "disrespecting the flag".

Trump is coloring blue and red stripes. 🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

h/t @2020fight
#SaturdayMorning #AMJoy
You know who has red, white, and blue stripes on their flag?
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Trump, calling an Hispanic looking-immigration BP agent: "Come here. You're not nervous, right? Speaks perfect English."

This is the thing that impressed Trump: not that he saved people from human trafficking.

That the brown guy could speak English.

Added to the ongoing thread, y'all:

⚡️ "Who am I? Why am I here?" #25thAmendmentNow
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"One clue belying the president’s insistence is that the famous Robert Duvall line from the scene in Apocalypse Now, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning,” is not “I love the smell of Agent Orange in the morning.”
I usually make one entry per week into this moment.
This is the SIXTH entry this week.
The downward spiral continues.

⚡️ “"Who am I? Why am I here?" #25thAmendmentNow” by @AynRandPaulRyan
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At bookstore to get the latest in my favorite series and guess what I impulse-bought? I'll share excerpts when I get home and pour a glass of wine.
By the way it was 40% off already 😂
P. 220-Trump calls Jeff Sessions "Benjamin Buttons" behind his back. 🤣
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Someone missed their shift at the adult day care center. #25thAmendmentNow #25thAmendment
“If he’s convicted, you’ll hear sphincters loosening all over the White House"

Risks pile up for Trump as Manafort heads to trial #TrumpRussia
Judge Ellis orders identities of the 5 witnesses granted immunity to testify against Manafort revealed: James Brennan, Donna Duggan, Conor O'Brien, Cindy Laporta, and Dennis Raico.

He also postponed the trial until July 31
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God save the queen...from Trump.
What tf is he doing?

Another addition to the #25thAmendmentNow collection.
h/t @BeardedGenius
Trump not knowing how to walk and edging out the Queen of England like she was the Prime Minister of Montenegro or something DEFINITELY belongs in:

⚡️ “"Who am I? Why am I here?" #25thAmendmentNow” by @AynRandPaulRyan…
OMG 🤣🤣🤣 I'd ask who did this, but of course, it's @DustinGiebel.
As if this day wasn't amazing enough (thanks, Mueller.)

This edit has everything:

The Queen
Benny Hill.


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