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Are people grasping the sheer level of unrepentant, unapologetic cowardice on display from @GregAbbott_TX and the @TexasGOP right now? 🧐 Their heads are so far up Trump’s ass that they won’t even take the “risk” of demonstrating competent leadership in a global health crisis.
Abbott thinks he’s slick and is using linguistic gymnastics & the patchwork system of local govt/states’ rights to both downplay the threat of Coronavirus for Trump *and* work behind the scenes to handle the problem internally at the same time. 😒 3/19/20:… ImageImageImageImage
These red state Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouths on #COVID19 b/c keeping the profit margins healthy at their fave businesses and appeasing #TemperTantrumTrump are way higher priorities for them than protecting/saving lives. “Pro-life” is a habitual LIE.
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The (Unofficial) Joe Exotic guide to coping with Coronavirus #TigerKing
#COVID19 (quite rightly) has people very worried
It can be difficult to keep a positive attitude
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I've seen 1000 memes about influenza and the plague because of #COVID_19. While we're all bored, here's a juicy story of class, environment, & protest—my (abridged) @SFUHistory honours thesis on Montreal's 1885 smallpox epidemic. Ask questions and share as you read! (1/30)
So: a sick train conductor arrived in Montreal in Feb 1885. His case was immediately mishandled. The city had no smallpox hospital, so he wasn't properly isolated. Soon, unvaccinated hospital workers brought smallpox into their communities (2/30)
Let's talk about those communities: Montreal was big, urban, and rapidly industrializing. Neighbourhoods and wards were divided along linguistic and class lines, which wasn't cute. Three (90% francophone) East End wards held 81% of the city's population. (3/30)
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@mwhale2000 Not a doctor, but took my MolBio classes at a med school.

Note that these are short courses of treatment, and they’re generics(I know CQ is, I think HCQ is.) but admin could order all pharma cos to synthesize if necessary. 1/
@mwhale2000 In 2017, there were ~6.5M prescriptions written for HCQ. Estimate 30 days per for chronic usage, that’s ~190M available/ann.

So. If we ramp up production, sure, there will be enough. For 6 day rounds of tx, that’s prob less than gets proscribed as prophylaxis for travelers.
@mwhale2000 BUT.

We don’t have enough on hand for EVERYBODY to get sick at once.

And that’s why everyone needs to #StayTheFHome
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March 22 COVID Update: Will report on my day. It is hard to prepare for what the next several weeks will look like.

We will see things on TV we have only seen in other countries & hear death tolls that are hard to comprehend.

Right now it is in the public’s hands. 1/
WE CAN CONTROL THIS. If it doesn’t feel like it’s working because you’re not seeing a lot of cases, understand this.

You are responsible for any good news. SF on lockdown v Miami-Dade slacking. 2/
I don’t swamp this thread with graphs so sorry for that one and maybe a few others.

If you like graphs and interpretations, this is pretty good analysis. @somuchweirdness liked it and she’s really discerning about sources & analysis. 3/…
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(1) Thread:

Welp. New Zealand's COVID19 situation is getting really bad. We don't have high numbers to show for it, yet.

But we do have a tiny health system, & some extremely worried doctors. They say we will soon be like ITALY.

And our government refuses to listen to them.
(2) I've been following COVID19 news since around the 20th of January IIRC. Might have been a bit before that, not sure.

I have seen the signs all along that the NZ govt wasn't going hard and fast, as it needed to.

I think it's too late now. I'm actually at peace about it.
(3) I've been self isolated as a precaution for 5 days. We are well stocked, we have very good morale (one of us can remember WWII, for example.)

I'm doing everything I possibly can to stay safe & keep my family & friends safe.

Very blessed to have these people in my life.
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The spring light is really spectacular in Portland right now. Magnolias and forsythia are exploding and birds are frantic with mating calls.

The cognitive dissonance between this and the reality of our fracturing country is so bizarre.
It reminds me of Irene Nemirovsky's novel "Suite Francaise" about WWII. She died in Auschwitz and the book wasn't released until 2004.…
HEY! Brainstorm.

We need @SamuelLJackson to read the sequel to "Go The F*ck to Sleep" called

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Please don’t hoard.

Sure, you need TP.

You don’t need 30 rolls.

Don’t contribute to a panic mentality.

Gracious > Greedy

PLEASE be sure to be extra KIND ➕ GRATEFUL to all our hard, hard working grocery employees.…
Cliff Notes for SWPA:

👉 Don’t be a Jagoff

👇 For The PA Yous Nation Family
Yinz: StillersNation. Sheetz

Yous: FlyEaglesFly. Wawa.

Yinz: Warsh yinz grubby hands

Yous: Them jawns need cleaned

Yinz: #StayTheFHome 👈

Yous: #StayTheFHome 👈
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March 4, 2020: Prepping to attend and meet devs @nullcon Goa - biggest security conf for Security practitioners in India.

My wife had sore throat the previous day, She has running nose now and it is getting severe.


It looks like seasonal flu. But it got a bit more and turned to fever by evening. She is also feeling cold, body pains. The usual fever symptoms.

I'm not so worried yet.

By late evening, I started feeling sore throat. By that night, my wife's fever went severe and she's coughing all night.

I've decided to #StayTheFHome (thx @warkolm), because if it is anything else, I'd end up taking it to colleagues, devs I meet (approx 1500+ attendees)
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A) I asked for people’s recommendations of shows to binge watch on Netflix (or any streaming service, really) while we all #StayTheFHome, and got quite the list. I figured I’d condense it and make it easier to follow, since people tended to duplicate others’ choices.
B) Feel free to add more in the comments, and let’s all keep each other SAFELY entertained! Where the particular service was listed, I’ve included it.
C) This is not in any particular order, except it starts out with my current binge:
1. Supernatural – S1-14 on Netflix, current S15 on The CW app (free, new episodes available after midnight following airtime – Monday 8 pm ET).
2. Primeval – Hulu.
3. Torchwood – BBC America.
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The Rocky Balboa guide to coping with Coronavirus - a thread #RockyVsCovid19
Coronavirus is putting an end to moments like this...
Exercise is ok outdoors at the moment if you keep your distance from others
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It’s all about math, and the thing with math is that you can cheat the numbers. Read this post and start Social Distancing ASAP.

#coronavirus #COVID19

“The Sober Math Everyone Must Understand about the Pandemic” by Jason S Warner
The fundamental problem with people not understanding why #SocialDistancing is so critical is related to people not understanding how exponentials work. Most people don’t even know what the word ‘exponential’ means. So here is a challenge for you:
Take a paper. Any size. It can be a full sheet newspaper, a letter-sized paper, anything. Now fold it in half 10 times. Can you do it? I bet you can’t. Because it is mathematically impossible to do. If you don’t believe me, try it. Seriously, try it.
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Ein Thread 👇🏻

Und dann reift die Erkenntnis, dass wir ALLE kollektiv versagt haben!

Am Anfang haben wir Witze gemacht über Fledermaus essende Chinesen, dann über Masken tragende Chinesen gelächelt.

Dann kam es näher, es war aber „nur“ Norditalien... Kein Grund zur Panik


Wird schon nicht über die Alpen „schwappen“, lass mal weiter in #Ischgl feiern.

Erste Fälle in Frankreich und Spanien, dann Karneval in Deutschland, auf einmal „Patient Zero“ mitten unter uns.

Kein Grund zur Sorge, ist ja „nur“ in Heinsberg.

Vereinzelt weitere Fälle...

Unser Gesundheitssystem ist stark und kompetent!

Lasst mal weiter Fußball spielen und Feste feiern, kein Grund zur Sorge...

In Italien ist inzwischen das Chaos ausgebrochen und die Menschen sterben wie die Fliegen.

In #Ischgl feiern sie immer noch...
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This graph is CHILLING. Let me explain:

It shows the number of #COVID cases by age in S. Korea (red) vis Italy (green). And there are WAY more young cases in S. Korea.

Why? NOT because younger ppl get it in S. Korea. But because S. Korea TESTS young ppl.


In Italy (like the US), they're only testing ppl w/ symptoms. And the ppl who show symptoms w/ #COVID19 are older and sicker. That's why their numbers are skewed by age.

But in S. Korea, they're testing everyone, meaning their catching the young, asymptomatic cases, too.

So remember the pics of all those kids partying this weekend? Well, they think they're not going to get the #Coronavirus. That's not true, they're just not going to get SYMPTOMS of #Covid_19. But this graph shows that they might still get it--and unknowingly pass it on.

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I'm going to keep this relatively short, as I've spent another 15 hour day with my husband at the hospital, & I'm utterly shattered. (For those following our story, he turned a corner overnight. His blood tests look good; infection markers are way down, pulse, BP & heart 1/
rate are normal, & his mind is clearer than it's been in 3 months. With any luck, he'll be transferred to our local hospice this week so their chronic pain team can tweak his pain meds & then hopefully next week, he'll be home again. On top of that, he was actually able 2/
eat for the first time in 3 months - & he enjoyed it. The infection & chemo had totally screwed with his taste buds, so he'd been subsisting on liquids till today. This was a huge win both physically & mentally, & it set the tone for the whole day.) For those of you who have 3/
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When experts talk about the mathematical modelling of social distancing for the coronavirus, this is a visualisation of what they mean.
[Re-uploaded with a higher quality video]

Note: This modelling appears to only be mapping spread, which is why the recovery rates looks skewed. It doesn't account for things like mortality rate.
When people think mathematical modelling, they often think it's someone writing formulas on a chalkboard. Experts have said social distancing is the most effective way to flatten the coronavirus curve — slowing infection spikes, reducing deaths and increasing recovery rates.
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COVID-19 March 16 Update: I’m going to try to have some of the positives in here, but also present the facts of what is around the corner.

This sums up what I know from the Administration, states, manufacturers of gear, hospitals, and major tech companies. And it’s only 4:30 1/
Last weeks issues— like lack of testing— are being discussed and addressed but it is taking time. There are more re-agents being made. It will still take weeks to get them. Now swabs are running out.

People working on this, but there isn’t enough supply around the globe. 2/
And everyone around the globe is competing to buy the same products. But swabs is only the beginning of the problem.

Every supply needed to keep our frontline health care workers feeling safe is tied for my number one concern. 3/
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So, here’s a #covid19 thread. I’m the scientific director of @uva_ascor, one of the largest research institutes in Communication Science worldwide. We love our research, are very productive and well-known for publishing dozens of articles each year /1
Last week, and again today, I’ve told all our people that they should NOT worry about research at all. They should take care of themselves, of their families and their loved ones. /2
Then, there is a considerable effort to be made when it comes to moving classes online and make sure our students can continue their education. This is important. /3
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A message to the people who turn to this account for health care politics, which includes sharp & well-earned criticism of Trump & his policies.

In the face of Coronavirus, I am turning my attention to where I think it is most needed— to help us all defeat this together.1/
The White House, HHS, state governors of either party, members of Congress know how to reach me & can’t be afraid to keep doing it. We’re on the same side here.

I’m told the virus spreads from Trump supporter to Biden supporter to Bernie supporter and back. 2/
There are too many problems— and indeed solutions— to fight each other. More masks, ventilators, tests getting people, more ICUs, anxiety we all feel.

Everybody: DoD, VA, FEMA, National Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, elected lawmakers & critics need to pull together. 3/
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Just because you're young doesn't mean you're immune to #COVIDー19.


🔹 #asthma & #diabetes make even young people #HighRisk for serious complications

1/3 #HighRiskCovid19 #SocialDistancingNow
Symptoms may be so mild for young people that THEY AREN'T NOTICED.

So people who DON'T KNOW they're infected & contagious go about normal activities & infect others: parents, grandparents, people with asthma, lung disease (ex: asthma), diabetes, etc. 2/3 #FlattenTheCurve
#SocialDistancing ISN'T JUST ABOUT YOU.

It's about EVERYONE in your community.

It's about making it safer FOR OTHERS.

Don't be a #carrier.

Don't send me to the hospital because I had to go get my prescriptions.

Don't infect your parents & grandparents. #StayTheFHome 3/3
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#StayAtHome hour one:

The six year old has had his fingers in his nose and/or mouth all morning.

He’s also wasting food frequently.

Six year olds suck at this. I need to make it a game somehow.
#StayTheFHome hour two:

6 yr old is preparing Leprechaun traps for tomorrow. There are diagrams first, then application, then trial and error. And let’s just say, he’s been inspired...
Mama Bear drew this yesterday. Now he wants to enact it. Smdh. Image
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Thread>>>PSA from your local ER doc. The most important Thread you’ll read this month because we can stop this #pandemic in its tracks if we all would just #StayHome RT
If you’re over 60, or have heart disease, lung disease, or are immunocompromised #StayHome, because if you contract the virus you have a significant likelihood of ending up dead.
If you’re young and healthy, #StayTheFHome because you could be the person to bring the virus into your community, and you could be responsible for the deaths of many in the aforementioned groups.
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COVID-19 March 15Prep update:

Every day brings vital new developments and I talked to leading epidemiologists, public health experts about what is happening & coming & what we should be doing. I learned a bunch. 1/
We can expect the virus to hit at different times in different cities just like in Italy. Washington, northern CA, Boston, NYC are all past tipping points where cases will grow dramatically.

Other cities are far from there, possibly months away. 2/
The key turning point in a city? When the number of passed passed through the community starts increasing. Once that happens, that community is on a path. The pace and “shape” of that path will matter a lot. 3/
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My plans while I #StayTheFHome? Well I’ll be working from home. And also.... #Introvertsunitefromafar
PS @Crayola crayons are still #MadeInAmerica so by buying them instead of crappy made in China ones, you help support the national economy, thank you for coming to my TED talk.
My coloring book is in fact made in China but I bought it at a thrift store so I was not the original consumer, and therefore not driving initial demand.
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