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Today was my son’s #FirstDayOfSchool Instead of the public school down the street I drove him 40 minutes to a private school for children with disabilities. With a ratio of 30:2 (30 four year olds!) with NO supports public education is out of the question. #CutsHurtKids
The past week has been hard. On Thursday I spoke with the public school and told them that no, my son would not be attending the school with the rest of his community. Today I drove in the opposite direction of the children that would have been in my sons class
I do not feel he could be safely supported with only 2 adults for the entire class. He has ASD, PICA, is non-verbal, is not toilet trained and a flight risk. There are two other high needs kids in his class, 27 other NT kids and no EA. #CutsHurtKids
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1/ Suppose we woke up tomorrow morning feeling 100% optimistic and satisfied in the @fordnation government’s promise for the Ontario Autism Program. The anger is gone, the trust is there, and come April 2020, our kids will begin transitioning into a Needs Based Program. Cool.
2/ For the first time in a year we wouldn’t feel compelled to protest, rally or advocate constantly for the well-being of our kids. I bet it would feel good, just to trust, to relax, to appreciate what we’ve been promised.

Let’s sit with that for a moment.

3/ Ok. Now what?

⏰If your child is on the list, you’ll wait for a call. Or a letter in the mail. If you had a waitlist rank before April 1, it doesn’t mean much anymore.

⏰A private therapy centre calls and has an opening for your child. Should you take it? Should you pass
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If in Ontario, and your child is diagnosed with Autism, you will need:

1. Savings. If you’re hoping to purchase the bare minimum of health care services for your child.

2. Credit. Because savings will run out in a matter of months, if not weeks.
3. Collateral. As therapy can span years. Selling a car or remortgaging a home so your child can learn basic life skills is a reality.

4. Six-figure salaries. And even this isn’t the answer; no one has an extra $80k lying around to pay for clinically recommended services.
5. Family with Money. If you’re lucky, your support system will come to the rescue to help out for a month or two.

6. Time. Because @fordnation and governments that came before felt that a 2, 3, 4+ year wait for service, that is intended to be delivered in early years,
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I'd been waiting to see some details on the Green Party's basic income plan.

There are many different ways one could do this, and in this interview with @David_Moscrop it seems like @ElizabethMay has a 'universal basic income' in mind. No means testing.…
@David_Moscrop @ElizabethMay What does that mean? To throw a number out there, If you're going to do a universal basic income without means testing and there are 37MM Canadians and you give them each $1K a month, that's....$444B.

Current federal revenues are $339B.
@David_Moscrop @ElizabethMay Ok, if you pay kids only $500 a month then you can knock that down by $54B to $390B.

But you'd still need to more than *double* total federal revenues to pay for a Universal (ie not means-tested) basic income.

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1/ Today, the autism community is desperately scrambling to their mailboxes hoping that the post(wo)man may deliver a cheque. Others are taking to social media looking for clarity: is their child on a waitlist? How do they check? Do they need to reapply? Are they waiting on a
2/ letter? Is their cheque lost in the mail? While others are receiving cheques, without direction, a start date, list of eligible services or a phone number to call.

On July 7, one quarter of the way through the 2019-2020 fiscal year, 260 families have received their Budgets.
3/ Cheques have only started arriving in the past week, after having been promised to begin reaching families April 1, and response rate in application is reportedly low.

Today, the community is faced with the implementation of a flat rate, age based policy no different than
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My son, Jack was diagnosed with ASD privately in August 2016. We had taken him to our Pediatrician with concerns in November 2015. These concerns, largely to do with language & communication were brushed off, and it wasn’t until visiting an SLP in March 2016 that autism
even entered the storyline. Once diagnosed Jack started private ABA in October 2016.

I like to consider myself to be proactive. Informed. And still it took nearly a year to organize ourselves, educate ourselves, face waitlists even in the private sector in order to get
Jack the help he desperately needed. I will never forgive myself for that year, of failing to follow my gut. Of inaction while on a waitlist to be diagnosed. Of failing to see the signs earlier. That year, that year from the time Jack was 2.5, was lost. It could have been
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@timporter_ONT If this is your idea of consultation, then I think we might have discovered the crux of the problem, here. Firstly, I don’t believe there is a single member of the Autism Community who believes those Dec-Jan “RoundTables” were actually consultation.
The Ministry’s Plan was prepared. Those meetings were a smokescreen. A last attempt effort to try to get approval for your disaster program you were preparing to unleash on families in crisis. I would love to see evidence that even one parent consulted supported an age cap.
Lifetime cut-offs. Flat rates. None of this is in line with what parents actually need. January 28 was a farce. 14 parents sat and were timed for 3 minutes. We were given our opportunity to say “Needs based services”. I chose to ask the Minister how she felt about the ASD
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Mini #AutismAwareness rant: One thing I really resent about the warrior mom / pro ABA narrative is how they've weaponized the term "evidence based". Their big thing about ABA is that it's "evidence based" - but the statement is extremely problematic without context.
"Evidence based" in the case, means "evidence that the behaviour has changed". Fair enough - they do change the kids. However, the change is a trauma reaction. If you break a kid down to where they bottle everything up, rather than self regulate? Not a good thing.
If you destroy a child's sense of autonomy, in order to elicit compliance - especially for things the child does NOT want? Leaving that kid with PTSD for life - a reality for most ABA survivors? Not good things.

None of this comes up when saying "evidence based", however.
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@SteveClarkPC held a sign, less than a year ago with the hash tag "KidsCantWait", yet strangely he supports withdrawing about a hundred million of dollars (per year!) in support for Autistic kids. What will he do to orphans? #HypocriteOfTheDay @fordnation @MacLeodLisa
We know that @SteveClarkPC has no problem with the idea of over a thousand high severity autistic students suddenly entering the system mid-year with no new teachers, or other resources besides a one day online training course, schools are overrated eh Steve? #HypocriteOfTheDay
He's proud to go to bat for the parents of autistic kids, as long as he's not in the government, aren't you Steve? (By the way Steve who is that nice looking Gentlemen beside you, he doesn't look much like a former drug dealer, better white him out of the picture.)
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Journalists & activists: Today will see a massive #autismprotest in Ontario but there is *so much* missing from this debate. Autistic community has been trying to sound the alarm that many consider the behaviour treatment being rallied for (ABA) to be harmful #onpoli #cdnpoli
This thread will no doubt inspire anger from some parents and therapists, but if you are supporting the current #AutismDoesntEndatFord movement you need to first hear autistic voices, like @A4AOntario: “10 Myths You Will Hear at Thursday’s ABA Rally:…
#ActuallyAutistic voices in Ontario are currently politically inconvenient for the anti-Ford left (which I am part of) because many autistic adults are staunchly opposed to the behaviour therapies that some parent advocates and behaviour therapists are trying to lobby for.
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