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Y’all like #AvatarTheLastAirbender? Keep an eye on this space for highlights from the #NYCC panel!

F.C. Yee, author of the #ChroniclesoftheAvatar series, pops in via video to say hi. He discusses the difference between Kyoshi & Yangchen. The former is a little more headstrong and loud, the latter is more clever and calculated. He says Avatar backgrounds are important. #NYCC
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Netflix's #AvatarTheLastAirbender adaptation has cast 20 new additions including George Takei, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Arden Cho and Danny Pudi.
George Takei has joined the cast of Netflix's live-action adaptation of #AvatarTheLastAirbender. He will play Koh, an ancient, predatory spirit. Image
Arden Cho, who stars in Netflix's #PartnerTrack, is set to star as June, a tough and persistent bounty hunter known for her ruthless efficiency. Image
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With my health, I don't know how many projects I have left in my tiny body. But I can still bring you sneak peaks until the end!

Full trailer coming soon. For now, enjoy the audio!

Book 4? More info in🧵

#Avatar #AvatarTheLastAirbender #TheLastAirbender
The Book 4: Air - Comic Drama is a collaboration between @SumRGuy and myself to bring you Book 4!

Using the official comics as a foundations, we’re adding original content as well to flesh out the story into a full, overarching season!

Here are sample panels by @RickOrangeJr! ImageImageImageImage
Hold on. I couldn’t leave out my favorite one. So much meme potential. Image
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301. #MrQueen (20epi)
22. #Kdrama
Awesome series🔥🔥👌.
20hrs of Fun and Entertainment.
Not a Single boring scene in first 17 episodes.
Each and every character are awesome 👌
Sometimes so gay
OverallWorth watching
S1 - 4.75/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
302. #AreYouHuman (18epi)
23. #Kdrama

Nice sci fi drama..
S1 - 4/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
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Been rewatching Korra (or, trying to) while working on my own writing and have been reminded of my 10 Things I'd Fix exercise. Figure now's a good a time as any to share it.
*Obligatory: The Network did not support the show and many problems are linked to this. 1/
10. Focus on the Sports or Cut the Sports. Pick One.
TLoK was Fantastic Beasts before Fantastic Beasts. Both struggle with tone and a kind of self-consciousness at its own tone. Korra aimed to be a darker, more violent series, but also wanted to keep light and fun. Probending 2/
was something the team was passionate, as it showcased interesting bending without relying on battles for the fate of the world. As the show progressed, Probending faded into the background, but I always found it a good character device for Korra, as she's a competitive sort 3/
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just in!!!! proof ian ousley (sokka) is enrolled in a fake tribe and not cherokee (continued on next) ImageImageImageImage
this is the regestrar of the fake cherokee tribe that responded to that email confirming his enrollment status ImageImageImage
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OMG Svelte Discord is on whole other level 🤣🤣

Netflix can we get this series please 🙏 #AvatarTheLastAirbender Image
cc @SvelteSociety this could be the ultimate ploy for people to start using Svelte 🤣🤣
If you read closely, the penguin can actually be @astrodotbuild
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The #AvatarTheLastAirbender live-action Netflix series has found its Fire Lord Ozai: Daniel Dae Kim. Image
Kim's Ozai is described as the ruthlessly-driven leader of the Fire Nation who demands everyone live up to his impossible standards, especially his teen son, Prince Zuko. Image
Ozai’s drive to conquer and unite the world under firebender rule is a family burden — he believes that it’s his destiny to finish a war started by his ancestors. The character was voiced by Mark Hamill in the animated series. Image
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Ihr Lieben, ich hab meine Tweets zu #AvatarTheLastAirbender von Netflix gelöscht, weil wohl Fake News.

Die Info, dass die Schöpfer der Original-Show wegen Whitewashing gegangen sind, wird nur von der unseriösen Seite Fandomwire berichtet.



Auch die Info, dass Netflix mehr düster, Sex & Gewalt will, ist nur von dort.

Fakt ist: Die Schöpfer des Originals sind wegen kreativer Diskrepanz abgesprungen. Bis auf das, was sie in ihrem offenen Brief dazu schreiben, wissen wir aber nicht mehr.


Falls ihr die Sache geteilt habt, dann wäre es super, wenn ihr ebenfalls löscht & stattdessen diese Tweets hier zur Aufklärung verbreitet. 🙏

Tut mir leid, sonst teile ich nicht so blauäugig. Ich gelobe Besserung!

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I'm rewatching #AvatarTheLastAirbender and thoughts are being thunk so here's a thread of parallels between Weiss and Zuko.

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How about a character from a fictional mythology? Someone who the whole world was looking to before he even was born. I want to talk about Aang from Avatar: The Last Air Bender as my #SupermanAnalogue today. Image
Look... I'm late to this party. I literally just finished the series yesterday after @OSPyoutube got me interested and then @breadeagles and @samlwillson pushed me over the edge to watch it when we covered the film adaptation on Another Pass (…) but... damn!
I am in awe of how incredible this series is. #AvatarTheLastAirbender tells such a wonderful story about the conflict of destiny and choice and it's easy to focus on the rich cast of dynamic, well defined characters, but you can't discount Aang from that conversation. Image
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fuck it I'm gonna do the thing people have been telling me to do for years. I'm gonna watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. But first, this is a thread of what I think this show is about, who's who, and what happens... 1/-
First: Aang. I know this name. This is one of the 4 names I know. I think this is the main guy. I think he's bald. At some point he gets an arrow on his head? I think he kicks and fights people. I think he's maybe the main guy. Going out on a limb, probs the last airbender. 2/-
2: Toph. She's blind. She's very cool. People forget she's blind a lot, I think. Def saw a gif of her being sassy about someone showing her a bit of paper? No idea what she does, but I guess she also fights? Don't actually know what the last airbender does, so... 3/-
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I always intended for #Azula to have a redemption arc in the story of #AvatartheLastAirbender. (thread)
Longer and far more complicated than Zuko's. She had not bottomed in the end of season 3, she had further to go. At the deepest moment in her own abyss she would have found: Zuko.
Despite it all, her brother Zuko would be there for her. Believing in her, sticking by her, doing his best to understand and help her hold her pain that she can no longer hold alone. Zuko -- patient, forgiving, and unconditionally loving – all strengths he gained from Uncle Iroh.
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