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Players I would like to see York City sign this summer. #ycfc #yorkcity

As always feel free to comment or DM a team and positions. (🧵)


𝗦𝗧 Image
𝗧𝗵𝗶𝗲𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗟𝗮𝘁𝘁𝘆 - 𝗙𝗮𝗶𝗿𝘄𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿

𝗣𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 - 𝗟𝗕
𝗔𝗴𝗲 - 𝟮𝟬

A player I really like, versatile - good on the ball, good defensively and offensively needs regular game time and think #YCFC can offer this. Image
𝗥𝗵𝘆𝘀 𝗕𝗲𝗻𝗻𝗲𝘁𝘁

𝗣𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 - 𝗖𝗕
𝗔𝗴𝗲 - 𝟯𝟭

The experienced CB who has just suffered relegation with Rochdale is looking for a new club and i think #YCFC would welcome his arrival, he’s a good no nonsense defender and has experience across L1 and L2. Image
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About transfer news linking Marco Asensio to Aston Villa; I would like it to happen. The 27yo Spanish AM has worn the white shirt since 2014 and has been crucial & apart of all victories at the Bernabeu.
The left-footed Spaniard is one of the finest magicians I've seen

Thread; Image
With his contract expiring this summer, the board has not made it certain to renew it, and himself feels it's time to part ways with the club. This comes in a time when Real Madrid is in a complete revolutionary structure to build a new generation of the squard & it's longevity
And for #AVFC this is the perfect timing for addition of a great talent & experience in the squard.
Personally I think Asensio's move to Villa park might come true given the connections Alemany has in LaLiga tracking back from Mallorca where Asensio's youth career begun
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1/ Buenas, #AVFC 🟣🔵 fam. Mateu Alemany’s expected arrival is a massive statement, a significant step for the future + prosperity of the club + after Unai Emery, he becomes the most important person within Villa’s operations + NSWE. A thread from your friendly, neighborhood LME:
2/ In order to build a successful club, three pillars are fundamentally needed, no matter the size, financial or geographical status:

Economical management, operational excellence and an innovative, constantly evolving footballing vision.

Alemany’s arrival, from a footballing
3/ aspect, touches on all three, but mainly on the third one, completing the double threat alongside Emery’s management. His background and the way he views success is due to his diverse professional background, which I’ll explain soon, but really— being at #AVFC 🟣🔵 means this:
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🧵Predicted line-ups thread Double Gameweek 27

🔮 Predicting XIs for each Premier League club before the #dgw27 deadline

🤝 any support [] for my work for the fantasy community would be v appreciated!

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#fpl #gw27 #fantasypl #FPLCommunity
🐻‍❄️ Leeds

🗣️ Bamford fitness in question. Roca could come in if Gracia seeks greater solidity

🚑 team news ⤵️

#fpl #lufc #dgw27 #LeeBha #fantasypl #fplcommunity #gw27

📘 Everton

🗣️ Keane appears to have ousted loanee Coady, though Godfrey could move centrally if Mykolenko makes the XI

🚑 team news ⤵️

#fpl #efc #dgw27 #EveBre #fantasypl #fplcommunity #GW27

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🧵Pre-match press conference thread Double Gameweek 27 [Friday]

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#gw27 #fpl #dgw27 #fantasypl
🌞 Brighton

📢 Roberto de Zerbi asked for a fitness update on March, Lamptey, Colwill: "Solly, Levi are [on] the [squad] list [for Leeds].

"Tariq, I don't know. We have to see in this training, the last training."

#gw27 #fpl #dgw27 #fantasypl #bhafc #LeeBha #BhaCry
📢 De Zerbi asked if Colwill will be in the squad for Leeds: "Maybe. I want to see this morning. The last week, he played with the under-21s."

#gw27 #fpl #dgw27 #fantasypl #bhafc #LeeBha #BhaCry
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1/ #AVFC 🟣🔵 fam. About Dibu Martínez’s future: He’s our keeper. Didn’t leave Jan when everyone thought so. Always fights for the club. Will pick himself up again after last wknd.

Any other chatter is useless conjecture that’s a dangerous, all-too-constant characteristic…
2/…especially after a bad run. We have to do a better job at ignoring noise and focusing on the important things such as 3pts against Everton, growth under Emery, top half finish and Europe. That’s it. Anything else is noise.

This is my mentality: if you wear the #AVFC 🟣🔵…
3/…shirt, you get the undoubted support and/or constructive criticism in order to help us improve.

That’s it. Anything else is unnecessary toxicity.

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#AVFC 🟣🔵’s fanbase has a fantastic, dedicated, good-natured, smart group of content creators. I know because I have joined them on shows plenty of times. It’s a shame that our club helps this kind of toxic nonsense w/ great access instead of nurturing our own.
It’s also the continued frustration of why we don’t have an official Spanish-speaking account. That’s a Villa community desperate for representation 🟣🔵
Overall, I think PL clubs - not just Villa - should do better w/ local, production talent. Focused and obsessed w/ original content, which is totally fine, but they need to do more, way more to create stronger bridges w/ fanbase creators. Overall, it forms a healthier community.
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1/ Alright, #AVFC 🟣🔵 fam. I’ve calmed down (and doing a hit on ESPN right after the game was not easy, let me tell you 😭) Here are my thoughts. They’re basically echoing Emery’s presser but I’ll give my own added notes. On the game itself, I thought it was the perfect example
2/ of how far we have come since UE arrived and how much more work we need to do. Positives are simple really. The two goals showed us that. There is a great sense of momentum when we have the ball and it’s showing. The second goal especially.

Individually: Watkins, Coutinho,
3/ McGinn, Moreno (as the game developed), Kamara and Durán (once again, I mean this boy has to start soon) demonstrated quality going forward. Bailey remains that potent piece of dynamite. He just has to be more disciplined.

But scoring two goals and keeping it 2-2 until
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On-Ball Value rankings for EVERY Premier League team: a thread 🧵

On-Ball Value (OBV) is a model that values each action based on the +/- impact it has on their team's likelihood of scoring and conceding (explainer:…)

First: Arsenal 🔽#AFC
Aston Villa On-Ball Value per 90, 2022/23

OBV is a model that values each action based on the +/- impact it has on their team's likelihood of scoring and conceding

(Explainer:…) #AVFC
AFC Bournemouth On-Ball Value per 90, 2022/23

OBV is a model that values each action based on the +/- impact it has on their team's likelihood of scoring and conceding

(Explainer:…) #AFCB
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🧵 Predicted line-ups thread Double Gameweek 23

🔮 Predicting XIs for each of the 20 Premier League clubs before the #DGW23 deadline

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🇮🇹 Spurs

🗣️Conte's back at Spurs in some capacity following surgery. Cristian Romero is suspended and Hugo Lloris is injured. Expecting two enforced line-up alterations from the Italian

🏥 Team news⤵️

#fpl #dgw23 #thfc #coys #LeiTot #gw23 #FPLCommunity
🦊 Leicester

🗣️ Rodgers could bring Mendy or Ndidi into midfield in an attempt at greater defensive solidity. Iheanacho seems likely to keep his place up front, now that Leicester have the required runners

🏥 Team news⤵️

#fpl #dgw23 #lcfc #LeiTot #gw23
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Double Gameweek 23 [Friday]

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#fpl #dgw23
🐦 Liverpool

📢 Jurgen Klopp on Jota, Firmino, Van Dijk: "The players are back in training, still at different stages.

"Diogo is the closest. He trains now normal, already for two days. So another three days of training..."

#fpl #dgw23 #lfc #LivEve #gw23 #teamnews #injuries
📢 Klopp on Jota: "...possible for him [Diogo]. I think he's in contention for the squad, I would say but we have to wait a little bit."

On Firmino: "Bobby, next [match, against Everton], I don't know. We have to see how..."

#fpl #dgw23 #lfc #LivEve #gw23 #teamnews #injuries
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#avfc just as food for thought as how important it was to move Ings on. In terms of amortisation he was with fees etc around £25m + 10% = 27.5m over 3 years so 9.1m a year plus 6.2m wages = 15.3m per year.
#avfc last year’s turnover was 182m + declared 36m in lost revenue in accounts = 228m. Therefore FFP will be that 70% of that can be spent on wages and amortisation. So approx £160m…..
#avfc that means that one player, Danny Ings was around 10% of our entire FFP budget!!! And wasn’t playing and didn’t feature in our plans.
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24hrs to go. Still absolutely calm about the situation. Happy to totally back Emery’s judgement. I’m sure if the right player was available, we’d have added more than 2 players this window. A thread. #avfc
Couple of musings - Emery has spoken a lot about confidence and mentality. Having a smaller group and showing confidence in the group that remains may be psychologically the direction he wants initially. #avfc
He has also spoken about a “family”. Again getting rid of those that are not going to be part of the family may be part of his thinking to have a tight close knit group #avfc
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🧵 Predicted line-ups thread Double Gameweek 20

1⃣1⃣ Predicting the XI of each Premier League team

⏰ Due to the Friday deadline, commentary will be limited - hoping to expand this next gameweek

🙏 Support ⤵️

#fpl #gw20 #fantasypl #dgw20 #FPLCommunity
🐻‍❄️ Leeds predicted line-up Double Gameweek 20

🗣️ versatile Wober could be in XI as soon as tomorrow. Koch, Adams filmed in training. No sign of Cooper, who has declared himself fit.

Team news ⤵️

#fpl #gw20 #fantasypl #dgw20 #FPLCommunity #lufc #AvlLee

☔️ Aston Villa predicted line-up Double Gameweek 20

🗣️ Ramsey fitness remains in question but should earn more minutes at least. Between him, Coutinho and Ings for a front-four role

Team news ⤵️

#fpl #gw20 #fantasypl #dgw20 #FPLCommunity #avfc #AvlLee

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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Double Gameweek 20

🐻‍❄️ Leeds

📢 Jesse Marsch on Crysencio Summerville: "Cree is out for a month probably..."

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#fpl #gw20 #lufc #dgw20 #AvlLee #fantasypl #FPLCommunity #teamnews #injuries
📢 Marsch on Summerville: "...he’s hopeful that it will be quicker than a month but that’s what the prognosis is right now."

On Bamford: "Patrick is back in training and will be in the squad [for Aston Villa in Gameweek 20]."

#fpl #gw20 #lufc #dgw20 #AvlLee
📢 Marsch on Sinisterra: " Luis is getting closer and closer but not quite ready."

#fpl #gw20 #lufc #dgw20 #AvlLee
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I was recently asked to look into the defensive 6-2-2 that Unai Emery has successfully deployed against Tottenham Hotspur & Brighton & Hove Albion.

A short thread:

#AVFC Image
Here is an example of the defensive shape.

Aston Villa drop into this shape when the opposition has controlled possession around Villa’s defensive third.

The reasons for this?

Teams generally create chances by going around (cross), over or through (runners in behind)…. Image
When defending CROSSES, Villa can be aggressive in their pressure (to stop the cross) as they can be confident in having numbers back to defend their box.

The 6-2-2 can result in as many as 7 defenders inside the Pen Area.

Minimal space for the oppo. (Too many bodies = chaos?) Image
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Gameweek 18 [Friday]

😇Southampton [post-GW17 embargo]

📢 Nathan Jones on Bella-Kotchap, Lavia: "Armel is definitely closer..."

#fpl #gw18 #saintsfc #FulSou #fantasypl #fplcommunity #pressers

support this work 🙏👇
📢 Jones on Bella-Kotchap, Lavia: "...than [Romeo] is. We’ll have to wait and see."

On availability: "We've had people away, people injured. We've probably had six or seven that haven't trained that would probably be starters."

#fpl #gw18 #saintsfc #FulSou #fantasypl #pressers
📢 Jones on defensive issues: "We have to pick a side that hopefully can defend better because one clean sheet in 17 is not good enough.

"We know there are defensive deficiencies and that's not just individuals, it’s as a team."

#fpl #gw18 #saintsfc #FulSou #fantasypl #pressers
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#CelticFC 2021/22 accounts cover a season when they regained the Scottish Premiership title under new manager Ange Postecoglou and also won the League Cup, but were eliminated from the Europa League after the group stage.
#CelticFC swung from £11.5m pre-tax loss to £6.1m profit (£5.8m after tax), as revenue rose £27m (45%) from £61m to £88m and profit on player sales increased £20m from £9m to club record £29m, partly offset by £25m (29%) higher operating expenses and no repeat of £5m insurance.
Main reason for #CelticFC revenue increase was match day, which rose £22m (107%) from £21m to £43m, due to the return of fans to the stadium, while commercial grew £3m (11%) to £32m in a more normalised trading environment and broadcasting was up £2m (18%) to £13m.
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Manchester City’s 2021/22 accounts covered a season when they won the Premier League for the fourth time in five years (their sixth title in 11 years) and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League and the FA Cup. Some thoughts follow #MCFC
#MCFC chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak noted that it was also the most successful financial year in the club’s history with chief executive Ferran Soriano highlighting that City broke the club records for both revenue and profits.
#MCFC pre-tax profit improved from £5m to £42m, as revenue rose £43m (8%) from £570m to £613m, thanks to recovery from COVID and the return of fans to the stadium, while operating expenses only increased £11m (2%). Profit from player sales was almost unchanged at £68m. Image
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🧵 Key quotes thread Gameweek 15

💠 Man City

📢 Pep Guardiola asked how close Erling Haaland was to the starting XI: "He's feeling better. He could play but it's not the perfect, ideal situation..."

#fpl #gw15 #fantasypl #FPLcommunity #mcfc #MciFul #teamnews #injuries
📢 Guardiola asked how close Haaland was to starting XI: "...but he's on the bench, in case we need him.

"We will see [how likely he is to get minutes]. The game will dictate what we have to do."

#fpl #gw15 #fantasypl #FPLcommunity #mcfc #MciFul #teamnews #injuries
🐖 Fulham

📢 Marco Silva on Aleksandar Mitrovic injury: "As you know, Mitro had a problem in the last game with the national team [Serbia] - in his ankle.

"Of course we are managing him..."

#fpl #gw15 #fantasypl #FPLcommunity #ffc #MciFul #teamnews #injuries
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🧵 Pre-match press conference embargo thread Gameweek 15

💠 Man City

📢 Guardiola asked how Erling Haaland is handling injury situation: "He wants to play but he's injured...or was injured. So in that moment, he is relaxed..."

#fpl #gw15 #fantasypl #FPLcommunity #mcfc #MciFul
📢 Guardiola asked how Erling Haaland is handling injury situation: "...he wants to play - like everyone - but he is not ready, he cannot help so focus and recover.

"It's not a big issue to happen in the period..."

#fpl #gw15 #fantasypl #FPLcommunity #mcfc #MciFul
📢 Guardiola asked how Erling Haaland is handling injury situation: "...last season in Dortmund, many times he was injured. This is the problem.

"But so far it's been good - has had a little setback but he will be back..."

#fpl #gw15 #fantasypl #FPLcommunity #mcfc #MciFul
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1/ Unai Emery's arrival to #AVFC 🟣🔵 is an incredibly exciting time. I've already talked about his resume and tactics (see below) so this thread takes the proverbial microscope and looks at specific areas where I think he - alongside his staff - will help
2/ For a VERY long time now, Villa have been a team with either no identity or an inconsistent one. Most recently, Dean Smith's situation was a tough one because he was transitioning a Championship squad to the PL, with a heavy, heavy reliance on one player (Jack Grealish)...
3/...while Steven Gerrard's side was a group of talented individuals playing in the dark. Emery's obsessive focus on detail and his need for players to share this obsession will be an immediate wake up call for everyone. Their game's IQ will rise because of it. So straight away,
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Gameweek 14 [Friday]

ℹ️ Team news, injury updates, player availability, manager quotes + anything relevant to Fantasy Premier League from the pressers before Saturday's deadline [11am IST]⬇️

#fpl #gw14 #fantasypl #teamnews #injuries
🏰 Newcastle

📢 Eddie Howe on Allan Saint-Maximin: "There's a chance [he will be available].

"We're going to see how training goes today but he's made really good progress and I'm very pleased with how he's attacked his rehab and the..."

#fpl #gw14 #fantasypl #nufc #NewAvl
📢 Howe on Saint-Maximin: " he's put in. There's an opportunity, hopefully, to get Maxi fit and available.

"Currently, Maxi’s really good, he’s in a very good place.

"I think the recent setback he had on his hamstring was..."

#fpl #gw14 #fantasypl #nufc #NewAvl
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Some thoughts on Steven Gerrard & #AVFC.

Gerrard had a successful spell at Rangers playing with attacking full backs & a narrow front three. This style led him to the league title (undefeated).

His narrow, defensive mid block (flat 4-3-3) also proved effective in Europe.
As his spell at Rangers was successful, I assume he tried to replicate that at Aston Villa.

He first game - up against a Brighton team who look to dominate the ball - was the perfect opponent for Gerrard to implement his defensive shape, whilst offering a threat on transition.
This positive result combined w/ the new Manager bounce led to 4 wins in his first 6 games.

Results became slightly more inconsistent and it became apparent that the full backs did not have the creativity required to execute the game plan. The tactical role of the midfielders
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