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Why is @AnnelieseDodds so incredibly ignorant on her brief?

Or is this a ploy to be wilfully obtuse?

Please get off the stage #ECommonsDebate
@AnnelieseDodds Sorry, why is Anneliese going on about #banconversiontherapy? The topic is legal recognition of non-binary identities, pay attention, Dear.

She always says she's very clear, when's she's as thick as mince.
@AnnelieseDodds Err, nobody who is a "feminist" would be trying to redefine women as a female single sex class. Women is not a mixed sex category, Love.
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On 20th June, MP's will have a debate on adding trans folk to the Conversion Therapy Bill. This piece illustrates exactly why this is a bad idea.

17 year old female attempts to destroy the livelihood of Dr. AZ Hakeem because of exploratory therapy.…
Lyle claims to have "panic attacks" because Dr. Hakeem asked questions like,

"have you ever heard of trans-racial people?”
"What would you think the difference between that and being trans is?”
And how transitioning would affect Lyle in future relationships.
We know there are elevated rates of mental illness within the transgender population & that patients with poor underlying mental health may be less likely to be affirmed as transgender, & may experience this as "invalidating".
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Δελτίο Τύπου για την πρόταση ποινικοποίησης των θεραπειών μεταστροφής στην Ελλάδα: Θετικό αλλά άτολμο βήμα, με επικίνδυνη διατύπωση #θεραπείεςμεταστροφής #BanConversionTherapy…
Πληροφορηθήκαμε ότι κατατέθηκε πρωτοβουλία, σε σχέδιο νόμου του Yπ. Υγείας, για την ποινικοποίηση των θεραπειών μεταστροφής. Διαβάζοντας την σχετική τροπολογία χαιρετίζουμε την πρωτοβουλία, που σίγουρα κινείται προς την σωστή κατεύθυνση της ποινικοποίησης σχετικών πρακτικών.
Παρ’ όλα αυτά τονίζουμε ότι το βήμα παραμένει ημιτελές, για δύο λόγους: Πρώτον, αποκλείει τα ενήλικα (και ικανά δικαιοπρακτικά) άτομα επιζώντα σχετικών πρακτικών από το δικαίωμα να προσφύγουν στην δικαιοσύνη.
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After years of delay in which LGBTQ+ people in the UK have continued to suffer as a consequence of conversion practices, it's devastating to hear that the UK government is again breaking its promise to our communities, walking away from its commitment to end conversion therapy.
Conversion practices cause extreme and often lifelong distress to LGBTQ+ people. Countries around the world are acting to ban this homophobic, biphobic and transphobic abuse, and it is shameful that the UK government is not amongst them.
We call on the governments of Wales and Scotland to make good their promise to end conversion practices in their own jurisdictions.

LGBTQ+ people in the UK deserve better than this.
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Today's review by @ILGAEurope has found that the progress of LGBTQ+ rights in Europe and Central Asia has slowed down over the past year - and in some areas, regressed.…

We've taken a closer look at their findings on the situation in the UK 🧵⬇️
Reports of anti-LGBTQ+ hate crime increased across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in 2021.

This comes alongside a rise in anti-trans rhetoric in politics, online, and in the press, with mainstream UK newspapers running one or more anti-trans articles every day.
The UK Government is lagging behind on legislation that would protect LGBTQ+ people from harm - particularly with the delays to #BanConversionTherapy, despite other European countries finalising bans with no exemptions or loopholes.
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So the public consultation on the Government's proposals to #BanConversionTherapy is now closed.

But there's so much more we can do to end conversion therapy! Here are 6 suggestions for how you can help make conversion therapy history #LGBTHM22 🧵👇(1/7) The words End Conversion Th...
1: Write to your MP asking them to support efforts to end conversion therapy. Details of how you can contact your MP can be found here:… (2/7)
2: If you are responsible for training psychologists or other health professionals, ensure your curriculum includes adequate training to enable your trainees to work effectively and ethically with gender and sexually diverse clients. Make them aware of relevant guidelines (3/7)
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#banconversiontherapy thread. Act on HMG proposals: respond to the consultation. There's help at from
@Transgendertrd; explore issues eg from
@SexMattersOrg & survey at; talk to MPs & #Senedd.
#banconversiontherapy In Wales we need to #CanthePlan We ask Ministers in Cardiff & Westminster to address the interaction of the proposed ban w/ ‘affirmation’. We want ethical, legal, local therapy ( for the
@Transgendertrd advice)
#banconversiontherapy Poor drafting of the proposals on conversion therapy from UK Government risks long term harms. #sexisreal
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The core element needed for anyone to adopt ABA for use on vulnerable autistic people is #ableism. The cult of ABA believes that ABA helps autistic children. To provide this 'help', it is important to strip the subject of their agency and to get them into self-preservation mode.
While most ABA practitioners no longer use slaps and electric shocks, all ABA regards the work of Rekers & Lovaas as part of the evidence base in support of ABA. Rekers went on to use behaviour modification against gay and trans people, while Lovaas continued with autistics.
Today there is an international movement to #BanConversionTherapy and #BanABA.
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Since the conversion therapy consultation is now out, we thought we'd go back to basics and explain what exactly conversion therapy is, who it impacts, and how you can help #BanConversionTherapy. 🧵⬇️
Conversion therapy is the harmful practice of attempting to change, "cure", or suppress someone’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Although the word "therapy" might suggest something positive/helpful, there's nothing good about trying to change someone's identity.
Conversion therapy continues to impact LGBTQIA+ people living across the world, including in the UK.

The National LGBT Survey found that 7% of respondents have been offered or undergone conversion therapy.
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Starting to look at the governments #ConversionTherapy documents. I wonder what the @BACP, @UKCP_Updates @BPSOfficial @BPSSexualities @BritPsyCouncil @ncs_counselling @PinkTherapyUK all think about the highlighted section here? I especially wonder what the #MoU2 think.
I also want to point out that there is a brag about us being in the @ILGAEurope top 10.

The UK was first in 2015 or 2016.
In 2021 we have slipped to 10th. What does that tell you?

#lgbt #banconversiontherapy #transphobia #inequality
Furthermore, counselling is not a regulated profession, so how will they legislate for this? How can they call #ConversionTherapy "abhorrent", then state that adults can consent?

Everyone at risk of conversion therapy is vulnerable, not just children.

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The UK Govt’s proposals for consultation on #BanConversionTherapy in England & Wales are out. Thread 🧵.
Tl;dr Good proposals that cover a lot but a worrying “consent” loophole and gaps around definition and support for victims.
@BanCTorg @stonewalluk #LGBT #LGBTQ 1/22
2/22 This is a ban on #conversiontherapy for sexual orientation and gender identity. It bans in all instances attempts to change the sexual orientation or trans identity of under-18s, vulnerable and non-consenting LGBTQ+ adults.

#BanConversionTherapy @BanCTorg #LGBT #LGBTQ
3/22 To be absolutely clear, the proposals ban perpetrators of conversion therapies in any forms trying to change a young person’s or vulnerable/non-consenting adult’s sexuality or trans identity.

#BanConversionTherapy @BanCTorg #LGBT #LGBTQ
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@StephenNolan Big relief! This account was set up to amplify concerns about replacing 'sex' (a material fact) with 'gender identity' (an untestable claim in law). We were slurred as a 'hate group' by @SeamasBelfast, who went on to block women who said we aren't a hate group & they support us.
@StephenNolan @SeamasBelfast We shared photos of pro-women stickers people have been putting up around NI, and @TRPNI put out baseless claims there were razor blades underneath them. Very distressing to young people they're meant to support. @antoflynnser @AllianceLGBT @KateNicholl @GerryCarrollPBP RTed
@StephenNolan @SeamasBelfast @TRPNI @AntoFlynnser @AllianceLGBT @KateNicholl @GerryCarrollPBP We contacted the PSNI and got confirmation not only had none been found, but none had even be reported, leading us to suspect it was the decades-old smear tactic used to distract from the message of the stickers. We shared this, but they left the baseless claims up. #razorgate
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It is almost unbelievable that conversion therapy is still legal in the UK, but the end is finally in sight. Ahead of a public consultation on a ban, some of the UK's top legal minds have come together to recommend what an effective ban should look like. #BanConversionTherapy 👇
One of the biggest concerns around the proposed conversion therapy ban is the potential for loopholes that may allow abusive practices to continue. This new report shows the way forward to prevent this, and to protect LGBTQ+ people across the country.
Named after renowned human rights barrister Jonathan Cooper OBE who died during the writing of the report, the Cooper Report was commissioned by @OzanneFoundn to urge the Government to act now and #BanConversionTherapy.
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#Pride2021 #BritishHistory thread!

This #PrideMonth will be the 30th anniversary of the first mention of Stonewall @stonewalluk in Parliament @HouseofCommons

Let's remember what #LGBTQ activism has achieved, & how much politics has changed 1/11

#LGBTQHistory #HappyPrideMonth
The first mention of @stonewalluk in Parliament @HouseofCommons was 17 June 1991: MPs quoting the Stonewall submission to the Defence Select Committee during a debate on the draft Army, Air Force & Naval Discipline Acts (Continuation) Order 1991. 2/11

#PrideMonth2021 #Pride2021
Tony Banks, later Baron Stratford, Labour MP for Newham North-West, referred to a point by @stonewalluk that most @NATO countries did not criminalise homosexuality in the armed forces as the UK continued to do. 3/11

@fightingwpride #PrideMonth2021 #Pride2021
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1/Fear & Loathing, Hope & Belonging - Why is it important to support a ban on the practise of conversion therapy? Because it is a recognized harmful practice that serves to make a segment of our citizens feel like they are not “right”, like their identity is not “right”.
2/Conversion therapy practices are designed to make individuals feel that society & God do not love them for who they are. We must be better than that. On Monday, Council will debate the proposed bylaw banning conversion therapy in Calgary (reviewed by committee May 13 & 14).
3/At that committee meeting, we heard from 121 members of the public over about an 18 hour period. We also received over 1,800 written submissions. Some were in favour and some were opposed. Many had clearly not read the proposed bylaw, particularly Schedule A.
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