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La colección de muñecas de Mattel de #BarbieMovie y sus referentes en la película 💖👠🧵 ImageImage
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🎉 Forever 21 and Barbie have joined forces for exclusive Roblox wearables.

Get ready to style your avatar with the latest fashion!

🚀 Exciting collaboration alert!

Let's dive into the details. ⤵️ Image
1️⃣ @Forever21 and @Barbie have teamed up to bring you exclusive virtual fashion items for your @Roblox avatar.

It's the perfect blend of real-world style and virtual creativity.…
@Forever21 @Barbie @Roblox 2️⃣ This partnership allows #Roblox users to express their unique fashion sense with a range of trendy clothing and accessories inspired by the iconic #Barbie brand.

Dress up your avatar in style! 💃🕶️👠
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roupas masculinas e femininas em tons de rosa da SHEIN para assistir #Barbie com estilo; a thread 🩷 #barbiemovie #shein #sheint...#barbiemovie #barbie #margo...
• entre pelo LINK DE CONVITE para ganhar R$ 10,00 de desconto;
• você também pode inserir o CÓDIGO de REFERÊNCIA BR44080C no menu "Minhas Indicações" do seu perfil;
• faça CHECK IN todos os dias para acumular pontos, 100 pontos = 1 dólar.

eu sempre seleciono peças bem avaliadas, mas sempre olhe os materiais do tecido para nao ter erro
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Spread the word that Barbie has been taken over by a realm of perverts with a dark side!

6 logs 6 wheels released in 2006 = 666
66 Logging Truck with 6 grills = 666

#Barbie Creator #MarkRyden #FashionGate #Groomer
6-6-6 Candles
No 99 (Turn upside down) + 6 Sided Die = 666 I would not what this guy artwork influencing my children or
Hey @xDisarmYoux this grandma wants to know if you think this would count this as satanic?

Or is it just normal conceptual art that should be involved with children?

#FashionGate #SatanicCult #Hollywood
Remember Pee Wee Herman and how he was charged in Kid Porn?

Well guess who one of his best friends is!?

If you guess this guy, then you got it!

They like to travel in packs. #CancelBarbie
#FashionGate #PeeWeePervert #MarkRyden👁️
#Barbie #BAAL #BAALenciaga #Hollywood #Satanic
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Okay yall, More fashion pedofiles involving babies in their art and a one eye illuminati reference

Why are they using this symbol around children?

When I dug into the #Balenciaga Scandal I found some things that looked like the same reference.
#Barbie #BAALenciaga #FashionGate ImageImageImageImage
Just a warning to everyone reading this.

Barbie creator is pushing his weirdo universe of dark illuminati
symbolism and referring to children as meat to the masses.

Ill never subject their weirdo symbolism to my future generations.
#FashionGate… ImageImageImage
"When you go see my art kids, make sure to go see the restroom!" - Quoted by #MarkRyden a pervert who wants to👁️little kids go pee and poo #Barbie

Buying Barbie supports an old man who paints naked children&satanic art for the masses of children globally… ImageImageImageImage
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Demonic Symbolism Alert Activated 🚨

Mark Ryden.

Net Worth $15 Million - $500 Million

Pervert who likes mixing satanic imagery with little children and tells them to use his one eye bathroom

Partner #Barbie
Thread 🧵
#FashionGate #FashionHellGate Mark Ryden Artwork Thread &...Image
1. This guy creates Eye-catching material.

The use of small symbols to speak big words that not a lot of people remember because it goes back through hundreds of years of time buried from the American school system. A way of speaking from our ancestors.

#Art #FashionGate ImageImageImage
2. @DavisSalika showed Barbie partnered with him to create a unique Anniversary #Barbie edition

So I looked into what they created and things he has also created to see what kind of environment it produces.

An investigation is needed to take place. #SaveOurChildren #Twitter ImageImage
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@K8W1728917 @XX_1133_1221_11 Im exposing his creepy images by putting them in 1 place to see the full impact of his collective art.

Here, ill break down a couple images
6-6-6 Candles
No 99 (Turn upside down) + 6 Sided Die = 666
We need to figure out the symbols on bottom of vases.… Image
@K8W1728917 @XX_1133_1221_11 @K8W1728917
When you realize these elite speak with symbols that have been phased out of society. It gets weird. Things go back to the "Book of Solomon" + Much more. But I cant decipher the symbols. I just know they exist ImageImage
@K8W1728917 @XX_1133_1221_11 @K8W1728917
We would need a person that is expect at symbolism from ancient times. Unless you can decode the stuff lmao. All I can say is this guy does not have good symbols at use in his art. @XX_1133_1221_11 ImageImageImageImage
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Habemus Numbers!!!
During #WBD’s Q3 2022 Earnings Report (JUL-SEP), it’s unveiled 2.8M boost in global DTC subscriptions, citing #HouseOfTheDragon as the main catalyst, but coming below #WallStreet’s 3.3M estimates, reaching 94.9M total #HBOMax+#HBO+#DiscoveryPlus subscribers
1/ Image
According to #WBD, total subscriptions in the US grew 500k, to 53.5M subscribers, and an ARPU of $10.66, a +1.1% increase
Meanwhile overseas markets were the main driver in subscriptions growth, adding 2.3M on Q3 2022, for a 41.4M international total,with an ARPU of just $3.68
Streaming and subscriptions alone were responsible for 2.3B in revenue, -6% compared to Q3 2021.
Ads revenue more than doubled to $106M, as #HBOMax Ad-tier keeps growing in subscribers.
Even so, overall streaming Costs increased +22% to almost 3B, putting DTC -634M in the red.
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Here’s what I think the next @Beyonce singles are going to be. Now I may get it wrong, but the PATTERNIST in me is giving me a sneaking suspicion on her next moves. Watch this space y’all.
A Thread 🧵🧵🧵🧵
On Thursday Sept 22, 2022. @Beyonce will announce either Virgo’s Groove as her next single, and will be available at Midnight (est) on Friday Sept 23, 2022. If you have Tidal, you will get it on the 22nd. 😉
On Tuesday Dec 20, 2022, @Beyonce will announce Alien Superstar as the next single, and will be available at Midnight (est) on Wednesday Dec 21, 2022. If you have Tidal, you will get on the 20th. 😉
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Premium TV shows using Britain as their production hub include #HouseOfTheDragon, Amazon’s #LordOfTheRings series, #TedLasso and #TheCrown. The soaring production demand has created a shortage of stage space — and burn out concerns among crews.…
Britain’s generous film incentives — a 25% cash rebate that applies to actors’ salaries and other so-called above-the-line costs — have been a big draw for the studios behind movies like #Wicked, #FastX, #Barbie and #Wonka.… Image
“It’s just gone absolutely thermonuclear,” said Bectu’s Spencer MacDonald, national secretary of the union representing over 40,000 staff, contract and freelance workers in the media and entertainment industries.… Image
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E ancora il "pornalismo" italiano contina a invitare i servi di #Satana!⬇️
#Simonyan: "Da noi era proibito anche solo parlare di #gay mentre oggi in occidente lanciano #Barbie #transgender, questi sono i loro valori.
3/Noi siamo contrari e difenderemo il nostro diritto di avere #valori diversi" #zonabianca
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Wer steckt hinter #WIR - Wissen ist relevant?
WIR(R) ist nicht einfach nur ein Wissenschaftskanal, sondern...
Auf dem Youtub-Kanal u. auf der Webseite werden Vorträge von Personen wie C. #Kreiß, D. #Pohlmanm, D. #Ganser, P.  #Schreyer angeboten...also die "üblichen Verdächtigen"
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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