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I'm so proud of the meaningful contributions and change @CCUNESCO Youth Advisory Group members have made to the Commission, it's networks, their communities, and the world.
@saramcgillivray and Haven Rees helped support the development of a working group on culture and #SDGs with @TurveyKat.

#culture4peace #IYD2021 #SDGs
@booksandladders is a champion of the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities and has supported cities and organizations in using @CCUNESCO resources and toolkits to meaningful engage youth and integrate the #SDGs in their work.
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Comento algunos datos sobre #SteamDeck y también sobre la apertura de reservas hoy en #Steam.
Mucha gente piensa que se trata de un aparato sólo compatible con Steam. Esto es un error: #SteamDeck es un PC. Puede instalarse cualquier sistema operativo o software de terceros, dando la posibilidad de acceder al catálogo de otras tiendas como #gog #EpicGamesStore, etc.
En referencia a las reservas, #Valve ha pensado en la actual situación con los especuladores. Durante las primeras 48 horas, sólo podrán reservar aquellas personas que hayan hecho una compra en #Steam antes de junio de 2021. Por otra parte, sólo se podrá reservar 1 por persona.
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Hoy tengo el placer (junto a otros desarrolladores de #videojuegos valencianos) de presentaros los #ValencianIndieBundle, unos estupendos packs de #Steam con #indiegames creados en la Comunidad Valenciana. ¡Os lo cuento todo en un HILO!

#indiedev #gamedev #videojuegosEspañoles
Hace unos días Steam anunció la posibilidad (todavía en beta) de crear “Packs colaborativos”, es decir lotes de juegos de diferentes desarrolladores que al comprarse en conjunto salen más baratos. Tenéis más info sobre el tema aquí:…
Como ya sabéis, a mi me gusta mucho probar este tipo de cosas. Hace tiempo ya había probado los packs de Steam con los juegos de @DevilishGames y os conté la experiencia aquí:
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Ayyy all, digging through my emails - this month's @humble bundle unlocked, and I've a few extra keys.

Would any of you fine folks that've been following along for this wild ride like a #SteamKey for #CivilizationVI Platinum Edition?

No strings, other than you have to enjoy it!
*Apparently I need to clarify/hit bot triggers:

Keys will only go-to longtime followers of mine, that are actual, real people. That I've interacted with. Clear? 🤣✌️♥️🏴‍☠️

Game's still up for grabs for [#organic] followers & friends only; sorry, Silicon-based crowd, key-sellers, [...]!

Times are hard for everyone right now [We're on DAY SIX of our illegal water cut]; but they're especially hard for certain #communities.
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After the memes slow down on crypto and you are asking what the next big thing is.

Look no further:


@worldtoken_ is going to be THE marketplace for all.

$WORLD will be the bridge used for mainstream, mass crypto adoption.
$WORLD will include the following:

Gas-less NFTs 🖼
#opensea #nftmarketplace

Virtual Items 🧑‍💻
#g2a #beatstars #skins #steam

Physical Items 🏍
#amazon #ebay #deals

Services 👨‍🏫
#lessons #freelance

Adult Services 💌
#onlyfans #snapchat

Subscriptions 🗞
#patreon #paywall
BUT before we get to that, let’s cover a few things...


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:



#DeFi #CryptoCurrency #eCommerce $ETH $BSC #FutureOfFinance #AltCoin ImageImage
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THREAD: I’m going to demo the steps for making #emotionalrobots that come to life with #animation through #AugmentedReality

Learn more here:…

Download all six posters here:
#edtech #sel #socialemotionallearning #artsed #Steam
Step #1: Create art.
Connect color, emotion, and art concepts to design a monochromatic robot that expresses emotion.
Turn shapes into forms for depth.
Choose a fitting color.
Mix and apply tints and shades to enhance depth.
Use features of the robot’s face to convey emotion.
Step #2
When done with the physical art, take a clean, undistorted photograph with good lighting.
Crop it exactly to the original’s proportions.
This will become the “trigger image” for the #augmentedreality Image
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So @moreelen posed the question about "How to stay motivated with side projects". I left a few tips but I wanted to elaborate here.

After 5 years on @Hellscreen_Game , Here is a little thread about how I stay motivated
1. Post GIFS of cool things you have made.
Short ingame gifs help bookend your days work and are great for sharing what you are up to. The response will give you snippets of motivation to carry on.
I make posting GIFS a key part of my working day.
2.Dont bother with blogging or long dev logs.
These just sap time & energy away from the game, so unless you write to relax I would skip this. Instead,use that time on the game itself. I do enjoy super quick feature making of's though (if they take the same time to make as a GIF)
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[DAY 24/24]
#MerryChristmas ✨❄️🎄

The whole Let's STEAM consortium is wishing to the great #STEAM community, #parents, #schools, #teachers, #kids, a very merry #Christmas!

May your holidays be filled with #joy, #food and #creativity 🥰🤩
Congratulations to all the amazing people and organisations thanks to whom we have so much inspiration in the field of #STEAM, #equity, #creativity and #education!

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[DAY 23/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

We are coming to the end of our #advent calendar! Still more space for #fun and #creative resources to spend a nice #Christmas moment with your family and #kids?


#STEAM #creativity #education #programming4kids Image
Get some inspiration for #festive #programming activities around #Christmas


Discover #Christmas #teaching resources and ideas to be performed at #home around the table after a huge Christmas dinner!



Thanks @STEMLearningUK 🙏
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[DAY 22/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

(Re)Discover our first newsletter!


Read about our work on understanding #teachers needs in #STEAM education towards #interdisciplinarity, #creativity and #computationalthinking, eased by the use of #IoT solutions!
💻Let’s STEAM within the Digital skills development
Understanding of the teachers’ positioning within the digital skills framework as defined by #DGConnect of the @EuropeanCommission

🧑‍🏫Let’s STEAM educational commitment & scenarios
Discover the structuration of our training modules

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DAY281: 28/07/2019 it’s @RHDR thread time! My 1st ever visit was on this day having had a lovely weekend camping in East Sussex with friends. We started at #Dungeness behind Hercules #Steam #SteamTrain #TrainTravel #TravelbyTrain
#CoronaAlone #CoronaLockdown
Departure from #Dungeness behind Hercules! It’s situated on a uni-directional loop as we head back towards the beach & the single line section towards Romney Sands via the spring loaded points. #RHDR #Steam #SteamTrain #TrainTravel 🚂 🌊
Past the wonderful #ThePilotInn where you can get cracking fish n chips we chatter across Dungeness past Lydd-on-Sea along the single track section towards Romney Sands. These little engines make a fantastic sound! #Steam #Heritage #Railway 🚂 🌊
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[DAY 21/24]

For this last #AdventCalendar week, (re)discover our Let's STEAM resources! Starting with #HandsOn #STEAM activities for #home or in the #class, inspired by #societal, #artistic and #scientific challenges👏

⤵️ Discover them in the thread below!
Start easy mixing #music, #mathematics and #computerscience

Discover the #GuerillaGardening initiatives, #smartgardening #DIY projects as well as the @farmbotio #OpenSource #CNC Farming solution!

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Analyzing PuertoRico's incoming governor's pubic policy on education. First it cites a little plagiarized sentence I wrote in 2012, again, without credit.
"Educacion sirve de punto de lanza para el desarrollo social y economico del pueblo". "Eperienza educativa donde nuestros jovenes se desenvuelvan en las destresas... a ser productivos y ciudadanos de pensamiento critico e independiente".
Includes the often said "decentralizing". This would mean a break in PuertoRico as an SEA/LEA that would mean a huge leap, it requires @usedgov approval. And a technology and data management overhaul (E-rate), funds received under my administration, frozen again bc mismanagement
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[DAY 18/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

We love our #STEAM friends 😍 Discover the #Roobopoli initiative handled by @Perlatecnica and @_Bluenet_ 👏and aiming to create an educational experience in the field of #SmartCities

#STEAM #education #creativity #programming Image
Roobopoli is a tiny smart city, a miniature city, where the life of the inhabitants called Roobo, is assisted by modern #technologies, the same available in real cities, but reproduced in scale for educational, testing and simulation purposes 🏙️
As part of the Roobopoli project, one of the main activities consists in the construction and programming of #smart #vehicles called Roobokart, which will have to move independently on the roads of Roobopoli 🚘
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[DAY 16/24]
#ChristmasIsComing #BreakingNews 🎄

@SmitsCindy, coordinator of @DigitaleWolven has been nominated for the #ICT woman of the year award!

#ShegoesICT is a Belgian annual event honouring women who have distinguished themselves in the ICT sector #WomenWhoCode

@SmitsCindy had her first job in ICT in 2006 at a Servicedesk (EDS). 1 year later she started her career at @CronosGroep giving her the amazing opportunity to start her own non-profit in 2014 @DigitaleWolven, partner of the Let's STEAM project 👏🤩
@DigitaleWolven started small giving #schools a broader vision on what kids can do with #technology.

“The school is the only place where everybody gets the possibility to get in contact with other things en people no matter their gender, religion, interests or parents".
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[DAY 8/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄🎄

Let's discuss #inclusion in #technology this week with this first post on discovering the @MindGap4 handled by our partner @argeturv 👏👏

#STEAM #genderequity
Advanced levels of digital competence are promoted in #STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) approaches, with curricular reforms incorporating elements to reverse inequalities
Despite these efforts, a #gendergap is still observed in the digital sphere, already in #primaryschool increasing during #secondary education and at #university.
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[DAY 7/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄🎄

Ever heard of the @astro_pi project handled by @esa and @Raspberry_Pi 🚀👏?

Discover how young people can have the amazing opportunity to conduct #scientific investigations in #space through simple computer programme!

#STEAM #creativity
Mission Zero is still open!! 😍🤩

Create your team of young people aged 14 or younger or submit entries individually before the 19 March 2021!

Learn more:
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Discover several resources offered by the @CaiCommunity!

#ErasmusPlus #ArtificialIntelligence #programmingisfun
Learn how to #program #code with #python 👩‍💻👨‍💻🧑‍💻…
Discover the French #Mooc @FunMooc @classcode_fr "L’Intelligence Artificielle avec Intelligence"…
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[DAY 1 - Learn more about the @CaiCommunity]

The objective of the CAI community is to develop and share #pedagogical and #technological tools to support the emergence of a community of #computer science #teachers
The targeted participants are primarily teachers of French-speaking pupils at the end of primary and secondary school (K5-12 i.e. 10-18 years old).
The project is providing a #webplatform and digital tools, to facilitate the #discovery of #computer #science to be used in the #STEAM #classroom
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Supporting High-Quality K-12 Schools Across America
Only one party understands that a quality education is a critical public good-NOT a commodity. A quality education is the right of every child. 1/14
Each year, the United States spends $23 billion more on schools in predominantly white districts than in non-white districts. 2/14
#DemPartyPlatform #education #EducationForAll
Using property taxes to fund public K-12 schools results in inequitable treatment for students in low-income school districts, compared to those in wealthier areas. 3/14 #DemPartyPlatform #EducationUSA
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Algún día tenía que pasar.

Un juego nuevo de #PlayStation5 en precompra es más caro que el alquiler (firmado en junio de 2020) de mi monoambiente en CABA.

No saco conclusiones, pero es lo que es.

Un (1) juego de #PS5 > mi alquiler. ImageImage
Por supuesto que hay un contexto socioeconómico para todo esto, pero honestamente no me interesa usar el precio de un juego como lente para procesar la Argentina, sino preguntarme ¿de qué tenemos que hablar, en 2020, los que hablamos de gaming? Image
Cuando termine noviembre, y como pasa en cada generación, la prensa mundial de videojuegos no va a hablar de otra cosa que de #PS5 y #XboxSeriesX.

De los juegos nuevos, de los multiplataforma que corren mejor, de los tráilers de lo que se viene. Image
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Gute Nachrichten, Leute. #Steam zeigt gesellschaftspolit. Verantwortung und hat nun das perfide Videospiel der rechtsextremen #Identitären gelöscht, mitsamt dem Account des Vereins #EinProzent, der als Publisher fungiert. Natürlich haben die IB-Faschisten genau damit gerechnet...
...und stimmen nun ein in ein lächerliches, aber berechnetes mimimi über die „Zensur“ durch den „ideologischen Staatsapparat #Steam“ (Roland Moritz). Dass ihr digitales Machwerk weiterhin frei verfügbar ist, auf keinem Index steht und von #Zensur also keine Rede sein kann: egal. ImageImageImageImage
Offenbar haben die vielen Meldungen doch Wirkung gezeigt, denn bisher ist @Steam nicht dadurch aufgefallen, fragwürd. Inhalte zu entfernen. Aber welche Onlineplattform bietet mit den #Identitären und #EinProzent schon gerne dezidierten Faschisten eine Bühne?

Hallo @SpotifyDE! 🙋‍♂️
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Fascinating experiment! We need more diversity in tech. Here's what the experiment shows ... THREAD.
Not all photos are uploaded to Twitter using the correct specs to optimize display on Twitter. For example ...
Twitter apparently taught its algorithm to find the most interesting / relevant parts of of photos, then display a cropped version of those pics such that the most relevant part shows up as a thumbnail.
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