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1/16...Far too often I find that many adults like to focus on the negatives surrounding social media/technology and our kids. We like to celebrate and recognize the positives. In this spirit, I offer the following examples: #parents #digitalliteracy #socialmediasafety #STEAM
What about this teen who developed this App to help students manage their homework
3/16... what about teens who are winning full 4 year college scholarships to join e-gaming teams
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We ran the cardboard racing/fighting robots workshop yesterday in Cambridge with kids aged 8 to 12. I’d run the same workshop in Shenzhen in April and the contrasts between the Chinese and British kids were not what I had expected... Thread! 1/10 #STEAM
Based on the stereotypes I’d expected that the kids in China would be really well behaved, obedient and academic but not very good at making things or thinking creatively. I’d expected the kids here in the UK to be harder to manage but better at the activity 2/10
I experienced the reverse. The kids in Shenzhen were joking / goofing-off all the time, causing trouble, making loads of noise and were bored by the powerpoint, BUT they really concentrated when I showed them the practical stuff about working with cardboard, electronics etc 3/10
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[Day3: Creating & Sustaining Spaces of Practice]
Q: Have you created or been part of initiatives for #Science #STEM #STEAM #SciComm practice? Are you considering creating one yourself?

Today we'll discuss "safe spaces to fail" and scaffolded experiences to build up your skills!
Why do I care?
As a former academic & now in my work to spread adaptable skills in #scicomm through #comedy, it strikes me how little prep we get to teach or give strategic talks as we make the shift from undergrad to grad levels

How many bad habits do we accumulate b/c of this?
What are some bad communication habits in #Science #STEM you've seen, experienced, or are still working to overcome?

Here's where I used to struggle:
- preparing talks the night before
- going over time
- imagining the audience wasn't even there
- bad PPTs
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Ich könnte den Steam-Account von Brenton Tarrant #Christchurch gefunden haben:… Er war Mitglied der Steam-Gruppe "White Power Australia": Er spielte 2015 als "Adolf Hi..", also vermutlich als "Adolf Hitler":…
Der Attentäter von Christchurch war in der Steam-Gruppe "White Power Australia" siehe auch… Dieser "Maki" aus Sachsen am 15. März um 22:40 Uhr auf die Pinnwand von "byr0n": "BrentonTarrant good guy ♥♥♥♥♥"
Zu der mutmaßlichen Ankündigung des Terroranschlags von Brenton Tarrant in #Christchurch auf 8chan und seiner Huldigung auf Steam siehe auch diesen Thread:
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MU69 appears as a bi-lobed baby comet in latest New Horizons images! What's a contact binary and how do they form? I gotchu:…
Just added this really nice illustration to the article on how contact binaries form -- nice work by @jtuttlekeane showing the value of art and science together. #STEAM
Two nearly perfect little spheres, gently squished together.
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So the science/dance event last night went great! Here's me and Deidre beforehand, looking less nervous than we were:
It was really wonderful to see people from both arts and science backgrounds coming together to explore ideas. Creativity and inquiry are so central to both pursuits! #STEAM #STEM…
We have one more performance tonight, exploring the science of the very small as part of #ScienceWeek @nuigalway:…
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And of course, I am working with a choreographer right now on a nanoscience/dance performance which will take place Thursday/Friday as part of #ScienceWeek! You can find more info here:…
We had the first rehearsal last night where I got to see all the dance pieces together, and it was INCREDIBLE seeing how bodies and movement were used to illustrate quantum physics. True #STEAM. I loved it.
The choreographer is not on twitter, but her name is Deidre Cavazzi from @SaddlebackColl and she's an absolute joy to work with. I am really honoured that she chose to spend part of her sabbatical here.
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I've always thought that having collaborations between art & science is really important, and have worked with designers, filmmakers, playwrights, musicians, and now a choreographer to create new artworks informed by science.
But I think it's really important that science/art pieces are true collaborations! #STEAM has always felt a little appropriative to me though, since arts is only one letter it's like #STEM is using art as a tool. But it's its own thing! With its own aims!
There are some places that do great science/art collaborative work, like @ScienceGallery. But it takes a long time to build those partnerships! (I used to work above @SciGalleryDub and found it super inspiring to walk to work through.)
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So, let's talk a bit about key scammers, and the business of reselling free review keys for #steam indies through so-called "grey marketplaces". Thread (:
As an indie dev, you'll receive hundreds of emails like this one. "Hi, I'm a big Youtubeur, I want to advertise your incredible %game_name% for free, please send me 10 keys for me and my numerous followers."
As most scams, they're short, unprofessional-looking emails in approximate English. Most developers will immediately weed them out. But the scammers aren't nearly as unprofessional as they appear.
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Just had a great #STEM /#STEAM event @ FTE CEEL! Thanks for having us and thanks to an awesome prep crew and outreach team! @pakdamie, @EntomosOswin,@TheOleBlue and Brandon G helped me make the materials just in time!
coordinated student effort, got the booklets to print correctly, and also kept me from losing it!(and apparently successfully avoided my camera)
rocked the insect recyclers theme with Bess beetles, superworms, and later a glitter paper beetle in her shoulder
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it...
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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