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#Trump Leaves #Florida Home to #Surrender to Charges in #NewYork | Mar 3
- “The #Corrupt DA has no case," Trump said on Truth Social, of the Manhattan DA prosecuting the case. “What he does have is a venue where it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get a #FairTrial.…
Date typo: Last Updated: APRIL 03, 2023, 22:02 IST
#MAGA supporters line the streets of #PalmBeach and protesters swarm NY ahead of his arraignment TOMORROW
- His campaign managers #Wiles, and #LaCivita, as well as sr adviser #Miller, and spokesman #Cheung were traveling with him, along with his son #Eric.…
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the boyz - roar mv
symbolism & analysis

overall it’s all about the coming back of the fallen=the ancient gods (who let the dogs out is also a signal for their return & the word dogs in general)=the ancient serpents. physical&spiritual world colliding lawlessness &chaos abounding Image
removal of the veil=dimensional tear

removal of veil=revelation of the fallen ones, dimensions merging into one

the word mattress is layered and also signals the word “matter” right after the splits /rips appearing on the screen = material and spiritual world colliding ImageImageImage
those lyrics are self explanatory… imagine fans singing this making an oath with the devil cursing their lives with those words CASTING SPELLS UPON THEMSELVES UNKNOWINGLY
“forever unforgiven” “fallen angel is my name” U ARE MAKING UR VESSEL AVAILABLE TO THE ENEMY

WAKE UP ImageImageImage
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[🎥] 220419 Check In #HYUNJAE #JUHAKNYEON #ERIC
Guessing who got the sour candy

🦄 If you picked me… then you were wrong
🍊 It also wasn’t me
🎁 Can I say it’s me? 😆 It’s me! It was so sour
🦄 I’m glad (it wasn’t me) Thank you~ Bye bye!
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[🎥] 220418 Check In #HYUNJAE #JUHAKNYEON #ERIC
Guessing who got the sour candy

🦄 It’s (Hyunjae) hyung!
🎁 What??
🦄 It’s hyung!
🎁 It’s not me
🦄 it looks real!
🎁 It’s not me
🦄 He can’t act. This is his real reaction
🎁 I can’t taste/sense sour stuff
🦄 I think it’s not (Haknyeon) hyung
🍊 It’s not me (*coughs) (+)
🦄 It’s not you, hyung?
🍊 No
🎁 Haknyeon’s acting specialty is exaggeration
🍊 It’s not me
🎁 He exaggerates
🦄 He’s not exaggerating so I think it’s not really him
🦄 Anyway, guess who ate the sour one!
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Scene outside Westminster Magistrates Court for #Assange bail hearing.
Of course, this man is here. #Eric
Just got told to move on by the police. Told them I was a journalist, they don't care if you're not in the NUJ.
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#PresidentialDebates should not happen without #LiveFactChecking, especially when our #despot is infamous for lies! This is a thread which attempts to dispute some of #TheHateYam's lies. The #SecondPresidentialDebate2020 begins at 24:19 on this video.
At 28:00 #PresidentDeathBreath congratulates himself on what he's done in terms of #PPE. All he did was loot the #FederalStockpile they sold it at auction abroad for #TrumpCrimeSyndicate profit, then #Kushner said it was their own not #ThePeoplesStockpile!…
Then he replaced the quality, American made #PPE stolen from #ThePeoplesStockpile w/substandard mice chewed expired crap he bought from #Putin, he allowed #Putin to fly it into #Boston on fighter jet! #Russian fighter jets do not belong in our airspace!…
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NEW REPORT: Wisconsin “Movers” Voter Purge List Errors — 39,722 Face Loss of Vote for Moving Despite not Having Moved…
#WisconsinPurge Summary:

▶️ 39,722 Wisconsin voters who supposedly moved from their registration addresses had in fact not moved — a minimum 25.8% error rate based on the 153,779 “movers” list.

▶️ A further 58,404 or 38% who had moved, had only done so within their county.
#WisconsinPurge: As illustrated by these maps and graphs, there is measurable bias against voters of color and low-income voters, and evidence of bias against young and student voters.…
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💰💦Trump Tower Projects

Bailed Out By Russia 1987-2014

Trump’s efforts to establish a hotel in Moscow go back at least to 1987, when, according to his book The Art of the Deal, he discussed the possibility with the Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin.…
💰Trump Soho - Bayrock Group

Trump SoHo broke ground in 2007, typifies how the Trump Organization benefited from financing coming out of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Much of the project’s financing came from the Bayrock Group.…
📌Investigators are looking at whether Trump associates laundered financial payoffs from Russian officials by channeling them through offshore accounts.…
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In response to @AOC’s #idiotic assertion that #US operated #detention facilities are #concentrationcamps, @Liz_Wheller posted a comment that @PPFA abortion businesses are the #concentration #camps we have to worry about.
@EmmaBella212 took exception to her observation. I replied, observing that #blastocysts, #embryos, and #fetuses are #human #beings.
@EricBrown1982 takes exception to my assertion that #science defines the offspring of #human #parents as #human and/or my assertion that #science confirms that the #blastocyst, the #embryo, and the #fetus are all #living #beings.
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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