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🎉 Forever 21 and Barbie have joined forces for exclusive Roblox wearables.

Get ready to style your avatar with the latest fashion!

🚀 Exciting collaboration alert!

Let's dive into the details. ⤵️ Image
1️⃣ @Forever21 and @Barbie have teamed up to bring you exclusive virtual fashion items for your @Roblox avatar.

It's the perfect blend of real-world style and virtual creativity.…
@Forever21 @Barbie @Roblox 2️⃣ This partnership allows #Roblox users to express their unique fashion sense with a range of trendy clothing and accessories inspired by the iconic #Barbie brand.

Dress up your avatar in style! 💃🕶️👠
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#robloxcondo #Roblox

If you are reading, you are about to witnesses one of the most underrated virtual genocides committed in Roblox's history. It all started in mid-February 2020, particularly on February 17, when an account from late May 2008 called eragon13 was deleted.
Eragon13 was the first 2008 account to be reportedly 'exploited' for the sake of making a condo game. When I realized this, making a condo game is one thing, but using an INACTIVE 12 YEAR OLD ACCOUNT to do it, is ANOTHER story. However, this would be just the beginning.
On February 19, roughly two days after stumbling upon the first 2008 account, a SECOND 2008 account was used to hold a condo, created by the SAME person. This condo would get 11.6k before being deleted. Also highlighting the slow response time.
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📌 Daily #Roblox scripting thread 6! ✨


👇 A #RobloxDev thread!
🔁 The for-loop is used to ITERATE a certain number of times.

🤔 But what does "iterating" mean?

♻️ It means for the loop to "run" or "refresh"
2️⃣ There are two use cases for the for-loop

🔁 The first one is to loop, or iterate, a set number of times.

👇 This is how:
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📌Daily #Roblox scripting thread 5!


A #RobloxDev thread 👇
While loops, or "while-true-do" loops, are one of the simplest loops in Lua. ✨

They're like if-statements, but they check the condition infinitely until stopped. 🔁

Here's an example 👇 Image
If the condition is true, the code inside the loop will run. 👍

If it's false, the loop will check again the next frame! 🔁

This means that any code AFTER the loop will NEVER run, unless the loop is stopped. ❌
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📌 Daily #Roblox scripting thread 4!


👇 A #RobloxDev thread!
We've already talked about the difference between arrays and dictionaries and about what an index and value is. 🤔

Today, I'll be covering the more advanced stuff like inserting new values into a table and more! 👇
How do I GET a value from a table? 🤔

This is what INDEXING means. You use the "key" that you put into the table to get its value. 🔑

Here's how it works for arrays 👇 Image
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📌 Daily #Roblox scripting thread 2!


👇 A #RobloxDev thread! Image
Variables - their purpose is to store data inside a script. 🗃️

They consist of a name and a value. 🤔

Their name is used to ACCESS the variable (read or write) and their value can be a number, string, boolean or even a table. I'll go over all the types later 👇
The name of a variable can contain any alphanumerical characters, but must NOT START with a number! 🔢

It can also include an underscore ➖
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#metaverse reflections
#nfts the keys
#Metaverse the doors

@McKinsey defines @Metaverse as
metaverse encompasses immersive environments, often (but not always) using #VR or #AR technology
#metaverse consumer #data

@AkwyZ @enricomolinari @kuriharan Image
#NordVPN research study with industry found only 14% respondents could explain #metaverse
Part 3 The challenge with #metaverse is the same in the inception of #web #internet

Who is going to host, own, manage the platforms that will manage the #web3 ownership of content and related #business
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One of my thumbnails has changed an entire Roblox video's performance

31K Views -> 1M Views
(20K Views Per Hour)

⏳ Steal the process of how I did it: (thread)
#Roblox #RobloxDev #RobloxGFX Image
1. Straight To The Point

In your thumbnail, you always need to be straight to the point. The old thumbnail had no association with the title or video itself, which is why it didn't do very good in the first place (the only thing related would've been the $ sign).
2. Background

The background itself is unique, as it's not a background with green grass and blue sky, but instead green grass and brown background, which made it more unique than video thumbnails
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1/#Roblox (#RBLX) LT Comp Thread

RBLX CEO David Baszucki has a $3.3-$4.3bln LT equity comp plan that pays out if #RBLX shares are $165-$375 by March 2028. David cut his base salary to $0 (prior $800k) at the IPO. All of his compensation out to 2028 is via equity/RSU/options. Image
2/The prize is in a "Founder and CEO Long-Term Performance Award" that will grant David 11.5mln Class A shares if #RBLX exceeds seven price hurdles between $165-$375 a share by March of 2028. The notional value in RBLX shares at the hurdle price for each tranche is $3.3bln.
3/At the top end tranche #RBLX price of $375 the award is worth $4.3bln.

S-1: "Mr. Baszucki was particularly receptive to receiving the Founder and CEO Long-Term Performance Award as he believes that he should only be rewarded if we achieve significant long-term performance".
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Roblox has been in this world for many years, almost the first metaverse that exists on the internet.
You can create your own imagination or to say, make games, chat with friends explore millions of creations, trade and even earn actual money.
But something seems off.
Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that Facebook is going to change to Meta, where you can explore, hang out and chat around, create your avatar and even buy virtual items with Etherium.
You can even buy virtual property for thousands. I think this seems off since it really looks like Roblox. Animations look almost like in Roblox, characters are built like the Roblox Metaverse, you can change your avatar and it is really weird, like they copied Roblox.
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Las 10 mayores acciones del #Metaverso, analizadas 👇

Dentro hilo 🧵
1⃣ Lo más fácil para estar invertidos en el Metaverso es a través del ETF USA:

$META Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF.

A causa de la directiva Mifid II no podemos comprarlo desde Europa pero tenemos algunas opciones🙂
2⃣ Una es a través de opciones financiares, como comentó mi compañero @VictorG_bolsa, te recomiendo su hilo si no lo has visto.

Yo en mi newsletter di otra opción, replicar las 10 mayores posiciones del ETF, con los mismos pesos.

A continuación revisaremos cada una de ellas.
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En serio:

Vigilad el historial de mensajes de vuestros peques en #Roblox.

En serio.

🙏 Por favor 🙏
⚠️Phishing con cebos especiales para peques
⚠️Estafas para acceder a cuentas
⚠️Incitación al suicidio

Pensaba que ya había visto de todo en sus servers.

Me equivocaba:

Nuevo #casodeinformáticaforense de hoy: Intento de “contratación” de servicios sexuales a un menor
Aquí una guía para padres, cortesía de @Im_awoman:…
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⚠️ Looks like #Roblox is currently experiencing issues! We'll update you if we receive any further information. Services impacted: Games & Account Information.

#RobloxDown ⚙️
🌐 Statistics: (#RobloxDown)
- 250+ reports on DownDetector
- Global player count reduced by 1,000,000.
📡 Most services seem to be down according to some sources. We're waiting for information from @Roblox staff. #Roblox #RobloxDown
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Where to find the Latest Working Roblox Promo Codes in 2021? Visit :…

#robloxpromocodes #robloxcodes #robloxcodesnotexpired #roblox #robloxpromotions
Visit:… to browse thousands of Roblox Music Codes and Song Ids.

#robloxmusiccodes #roblomusicids #robloxmusic
Find all Roblox Item Codes (IDs) for free. Visit… to start browsing.
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🪅Too weird to not be believed😵‍💫

@Roblox the Massive Online Gaming Platform Rife W/ Scams & Abuse, & uses children as free labor 🎮😵… #roblox #RTC #gaming @SophNar0747 @Grummz @YellowFlashGuy @TheQuartering @RealClownfishTV @neontaster @InsideRoblox
Thanks go to People Make Games who first did the legwork on this story & it was their report that inspired me to cover this story

Great channel that is very informative & interesting

@chrisbratt @anni_sayers @Quinns108

#gaming #gamers #peoplemakegames
Roblox is Yuge,

Arguably most popular video game on earth,
40 million players login in daily to play 50 million different games (experiences)

The size of 7 Ubisoft's,
Next closet competitor is Nintendo
#gaming #gamer #gamedev #roblox #YouTube #twitch #streamer #robux #kids
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1/ Has the #Metaverse "Devolved"?
Me in the @SecondLife #Metaverse in 2013 vs me in the @cryptovoxels Metaverse in 2021. People sometimes ask me why the 2013 Metaverses "look better". I have an answer for these people and it's gonna take several tweets, bear with me... ImageImage
2/ A bit of history: #Metaverses were created whole-cloth from the novel Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. Active Worlds, which I actually tried (yes, I am that old) was fully based on that book's Metaverse, and provided the basis of all other Metaverses including @cryptovoxels...
3/ When it started, #Metaverses were totally separate and different from the concept of #onlinegames. The idea is to have more #socialimmersion and #userinteraction, not to have in-world goals to push the user in a direction...
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1/ @indexcoop, creators of $DPI, are set to launch a #Metaverse Index on April 7th.

The Metaverse has gained enormous traction as an investment theme in #crypto. Let's review some of the holdings of #MVI to see how this index captures the Metaverse space.

Thread 🦉👇
2/ @enjin - $ENJ - 15.1%

Enjin is an ecosystem of products that make it easy for game industry businesses to develop, trade, monetize, and market with blockchain. With over 20 million users and a robust product suite, Enjin can give businesses a competitive edge in the space.
3/ @decentraland - $MANA - 11%

The first decentralized world, Decentraland is controlled via #DAO, which owns the palatform's smart contracts & assets. Community events, including visits from @3LAU & @RAC, combine with #Web3 tech to create a unique social experience.
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#Nazara Tech is a very small company in the whole gaming sector but opportunity size is huge !!

#Roblox is trading at 40+ times FY-20 sales while clocking losses on operational and net level.

If the same happens in Nazara, Valuations can overstretch to unimaginable levels.
Global gaming market size is close to 158 Billion US$ while India is holding merely 1% market share globally.

Online gaming industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30-40%+ for next many years which brings an exciting opportunity to players like #Nazara.
Nazara is very well diversified and can be divided into 5 segments :

- Gamified early learning - Paper boat (Kidoppia)

- eSports - Nodwin gaming, Absolute Sports

- Freemium - Next wave multimedia

- Real money gaming - Halaplay

- Telco subscription
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#Nazara's gamified early learning app, Kiddopia, subscriber base grew from 115,220 paying subscribers in January 2020 at the time of acquisition to 290,508 as of Oct 2020.

Stunning growth!

Another #Nazara subsidiary has 80% market share of Indian industry in esports segment.
#Nazara's annualised Advertisement & Promotion spends has gone from 27 cr in Fy19 to 238 crores this year. They can easily show significantly higher profits by cutting this marginally but its more about land grab at this point. Market should recognise that and value accordingly.
Gaming Vs Movies vs Music, although Movies get most attention due to glamour. But Gaming is bigger than movies and Music combined. Image
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Here is my released $RBLX Roblox Due-Diligence Writeup for it's upcoming IPO on Wednesday of next week (March 10th)

Please read the disclaimer in the report!

I do welcome any and all feedback you have below!

#DueDiligence #TradeIdeas #IPO #Roblox #TradingTip Image
Page 2 Image
Page 3 Image
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The @Roblox Investor Day livestream was packed full of fascinating insight into their plans. We enjoyed it, so here are some highlights:
1/ @DavidBaszucki highlighted 8 key tenets of the #metaverse: Identity (me/avatar); Friends (online/offline); Immersiveness; Anywhere (create and play); Variety (content); Low friction (to try new things); Economy; Trust and Civility
2/ There are 8 million #Roblox developers across 170 countries, and 20 million experiences on the platform. In 2020 players engaged in Roblox for a total of 30.6 billion hours!
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With $GME hitting all time highs, making people millions & some even billions, let's take a look at one of the gaming companies set to IPO soon.

Time for a thread 👇 👇👇
1/ Roblox is like the world’s largest:

🏨 HOTEL COMPANY #AirBnB 👉 doesn’t own real estate
🚕 TAXI COMPANY #Uber 👉 doesn’t own any cars


🎮 DIGITAL PLAYGROUND COMPANY #Roblox 👉 doesn’t create any games
2/ Digital Disney World.

Remember building imaginary forts with your friends in your backyard?

It's like that except digital, pros are building the structures and your parents are spending a lot of $$$ buying gear, digital pets and accessories.

Making $RBLX very rich!
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Algún día tenía que pasar.

Un juego nuevo de #PlayStation5 en precompra es más caro que el alquiler (firmado en junio de 2020) de mi monoambiente en CABA.

No saco conclusiones, pero es lo que es.

Un (1) juego de #PS5 > mi alquiler. ImageImage
Por supuesto que hay un contexto socioeconómico para todo esto, pero honestamente no me interesa usar el precio de un juego como lente para procesar la Argentina, sino preguntarme ¿de qué tenemos que hablar, en 2020, los que hablamos de gaming? Image
Cuando termine noviembre, y como pasa en cada generación, la prensa mundial de videojuegos no va a hablar de otra cosa que de #PS5 y #XboxSeriesX.

De los juegos nuevos, de los multiplataforma que corren mejor, de los tráilers de lo que se viene. Image
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1/ #Roblox has been on fire this year, as this chart (thanks @ballmatthew) shows: 3B hours per month, 164M users. While user/usage scale gets the headlines, creator scale might be just as important for an aspiring metaverse platform.
2/ The 2M+ creators Roblox reports make it roughly the size of Twitch (~2M streamers), with 35K Roblox developers monetizing vs. 27K Twitch partners. But Roblox creators aren’t streaming games, they’re making games. A lot of games.
3/ By most counts, the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store currently have 500K-1M games each. Roblox has said it has more than 40x times that number, with 30K+ games added every day. Steam probably has 30-40K games total.
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