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@EU_Commission It's #Climate - The #FourSeasons nothing else.
#CO2 0.04% #carbondioxide, have never affected the earth's #Temperature, at least since 600 million years. #Atmosphere of Earth… Image
@EU_Commission Global #Temperature and Atmospheric #CO2 over Geologic Time - Late #Carboniferous to Early #Permian time (315-270 M yrs ago) is the only time period in the last 600 million years when both atmospheric #CO2 and #temperatures were as LOW as they are today
@EU_Commission #PragerUniversity is a 5013 non-profit conservative digital media organization. PragerU@prageru:
- What They Haven't Told You about #ClimateChange

- #Climate - The only constant is change Image
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1/9 - This is one of the biggest contradictions I’ve seen. @The_RHS, THE MOST INFLUENTIAL #gardening charity in the UK, whilst promoting Plants For Pollinators, are still endorsing “WEED”KILLERS! 😡 “Inspiring everyone to grow” (except the wildflowers) Don’t believe me?👇🧵
2/9 - Whilst not actively selling this product on their own website, it’s available via @jennychem_. What sickens me more is the detail in which various weed killers are described to eradicate different “weed” species, INCLUDING my favourite #wildflower Bird’s-foot trefoil! 😡
3/9 - Take Bird’s foot trefoil for example. It’s a larval food plant of the Common Blue, Green Hairstreak & Dingy Skipper butterflies and also Six-spot burnet moth. It also provides nectar for many bees and other insects, along with ALL the other plants listed in the next tweet.
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A boring thread about how I got my garden beds ready for planting. Last year was my first year #gardening. I just built natural earthen beds. I didn't know much about amending soil etc. & the garden had been dormant for about 15 years. Here's how it looked prepped last spring.
Despite being a novice there were some real successes. Like 45kg of spuds, 15kg of onions - which we still use! Peas, tomatoes, beans were all winners. Carrots, parsnips and cabbage, not so much. Still, I learned a lot. #gardening
I built a nice 3 bed composter from pallets and scrap wood to start building up our own supply of compost for this year's beds.
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The #BigPictureConference is already amazing and I’ve only just stepped through the doors @ScotlandTBP #rewilding ImageImageImageImage
Session One- rewilding for everyone. #BigPictureConference
First we have Vicki Hird and her books Rebugging the Planet #BigPictureConference #rewilding
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I tweet a great deal about climate change impacts on agriculture because it is clear that reducing emissions is the single most important need to ensure food system resilience, but ...

#ClimateCrisis #food #farming #ClimateAction
Local food, community supported agriculture, gardening will all play critical roles going forward-

If you aren't already, do learn and pay attention to growing your own food, #permaculture, #savesoil, #regenerativeagriculture & related initiatives

I have found these books (amongst many others) to be particularly helpful on #gardening-……

anything by Martin Crawford…

➡️Please share some of your favorite resources too!⬅️

#food #ClimateChange
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With heat waves raging across the globe, more and more people are eager to take #ClimateAction.

Today, we share ten impactful action steps recommended by @EarthHeroOrg and @ProjectDrawdown to tackle the #ClimateCrisis and some recommendations on how to implement them.👇 1/12 Image
The @EarthHero app helps users set targets to reduce #emissions relative to global averages and #IPCC recommendations.

The app also includes action steps that involve working together, advocating for change, and holding decision-makers accountable. 2/12 Image
Action #1: Plant-Based Diets

@EarthHero identifies #PlantBased diet as one of the most effective ways to slow #ClimateChange and protect planetary health.

Browse our "Dietary Change" resources to put this step into practice:
3/12… Image
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Divonne-les-Bains : Karin Schneider, l'insolente qui fait du vin ...
Elle réfléchit déjà au vin qu'elle veut faire l'année prochaine, certainement avec du raisin en culture biologique ou en biodynamique.… #biodynamie
Le Hofgut Rengoldshausen célèbre 800 ans de ferme et 90 ans d'agriculture biodynamique. Depuis la fondation au XIIIe siècle, une ferme progressiste s'est développée et les femmes sont toujours influentes. #Biodynamique…
Château d’Estoublon: le jardin provençal du couple Bruni-Sarkozy Depuis longtemps conduite en agriculture biologique, les vignes se voient appliquer les principes de la biodynamie depuis quelques années.… Image
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गुना (मध्य प्रदेश) के रुठिआई गांव के 44 वर्षीय केदार सैनी एक गरीब किसान परिवार से आते हैं। लेकिन पर्यावरण के प्रति उनका जो लगाव है, वह उन्हें काफी खास बना देता है। वह पेड़-पौधों और देसी बीज के विषय में बेहद अच्छी जानकारी रखते हैं और
(2/5)इसका इस्तेमाल करके वह शहर में हरियाली भी फैला रहे हैं। साल 2019 से वह गेल इंडिया और प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना जैसे प्रोजेक्ट्स पर पौधे लगाने का काम कर रहे हैं।

अपने पौधों के प्रति लगाव के कारण ही वह दुर्लभ सब्जियों, फलों और जड़ी-बूटियों आदि के बीज इकट्ठा
(3/5)करने का काम भी करते हैं। आपको जानकर आश्चर्य होगा कि वह इन बीजों को साल 2013 से न सिर्फ जमा कर रहे हैं, बल्कि जरूरमंद किसानों को मुफ्त में बाँट भी रहे हैं।

केदार ने द बेटर इंडिया से बात करते हुए बताया, “मैंने अब तक देश के 17 राज्यों में अलग-अलग किसानों को डाक के
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Thread: This drawing was inspired by my 4y old niece & her favourite Halloween costume. She’s a bit of a character & very direct. I was capturing a child’s love of the wonder of things & how they treat the exceptional with complete acceptance. It’s about the magic of life!
This original ink drawing is on paper & is 29.7 x 42cm [11.7 x 16.5 inches]. A3. Click the link below for detailed specifications. I ship via registered post or courier. It’s just €149/£133

It is available to purchase before June 30th.
You can purchase the work in my Etsy store. Click the image below for more details & to buy:

#gardening #Flowers #Hare #Rabbit #Magic #Child #FairyTale

The Little Girl & the Hare (2022)
Buy here:
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Thread: Some of the most exotic & beautiful of Irish wild flowers are orchids. You can find them in ancient grasslands, bogs, woods & other semi-natural sites. Many are very rare. Here I’ve taken three examples & presented them in vibrant unique colours.
This original ink drawing is on paper & is 29.7 x 42cm [11.7 x 16.5 inches]. A3. Click the link below for detailed specifications. I ship via registered post or courier. It’s just €149/£133

It is available to purchase before June 30th.
You can purchase the work in my Etsy store. Click the image below for more details & to buy:

#gardening #Flowers #SweetPea

Yellow and Pink Sweet Pea Flowers (2021)
Buy here:
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Thread: As I’ve spent decades conserving the native plants & animals of Britain & Ireland it’s not surprising that they regularly pop up in my art. Here robins & tulips form a vibrant pattern Image
This original ink drawing is on paper & is 29.7 x 42cm [11.7 x 16.5 inches]. A3. Click the link below for detailed specifications. I ship via registered post or courier. It’s just €149/£133

It is available to purchase before June 30th. ImageImage
You can purchase the work in my Etsy store. Click the link below for more details & to buy:

#gardening #flowers #robin #nature #wildlife #bird

The Robin Tree (2021)
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Thread: My favourite early Irish poem (7thC AD, translated by Seamus Heaney)

‘A wall of forest looms above
and sweetly the blackbird sings;
all the birds make melody
over me and my books and things’
This original ink drawing is on paper & is 29.7 x 42cm [11.7 x 16.5 inches]. A3. Click the link below for detailed specifications. I ship via registered post or courier. It’s just €149/£133

It is available to purchase before June 30th.
You can purchase the work in my Etsy store. Click the link below for more details & to buy:

#gardening #flowers #blackbird #nature #wildlife #bird

Irish Blackbird in a Cherry Tree (2021)
Buy here:
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I love my garden 🪴. (1/25 😂)
( Thread 🧵) ImageImageImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/06/2021…
Meet Doug, a beloved 17-pound ugly New Zealand potato that’s possibly the world’s biggest…

#potatoes #gardening #GuinessRecords #NewZealand
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@GWmag @TheMontyDon @Telegraph No surprises that ‘attack’ featured heavily from then on, such is the venom that’s on tap from our #gardening & #horticulture industries. And then came wild, chest-thumping talk (yawn) of ‘boycotts’ of @GWmag 👇So we won’t engage with what @TheMontyDon says, we’ll ‘fight back'
@GWmag @TheMontyDon @Telegraph and show him who’s boss (even if we know we’re doing the wrong thing by mining peat, destroying habitat & adding to #climatechaos, because profit comes before everything else). One of the few media outlets that treated the story with honesty was @Independent w/ this headline
@GWmag @TheMontyDon @Telegraph @Independent That was a bit more like it. No invective toward @TheMontyDon, pinpointing of industry/gov failure to end peat use & mention of how using peat is adding to our #ClimateCrisis. What’s not to like? @thetimes’s stab at covering the ‘story’ couldn’t resist an invidious touch:
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This is a thread about the toxicity that permeates the UK #gardening & #horticulture industries. In the current issue of @GWmag @TheMontyDon pointed out that retailers are ‘actively choosing to do harm’ if they sell peat, peat-based compost or plants grown in peat. He was stating
@GWmag @TheMontyDon the obvious. It’s a scientific fact that peat bogs release their stored carbon when they are drained & mined. FACT. More carbon means more #climatechaos. Carbon set free by its use in #gardening doesn’t hide away. It’s all driving our #ClimateEmergency. @TheMontyDon was saying
@GWmag @TheMontyDon in plain terms, that if your an industry that’s still digging up peat and releasing carbon, and adding to #ClimateBreakdown, then you’re part of the problem we all share. Let’s not forget that no gardener needs peat to succeed & that modern & reliable #peatfree mixes exist, and
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Thread: I got some fantastic news today so am going to pay it forward by doing a special Friday deal. Your chance to own an original collection of three of my bird drawings for the price of one! Take a look! Image
As part of my Affordable Art Project my original drawings are just €149 each (£133/$177). But this group are only €149 for the three. There’s free shipping worldwide. (A3 sized; 11.7x16.5 inches)

Buy here in my Etsy Shop:
A Dublin Jay (2020) #birdwatching ImageImageImage
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Amongst the many little pleasures of life that are so underrated , #gardening tops my list .

It is astounding as to why I never tried my hand at it prior to 2019 despite being a #nature lover !
Oh! The joy it brings is unfathomable mostly! :))
+ ImageImage
From tending them with love to methodically pruning & feeding them , at times singing to them almost cajoling them to grow quickly to watching them dance ....

Life seems much more beautiful being around my tiny lil garden playing peekaboo my plants !!
+ ImageImage
The sweet scent of that freshly watered soil , the friendly banter I have with them whilst sipping on my morning tea , at times admonishing myself ; sometimes others ' ....
Sometimes just being ....
At times staring at the soil waiting for the shoots to appear !!
+ ImageImage
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1/ Beetroot leaves & yellow flowers.

This captures the messiness of our garden. We have good intentions with the planting of veg and bulbs, but then it becomes haphazard. There is not a lot of weeding as we love seeing what flowers appear from 'weeds'!

#LifeAfterChildlessness Image
2/ We have both got closer to nature and that feels part of our healing and plan b. Nature and being outdoors would had played a big part in our children's lives, well we would had least offered them the opportunities.

#ChildlessNotByChoice #InvisibleGrief
3/ Now we are living a life without children it feels we are very much offering a home to nature by being messy in our garden. Accepting the wildness of our life unexpected.

#PlanB #ChildlessCommunity #Healing #Growth #Gardening
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1/3 As promised, the first in a series of nature photos & any associated thoughts on being childless not by choice

#NatureConnection Image
2/3 Allium. I planted a load of bulbs last October/November time and we were really surprised when these popped up in the garden as I had forgotten what bulbs I had planted! I just wanted to add colour to our garden for us and pollen for insects.
3/3 I do feel I have developed a deeper relationship with nature due to being childless, as it is a chance to nurture, to care, to help. It also feels healing.

What do you do to help with the loss?
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Coronavirus Showed That America Wasn't Up to the Task - The Atlantic…
Antibody testing will enhance the power and accuracy of COVID-19-prevention trials | Nature Medicine…
#testing #accuracy #trials #serological #antibody
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#LockdownZim Diary 📔 To keep myself and the kids sane in these 21 days, we will be looking for Bugs, Pests and Beetle in the garden 🐜 🐛 🕷 #Covid19Zim
Day 1
Scary hairy caterpillars. Almost started WW3 with neighbor becoz they hatch in a large Strangler Tree in my yard! ImageImage
Day 2
She’s a beauty, isn’t she? But could turn out a pest when she molts 😬. There’re lots like that 🤣😜 Image
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🌳What a #NationalParkCity festival! 🙌🌈

🌹We've had fun listing London's fantastic #parks and all the activities going on in them. Check out those lists below and keep sharing your favourites. 🏊‍♀️

⛹️‍♂️Discover more on our Big Green London Map 🥅
Best #London park for a swim this weekend?
🏊‍♂️Beautiful lidos & natural ponds for #wildswimming
Learn to #BMX in your local park. Some great tracks at:

Haggerston Park
Richmond Park
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
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