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...and the Autumn Equinox; a time ancients believed held greatest danger of life-giving Sun leaving its course, not returning to Spring, so practiced magical rites to petition it.

Pure white light *minus* green (Nature) leaves magenta.

Hence why magenta chosen for "transgender"
"The Kabbalistic an androgyne.

The ideal Kabbalistic form is a .. oxymoronic 'male androgyne,' with .. the #female [Nature, Love, Mother] being, at most, a temporary manifestation of the human/cosmic form to be #erased at the time of redemption."

If you wish to understand *why* you are noticing so many examples of reality and the truth seeming to be inverted, reversed, turned upside down, the "exact opposite" of what is presented, this is why.

The Matrix we live in, is run by Cabalist 'magicians'.
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Post vom #Finanzamt.

Ich soll einen Fragebogen zu meiner #Sexarbeit ausfüllen. Ich habe Fragen dazu und rufe an.

Habe das Aktenzeichen noch nicht zuende aufgesagt, da bricht am anderen Ende der Leitung schallendes Gelächter aus.

Ich: Darf ich fragen, warum Sie lachen?
Herr X aus dem #Finanzamt: (kichert weiter) Ach, nur so.

Ich: Nur so? Was meinen Sie damit?

Herr X: (beruhigt sich langsam) Na, ich erinnere mich noch an den "Fall".

Ich: Achja? Was ist denn der "Fall"?

Herr X: Uns im Finanzamt XY war bislang nicht bekannt, (...)
Herr X: ...dass Sie einem #Prostitutionsgewerbe nachgehen. Das hat uns soeben erst das Finanzamt YZ aus ihrem vorigen Wohnbezirk mitgeteilt.

Im Laufe des Gesprächs stellt sich heraus, dass der offensichtliche Grund für die Belustigung von Herr X die Tatsache ist, (...)
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While I’m on the subject of strangers being weird. Here’s a #thread on a #homophobic #microaggression I experienced, also from this @HiltonHotels hotel I’m in. It includes some thoughts on behavior for #customerservice folks.
So I am in Houston where one of my partners lives. My partner is a white non-binary femme & we had spent the day together before I checked into the hotel yesterday. The person checking us in said “Are you two together?” and I said yes.
The front desk person began checking me in and then said “Do you want a double suite?” I didn’t understand & asked them to repeat. The person said “You’re registered for a king bed, do you want a double suite instead? With two beds?”
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I have always felt so out of place in the #queer community because #gay men can be so cruel to each other. I imagine its similar to what women experience every day in the criticism they receive by their peers and the media. I have never been the person who gets hit on at the bar,
...My friends were always chosen over me by romantic prospects. Existing as a gay man can be very isolating if you don’t live up to expectations women are expected to abide by; you have to look a certain way, you have to fit a certain gender role expectation.
Recently, I have been building relationships with other gay men, some I’ve known for years and some I’ve met online in spheres usually meant for hooking up rather than friendships. These relationships have been integral to what I hope to be a pattern of growth I am in.
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I’m thrilled to announce that I am now a board member for @AboutFreedomInc, #MadisonWI’s leading queer, feminist racial justice organization. I’m wearing the shirt I got at my first board meeting today!
Freedom Inc. is a #queer & #feminist led #Black and Southeast #Asian organization which focuses on leadership development, community organizing, particularly among youth, elders and survivors of violence.
I have been so impressed with their work in my 2 years in Madison & was thrilled when I was asked to join their board. This is one way I am working to bridge the gap between academia & activism in my life and use the privileges of my position as a tenure track prof.
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I am so tired but here is a picture of when I was not yet tired & tossing a glitter ball in the air while wearing fishnets & rainbow booty shorts & fairy boots at #madtownpride19 today! #pride #queer #madisonwi
I was required to wear a volunteer shirt, so I went all out on the bottom half of my body. 😂🤣😂
Closer look at these fairy boots because they are just so great. 😍
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Why do monosexual people (in my experience particularly cis het men) ask pan/queer/bi people which gender they prefer? Men keep asking me this on dating sites. I truly don’t understand what they are trying to uncover with this question.
If I say men, does that make them feel more secure? If I say women, does that make them feel like they have to work harder or do they feel special to be a man dating a woman who prefers women? And what if I said I prefer non-binary folks? Would they even get it?
I think this question baffles me too bc I’ve had more sex w/ men, but more sustained intimate relationships w/ women & prefer the company of women & non-binary ppl socially. So are folks asking about a sexual, social, or romantic gender preference? Do they know the difference?
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1/ Today is day 2 of our #pride series focusing on #lgbtq+ health, and we’re going to spend today reviewing some important terms. #MedTwitter
2/ Let’s start with what we will affectionately call the alphabet soup. “LGBT” is likely familiar to many, but what people say after the T varies from person to person both in form and meaning.
3/ Terms one might see after LGBT include:
❤️Q: queer, and/or questioning (one’s sexuality, gender identity, etc.)
🧡I: intersex
💚A: asexual, agender and/or ally
💙+: meant to include any and all other identities not already included in the previous letters.
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Introducing my #the100dayproject inspired by @QMUNITY and my fellow #ADE @Sharon_Drummond. 100 days, 100 GIFs, 100 queer terms to educate and connect our community and allies. All GIFs created with #AppleKeynote and will be compiled on @GIPHY :… @AppleEDU
Day 1: QUEER - widely used among the community to refer to the spectrum of non-heterosexual +/ non-cisgender ppl as a shorthand. Important - this is RECLAIMED language that was/is still used as a hate term. #pride #education @QMUNITY @sogiUBC Follow along ———> #100daysofQueer
DAY 2: HETERONORMATIVE - social roles & structures that reinforce idea that heterosexuality is the presumed norm and is superior to other sexual orientations. #pride #education #sogi #humanrights @QMUNITY @sogiUBC @HRC

Follow along —-> #100daysofQueer created on #AppleKeynote
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This #PrideMonth please remember that if your Pride event isn’t accessible, affordable, & inviting to trans people, non-binary folks & people of color then it’s not for the entire LBGTQIA community.
This means wheelchair accessibility. This means ASL interpreters. This means NO COPS. This means gender neutral restrooms. This means hosts who don’t make racist, sexist, ableist, transphobic, fatphobic or classist jokes.
Vet your venue. Vet your people. Make Pride great for all of us. Except straight people. Pride isn’t for straight people. (I mean, you can come I guess, but I’m not interested in making Pride comfortable for heteros. Don’t @ me on this)
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Today I am headed to my local #MadisonWI @PFLAG meeting where I was invited to be their guest speaker this month. It’s an honor to do this bc I know how much it would have meant to me to come out earlier in life & have a supportive parent in that process.
I am the kind of person who gets teary-eyed every year at a Pride when I see young #queer kids looking happy & free AF. For those kids to exist we need orgs like @PFLAG which provide support & resources to educate & create community for parents of queer kids.
As our society changes, perhaps we’ll have a generation of adults fully open & prepared to parent queer & trans youth, but in the meantime we need these resources to help parents learn how to support LBGTQ+ kids. Hell, I wish my mom would go to a PFLAG meeting & I’m 32 years old!
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Attention #QTPOC (queer & trans people of color) in #Wisconsin! @OurLivesMadison is asking for you to submit an image of yourself for a special QTPOC Feature in this year’s Pride edition of the magazine. Please share widely!
To be clear, to participate you must live in Wisconsin and identify as a person of color (non-white) & a member of the LBGTQIA+ community (not allies). Please tag anyone who know who qualifies!
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#MadisonWI elects it’s first lesbian mayor and it’s first all-woman school board tonight. Proud to have each of these elected officials. Excited for Madison’s queer feminist future, perhaps it will be one that actually begins to address the massive racial issues in the city.
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Thread: I know it’s a small thing, but I just watched the new episode of @GreysABC where a patient character uses they/them #pronouns & Richard (@JamesPickensJR) struggles with it initially. While Jackson (@iJesseWilliams) doesn’t because, #WokeBae, duh.…
I know that for some viewers, this may have been their first introduction to #genderqueer & #nonbinary people or the concept of asking someone’s pronouns. It’s been happening in #queer & #feminist spaces for years. But this is mainstream. Majorly mainstream.
And for many genderqueer & non-binary folks, this may be the first time they’ve seen part of their experience represented on screen outside of smaller stage media*
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the latest *soft vowel sounds* (@softvowelsounds) update: two new #BayArea shows, plus a free mp3 of the Bitesize song "Greta Garbo"! -… #queer #bands #music #songs #LGBTQ
of course, the update includes my @softvowelsounds show this Saturday, March 9th, 6-10pm-ish at @LaughingMonkSF! the other bands will be @PolyPamBand & Rusty Sunsets (@esten)! FB invite here:… #queer #bands #music #LGBTQ #transgender
...btw, if you just want to listen to the song without downloading it, here it is on Bandcamp:… – I plan to do my mash-up of "Greta Garbo" & The Smiths' classic "Ask" at the show, so don't miss it! #queer #bands #music #LGBTQ
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If you wanna go down this road, let's fuckin go. The way I replied was kind of joking, but I'm proudly #queer. *Cracks knuckles* also gonna tag @C_Stroop because he's kind of the reason I discovered the #exvangelical and #ExposeChristianSchools side of Twitter.
1) I attended Christian college for 3 years, and was raised in the church. I've read the Bible pretty extensively. I've also studied translations, corruption surrounding what books got "approved", corruption in the church over time, and lemme tell you right now context matters.
And before you say "no it doesn't" in order to justify your homophobia, you don't get to pick and choose where and when historical context and the original translations matter. Which is one of the reasons I hate topical preaching, but that's another story.
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Friendship IS romance. Queer folks know this. Polyamorous folks know this. You can have friend crushes. You can friend woo someone. Friendship IS romance.
If your friendships lack romance you have shitty friends. My friends take care of me when I am sick. We take each other on friend dates. We buy each other gifts. We LOVE each other deeply. Just because there isn’t sexual involved doesn’t mean it’s not romance or real love.
I need more of us to reject the heteropartiarchal narrative even if you choose to be straight or monogamous. Practice queer poly love in your friendships. Have deep relationships of all sorts that you value!
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a periodic reminder that I have a Patreon if you wish to support my work & writings. for as little as $1 per month! at higher pledge levels, you may be eligible for rewards, such as free eBooks or signed copies of any of my previous books...…
Patreon is basically what allows me to write pieces that most mainstream news & media outlets wouldn't allow me to publish – for example, my latest: Origins of "Social Contagion" and "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria"… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ
many other Patreon-supported essays can be found on my Medium page. unlike many Medium pieces, none of these are monetized (thanks to my patrons), so read as many as you want & freely share them with others!… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #feminism #activism
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Thread on local #racist violence & what we do now:
Recently a white male school teacher abused an 11 year old black girl student, ripping out her braids. This occurred in #MadisonWI.…
I am out of town & unable to attend the community meeting about it today, but the anti-black violence & hatred in Madison is increasingly palpable to me, as someone who has lived there less than 2 years.
@AboutFreedomInc has been fighting to get cops out of schools for over a year now. Their youth squad attends every school board meeting to share stories & ask @MMSDschools to invest in youth of color & youth with disabilities not police.
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Thread on naming, claiming, anachronisms, community, & queer identity:

Y’all know I stan for @OctaviaEButler but she wasn’t a lesbian. She died in 2006 when it would have been relatively acceptable for her to be out, even just privately, as a lesbian.…
People read Butler as lesbian/queer because she was a tall, dark-skinned, deep-voiced woman who valued her writing more than romantic relationships. I appreciate that folks want to claim her. We love her. Hell, if I could find a way to claim she was my distant cousin, I would.
But to retroactively apply the label of lesbian to a person who did not choose that term & who left no evidence (see her papers at @TheHuntington) of sexual/romantic relationships with women, does not help anyone.
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I am #disabled I am #trans I am #queer I am a #survivor

But most obviously, I am #white

And because of the most obvious part of who I am, I will always be elevated over the people of color in every single one of my communities.
This is true for every single white person who is part of any one or multiple marginalized groups.

Our voices are always heard first and foremost. Yet the racial disparity in our communities is rarely, if ever, discussed.
So often, white people dominate and push ourselves to the for front of each of our #communities

We make spaces that should be open to everyone, only truly welcoming to white people. Instead of boosting the voices of our most marginalized, we silence them
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the latest *soft vowel sounds* (aka, my solo music project) email update is out: "new *svs* music video & surprise final show of 2018!" read it here:… #trans #LGBTQ #queer #bands #music #noisepop
btw, you can watch the new music video directly here – it's my rendition of the Cheap Trick song "Surrender", although I changed the lyrics (for reasons explained in the video) to make a somewhat new song called "Cisgender"... #trans #transgender #LGBTQ
...& the live show will be Sunday, December 30th at @ivyroomalbany! it will be me (aka, @softvowelsounds), plus @PolyPamBand & Scorpio Moon. show starts at 4pm sharp, followed by #queer karaoke hosted by @karaokewithdana! Details here:… #LGBTQ #bands #music
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I just uploaded a new music video! *soft vowel sounds* (aka, me) doing a cover of sorts: "Cisgender" (based on the classic Cheap Trick song, albeit with the lyrics "trans-ed"... #transgender #queer #LGBTQ #music #bands
for those of you in the SF Bay Area, I'll be playing "Cisgender" live again on December 30th at the Ivy Room, details here:…
I just posted about both the music video & the December 30th show on Patreon - please consider supporting me there if you appreciate my writings, music, activism, etc...
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Hey come see me play live music (as @softvowelsounds) next Friday Dec. 14th at @OaklandOctopus! the other bands will be @PolyPamBand & @aminashareefali, 9:30pm $8-10 NOTAFLOF. more details in FB invite:… #queer #bands #music #noisepop poster for live music show described in the tweet
as always if you are unfamiliar with my music, you can listen to & download it for free here:
also, if you wanna be on my @softvowelsounds music email list (and receive free mp3s of my songs with each update!) you can do so at this link: #queer #bands #music #songs #LGBTQ
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