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More mascot/furry/fursuit wisdom, this time from @SoatakDhole who knows me as 'peri', but not Jamie because even on 'English' twitter, my being deaf/hoh is a greater barrier to my participation in technical discussions of being #queer than my actual BArts.…
Like: it might be 'fun' to people like @tpateck or '@hackernews' or '@reddit' or '@ycombinator' types to note that this isn't news to them. None of it was news to me when I was literally living hand to mouth without recourse to funds at @columbia Uni in 2003-2008.
I didn't 'grow up' wanting to be a Hacker/Cracker. I wanted to fucking paint my comics in peace. But the second you mention off of either of the Orange Hell Sites with zero moderation that you actually know this shit?

They harass you off for being a #woman/#man/#queer.
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1⃣Vor etwa einem Monat sprang ein Funke über. Tausende Menschen in #Armut haben begonnen in über 150.000 Tweets unter dem Hashtag #IchBinArmutsbetroffen ihre Geschichten zu Teilen, stellen sich vor und überwinden ihre Scham. Das verdient #Respekt, Anerkennung und Aufmerksamkeit.
2⃣Was erhalten Menschen, die zu oft unsichtbar sind in ‹Einem Land, in dem wir gut und gerne leben›? Kaum Aufmerksamkeit, aber Häme und zu wenig #Respekt.
Der Petition schlossen sich z.B. @VoltDeutschland, @Piratenpartei, @dieLinke und @gruene_jugend an. Die Ampel schweigt.
3⃣Einige Kommentatoren unterstellen #IchBinArmutsbetroffen nur falsch gewählt zu haben – aber mal ehrlich, welche Partei sollten sie denn wählen, wenn keine Partei sie wahrnimmt, ernstnimmt oder mit ihnen spricht? Wisst ihr was schlimm ist?
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Guten Morgen ihr Lieben, ich hoffe ihr habt besser geschlafen.

Mein vorletzter Tag als @einwortmehr hat begonnen. Im DM Fach sind noch ein paar eurer Lebensgeschichten, die noch erzählt werden wollen.

Auch nach dieser Woche möchte ich euch eine Stimme geben. ↘️
Eure Geschichten erzählen, euch Worte geben.
Jeder von euch ist wichtig. Jeder muss gehört werden.
#IchBinArmutsbetroffen darf nicht verstummen. Die ersten Medien haben das Thema aufgegriffen.
Es müssen mehr werden. Wir müssen mit den Vorurteilen aufräumen.↘️
Denn wenn der Großteil der Bevölkerung versteht, was #IchBinArmutsbetroffen wirklich bedeutet und auch sie jederzeit treffen kann, dass wir genauso sind wie sie, mit Träumen, Wünschen und Zielen, unsere Kinder sind wie ihre Kinder, erst dann beginnt ein Umdenken.↘️
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Vor zwei Tagen sprang ein Funke über. Tausende Menschen in #Armut haben begonnen unter dem Hashtag #IchBinArmutsbetroffen ihre Geschichten zu Teilen, stellen sich vor und überwinden ihre Scham. Das verdient #Respekt, Anerkennung und Aufmerksamkeit.🧵
Was erhalten Menschen, die zu oft unsichtbar sind in ‹Einem Land, in dem wir gut und gerne leben›? Kaum Aufmerksamkeit, aber Häme und zu wenig #Respekt. Keine (!) Partei bezog Stellung. Welche Partei sollten #IchBinArmutsbetroffen wählen, wenn sie ignoriert werden?
Einige Kommentatoren unterstellen #IchBinArmutsbetroffen nur falsch gewählt zu haben – aber mal ehrlich, welche Partei sollten sie denn wählen, wenn keine Partei sie wahrnimmt, ernstnimmt oder mit ihnen spricht? Wisst ihr was schlimm ist?
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If you define as #queer then you disgust me because you disrespect all the gay, bi and straight men who have been beaten and killed as a result of that SLUR.

You’re not part of the progressive LGB community.

This is what queer means: Image
Just to make clear, this is not me
Why am I using his picture? To make a point that the word queer has real life, damaging consequences.
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Para los y las que están abiertos a escuchar y reflexionar sobre lo #queer, dejo este hilo de recomendaciones. Yo estuve meses buscando sobre el tema hasta tener las ideas claras, así que me parece importante hacer este recopilatorio: feliz #peaktrans a todo el mundo: 👇🧵
Para empezar, os dejo un super blog con varios artículos donde se analizan la teoría queer, el intrusismo en el mov. feminista, la disforia, etc etc etc. Fue esencial en mi #peaktrans y está muy bien explicado:…
Tal vez os suene el libro "Nadie nace en un cuerpo equivocado" de @Jose__Errasti y Marino Pérez de la editorial @EdicionesDeusto . Aquí un vídeo para abriros el apetito hasta que consigáis el libro:
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We need to talk about #gender.
So, there is a lot of stuff going around right now about identity, gender, presentation, sex and what it all means. Being unemployed and passionate about this topic, I have made a thread to explain. Having access to photoshop means pictures.
Many people have done this before me, but I feel like this will be the simplest way of explaining things.
Imagine a world where beings appear to be red or yellow. A variety of shades of this (magenta, scarlet, lemon, daffodil), but they are roughly able to be grouped.
About 1 in every 100 are orange, or amber or blood orange. These are told 'well you are red or yellow', and get pushed into one side or the other. It's a spectrum, but the world sees it as a binary.
This is how sex works.
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🧵PHOTOS🧵Retour en images sur la marche féministe parisienne du #8mars2022
1/ Femmage aux Amériques latines & aux #Zapatistes pour commencer💜
@NousToutesOrg @chianteuses @Joh_Jokiera @BisounoursDeter @ZapatistaOrg
2/ Résistance à l'agression publicitaire #suffragetttes #LouiseMichel Ni #Patrie ni #Patriarcat ni #Mari ni #Macron ni #Maton
3/ De toutes les #couleurs & de toutes les #formes 💛🧡❤️💚💙💜🖤
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Gegen Annexionen und imperiale Aggression - Erklärung der Autonomen Aktion [#Russland] - Weiterlesen:… #Ukraine #antireport
"Ich träume von einer nachhaltigen und friedlichen Gesellschaft ohne Staaten, aber die russische Aggression zwingt mich, in die Armee einzutreten" [#Ukraine] - Weiterlesen:… Image
Soldat*in! Der Feind ist in #Minsk, nicht in #Kiew! [#Belarus] - Weiterlesen:… #Russland #Ukraine #antireport
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Der Koalitionsvertrag der #Ampel steht! 🚦

Und im Bereich #Queer kommt der Aufbruch, den wir versprochen haben. Das werden vier gute Jahre für Vielfalt, Selbstbestimmung und gleiche Rechte. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Das steht drin:

(Thread 👇)
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(@manijadegarcia) #Compassion thread here, discussing ideas for survival, stress management, joy & healing using the acronym ACCESS to organize the ideas.

Be back after a break to dig in! 🥰


(@manijadegarcia) #Compassion to me is like creating welcoming, gentle internal space for the things I am #accepting—so I can be curious instead of judgemental about them. I'm reminded of indigenous views of trauma as "wisdom" & a "teacher," that can lead us to healing.

(@manijadegarcia) #compassion & #acceptance are closely related in my experience, like a bi-directional positive correlation, (increasing either can increase the other—try not to get hung up on stats "rules.") & #SelfCompassion is super powerful for general #MentalWellness.

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Uma nova era está começando para Jon Kent, o filho de Clark Kent e atual #Superman dos quadrinhos da DC Comics. O herói de 17 anos, o que seria um geração Z se a trama se passasse nos dias atuais, vai apresentar o namorado.…
Segundo informações publicadas pelo portal “IGN”, a revelação virá na HQ “Superman: Son of Kal-El # 5”. O filho do icônico repórter namora o ativista e hacker Jay Nakamura. Ele já chega à vida do personagem com direito a um beijo carinhoso.
“Ao longo dos anos nesta indústria, provavelmente não irá surpreendê-lo saber que rejeitei personagens e histórias #queer. Estamos em um lugar muito diferente e muito mais bem-vindo hoje do que éramos há dez, ou mesmo cinco anos”, disse o quadrinista Tom Taylor ao veículo.
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I did not expect that in the days between #biweek and the @BECAUSEConf, a leading representative from a #bisexual organization would painfully erase #pansexual people and reignite the tired #bisexual vs. #pansexual label wars on social media. But here we are.
At this time, I think it is important that #bisexual leaders who organize #bisexual, #pansexual, #queer, #fluid and otherwise #nonmonosexual (sometimes known as "bi+") communities online and/or in person speak out to affirm that #pansexual people are valid.
Some suggestions about how to avoid causing pain regarding labels. First, if you don't use a label, don't define it. Not #pansexual? Don't define #pansexuality. Not #bisexual? Don't define #bisexuality. This places definitional autonomy where it belongs: w/ ppl who use the label.
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my fav part about being a cute girl is telling other girls they are cute too!!! 💙🌷💜 Image
*** i lied, the best part of being a cute girl is hooking up with babes

#sanjunipero #t4t #transjunipero
"god damn it, this is the girl."
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This will seem like a very odd decision for anyone familiar with LGB Alliance's social media profile. Taking a first glance at @ChtyCommission's reasoning here's what strikes me as key. Others may have more insight...
Firstly, it seems that much of LGB Alliance's historic social media output runs directly contrary to some their started charitable aims, notably the fact that they spend a lot of time denying and denigrating #bisexuality. Thread: .
This ought to have been a red flag for the @ChtyCommission as in section 41, they specifically commented on whether or not the LGB Alliance was a "sham" and, in section 42, concluded that there was "no evidence".

This begs the question: what evidence do they need, exactly?
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#DetransAwarenessDay is trending.
It's easy for our fears impermanence and making the "wrong" decisions for our bodyminds to surge to the surface.
Deep breaths. Check in with your body's wisdom. I believe you in all of your truths. #TransIsBeautiful #NonbinaryPride #Agender
If you're a trans or nonbinary (++) survivor of sexual or intimate partner violence whose heart feels as heavy as mine does today, I encourage you to check out the resources at @FORGEforward (, including the survivor blog:
If you're looking for #trans and #nonbinary affirming mental health/mental illness/Madness support that doesn't rely on calling the cops, I'd strongly recommend you check out and support @fireweedHJ and @projectlets! #NeurodiverseSquad
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I found out that the person in charge of the job that I left (because of a toxic/ableist environment) shared the social media posts I made (about my resignation) with the team and said I was unprofessional.

This demonstrates a huge difference in how we operate. I believe in transparency & accountability. It’s how I’ve gained my reputation & community trust. My work belongs my communities. Plus, I was very diplomatic and held back in what I posted.

#transparency #accountability
It’s frustrating because accountability & self-reflection are what that project needs. He goes after me instead of addressing the real problem & focusing on self-reflection (after losing two queer, disabled consultants who said the environment was too toxic)
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“Waaaaah! Waaaaah!” The first initial joyous cries of a newborn are followed by the
proclamation of, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” Upon a cursory look at a newborn’s genitalia,...

#trans #mtf #transgender #transsexual #sculpture #representation #art


1/4 Image
the infant’s #sex is identified and declared as either male or female. While this is a seemingly trivial
moment, for #transgender individuals it is a defining moment they cannot escape for the rest of
their live....

Transgender individuals are often confused as #homosexual, #crossdressers, #gay, #queer, or........

#trans #mtf #transgender #transsexual #statues #sculpture #representation #art
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Intervention hallucinante d'une déléguée #LeRefuge questionnée sur les personnes #queer, #intersexes, #asexuelles et #nonbinaires, enfilant énormité sur énormité avec une désinvolture alarmante et la dérision jamais loin des lèvres.

(vidéo 1/3, montage/sous-titres @OUTrageantes)
Après le nawak complet sur les #queer, le malaise continue sur les personnes #intersexes et #asexuelles, pour qui la déléguée #LeRefuge ne tente même pas de cacher son mépris, ni se sentir bridée par sa totale incompétence.

(vidéo 2/3, montage/sous-titres @OUTrageantes)
Et le bouquet final d'ignorance sur les personnes #nonbinaires, de la part d'une déléguée qui avoue son peu d'appétence pour ce dont elle parle, mais à qui #LeRefuge confie ses Interventions en Milieu Scolaire à La Réunion.

(vidéo 3/3, montage/sous-titres @OUTrageantes)
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El #feminismo entra en conflicto con la la #LeyTrans porque pisotea la liberación de la #mujer.
La opresión es por #sexo.
La herramienta es el #género.
@LauraRdondo y #FeministaIlustrada Image
Ahora quieren que el #género, que nos ha dañado tanto a las mujeres desde que somos niñas, a se convierta en algo neutro que la gente puede elegir.
El @IgualdadGob adultera informes para vender q estamos ante la población más vulnerable del mundo para aprobar esta Ley, cuando el contexto de la violencia contra la mujer es brutal. Lo que están haciendo es invisibilizar la violencia machista e invisibilizando a las víctimas.
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Hello world! It’s @tim_lytc checking in for the morning. I’m a NEW TALENT Fellow on the programme. I’m a Queer dance creative working across theatre, film and creative tech. My work is centred on advocating for gender, health, race and Queer issues.
My #digitalplacemaking research looks at the potentials of combining #Dance & Movement with #CreativeTechnology to create safer spaces for #Queer folks. Check out my page for a little taste of what I've done✨
At the beginning, I was inspired by past work I had done with @LiminaImmersive @SplashAndRipple @lisamaythomas And their approach to bodies and technology - The conscious effort to create comfortable, inclusive spaces, where audiences could escape and connect at the same time.
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Hi! Happy #BiVisibilityDay! Every year for the last 5 years I have said a version of the same thing. This year is no exception. Let's talk bisexuality! (short thread👇)
1) I am #bisexual. To me, this means I can be attracted to people who *are not* of my gender identity, as well as being attracted to people who *are* of my gender identity
2) it does not mean I erase non binary gender identities. The '2' implied by my use of 'bi' is 'like me' & 'not like me'
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Die #NordStream2 Debatte zeigt exemplarisch, welche Politiker:innen populistisch mediengerecht reagieren, Punkte beim Wahlvolk sammeln wollen. Die Situation ist komplizierter, als es auf den ersten Blick erscheint. Ein Einstampfen des Projektes kurz vor Vollendung: Teuer, falsch.
Es fehlen aktuell rund 100km. Internationale Partner, auch Franzosen, sind stark finanziell beteiligt. Hohe Entschädigungsleistungen sind bei Einstellung zu erwarten. Selbstverständlich geht dies zu Lasten der Steuerzahler:innen.
Die Bundesregierungen der vergangenen Jahrzehnte achten schon seit längerer Zeit auf einen Mix von Energie-Importeuren, um eine zu grosse Abhängigkeit zu vermeiden. Und Russland, ja, auch Putin, ist mit Energie für Deutschland ein zuverlässiger Partner.
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