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Et le voile se dévoile !
La virulence des réactions suite à l’appel de @LydiaGuirous contre le burqini de Nike prouve au moins une chose : elle a touché juste.
Premier bilan, thread.⬇️
@LydiaGuirous 1) Comme le sujet est dense, le thread sera long : je mettrai donc une table des matières à la fin.
Il sera question de menaces et d’injures, de l’utilité de la démarche, et de brèves réponses aux principaux arguments pro-voile.
@LydiaGuirous 2) Avoir relayé et soutenu l’initiative de @LydiaGuirous m’a valu mes premières menaces sur twitter, une collection d’injures manquant d’originalité (dont des incitations à l’inceste), pas mal d’invitations à fermer ma gueule. Tout en finesse.
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Speaking of @Nike and Vietnam Sweatshops...

This is from 2016, not late 1990's when @Nike was busted for using Sweatshops, where children were abused and underpaid...



Some things never change @Nike
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1. #News ~ BEAUTIFUL! Military Tanks Arrive in Washington DC for President Trump AND Our Great 4th of July Celebration!!

#Trump #Qanon #Celebration #SaluteToAmerica
#4thJuly2019 #July4th2019 #July4th
2. #News ~ Washington DC: Trump Tanks Rolling In for a Wonderful 4th of July Celebration!!

WATCH Tanks Rolling In >

#Trump #Qanon #SaluteToAmerica #July4th
#4thJuly2019 #July4th2019 #Celebration #Celebrate
3. #News ~ Iran Says ‘Filthy Enemies’ U.S. military should gird themselves for attack by deadly “secret weapons,”…

#Trump #Qanon #Suicidal
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1. #News ~ SLAVE REGISTERS FROM LONDON Name The Slaves Democrat Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned…

#Trump #Qanon #DemDebate @howleyreports
2. #News ~ BUSTED: Keith Ellison Photographed With Portland ANTIFA Leader, Deletes Pro-ANTIFA Tweet…

3. #News ~ Whistle-Blowing Mothers Threatened, Doxxed by Antifa for Exposing Drag Queen Event Teaching Graphic Sex To Children…

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1) Hmmm. #BoycottNike CEO Mark Parker photographed with his art. Remind you of anyone? The Kapernick debacle is making a ton more sense now.

#Qanon proof incoming.

#WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakening #redpill #walkaway

2) #Qanon posted this on Aug 31. The artist's name is Mark Ryden.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakening #redpill #walkaway
3) Then on Sept 4, Nike announced the Kapernick sponsorship.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakening #redpill #walkaway…
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Comparison of tweets over the past 24 hours, per @Sysomos:

#JustDoIt: 503,112
#JustBurnIt: 6,016
Comparison of impact (numbers change as traffic flows):

#JustDoIt: 976.6 million impressions
#JustBurnIt: 50.6 million impressions
#BoycottNike performed a lot better.

125,678 mentions, 522 million impressions.

About one quarter of the mentions on #JustDoIt, and half the reach.
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Wow. Traffic on @Nike after they announced that @Kaepernick7 will be the face of the anniversary #JustDoIt campaign.

If they were aiming for attention, it worked.
Average of 1.4 tweets per user.

66.2% retweets.

Consistent with organic traffic flows, not substantially gamed traffic.
Top hashtags #Nike and #JustDoIt. In third place, but some way behind, #BoycottNike.

Boycott calls are part of the arsenal. Cf. NFL, Keurig, etc.

#maga just edges #colinkeapernick. 1.3% of uses vs 1.2%.
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Ahem...he sacrificed absolutely nothing. He isn't playing ball because no team wants him. Heck, no one is keeping the NFL from hiring him. He simply isn't good. If was, he would be on a with the kneelers. He isn't kneeling for black lives. #BoycottNike #NFL #ColinKaepernick
#Nike and #ColinKaepernick both setting a bad example for losers. Typical liberal, when they can't win they blame the system. They can never accept defeat gracefully.
Why hasn't he taken the knee for the black lives extinguished in Chicago, Baltimore, Detriot, LA or abortion clinics? #ColinKaepernick only wants to take the knee when it involves playing the race card and he can't win and can't accept defeat. #BoycottNike
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I am joining all the #MAGA2018 in #BoycottNike
I am organizing the biggest @NIKE shoe burning event.
My deep state connections tell me these model shoes are the Libs Favorites.
Make them cry.
Nike loses $200 every time you burn these.
let's burn a mountain of NIKE's. Send vids
This event added some new rules:
- up to 4 MAGA2018 can pitch in to buy one pair ( team spirit)
- Willing to postpone until Unemployment checks are received this Friday.
FYI: libs can’t March with them pink socks on their heads if they can’t find Nike shoes at the store. BUY EVERYTHING AND SMASH IT WITH YOUR PICK UP TRUCKS!
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Tagging companies on the list of Planned Murderhood contributors. I am DISGUSTED with every single one of you on this list. Some of the names are really shocking considering the business you are in and the fact that income form those businesses you would spend on killing babies
You ALL participated and most are STILL participating in MURDERING of innocent AMERICAN lives. Your resources could be spent on medical care, childcare, playgrounds, education... Instead you choose to follow the leftist agenda and POWER over doing the RIGHT THING.
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