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1. ¿Qué harían los jugadores del mejor equipo de fútbol del mundo si están atrapados en un aeropuerto? Esta idea llevó a la creación de uno de los mejores anuncios deportivos de la historia. Hoy os contaré la intrahistoria del anuncio de #Nike con la selección de Brasil.
2. Un poco de contexto: a mediados de los 90, Nike decide apostar fuerte por el fútbol. Hasta entonces habían hecho patrocinios casi residuales. Su primera bota de fútbol la crearon en 1971. Costaba 16,99 dólares y fue todo lo contrario a un éxito.
3. A finales de la década de los 70, comenzaron con los patrocinios; apostaron por el club de fútbol de su ciudad natal: Portland. En apenas dos años, firman con 10 asociaciones y tienen en nómina a cerca de 40 jugadores.
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The word "Nike" means different things to different people, to some it's the class in sport, to another; it's the face of minority rights.

Join us on today's #swotsunday as we discuss the SWOT ANALYSIS of @Nike - giant in sport fashion & leader in the world of brand messaging.

- The biggest strength of Nike is that it is an extremely competitive organization with its approach of “Just Do It” slogan for its brand epitomizing its attitude towards business.

It was founded on the principle that it would make shoes for anyone who could walk or run and this has been the guiding philosophy behind Nike. Coupled with its iconic “Swoosh” logo and its equally catchy tagline, Nike’s strength is that it has emerged as a “Can Do” company.
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La campaña de #Nike con #Kapernick es genial; no solamente por que apunta a su demográfico principal sino por ser visionaria. NO es una campaña para ahora, sino para los próximos 20 años.
Detractores de #Kapernick, por más que griten o pataleen, el será recordado como el bueno, el héroe de la situación. A menos que el o Nike cometan algún horrible crimen, no hay nada que puedan hacer para evitar eso.
No hay juez más cruel que la historia, porque la historia no recuerda detalles, sino los grandes trazos. Por eso Mohammed Ali ahora es un héroe cuando se negó a servir en Vietnam.
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Kneeling NFL players are NOT disrespecting the flag or the nation. It's a protest against the excessive force used against people of color by police, and of our failure to hold those guilty of it accountable. I'm a white person who gets that, so I kneel in solidarity. #Nike
I've heard that you like things explained simply. I hope this helps:
Here is another picture:
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Hypocrites. F*ck #Nike
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People are cutting the #Nike swoosh off their clothing, burning their Nike gear, pledging to boycott the company, and otherwise throwing a hissy fit because this company gave a man they despise a job.

Let's go over how we got here:
Kaepernick sat on the bench during the national anthem on August 26, 2016, because he saw the racial disparities in our legal and justice systems and felt that our country—the one our flag and anthem represent—was not living up to its ideals of “liberty and justice for all.”
That simple action created an uproar among people who took it as disrespect for the flag and for the veterans who sacrificed for our freedoms. Controversy ensued.
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Wow. Traffic on @Nike after they announced that @Kaepernick7 will be the face of the anniversary #JustDoIt campaign.

If they were aiming for attention, it worked.
Average of 1.4 tweets per user.

66.2% retweets.

Consistent with organic traffic flows, not substantially gamed traffic.
Top hashtags #Nike and #JustDoIt. In third place, but some way behind, #BoycottNike.

Boycott calls are part of the arsenal. Cf. NFL, Keurig, etc.

#maga just edges #colinkeapernick. 1.3% of uses vs 1.2%.
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Ahem...he sacrificed absolutely nothing. He isn't playing ball because no team wants him. Heck, no one is keeping the NFL from hiring him. He simply isn't good. If was, he would be on a with the kneelers. He isn't kneeling for black lives. #BoycottNike #NFL #ColinKaepernick
#Nike and #ColinKaepernick both setting a bad example for losers. Typical liberal, when they can't win they blame the system. They can never accept defeat gracefully.
Why hasn't he taken the knee for the black lives extinguished in Chicago, Baltimore, Detriot, LA or abortion clinics? #ColinKaepernick only wants to take the knee when it involves playing the race card and he can't win and can't accept defeat. #BoycottNike
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In a blow to the N.F.L., an arbitrator has ruled that Colin @Kaepernick7's collusion case can proceed because he has produced sufficient evidence that the league and its owners colluded to keep the free-agent quarterback off the field #takeaknee
Arbitrator sends Colin #Kaepernick's grievance against the NFL to trial, denying the league's request to throw out the quarterback's claims that owners conspired to keep him out of the league because of his protests of social injustice #takeaknee…
"N.F.L. teams have signed players who have beaten their spouses and run operations that killed dogs for sport, but protesting during the national anthem may prove to be the unforgivable sin, it seems."

Colin #Kaepernick is not going away #TakeAKnee…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings for July 10, 2018
1. University of Colorado Professor Pleads Guilty to Fraud

#OlegVasilyev #LosAlamosNationalLabs #UniversityofColorado…
2. Biopharmaceutical Employees Convicted of Insider Trading

#securitiesfraud #insidertrading #clinicaltrials #JasonChan #SongjiangWang…
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