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Returning to an industry built on the illusion of scarcity during a time of actual scarcity without legal or moral guardrails has traumatic & devastating implications for talent and the future of #Broadway.
Producers already doubling down on take-it-or-leave-it-because-we-know-your-unemployment-runs-out-in-September-and-your-health-insurance-depends-on-working-during-a-global-pandemic-and-oh-we-need-an-answer-tomorrow has the power to decimate an entire generation of artists.
Maintaining equitability and a culture that fosters new waves of talent will require massive socio-economic shifts at the state and federal levels, such as #MedicareForAll and 100% #StudentLoanForgiveness. We’re nowhere close and most theater owners & producers vote against it.
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Listen. It took me years to realize I stopped auditioning for musical theater not bc I was lazy, but bc I was in pain. It wasn’t the rejection—it was walking into a room & being made to feel like your body was unreasonable, that by showing up you were wasting everyone’s time.
It was standing in a row with 30 girls in leotards and LaDucas and watching the casting director’s eyes skip over you as he scanned the line, or mindlessly push your headshot to the rejection pile with without even looking at you long enough to see your face.
It was the urge to walk up to the only other big girl in the holding room & sit in silent camaraderie, while secretly hating she was there. There were only so many “old lady” (or “fat friend” or “clueless teen” or “sassy villain”) roles to go around and they’d never cast you both
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We celebrate that dance is a place where people of different backgrounds can come together around a common love for self expression through movement. But we are watching our dance communities crumble under the divisive ideology of critical theory/identity politics.
There are still racial injustices in the world. We believe that the best way to fight them is to work together as a community and as equals, regardless of skin color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, etc.
We see the racism happening in the classic sense, but we also see the racism happening within woke ideology and we are standing apart from it.
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The (probable*) first lesbian love song on #Broadway, and why its forgotten: a #Pride #queer #history thread
(SPOILER ALERT: it isn’t this )
Despite its queer reputation, Broadway doesn’t have a lot to offer women who love women, which is part of why FUN HOME (and its love song, “Changing My Major to Joan:”) received the tremendous response it did in 2013
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Memory Monday, from Broadway star Stephanie J. Block on THE GRASS HARP (2001-2):

"MTG is incredible, in the sense that artists come together, trusting each other, lifting each other up, supporting each other, and allowing each other to be complete fools in a safe space."
"We all run fast and furious to make the art happen, and those nights that we do get to perform the material, it’s complete magic, because it’s all so fresh – it’s literally at the tips of our fingers and the tips of our tongues, and it’s exciting and wonderful."
"With THE GRASS HARP, my ridiculous character got to make people laugh, got to surprise people, and I wasn’t necessarily given those opportunities before. It was this wonderful glimpse into what I wanted to be and do more often. "
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I only just learned of this terrible loss to #coronavirus - a giant of the theater world. Rest in peace, Terrence McNally. #covid19 #Broadway #theater
How did I miss this huge news from a week ago? It happened when I was on a ventilator myself, fighting #coronavirus. But just because I have no memory of those six days doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. #COVID19
Condolences especially to Terrence’s husband @tkirdahy, a lawyer snd theater producer. Read this portrait of their beautiful relationship:…
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Today, we're starting a tweet series with insights on the impact of #coronavirus and measures such as #socialdistancing, from Numina sensors around the world. We'll start with our own New York City. Follow #numinadaily #coronacount
Midtown Manhattan #NYC maintained typical pedestrian traffic thru 3/11. After @NYGovCuomo announced restrictions on mass gatherings & shutdowns of institutions like #Broadway, we observed steady ⬇️ in ped volumes to now <40% of normal! #numinadaily #coronacount #socialdistancing
When are declines are occurring? Comparing Thurs 3/19 to 3/12 in #NYC, pedestrian & bike lunch & rush hour peaks have flattened. While overall truck volumes are smaller, there is more activity this week in AM hrs, perhaps to meet new delivery demands. #numinadaily #coronacount
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Okay, #broadway twitter. Don’t let me down. I gots a question for you:

What is your favorite #sondheim lyric? Extra points for deep cuts.
My right now mood, which could change any moment as I keep watching Sundays tonight:

“Sundays, disappearing as we look.”
“You would have liked him, Mama, you would. Mama, he paints things. And mama, they’re good. I don’t understand what he does, but Mama, the things that he does, they shimmer and twinkle and buzz. You would have liked it. Him.”
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John McCain’s legacy beautifully honored at @HFXforum, where he was a rockstar for years, as @cindymccain presents a new award in his name. #HISF2018
“We’ve lost his voice now at a time when it was most needed. It’s up to us, now...” - @cindymccain #HISF2018 presenting 1st John McCain award to “the people of Lesbos” for welcoming refugees. “They helped them.”
Gen. Dunford, speaking next, applauds two Boy Scouts from the Greek island Lesbos who helped organized refugee assistance for fleeing migrants arriving at their border and are accepting the inaugural McCain award.
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