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The war on Palestine began with the First Zionist Congress in the 1880s.

The first aliyah to Israel was welcomed by Palestinians, who helped get them established and taught them how to farm.

The Second Aliyah to Palestine were ordered not to do business with, or employ Arabs.
There were sixty years between the First Zionist Congress and the 1948 War.

A LOT happened during those years, but the Holocaust erased that history from our memories.

Zionists targeted an unsuspecting, trusting population. Arabs welcomed their new neighbors.
It's the same story as the colonization of the Americas.

If you've heard about #ReplacementTheory, these are the only real-world examples of it that I've ever seen.

(Every accusation is a personal confession, you see?)
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The 1939 World’s Fair

A Thread


The World of Tomorrow
1939 World’s Fair
Corona Park 🦠
Queens, New York

Here is a map of the 1939 New York World Fair inside a walking cane used to navigate the fairgrounds. ImageImageImage

An exhibit of a utopian political/society model under the event’s motto “The World of Tomorrow". ImageImageImage
The World of Tomorrow

Trump Homes Billboard
1939 World’s Fair
“The Home of Tomorrow”

The Billboard & Flyer both display a large Obelisk that resembles a needle.

The Rx Prescription symbol is clearly shownon the Trump Homes billboard. ImageImage
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ELITE #cannibalism is THROUGHOUT pop culture, of course. Food Network, culinary institutions, magazines, etc.

My family has a lot of "foodies" and "culinarians"--as they are not ALL professionally TRAINED at the #cia C.ulinary I.nstitute of A.merica, like my Auntie Carol.
I had a cousin who acted as my handler, too. Auntie Carol's son. Shanon Levenherz was seen Tweeting about hanging with Emeril... Well, your Phantom is DONE, Shanon. Your gig is up. #broadway #cannibalism #sra #zionism #thesepeoplearesick Image
One time, when I was working for the newer Shell Creek Grill & Wine Bar; head chef, Mark, thought he initiated me by sharing his special order meat with me.

They used to have invite only parties in the back room and underneath, before again, rebranding, and relocating!
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Milton Friedman spawned the Neoliberals & Leo Strauss spawned the Neoconservatives, they coalesced with other groups such as the Zionists revisionists to lead us to where in the West we are today, using United States, NATO & the EU as their hegemon conduits manufacturing enemies.
Russia & Christian Orthodox Church are their current manufactured enemy.
Islamists as manufactured enemy didn't stick, so they shifted to next best one.
Ironically, Prophecy of Christian Orthodox Church having the upper hand until Judgement Day is what they'll unravel instead.
& It continues with Nord Streams 1 & 2 US-Norway sabotage -
The EU brought to its knees by the Straussians...
another excellent article by @voltairenetEn - /thread…
- @meNabster @MELEK7452 What to remember:  - The Straussians are a fanatical sect re
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@inabster @voltairenetEn @MELEK7452 @AZgeopolitics @DeuNachrichten @AJEnglish @mrevgenylebedev @ImranKhanPTI @rterdogan_ar @OECD @guardian @EvaKBartlett A US grouping, constituted around the thought of the philosopher Leo Strauss, controls from now on both the Secretariat of Defense and the Secretariat of State. After having organized many wars since those of Yugoslavia, they imagined the one in Ukraine.
#Straussians #Zionists
@inabster @voltairenetEn @MELEK7452 @AZgeopolitics @DeuNachrichten @AJEnglish @mrevgenylebedev @ImranKhanPTI @rterdogan_ar @OECD @guardian @EvaKBartlett This grouping, this cult, is now manipulating the European Union and is preparing to deprive it of energy sources.
If European leaders do not open their eyes, their alliance with Washington will lead to the collapse of the Union’s economy.
#SabbateanFrankism #NWO #Supremacy
@inabster @voltairenetEn @MELEK7452 @AZgeopolitics @DeuNachrichten @AJEnglish @mrevgenylebedev @ImranKhanPTI @rterdogan_ar @OECD @guardian @EvaKBartlett Beginning in 1949, German Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss taught at University of Chicago. He soon formed a small group of Jewish disciples from among his students.
#LeoStrauss #NobleLie #PNAC #NED #NationalEndowmentforDemocracy
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Some months ago @TheAENetwork warned that the “#Boston Mapping Project” was targeting area colleges for “disruption & dismantlement”—including academic programs, courses, interfaith projects, study abroad to #Israel 🇮🇱, even doxxing faculty.
This ⬇️ was only a matter of time 😩
We released a statement condemning this blatantly #antisemitic project & alerted our faculty members in Massachusetts, who in turn raised concerns with colleagues, university leadership & their local @HillelIntl. The targeting of specific courses & professors is truly scary! 😧😧
Kudos to @DrPaulaJohnson @Wellesley for her strong statement denouncing the Mapping Project! @Wellesley_News should apologize immediately to the campus #Jewish community, & reach out to #learn about Jewish identity, #Zionism, & the Jewish experience. Its editorial is #shameful.
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#Judaism #Palestine

யூதப் பேரினவாதமும் பாலத்தீன தொல்குடியும் - 🧵👇🏽

மத அடிப்படையிலான பேரினவாத அரசியலைப் புரிந்துகொள்ள பாலஸ்தீனத்தின் வரலாற்றுடன் யூதர்களின் வரலாற்றையும் அறிவது தேவையாகிறது.

விவிலியத்தின் (#Bible) பழைய ஏற்பாட்டை புனிதநூலாக ஏற்கும் யூதர்கள், புதிய ஏற்பாட்டை ஏற்கும் கிறித்தவர்கள் நம்பும் 'இயேசுவே தேவதூதன்' என்பதை ஏற்காதோர். யூதர்கள் இயேசுவை இறைதூதராய் ஏற்கமறுத்த காலத்திலிருந்தே மத உரசல்கள் மத்திய கிழக்காசியப் பகுதிகளில் நடந்து வந்துள்ளன.

எளிமையாகச் சொல்லப்போனால் இந்துமதத்தில் மனுநீதியை ஏற்போர், ஏற்காதோர் என்பது போன்றே தான் யூதரும் கிறித்தவரும். மனுநீதி பிறப்பின் அடிப்படையில் பார்ப்பனர் உயர்ந்தோரென்ற கருத்தை வலியுறுத்தவதைப் போன்றே யூதமதம் யூதர்களை கடவுளின் நேரடி பிள்ளைகளாக, உயர்ந்தோராகப் போற்றிக்கொள்கிறது.

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“Political end by litigious means”

In the 49-page ruling, the three-person tribunal comprehensively considered the 10 points of the detailed complaint, brought on behalf of Fraser by high-profile pro-Israel lawyer Anthony Julius.

After dismissing each one of them in detail (“without substance … devoid of any merit … palpably groundless … untenable … obviously hopeless”), the document appears to foreclose the possibility of another such “lawfare” attack ever being brought to court again
“Lessons should be learned from this sorry saga.
We greatly regret that the case was ever brought.
At heart, it represents an impermissible attempt to achieve a political end by litigious means.
It would be very unfortunate if an exercise of this sort were ever repeated”
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#BabriMasjid #🧵- சமத்துவத் தந்தை புரட்சியாளர் #அண்ணல்_அம்பேத்கர் நினைவு நாள் - @thamizharivanAJ மீள்பதிவு.

சமத்துவத்தை விரும்பும் அனைவருக்குமான தலைவரை ஒடுக்கப்பட்ட இனங்களுக்கு மட்டுமான தலைவராக ஆக்கவே இந்துத்துவம் திட்டமிட்டு டிசம்பர் 6, 1992 அன்று பாபர் மசூதியை இடித்தது.

1/ Image
மாட்டு மூத்திரம் குடித்தால் புற்றுநோய் வராது, கொரானாவே ஓடிவிடும் என்றெல்லாம் சிந்திக்கும் கூட்டத்துக்கு எப்படி அம்பேத்கரின் சிந்தனை வெளியை முடக்கிட திட்டமிடும் அளவுக்கான கட்டமைப்பும் கோட்பாடும் வந்தது?

2/ Image
கடந்த நூற்றாண்டில் எழுந்த இந்துத்துவம் எனும் அடிப்படைவாத வலதுசாரிக் கோட்பாட்டுக்கு தந்தையாக பார்க்கப்படும் சாவர்க்கர், ஆங்கிலேயரின் காலை நக்கி சிறைவாசத்திலிருந்து தப்பித்தது மட்டுமல்ல, இந்த கோட்பாட்டையே சியோனிசத்திடமிருந்து தான் ஆட்டையப் போட்டார்.

3/ Image
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Live tweeting @mikeeisenberg’s speech to the impact entrepreneurship summit at 125th anniversary of the first Zionist Congress in Basel. On covenantal capitalism, Herzl’s vision, and the role of Israel in this 🧵
1. Herzl and the first Zionist congress rebirthed a covenant. Now we need to do that again. Israel is proof that dreams need not just be dreams.
2. Herzl’s dream is a reality. We have shared values and sacrifices. We are turning from a startup nation to a scale up nation. Now is the time to build Israel’s new economic covenant.
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A short thread on key arguments in my new book Whatever Happened to Antisemitism? Redefinition and the Myth of the ‘Collective Jew’ which you can buy direct from Pluto Press here /1…
Discussion about #antisemitism is plagued by confusion and bitter argument. In his endorsement of my book @PeterBeinart calls contemporary debate on it ‘both incoherent and appalling . . . a hot mess.’/2
Yet we were told that the 2016 International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (#IHRA) ‘working definition’ of #antisemitism had brought ‘international gold standard’ clarity to its contemporary meaning; that without IHRA it wasn’t possible to fight antisemitism./3
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After a recent speech I made, some took issue with my comparing the antisemitic threat of anti-Zionist orgs, ie @NationalSJP, to that posed by far-right extremist orgs. In a recent @TimesofIsrael piece, I explain how & why anti-Zionism is #antisemitism. 🧵…
To be fair, the threats of the far-left & extreme-right are very different. As @ADL's documented for yrs, far-right extremism is a singularly lethal threat to the Jewish community, other marginalized communities, & to America. But the anti-Zionist far-left is also a major issue.
First, let's define our terms. #Zionism = belief that the Jewish people have the right to self-determination & statehood in their ancestral homeland. The yearning to return to Zion (the biblical term for Israel) has been central to Judaism and Jewish identity for 1000s of years.
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1. Today at 5pm, I was meant to give a lecture, for which I was invited since February, at @mumok_vienna and @akbild for the 'decolonial feminist' programme launched by Verein K.

But, four days ago, I have been CANCELLED under the pressure of pro-Zionist groups in Vienna.
2. So far, all I have been told that the abstract I submitted a long while ago, and was approved by the same 'offensive' and contains 'transgression of discursive boundaries'.

That is, calling #Zionism a #SettlerColonial state is not acceptable in Vienna!!
3. Is this #academia anymore?

I call on all free academics of the world to come forward in condemnation of my cancellation and censorship. This is about the present and future of any critical academic scholarship vis-a-vis the state of Israel.
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This AEN-organized Harvard Faculty statement is in response to @thecrimson's endorsement of #BDS against #Israel. Any faculty member (any rank, any discipline) at @Harvard can sign and share. 👇
The initial signatories are @TheAENetwork Advisory Board members @jessefried, @sapinker, and @LHSummers.
"While we may not agree with every point in this statement, & there are many diverse perspectives among us on issues of 🇮🇱 policy, the boundaries of academic freedom, & the role of universities as political actors, we are united in our opposition to #BDS & @thecrimson's stance."
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“I’m not scared of the ADL or its predictable, racist smear campaigns,” he said. “
It has no moral authority over me or any advocate of Palestinian liberation. I will not negotiate my vocabulary, let alone my character, with defenders of #Zionism, #colonialism, and #apartheid
“I will not negotiate my vocabulary, let alone my character, with defenders of Zionism, colonialism, and apartheid. One look at the organization’s shameful history is enough to strip it of any legitimacy its deceptive name might offer it.”…
The letter of support also argued that the controversy over the poem was changing the subject: discussions about Palestinians’ actual living conditions in the Occupied Territories were being supplanted by debates over wording.
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This @thecrimson editorial endorsing #BDS is beyond disturbing. Contrary to its claims, endorsing BDS does nothing to help Palestinians & only serves to delegitimize Israel’s existence, and isolate & intimidate the Jewish community, especially on campus.…
Moreover, equating #Zionism w/ White Supremacy is outrageously false, & calling Israel an apartheid state is absurd (➡️…). The anti-Israel display mentioned in the piece shows no understanding of the region’s past or present. It just spreads misinformation.
Before publishing blanket statements on such complex and important issues, @thecrimson editors should check their own blind spots in this matter and ask why they deem it necessary to expressly single out the State of Israel.
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صیہونیت (Zionism)
یہودیوں کی ایک نیشنلسٹ تحریک
جس کا مقصد فلسطین میں مسلمانوں کو ختم کر کے صرف ایک یہودی قومی ریاست کی تشکیل ھے۔
یروشلم کےایک پہاڑی علاقے کو صیون کہاجاتا تھا۔ یہ لفظ وہیں سے اخذ شدہ ھے۔
اس تحریک کی ابتداء وسطی یورپ میں انیسویں صدی کے
اواخر میں ھوئی۔
آسٹریا کے ایک صحافی تھیوڈور ہرزل (1860-1904) نے صیہونیت کو ایک سیاسی موڑ دیا اور اس تحریک کا بانی کہلایا۔
1897 میں ہرزل نے باسل (سوئٹزرلینڈ) میں پہلی صہیونی کانگریس بلائی جس نے تحریک کا باسل پروگرام تیار کیا.
جس میں کہا گیا کہ "صیہونیت یہود کے لیے فلسطین میں ایک
ایسا گھر بنانے کی کوشش کرتی ھے جو عوامی قانون کے ذریعے محفوظ ھو۔"
برطانیہ نے اس خیال کی بہت پذیرائی کی۔ جنگ عظیم اول کے دوران یہودیوں نے اپنے آپ کو منظم کیا اور برطانیہ نے 1922 میں اسے "League of Nations Mandate" میں شامل کیا۔
1925 میں فلسطین میں یہودیوں کی آبادی کا سرکاری طور
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#Ukraine #Zionism #terror #Donbass


This is a procession of Ukrainian #Nazis in the Ukrainian capital city of #Kiev before the coup d'état.
Autumn 2013

In 2014, Ukrainian #Nazis were formed to suppress and kill people in the #Donbass who voted for Donbass independence in the spring of 2014 and didn't agree with the coup d'état in #Ukraine.

A Ukrainian #Nazi base near the city of #Mariupol, #Donbass.
Summer 2014
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2 weeks ago @amnesty published a report meticulously evidencing Israeli #apartheid. Much has been said since including by Amnesty—little of it to do with the report. @soheirasaad & I look at why that is & what this tells us about the limits of legitimate discourse on #Palestine.
In statements @amnesty has reaffirmed a "Jewish right to self-determination" & the Zionist nature of the Israeli state. Yet its report fails to recognize Palestinian self-determination stating it takes no political stance. We believe what's at stake is not a need to be "legal".
Further, the report does not recognize Zionist settler colonialism nor call for an end to the Israeli #occupation. So what is to be dismantled & how? "we believe it is dangerous to overlook some of the warning signs around @amnesty's recent messaging." @soheirasaad
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In the name of opposing a crime against humanity from 8 decades ago we choose to promote and protect a crime against humanity that's been taking place for the past 7 decades and counting!

@Amnesty_DE has learnt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from Germany's dark past:…
@Amnesty Int'l, I expect you to immediately shut down your @Amnesty_DE office in Germany, unless you seek to promote rather than oppose: #apartheid #ethniccleansing #colonialism #stateterror #whitesupremacy #Zionism.
@amnesty @amnesty_de 1/ @Amnesty_DE statement -German followed by English translation:
"In Deutschland wurde die systematische Vernichtung jüdischer Menschen geplant und umgesetzt. Antisemitische gewalttätige Übergriffe, Sachbeschädigungen oder Verschwörungsideologien sind in Deutschland präsent und
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@tribelaw He's too busy surveilling #Parents & sending half dozen DHS, DOJ, FBI cars & a helicopter to monitor dangerous #Moms at #FairfaxCounty school board meetings & helping his son-in-law & Zuckerburg data mine children to bother with that. I'll send you photos & Ed article
@tribelaw Here is the stake-out, complete with helicopter circling above that terrorist hangout, #FairfaxCounty School Board. #Moms are unhappy about sexually explicit books data mining their children by Garland son-in-law & Zuckerberg company. 2 HS girls assaulted, schools deny, coverup
@tribelaw It's in NJ also, why Murphy just squeaked through. Zuckerberg is a partner with Garland's son-in-law in profiling, data mining children Democratic women are turning to Republicans because Democrats will NOT do ANYTHING to protect these children, instead harass/arrest #Parents
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22/ “Philip says he “looked ahead 10 to 20 years and saw ourselves older and possibly without family, with diminishing ability to travel, in a country where I didn’t see whites, let alone Jews, being a priority.”…
23/ you think he was booed cause he’s not Jewish? Think again.…
24/ This would never happen if they were white.…
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