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My interest in water and its role in national development and security was sparked over many visits to #Israel. The silent revolution triggered in #India by PM @narendramodi 's Jal Jeevan Mission which will take potable water on tap to 190 million homes has me hooked. @Vidurji 1n Image
Work done by Jal Jeevan Mission is huge. 30% of 190 million rural homes have potable water on tap in first year of NJJM's launch. Amazing use of tech to ensure a better life for people in #India This is a 'boring' story, so no media reports it. I'll do a thread and update it. 2n
Today, PM @narendramodi launched Vindhya Water Supply project in #UP covering Vindhyachal. The project cost is Rs 5,555 crore. To be completed in 2 years, it will provide assured tap water to homes in 3,000 villages. It will benefit 42 lakh people. 3n
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The slant-history writing of #Leftist Historians has portrayed many #Hindu Kings and Generals in a negative manner.

One such General was Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj’s #PeshwaBajirao Ballal - one of the finest cavalry generals in the history of India.

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The 2015 #Bollywood movie #BajiraoMastani too portrayed him as a ‘mentally unstable lover’.

Is Bajirao only limited to Mastani? Definitely not. So, who was Mastani? Mastani was the daughter of King Chhatrasal of #Bundelkhand.

The name of Bundelkhand is also found in..

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...the Puranas, Dasharna Desh, a region famous for its gem mines.

Mastani was very beautiful. She is described as such, but there is no mention of the red color of the neck while eating Paan, as often rumoured by several people. She came into Peshwa’s life after 1729.

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An interesting recent addition to the collection, a book that plunges into the historical linkages of a mammoth epic. The connections are perhaps easier to make as I have visited most of the excavated sites mentioned, esp Kaushambi. Image
More recent additions, these from the world book fair, in Delhi. A massive 3-volume listing of #hiddenheritage monuments in #Odisha. Amazed that the govt's publications division was giving this set away at a throwaway price. Image
More from the book fair: the memoirs of Britain's best known WW II commander and a book on personal anecdotes from the war. Image
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1.मैं कल शाम 7:00 बजे उत्तर प्रदेश एवं मध्य प्रदेश के सम्मानीय राज्यपालों से मिली। मेरे साथ मध्यप्रदेश के नेता प्रतिपक्ष श्रीमान @bhargav_gopal जी भी थे।
2. माननीय श्री लालजी टंडन जी का मध्य प्रदेश में मैंने स्वागत किया एवं माननीया श्रीमती @anandibenpatel जी का आशीर्वाद लेकर उन्हें विदाई दी, उनसे लखनऊ में मिलूंगी। ImageImage
3. यह मेरे लिए सुखद था कि मैं दोनों मान्यवर से एक ही दिन में एक ही स्थान पर मिल सकी। इससे मेरा मिलने का मकसद आसान हो गया। मैंने केन-बेतवा प्रोजेक्ट पर दोनों मान्यवर से बातचीत की।
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झांसी में हो रहे बुंदेलखंड इनवेस्टर्स समिट को संबोधित किया। बुंदेलखंड चेंबर ऑफ कॉमर्स का यह कार्यक्रम कराने के लिए बहुत-बहुत अभिनंदन। 
 #Bundelkhand Image
हमारा एक सुनहरा अतीत रहा है। बुंदेलखंड का नाम लेते ही गौरव और वीरता का संचार होता है, रानी लक्ष्मीबाई सैंकड़ों साल से हम सबके लिए प्रेरणास्त्रोत रही हैं। पर वर्तमान में बुंदेलखंड की गिनती देश के सबसे पिछड़े इलाके में होती है, यह हमारा दुर्भाग्य है।
गरीबी और अमीरी के बीच जो विसंगति है, उसे पाटना बहुत कठिन है। बुंदेलखंड इनवेस्टर्स समिट, डिफेंस कॉरिडोर, फूड पार्क और स्किल डेवलपमेंट सेंटर जैसे कार्यक्रम इसी विसंगति को खत्म करने वाला है। Image
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First pit-stop on my #ExploreUP journey, Bhitargaon in #Kanpurdehat. Amidst squalor, in a village seemingly over-run by a combo of buffaloes & pigs, stands what may be north India's oldest existing temple. This brick temple dedicated to Vishnu dates to Gupta period, 6th century.
#ExploreUP: Having read abt a Lodi-era tomb at #Kalpi, #Jalaun dist, I expected it to be in line with the octagonal Lodi-Sur era tombs elsewhere in India. It turned out to be quite different. Locals call it the Chaurasi (84) gumbad.
#ExploreUP: The tomb @ #Kalpi, was described as that of a 'Lodi Badshah'. Aware that of the three Lodi rulers, two buried in Delhi & third in #Panipat, was puzzled abt the Kalpi person. Turns out to be a brother of Ibrahim named Jalaluddin who propped himself as ruler for a while
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