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1/ .@animocabrands is excited to announce our partnership with @coolcatsnft one of the earliest, important and cutest #NFT metaverse first collections out there, to celebrate I picked up a few #CoolCats including this rare beauty #CoolCatsNFT #7807 a little🧵👇 Cool Cats #7807 owned by ys...
2/ .@coolcatsnft has been a friend of the @animocabrands ecosystem for a long time from an early partnership with @TheSandboxGame…
3/ and another one with @ARC8App @GAMEEToken @GBotsbyGAMEE @PrizesApp as well as other members of the fam and we know that #CoolCatsNFT will continue to expand the relationship with @animocabrands & friends…
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how to create a successful NFT
1. Choose your niche

The success of pfp initiatives is due on factors other than art.
It's not about foxes, bears, toads, apes, cats, or other animals.

It's about serving a specific demographic, about filling a specific gap in the market, and about evoking a specific mood.
ie. #bayc attracts a hypebeast-style audience of underground hipsters.
#coolcats appeals to the pure family fun crowd.
#cyberkongz succeeds with token rewards crowd: bananas equal money

Start ur prject by identifying the niche u are catering to and the emotion you want ppl to hv
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#Gucci #Vuitton mais aussi #adidas ou #Nike , absolument toutes les marques se jettent sur ce nouveau marché.

Comment les #NFTs transforment-ils une industrie à 1380 milliards ? 👇
Alors que beaucoup considèrent les #NFT comme de simples images JPEG, 17 % des marques du #Vogue Business Index explorent diverses stratégies pour utiliser les NFT dans leur activité. Voyons ensemble comment ils vont changer l'industrie de la #mode .
Les NFT en tant qu'outil d'authentification assurent la traçabilité et l'originalité des produits sur le marché de la revente. Les faux produits de #luxe représentent 60 % du commerce mondial total de 4,5 milliards de dollars de produits contrefaits en 2019.
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Here’s some charts summarizing recent sales/price trends of blue chips. First up, median sales price over time. #MAYC daily median ~40K, back to around where it was at end of 2021 Image
Similar story for #BAYC daily median, which is at ~190K. Image
#Doodles & #WorldOfWomen similarly around/approaching end of last year levels in USD terms ImageImage
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结合 @wilxlee 的此篇推文,nft 玩家如何去发现蓝筹 #nft, 避免“nft卖家秀翻车”。


- 个人资金情况和风险承受能力
- NFT:种类,其外形,叙事,赋能的权益及价值上升空间
- 社区:热度,社区文化及带来市场效应
- 团队:背景,可信度及其规划之下的执行力
- 安全:合约、交易、保存的安全性
- 时间:进入的时间点,项目的timeline
- 创新:碎片化,衍生品..
- 链上工具参考及使用
- IPs
- meme & hape
- 消息渠道

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Cool Cats has always been one of the strongest NFT “brands” and is very attractive at 7-9ETH price range, get in before they launch the game! Here is why… #coolcats #coolpets #WLTC @coolcatsnft @clon
A 🧵👇
1/ Great art. It is instantly recognisable and is the OG in terms of usage of bold lines/pastel colors to make for good pfps. It has inspired a number of pfp projects which all followed a similar art genre.
2/ Team is doxed. CC is founded by Colin Egan (Clon), Evan Luza, Tom Williamson and Rob Mehew in Jul 2021. CC now has a total of 14 people and are hiring for 3 additional roles according to their website.
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So I've heard you want a little story on the famed @doodles .

Can prices break 10ETH? Will @Noodles_NFT grow with it? How about #Pukenza? There are no direct answers in the world of #NFTs, but some data could give you a hint. You'll have to read on to find out. (1/20)
2.5 months back, I did a video saying that I've spent $12,000 on 2 potential bluechip NFTs. Those 2 NFTs, are none other than #Doodles that's currently sitting at 6.3ETH floor. Here's a recap:

Now that I'm on a 600%+ gain, what now? (2/20)
I was bullish right before the mint, as I saw the potential of Doodle as an undeniably recognizable IP and was a fan of @byburnttoast long before NFT was a thing. But doodles has been sitting around 1ETH for a month or so. And on November 14, something magical happened. (3/20)
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I've gotten a lot of Q's on what #NFTs I'll be looking at in '22, so I decided to write a thread on one of my favs launching in January: @coolcatsnft #Pets

In this thread, I'll talk #CoolPets:
- What they are
- How they'll work
- Why they're going to be game changing

#CoolPets are an expansionary collection w/ P2E gamification elements coming to the #CoolCatsNFT universe ('#Cooltopia')

Previously named 'creatures', Cool #Pets will begin as eggs. Holders will use items to grow them from egg to final form
Depending on the items used to interact w/ your egg, in its final form, your #Pet will take 1 of 4 elements: water, air, fire or grass, with 44M+ possible combos. More on items below

#Rarities will ultimately be determined based on the decisions of fellow #Pets holders
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how to create a successful NFT series (Your Niche)
deep-dive 🧵👇
this thread is a deep dive of one topic
in the whole series. 1/x

what is a niche?
why its critical to your projects success?
steps in how you can find your niche.

feel free to check out the high level here👇
so what is a niche?

- a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service

simply put, serving an underserved market
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how to create a successful NFT series (guide)
first in foremost - this will be highlevel and
throughout the coming weeks,
ill drop the deep dive to each.

lets dive in 👇
1. identify your niche

reason why pfp projects succeed is way beyond the art.
its not about the fox, bears, toadz, apes, cats, etc.

its abt filling a certain void in the marketplace
its abt serving a certain demographic and
invoking a certain feeling.
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In this #NFT analysis thread, I'm going to share what I've learned by going to about ~$1 million* in #NFTs after starting 3 weeks ago with ~30 ETH.

I see a lot of beginners getting rekt and while I'm new to NFTs I'm not new to markets.

Let's begin 👇🧵
First, let's cover the overall market itself, OpenSea had a total of $325M in trading volume in July. On August 29th with the launch of #MYAC there was total trading volume of $322M so almost the entire month of July!

Source: ImageImage
So many projects are getting latecomers buying in during peak FOMO. For example, #0N1Force peaked at 3424 sales on August 21st and on August 31st had just 79 sales.
3/11 ImageImage
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