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Ever thought of your NFTs becoming mini financial hubs? It’s now possible.

Since the launch of EIP-6551 (aka Token Bound Accounts), every #Ethereum-based #NFT in existence, from #CryptoKitties to #BoredApes, can now act as a wallet.

A Breakdown thread🧵 on EIP-6551 👇

These NFT-owned wallets can now own other assets like:


🔸ERC-20 tokens like USDT

🔸ERC-721 tokens

🔸ERC-1155 tokens, aka semi fungible tokens.

This means that if you own a Bored Ape, you can now have that Bored Ape own a Moonbird, Azuki, all in a single wallet.

Or, you can create an inception of wallets within #NFTs and have your #BAYC own your #MAYC and your #MAYC own your #CryptoPunk and your Punk own your $ETH

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Let's take a look at the Top 3 NFT Trends of the Last Week

1️⃣ Top Collections
2️⃣ Top Marketplaces
3️⃣ Top NFT sales Image
1️⃣ Top NFT Collections

Based on the 7-day volume on all blockchains (@DappRadar)

Top 3:

1. Mutant Ape Yacht Club
2. @miladymaker
3. @cryptopunksnfts Image
2️⃣ Top NFT Marketplaces

Based on the 7-day volume on all blockchains (@DappRadar)

Top 3:

1. @blur_io
2. @opensea
3. @Immutable Image
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Series 10: Real Builder in Winter | @JPEGd_69 – Tham Vọng Quá Lớn Liệu Có Thành Công?

Thread bao gồm:
1⃣ Tổng quan về #JPEG'd
2⃣ Hành trình & Thành tựu đầu tiên
3⃣ Vì sao JPEG'd khiến mình ấn tượng

Retweet để ủng hộ @HakResearch nhen mọi người ơi! Image

1⃣ Tổng quan về #JPEG'd

🧙‍♂️ Định nghĩa về @JPEGd_69

JPEG'd là một nền tảng CDP là viết tắt của Collateralized Debt Position tương tự như Maker DAO đã quá nổi tiếng với DAI trên Ethereum, tương tự vậy JPEG'd chấp nhận các tài sản thế chấp là những bộ

sưu tập NFT Blue-chip như #CryptoPunks, #EtherRocks, #BAYC, #MAYC, #Doodles, #Azuki, Pudgy Penguins, CloneX hay Autoglyphs để phát hành ra #pUSD (stablecoin) hoặc #pETH.

Có thể hiểu rằng pUSD và pETH sẽ là trọng tâm trong việc phát triển của JPEG'd bao gồm xây
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I am getting many questions about earning ETH by staking $APE after last tweet.

🔵So let's🔎out how I earn 28 ETH in the last 3m
🔵The best is that you don't need an Ape, MAYC, or 🐶 to be part of it. Only by holding $APE you can earn passively also

There are two ways I like👇

🔵 Easiest way is to buy $APE and stake it on the official staking platform from @apecoin DAO.

🔵 Actual APR for $APE pool is 72%, 1,000 $APE (2.68E) will earn you the next three months 2 $APE per day, 14 $APE per week, 56 $APE per month.
🔵 But as you can see in the 🖼️ above. There are more lucrative ways how to earn more.
👉 BAYC pool (126% APR)
👉 MAYC p. (133%)
👉 BAKC p. (137%)

🔵 Only way to get into this pool is to own #BAYC or #MAYC. 🐶 can be paired only with BAYC or MAYC.
🔵 Actual earnings per day👇
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I used min pay 3Eth to purchase the 15Eth MAYC on @ParaSpace_NFT and that MAYC can still be staking in the share pool on Para Space. Cool af? I will show you how to do it. #bayc #mayc #NFTFi…
First of all, I staked MAYC on ParaSpace and borrow 2042 apes for staking. Liquidation free. And I got extra credit for the borrowing limit.

Then, I go to NFT Shop on ParaSpace and start Shopping! I just need Min Pay of 3E and I got my second MAYC (15E). Now, I have a debt of 12E with APY 25-29% (approx 3.5E/Year, 0.01E/day)

然後我到ParaSpace上面的NFT Shop上面開始Shopping!我只用了3E買了第二隻M……
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Une Whale vend 1 010 NFT, pour un montant total de 11 680 $ETH, en 48 heures.

C'est le "plus grand dump de #NFT jamais réalisé".

Cela comprenait 90 #BAYC, 191 #MAYC et 308 NFTs #Otherdeed ...
La whale NFT se nomme Jeffrey Hwang, plus connu sous le nom de Machi Big Brother.
Il a rapidement racheté 991 de ses NFT.
Andrew Thurman a émis l'hypothèse que cela a été réalisé en vu des récompenses en jetons BLUR prévu pour le 2eme airdrop.

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1/ We saw how interest income could be misleading unless we add in accrual based accounting from our income statement. So how can we use this information to see if $veBEND might be worth holding?

#BendDAO #Web3 #NFT #BAYC Image
2/ Holding $veBEND is similar to owning stocks and receiving dividends in tradfi. In web3, the “dividend” or return is difficult to keep track. The rate of return (ROR) fluctuates over time. Hence, one needs a way to track and accurately calculate the expected return.

#Crypto Image
3/ Additionally, many may think that the APR represents the return, but it doesn’t. There are many APRs involved, and you need additional calculations to assess the true return as a $veBEND holder.

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《BAYC新游戏Dookey Dash的冲榜攻略》


BAYC的新游戏Dookey Dash几分钟前推出。


#BAYC #MAYC #YugaLabs #dookeydash Image
Dookey Dash是一个基于技能的铸造活动,也是BAYC在 "猴子吉米的审判 "方向的下一个大项目。


(2/11) Image

好吧,但你如何获得高分呢?通过我玩Dookey Dash的体验,以下是我的发现。

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1/ 上线一个月的$APE Staking数据表现如何?

目前,$APE Staking已经正式上线31天,超过8900万$APE参与了质押。我们经通过这个长推回顾一下上线以来APE Staking的数据表现。


在$APE开启Staking之前,链上数据显示,$APE 代币持有者和 #BAYC /#MAYC/#BAKC 持有者之间存在巨大的不匹配。

12月时的分析表明,#BAYC#MAYC 的质押收益率将大大高于单独APE代币的质押收益率。

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The @FunApes_NFT are a bunch of animated ape NFTs powered by the $APE token 🐵

The candy-inspired collection minted out yesterday and its floor price has risen to 0.07 ETH 🚀

Here's how #FunApesNFT is using $APE & #Tweet2Earn to build the strongest web3 community👇
Fun Apes recognized that over 70% of traffic on @opensea comes from Twitter 📈

Their 8888 NFTs give holders access to the FunApe community & 'THE LAB', which distributes $APE token based on missions completed by holders

The missions include tweeting & raffle participation🥈
@opensea The Fun Apes collection plans to use a portion of the mint revenue to buy $APE,

Then stake it to earn more $APE tokens💰

These tokens will be distributed bi-weekly to holders.

The lucky winners will be chosen based on leaderboards generated from completed missions.
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Continuing my current rant about the lack of faith in Crypto gaming atm

Let's talk about the high risk high reward path

Yesterday we learned that a single sheep in @wolfdotgame could earn roughly $10 a day actively, or around $5 a day passively...

Wolves PRINT 👿
There are many mechanics involved in @wolfdotgame for those on either end of the spectrum...not that spectrum A-hole 😉 focus!

I'm talking the financial spectrum...whether you have a little bag or a big bag, there is a home for you.

But let's talk about the biggest EV 👇
Wolf breeding

This is like the Super Bowl, World Cup and Olympics for Crypto nerds to bash 2 animals together to create a new living breathing NFT which can either be exploited or turned to juicy ETH

How much ETH and what costs you may ask? Follow me down the rabbit hole
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1/ With the upcoming $APE staking protocol launch, we have prepared an analysis to look at the amazing job @HorizenLabs done for @apecoin , and how it can benefit the #APE community, a 🧵:
2/ The staking protocol will last for 3 years with 4 staking pools, one each for BAYC, MAYC, BAKC (collectively as "NFT") & non-NFT holders, the pool size for #BAYC holders is the largest (47%), followed by non-NFT holders (30%) , #MAYC holders (19%) and #BAKC holders (4%).
3/ #NFT holders have a max staking cap equal to the amount of $APE they received from the initial airdrop, while non-NFT holders have no staking cap.

BAKC also have to be paired with a BAYC or MAYC in order to be staked.
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🚨 All resources you need to read or listen about $ape staking in one thread 🚨

Creating this 🧵 because I share it time by time with many people. So you can find all the informations we have in this thread below in one place.

Let's begin 👇 Image
These 2 AIPs are the origin of the whole staking initiative. You can read all 📄. This was brief for @HorizenLabs to deliver the staking contract.

AIP-21: Staking Process with Caps (1x drop)…

AIP-22: Staking Pool Allocation…
@HorizenLabs also prepares a very lovely infographic to read & understand. Let's share them for closer check here.

ℹ️ These infographics show the max cap allocation for staking of every NFT.
ℹ️ Explaining dynamic allocation of the rewards through ⏳

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1/ As $APE tokens continue to flow outside of the total supply currently linked to @BoredApeYC stakeholders, @ApeCoin DAO's priorities should reflect that of a more diverse member base, promoting the exchange of APE.

Did ApeCoin DAO make headway in Q3?
2/ Following the launch of @OthersideMeta, fully-diluted value (FDV) fell to a low of $3.5B as memetic momentum dissipated, rebounding in Q3 in part due to integrations with @BitPay.
3/ 15% of the 1B $APE was allocated to @BoredApeYC and #MAYC holders at launch.

By the end of Q3, the BAYC and MAYC ApeCoin balances were 3.7% of the total APE supply (11.7% of the circulating supply), remaining the largest member of the DAO cohort.
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【NFT交易策略】#BAYC 大户如何通过操控地板价明牌洗劫
💡有58只猴子的Franklin做为 #BAYC 的第八大持有者,是大户中做频繁交易最多的一人,最近他利用 #BendDAO 的设计漏洞和 #Blur 的0版税模式大肆洗劫 #BAYC 持有人,让钻石手们也在不知不觉中失去了他们引以为豪的猴子,看看他的玩法步骤:
1/在… 获得猴子的健康指数并计算清算所需的地板价
2/在 #Blur 中用接近清算价的地板价大量挂单,引起其他交易者恐慌竞相降低价格
3/在 #BendDAO 中因地板价下降被清算的猴子Franklin绝大多数情况下会是第一个出价者,如果拥有者赎回清算需要支付5%罚金给他
4/拍卖如果被赎回他获得出价的5%纯利,如果成功拍得猴子,马上在 #Blur 上挂单卖出获得起拍价与地板差价20%-实际出价溢价,又是纯赚
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Apecoin staking is on track to launch this fall! I've put together an @apecoin staking 101 so we can all be ready when it launches! This will be a long one so let's kick it off with a TL;DR 👇 @BoredApeYC #bayc #mayc Image
You can stake any amount of $ape in the ape-only pool or a capped amount in the BAYC, MAYC, or B/MAYC + BAKC pools. Your NFT will not be locked, just the staked $ape. You will want to stake your full cap within the first 91 days. You can claim accrued $ape at any time.
Overview 👁️
$Ape staking will occur over a 3-year period, distribute 17.5% of the total $ape supply, and will be different than most staking we've seen. Rather than "locking up" your NFT, you only lock up your staked $ape. Your NFT then acts as the key to your staked $ape.
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1/ 关于 #BendDAO 清算,我们到底该不该恐慌?网上各种蹭流量的自媒体声音并不统一,所以我花了一点时间整理了我的想法。先说结论:最大的风险就是未来的24小时 #BAYC 能够挺过难关。过了明天,风险化解的一大半。之后的8月30日又会有新的危机。以下详述:
2/ 截止今天,#BendDAO 只接受7款蓝筹JPG的抵押借贷,分别是:#bayc#punk#mayc#doodles#spacedoodle#clonex 以及 #azuki。项目已经跑了4个月了。本以为,Azuki价格腰斩只是个例,没想到流动性枯竭,现在谁也跑不了。
3/ 如果NFT资不抵债,极有可能造成类似 #Luna/#UST 的连环清算。然而目前看来,BendDAO的运行依然是健康的。根据目前的清算规则,出价必须高于地板价的95%,以及必须足够偿还全部债务。平台发不承担资金风险。
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A thread that covers @yugalabs's IP Ecosystem🧵 IP Ecosystem Map of Yuga Labs
1/ This is an IP Ecosystem Map of Yuga Labs🗺 IP Ecosystem Map of Yuga Labs as of Aug 2022
2/ Games are excluded since it was covered. In this map, we will highlight brands, creators, projects and artists that apply Yuga Labs' IP. They add social, utility, entertainment value to drive more audience onboard. Let's take a look at who they are👀

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Here’s a thread on how this guy uses the Opensea Flagging Policy to run a scheme that Franklin warned us about:


Stick around to post 15, as that's where I start connecting the dots.

This was bound to happen:


On July 14th, I traded with RickCaruso, aka Nico__2k (he changed his OS profile/Twitter name) to purchase a Koda for a Clone-x + Meebit + 7.75 ETH total ~ 28 ETH.

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Everything you need to know about creating an $NFT with exclusive membership as a utility 🤘

NFT memberships can segment fans bye their willingness to pay. For example, secondary collections can bring in new fans unwilling to pay for the primary collection (think #BAYC & #MAYC). 🦧

🧵2/5 Image
Creators earn more by limiting the middleman. The team keep most of the revenue they earn from the initial mint and also make additional revenue from royalties. #opensea only takes 2.5% ✅

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Le monde des NFT en pleine dérive ?! 🤔

Il n'y a pas de logique dans les NFTs et nous nous dirigeons de plus en plus vers des groupes mystérieux, à la limite de l’ésotérisme et de la secte 🧐

Détective Goku enquête et décrypte pour vous ce nouveau phénomène 🕵️‍♂️

🧵👇 Image
La communauté est au cœur de tout dans l'ecosystème et j'observe un phénomène depuis quelques temps dans ce qui rassemble les communautés 🔍
[La marche des Gobelins]

Vous en avez forcément entendu parler, @goblintownwtf est une collection NFT composée de 9 999 gobelins.

Distribué en Free mint, ces créatures ont rapidement rencontré beaucoup de succès. Image
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Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so is conceptual art the highest form of NFT evolution? @ryder_ripps is bringing this to the attention of the masses with #RRBAYC, which is a conceptual collection based on @BoredApeYC. (🧵/x)
Let’s start at the beginning: who is @ryder_ripps? A simple google search will provide many answers to this question, all based around the fact that Ryder is an artist. Specifically, he is classified as a conceptual artist based off his past works.…
@ryder_ripps is not new to the art industry, nor is he a new creator. By visiting his website, one can see he has been creating art for quite some time and has a resume full of projects that we’re completed for and/or collaborated with some big names.
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L'offre de collections #NFTs est en constante augmentation, alors que la demande a drastiquement diminué depuis le pic de 2021 qui a entraîné un afflux de projets médiocres sur le marché.

Analyse de la situation 👇 Image
1/18 L'indice NFT-500 de @nansen_ai suit l'action globale des prix du marché #NFT.

Le marché haussier🚀s'est terminé en février. En mars, le marché s'est redressé📈avec le lancement du $APE et du #Metaverse #OthersideMeta par le @BoredApeYC

Le marché NFT s'est depuis calmé.🦥 Image
2/18 L'intérêt des recherches Google pour les NFT se situe à environ 30 % du pic de janvier.

La baisse 📉 de l'intérêt pour les NFT indique souvent une baisse de la demande des acheteurs et donc moins d'argent entrant sur le marché. 💸 Image
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1/ 🧵

Land sale begins on 17th June 2022 (Friday) at 6pm CET, and we’re stoked!

The first phase of #Skybreach land sale will be for #kokopelli whitelistees. If you’d like to get into the kokopelli whitelist, please burn your kokopelli with your movr address within the next 24H.

The second phase (#kanaria phase) will be for anyone who has #kanaria land deed voucher credit(s). Vouchers expire in a day, so be sure to burn yours ASAP to get the credits!

To learn how to burn your vouchers, check the link below: 👇…

The third phase will be for whitelisted collections, including:

@10b57e6da0 (lobster DAO)
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