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Here’s a thread on how this guy uses the Opensea Flagging Policy to run a scheme that Franklin warned us about:


Stick around to post 15, as that's where I start connecting the dots.

This was bound to happen:


On July 14th, I traded with RickCaruso, aka Nico__2k (he changed his OS profile/Twitter name) to purchase a Koda for a Clone-x + Meebit + 7.75 ETH total ~ 28 ETH.

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Everything you need to know about creating an $NFT with exclusive membership as a utility 🤘

NFT memberships can segment fans bye their willingness to pay. For example, secondary collections can bring in new fans unwilling to pay for the primary collection (think #BAYC & #MAYC). 🦧

🧵2/5 Image
Creators earn more by limiting the middleman. The team keep most of the revenue they earn from the initial mint and also make additional revenue from royalties. #opensea only takes 2.5% ✅

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Le monde des NFT en pleine dérive ?! 🤔

Il n'y a pas de logique dans les NFTs et nous nous dirigeons de plus en plus vers des groupes mystérieux, à la limite de l’ésotérisme et de la secte 🧐

Détective Goku enquête et décrypte pour vous ce nouveau phénomène 🕵️‍♂️

🧵👇 Image
La communauté est au cœur de tout dans l'ecosystème et j'observe un phénomène depuis quelques temps dans ce qui rassemble les communautés 🔍
[La marche des Gobelins]

Vous en avez forcément entendu parler, @goblintownwtf est une collection NFT composée de 9 999 gobelins.

Distribué en Free mint, ces créatures ont rapidement rencontré beaucoup de succès. Image
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Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so is conceptual art the highest form of NFT evolution? @ryder_ripps is bringing this to the attention of the masses with #RRBAYC, which is a conceptual collection based on @BoredApeYC. (🧵/x)
Let’s start at the beginning: who is @ryder_ripps? A simple google search will provide many answers to this question, all based around the fact that Ryder is an artist. Specifically, he is classified as a conceptual artist based off his past works.…
@ryder_ripps is not new to the art industry, nor is he a new creator. By visiting his website, one can see he has been creating art for quite some time and has a resume full of projects that we’re completed for and/or collaborated with some big names.
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L'offre de collections #NFTs est en constante augmentation, alors que la demande a drastiquement diminué depuis le pic de 2021 qui a entraîné un afflux de projets médiocres sur le marché.

Analyse de la situation 👇 Image
1/18 L'indice NFT-500 de @nansen_ai suit l'action globale des prix du marché #NFT.

Le marché haussier🚀s'est terminé en février. En mars, le marché s'est redressé📈avec le lancement du $APE et du #Metaverse #OthersideMeta par le @BoredApeYC

Le marché NFT s'est depuis calmé.🦥 Image
2/18 L'intérêt des recherches Google pour les NFT se situe à environ 30 % du pic de janvier.

La baisse 📉 de l'intérêt pour les NFT indique souvent une baisse de la demande des acheteurs et donc moins d'argent entrant sur le marché. 💸 Image
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1/ 🧵

Land sale begins on 17th June 2022 (Friday) at 6pm CET, and we’re stoked!

The first phase of #Skybreach land sale will be for #kokopelli whitelistees. If you’d like to get into the kokopelli whitelist, please burn your kokopelli with your movr address within the next 24H.

The second phase (#kanaria phase) will be for anyone who has #kanaria land deed voucher credit(s). Vouchers expire in a day, so be sure to burn yours ASAP to get the credits!

To learn how to burn your vouchers, check the link below: 👇…

The third phase will be for whitelisted collections, including:

@10b57e6da0 (lobster DAO)
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Here’s some charts summarizing recent sales/price trends of blue chips. First up, median sales price over time. #MAYC daily median ~40K, back to around where it was at end of 2021 Image
Similar story for #BAYC daily median, which is at ~190K. Image
#Doodles & #WorldOfWomen similarly around/approaching end of last year levels in USD terms ImageImage
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🧵How I am playing the #Otherside/#Otherdeed

- Logic on when to enter (AKA #floor support price ?)
Upside/Downside potential

- What to buy? (#Koda / Artifact / Floors )
- Why I choose Artifact over #Koda
- TLDR of 🧵on post number #6

1/x Determine floor price support.
(What is the %Prob of it going lower ?)

Current Floor: 4.29Eth
(Note: Pre-reveal @ 7 to 8 Eth)

Minting of #Otherdeed was 305 #Apecoin @ $22 (~$6,700/~2.4 Eth) + Gas wars ( 2.5Eth for 2 mints)
Minting cost = 2.4 + 1.25 = 3.65 ETH
1/x For comparison:

Current Floor: 4.29

Minting cost (Normal user): 3.65 ETH
Minting cost (+KYC): 3.65 + 0.5 ( 1 ETH/2 ): 4.1 ETH
Minting cost (Bulk Sybil): 3.65 + 0.25: 3.9 ETH

Don't make sense to sell < mint.
So downside is really low✅

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I decided to mint #OtherDeed and purchase more on secondary

Let me tell you why I see 💪 5-15x upside and limited downside:

A fundamental TradFi approach to valuing metaverse land NFTs - in this case #Otherdeed from the @OthersideMeta @BoredApeYC @yugalabs🧵:
Investment summary
🔹Dream the dream: premier metaverse gaming asset producing economic value
🔹305APE or 2.2ETH mint, 100k supply
🔹Upside 5x to 12ETH
🔹Bull case 15x to 32ETH
🔹Downside to 2.6ETH
🔹Misunderstanding is high: new issuance, multiple product catalysts
“What” is this? In short, these are plots of digital land in a new metaverse created by @yugalabs

🙏 Props to the many creators dropping alfa with great background and context this past week @JayLow @ArdonLukas @davidgokhshtein @CapetainTrippy @farokh

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1/ Unless you are living under a rock, you've probably heard about Yuga Labs raising over $300 million in their #NFT sale, but did you know that the mint costed over $150 million in tx fees alone?

I compiled a list of some interesting facts about the sale that'll blow your mind.
2/ Yuga Labs - the creators of #BAYC and #MAYC - have just completed the largest NFT sale in the history of crypto/NFT.

The sale was so large that it crashed etherscan & sparked a never-seen before on-chain gas war.
3/ First, for those who don't know -

Yuga Labs is the company behind $3 billion Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection.

But they didn't just stop there;

After BAYC, they launched "Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC)" and "Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)" - both were instant successes.
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1/ The Otherside is launching on 4/30 only those who KYCed can mint however @BoredApeYC #bayc #mayc holders will be able to claim their #NFT post-auction without the need for KYC. To mint you will need @apecoin $APE details available on @OthersideMeta
2/ All @apecoin earned from this auction will be locked up for one year which means no voting and other uses (eg. staking) for that period as well
3/ Auction will happen only on news will only be from @othersidemeta @BoredApeYC @yugalabs @animocabrands as well as on Discord at & be vigilant/stay safe
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1/ 【The Playbook of Blue-chip NFTs】

We still hear people say NFTs are useless modern tulipmania. The validity of that criticism and skepticism goes only so far. A playbook of how to build a blue-chip NFT collection has emerged. Emphasis on the “has”. We now know how to do it.
2/ What defines a blue-chip NFT? Are historical NFTs, OG NFTs that is, like @CryptoKitties and @EtherRock necessarily blue-chips? Is @AzukiOfficial a blue-chip? Are @nbatopshot blue-chips? If so, are they in the same category of blue-chips of @BoredApeYC and @cryptopunksnfts?
3/ A model is emerging. E Pluribus Unum. What one may call the BAYC model.
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1/ .@apecoin frens we have received a proposal from a credible 3rd party blockchain developer who has given us an assessment on a development time table for AIP-4&5 with caps implemented. The proposal is shared at… for a summary see 🧵👇 with a poll #DAO
2/ We decided to explore proposals from reputable 3rd party blockchain firms to assess the time table for a discussion with the @apecoin community given the many concerns. This proposal suggests a time table of 14 weeks for the staking implementation itself
3/ and it also assumes 13 weeks of development for the UI which can be done simultaneously. The proposal was created by a very credible blockchain developer who for the time being wishes to remain anonymous given that AIP-4 (revised) was not (and may not be) approved.
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The Power of Google Trends: NFT Analysis🧵

Today I'd like to share a tool that I use ~weekly as a full-time trader

Google Trends is a powerful tool that can help identify strong buys/sells for the short, mid, and long term in the NFT space

Let me break down how👇

1/18 Image
To be clear, Google Trends (GT) is not a key indicator that I use in all trades, but rather one of several variables that I *sometimes* use in my trades

Overall, it's just a great tool to add to your own trading arsenal to gain insight backed by data

Okay, let's begin👍

In the short ~1 year history of NFT trading, I've found GT best helps traders to identify strong SELLING opportunities (vs. buying)

Why? Because selling is always easier than buying when it comes to hype (which is what has driven the NFT space recently)

More on that later

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1/ lots of discussion on @apecoin AIP-4 and 5 proposal will aim to address what appears to be the immediate staking question and will aim to articulate these more formally on my medium and given urgency I thought I would share some initial clarification
2/ AIP-5 proposes 4 separate staking pools, each with a specific number of ApeCoin rewards. Though 3 of the pools are designed to only be available to #BAYC, #MAYC, and/or BAKC holders, reminder: only @apecoin tokens are ever technically staked, not the NFTs.
3/ If a BAYC ecosystem NFT holder wants to stake in pool 2, 3, or 4 they will need to pair the NFT with their ApeCoin to access the relevant staking pool. The NFT itself isn’t staked — it acts as the key to the “safety deposit box” holding the staked ApeCoin.
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🧵 Time for some $APE-alytics! Lots of chatter about what #BAYC holders are buying with their airdrop. The data shows that since March 16, OG apes have mostly bought #BAKC, #MAYC, #Meebits, #Doodles, #CrypToadz, and #CloneX (in that order). Mutant owners bought BAKC & BAYC 💸... Image
People asked me to add a bunch of collections in my last post... so here's the update! #WorldOfWomen loves #VeeFriends. #CapsuleHouse loves #CrypToadz. #AlienFrens loves #Deadfellaz #CryptoMories #CoolmanUniverse, #Azuki loves #CloneX, #mfers loves #CrypToadz 🖤... Image
This is based on wallets only, so it's just directionally correct because many people have multiple wallets (use hardware, folks 💾). Also, not symmetric because different collection sizes and people own more than 1 in a given collection...
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🧵How to value #NFTs:

There is no right way of valuing NFTs, but hopefully this can act as a guide for people who are looking to enter the NFT space, for both for Fun & Profit, as NFT are generally less straightforward as #DeFi, where #cashflow & #TVL can be a good proxy.
Rule of thumb:
Similar to how you value a #DeFi token based on Future #cashflow, one can gauge the Value of the #NFT via the utility & future potential #airdrop/cashflow it can bring.
It's a better gauge than simply "Oh the Art is good."
Ofc, the Art itself, can be a proxy to the team's attention to detail. Usually, effort put in by the Team, is inversely proportionate to #rug risk

(Not to mention, the Art itself can also be something of value)@takashipom
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1/ Yoga Labs手下已经持有BYAC、MAYC、BAKC、CryptoPunks、Meebits等诸多NFT蓝筹。Token发行计划又进一步刺激了BAYC等NFT价格的上涨。Opensea 7日交易前五中,Yoga Labs占据四个;Opensea 7日交易前十中,Yoga Labs占据五个,可谓是占据了蓝筹的半壁江山。
2/Yoga Labs以一己之力带动OS牛市回归。也有人称之为Yoga Labs的牛市,其他NFT项目还处在熊市。尤其是地板价在10E左右的NFT项目被吸血,资金进入Yoga布局的“核心蓝筹”。如何看待这种情况?Yoga是否已经形成了NFT项目的中心?其他项目该如何发展?
3/其实,和加密货币一样,NFT的共识也会像某几个核心指标聚集。通过名人、叙事、资本运作和社区推动等,某些NFT会占据圈内绝大多数人员的心智,这些NFT会成为“核心NFT”。就算不是Yoga Labs,也会有其他的项目方,来打造“核心NFT”。
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@BoredApeYC x @apecoin x @yugalabs

Bored Ape Yacht Club lance son token de gouvernance !
Comment celui-ci va-t-il fonctionner, dans quel but ? Découvrons cela ensemble, let's ape !

Merci de Like & de RT ❤️

🔸Bored Ape Yacht Club ou #BAYC est une collection de #NFT créée par @yugalabs . Cette collection de 10 000 #NFTs de singes a rencontré un franc succès depuis plusieurs mois notamment grâce à l'achat de certains de ces spécimens par ...
de grandes stars américaines (@Eminem , @justinbieber , @jimmyfallon , @PostMalone , etc…).
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Introducing ApeCoin ($APE), a token for culture, gaming, and commerce used to empower a decentralized community building at the forefront of web3. 🧵
ApeCoin is owned and operated by the ApeCoin DAO, a decentralized organization where each token holder gets to vote on governance and use of the Ecosystem Fund. Holding ApeCoin is the only requirement for membership in the ApeCoin DAO.
The DAO is supported by Ape Foundation, which was created to act as the legal steward of ApeCoin and administer the decisions made by the ApeCoin DAO community. (Basically someone needs to sign the checks.)
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#BAYC Investment Thesis
As with any investment, I wrote this for myself before plunking down for a @BoredApeYC NFT. I've learned much more since. I'm sharing this to keep myself honest, seek feedback, and explain to TradFi friends why I'm so excited about web3/crypto. /1
11/23/21 Purchase at 40ETH
BAYC #9128
Decent rarity score: Rarity Tools v2 score 121.07, Rarity rank #2139
4-trait: blue dress, hypnotized eyes, silver stud, fez hat
Downside = 100% loss of capital
Upside = >130x

So what makes this special beyond just an image? /2
(A) Access to a community with
- Founders: authentic, involved and responsive @CryptoGarga @GordonGoner @TomatoBAYC @SassBAYC
- Culture: diverse membership that is happy, positive and supportive
- Network: web3 creators who give early looks at projects (mostly NFTs right now) /3
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A little thread on why I just spent 67.95 ETH on a #cryptopunks


1/ I believe Punks are & will be the holy grail for the NFT community because of their historical significance and being the first of its kind of 10k PFP collections. It’s a bet on the past and the future
2/ The punks floor is 50% from its ATH, while @BoredApeYC surged 100% over the past weeks. The goal is to eventually own both. With current price action, imo punks are the value bet right now.

As a #MAYC holder, I feel like I'm already part of the Ape Family
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Why I’m bullish on #BAKC and bought two Doggos:

A thread 🧵...

TLDR: The supply / demand set up is bullish. Various thematic catalysts + lower entry price = attractive opportunity to participate in the ongoing success of the @BoredApeYC franchise.

#BAYC #MAYC #BoredApeYC ImageImage
1. Global attention & curiosity in the YC continues to grow:
Searches on #NFT are now > than #Crypto.
Attention in BAYC continues to rise and remains correlated to price.

BAYC is becoming a leading web3 global metaverse / lifestyle brand.
This wave is not stopping 🌊. ImageImage
2. Attractive Value & Entry Price:

If you want exposure to the @BoredApeYC franchise but don’t want an Ape (E75) or Mutant (eE15) BAKC offers a second derivative.

For E5.5 you can be part of one of the strongest communities and inherit similar social capital. ImageImageImage
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I did the math on the upcoming $APE token from @BoredApeYC. Here's some nonsense speculation in a thread.

#MAYC #BAYC #Bored
Let's suppose that the Bored Ape token (maybe Yuga token) reaches a top-20 position in the crypto market, as one of the world's most recognized NFT brands with the largest collective following.

$10.8 Billion Total Market Cap.

30,000 Bored + Mutant Apes.

360,000 Each. (more...)
We know that certain Apes haven't used their Mutant Serums yet, meaning the total quantity is less than 30,000 members.

We also can suppose that the @yugalabs team is smart enough not to cause a shock in their markets. Not all tokens will be immediately distributed for the DAO.
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