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CEO ChatGPT raised €100k pre-seed for its startup, in just 47 days.

It gave the idea, execution plan, feedback & made it profitable.

ChatGPT took every decision & the founder followed as an assistant. 🧵 Image
@Joao_F_Santos has been in the startup and VC space for 10 years.

It all started when he saw this thread by @jacksonfall.
@Joao_F_Santos @jacksonfall He got excited and just for fun started a 30-days experiment:

He appointed ChatGPT as the CEO and asked it to come up with business ideas with 2 constraints

1. Capital of $1000
2. An hour/day of work Image
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Shamelessly stealing an idea from @jacksonfall and prompting GPT-4 to help me build a profitable business.

I'm going to start with the same prompt and do whatever it asks me to.

Let's goooooooo

Alright so the approach here is to find a product or service with high demand and low supply using a website like @junglescout or @GoogleTrends

On Google trends, the term "chat GPT" is exploding in popularity so I asked HustleGPT to suggest products related to that.

#gpt4 Image
@junglescout @GoogleTrends Top ideas generated by the bot 🤖

- AI-related books
- Ergonomic keyboards
- High-quality microphones
- Webcams

It also suggested digital products and I liked that more so I asked it to elaborate.

The answer? Chat bot scripts. That sounds easy enough 😅 Image
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Redis Series Part 4 thread is here!
Today, we're diving into Redis `Hashes`, simple explanations, and real-world example
#redis #series #thread 🧵
If you haven't read the previous thread about the list, check it out
Hash is essentially a collection of field-value pairs, where each field is a unique identifier and each value is the associated data. Just like JSON object or python dictionary. Everything inside the hash is a string.
In this example, we gonna store the user preferences when they want to receive threadletters in
HSET: command adds one or more fields-values to key
HSET <KEY> field1 value1 field2 value2
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Redis Part 3 is here! Today, we'll be exploring the power of Redis 'Sets'. #redis #thread 🧵
If you haven't read the previous thread about the list, check it out
Redis Sets are a unique way to store your data! They allow for an unordered collection of strings with no duplicates. Perfect for managing sets of items without worrying about repetition
Let's dive in with an example, Say we want to give one lucky user a year of free membership to Nooli. With Redis Sets, users can enroll in the giveaway but only once, preventing duplicates. Easy and efficient!
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Today, we will be learning about Redis' second data structure, which is the `list`. #thread 🧵
If you haven't read the first thread, check it out
`List`: are like an array but we can use the list as a stack that follows Last-In-First-Out(LIFO) principle and a queue that follows First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principle
In this example, we gonna add users to our beta_list to send invitations in the near future

In the list, we use the push command, and to remove an item, we use the pop command. However, it's important to note that there are different types of push and pop commands available
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Excited to teach Redis core concepts in the next few days! 🧵 #Redis #thread 👇 Image
Redis: Open-source, highly-replicated, performant, non-relational, database & caching server. Maps keys to values with the predefined data model. Data stored in-memory data store, It is good for caching, message brokers & streaming engines
Let's start with the string data structure
String: Store and retrieve a string, serialized json, numerical values, and binary data


MSET & MGET to assign and retreive multiple key valye in single command

Below e.g you can try in redis-cli Image
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Want to level up your Rails skills? Check out this thread on string manipulation tips! 🧵
#rubyonrails #rails
CamelCase: It converts the first and second letters of each word to uppercase. Great for words with underscores Image
dasherize: Replace underscore with a hyphen Image
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1/ Odyssey Alpha is live on testnet!

We released some features that will make it easier to create #metaverse experiences 🚀

Create your own 3D world on with your @Polkadot wallet!

Read the 🧵 about the latest release 👇
2/ Custom skyboxes 🎆

You asked, we delivered! Upload your own 360 image to surround your #3Dworld and create a more immersive #experience.
3/ Integration with @Vimeo and @Twitch

The video functionality now supports also links from #Vimeo and #Twitch (in addition to @YouTube)

Fancy connecting your @Minecraft Twitch stream to a #voxel object in your Odyssey?

Now you can 💪
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🤔 ¿Qué es un algoritmo? ¿Cómo resolver problemas con algoritmos? (Aplica hasta para la vida, pero lo estoy estudiando para programación jeje)

🧵 👇
👉 Se denomina algoritmo a un grupo finito de operaciones organizadas de manera lógica y ordenada que permite solucionar un determinado problema. Una serie de instrucciones o reglas establecidas que, por medio de una sucesión de pasos, permiten arrojar a un resultado o solución.
⚙️ ¿Cómo construir un algoritmo?

Lo primero es: Tener claro el requerimiento

💡 Ejemplo: "Quiero encender la luz de la habitación, donde estoy en este momento"

👣 Lo que haremos....
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How we are growing our membership site, podcast, and newsletter businesses in 2023…

A #buildinginpublic thread 🧵
First my main company, AdSkills…

We have two main subscription plans, CORE ($19mo) and CORE+ ($49mo).

Noticing that international customers struggle with monthly billing, so offering annual.

Have seen Skillshare and Masterclass pivot to this also.
In the past our funnel has been free trial > choose CORE or CORE+

In 2023 we are switching to free trial > CORE+ annual.

This should greatly help us scale our paid traffic and we can always down sell to monthly or even CORE.
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You were good at your job. Maybe VERY good which is why you got promoted to being a manager. It sounded like a promotion so why doesn't it feel like one? Feeling burnt out? Read on...
Shifting from an IC or an intermediate developer into a manager is a leap. Not that you can't do it but it is 2 very different jobs requiring 2 very different skill sets.
Taking a stab at #buildinginpublic here with a public brainstorm with collaborator @3SimpleRules's Bruce Faulkner. We're building a 6 part mini pod to help people lower their panic levels from DEFCON 1 to at least a 3! Potential topics 👇
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How did we get our first 1,000 customers?
By doing things that don't scale, as advised by @ycombinator 🤹‍♀️🧵
@ycombinator 1/ First 10 users: Manual recruiting
Our initial target market was those who built their websites on Notion.

Therefore, we decided to rebuild their sites using Typedream and asked them if they would like to claim their websites. Manual recruiting
@ycombinator Rebuilding people's sites was definitely NOT scalable but we automated it a while later by building templates. Templates
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Sin ventas no hay empresas.


[ABRO 🧵]
1. Llevar el #buildinginpublic más allá

Hace tiempo "está de moda" esto de construir en público, ya parece hasta trillado.

Una nueva forma es armar tu propio Reality Show y mostrar tu día a día construyendo tu startup.

Al ser video conectarás mucho más con tu audiencia.
2. Construye tool gratis

Puedes crear una herramienta totalmente gratuita que sirva para generar valor a tus clientes.

A cambio le pides el correo ;)

Ej: en Novolabs podríamos tener una calculadora que diga cuánto te va a costar tu MVP según las indicaciones marcadas.
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🏴‍☠️Suscriptores de pago: 75
💰Facturación: 2.095€
🛠️Gastos herramientas: 16,50€
🥶Comisiones: 107€

Te cuento más en detalle resultados y aprendizajes de mi membresía online ⬇️
1⃣ Antes de nada: ¿para qué sirve? es una membresía pensada para que conozcas casos prácticos y reales de personas que usan internet para ganarse la vida (muy bien) y que viven como les da la gana🔥
2⃣ ¿Cómo funciona?

- Acceso semanal a una sesión en directo con el/la invitado/a. Conoces su historia y le preguntas lo que quieras.

- Recibes un documento con info sobre su negocio (métricas, resultados, adquisición clientes, herramientas...)

- Acceso a comunidad privada.
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SoftspaceAR Prototype03 is out!

This prototype is all about making Softspace deeply interoperable with the rest of your workflow.

Let’s talk about why spatial canvases are awesome, but also painful, and how we maybe fixed this 🪡👇🏼

#vr #xr #metaquest2 #tft #buildinginpublic
Having a spatial canvas to organize your ideas on is amazing, but spatial layouts can be hard or impossible to translate to the other formats and devices in your workflow.

And if the work you do in an app gets stuck there, you’re (justifiably) not going to use it very much. Image
With Prototype03, I wanted to figure out how Softspace might overcome this problem without simply becoming a VR version of an existing 2D app. Could we keep that immersive spatial magic, while reading from and writing to a file format that’s highly portable?

Like markdown? Image
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Crazy! 😱 After 24 hours Job Board Seach went viral on Reddit here the stats 🔥

• Views → 47.579
• Visitors → 20.045
• Reddit views → 780k
• Reddit upvotes → 4.114

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
The @Reddit post has:

• Helpful (Pro) Award
• Helpful Award
• Wholesome Award x2
• Silver Award
• I'll Drink to That Award
• comments 12

Here is the link…
The website is still very busy today had 12.5k visits and they keep coming.

I would like to thank the 3 first-ever sponsors @philostar @_justYogesh and @ramykhuffash

Also, folks that MD showing some ♥ like @AbiTyasTunggal

And a very special thanks to @levelsio

Thanks 😀
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I'm getting excited about launching my newsletter in February! 🥳

@gwynwans convinced me to create my own logo for it.

Soo.. just made this!

What does it conjure up for you?
Does it excite you?
Does it entice or intrigue you?
Do you 'get it'?
How can I make it better?
These were the other designs I was experimenting with.

The one I chose felt comfy to look at.

It rolled off the page.

The others seemed difficult to read, clunky or up tight. Do you know what I mean? lol
You might be wondering what is meta learning?

Ha yes! It's a curious word.

I'm not trying to be trendy, promise!

Meta learning is:
- An awareness of how you learn, your thinking + actions
- Gauging whether you're making progress
- "Your ability to learn joyfully" @Davoh
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An #unfolding #BuildInPublic thread demoing an iteration to the previously created audio 'Drop' page


The iteration is to add twitter meta-tags to the Drop page, as follows👇

When posting an audio 'Drop' to twitter, format it as a Twitter Player Card – with a playable audio widget in the tweet

Allows me to store my audio files on & share these in easily-consumable fashion via twitter
Ideal Version:

A smartly-customised 'unfoldingway'-monikored & designed audio widget embedded in the tweets, with a link back to the Drop page on

Displays the title & description of the audio file
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"Refactoring Python Code" book update: a few days ago I started moving all code examples to separate files (out of Markdown files) and covering them all with unit tests. That has been great, as I found tons of small typos. #buildinginpublic (1/4)
Using external files is a great idea - each file is fully working code, and in the book I just include the part I need (e.g. I skip imports and some helper functions).

I have the best of both worlds, I have working code and concise examples (2/4)
It also means whoever buys the book will receive a package of files with code and tests so that they can play with them! I'm super happy with this decision.

I'm using markdown-pp (…, now deprecated) to handle including external files (3/4)
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Are you looking to onboard your first 1000 users in 2022 for your startup (product) using Twitter?

Here is a thread 🧵 for you:
1. Focus on validating your ideas; this is the most critical step.

I have written a thread for the same
2. Use Twitter, and start tweeting about it everyday aka #buildinginpublic

By building in public, you get instant validation while also doing pre-marketing.

You can also open private beta and collect user details in a form.
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how to create a successful NFT series (Your Niche)
deep-dive 🧵👇
this thread is a deep dive of one topic
in the whole series. 1/x

what is a niche?
why its critical to your projects success?
steps in how you can find your niche.

feel free to check out the high level here👇
so what is a niche?

- a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service

simply put, serving an underserved market
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Super excited to launch #DrProduct!🥳

Received massive positive response on early access program. So, I decided to open Dr.Product to everyone!


Know more👇🧵 Dr.Product is open now. Dr.Product is a hand-picked collecti

Dr.Product is the curated library of hand-picked valuable resources for every aspiring product manager to learn product management without the struggle of finding the right resources on this massive digital ocean.

No need to waste 100s of hours searching for the right resources online. We did it for you, just focus on learning!
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🤓 Septiembre es mes de ideas, cambios y planes, y por supuesto I'm here for it! 👇
🎯 El objetivo de Aprende Notion sigue siendo:

Que todo el que quiera aprenda a crear sus propios procesos y sistemas en @NotionEspa para vivir y trabajar mejor.

¿Cómo lo hace hasta ahora? 👇🏻🧵
📹 A través de videos en el canal de Youtube, donde por ahora hay:

- Un curso de más de 20 lecciones con todos los fundamentos de Notion de 0 a 100
- Videos de casos de uso prácticos
- Ejemplos para la gestión del conocimiento, de proyectos, vida, etc…
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🎉 Lanzamiento del Add-on de Google Spreadsheets: @UnlimitedSheets

Por ello, he decidido crear este Add-on que añade funciones personalizadas para tu día a día como SEO

Instala el Add-on aquí:…

Dentro hilo ⬇️ #buildinginpublic
El principal problema que suelo tener con AppScript es que una vez que tienes bastantes funciones creadas es un engorro ir copiando y pegando el código entre los sheets, este problema se exacerba mas cuando quieres compartirlo entre compañeros de equipo
Con @UnlimitedSheets tengo centralizadas las funciones en un solo lugar y con solo instalarlo ya tienes acceso a ellas en cualquier Spreadsheet 💪

¿Qué funciones se incluyen en está versión?
- 11 funciones para SEO
- 7 utilidades para el día a día
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