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Crazy! 😱 After 24 hours Job Board Seach went viral on Reddit here the stats 🔥

• Views → 47.579
• Visitors → 20.045
• Reddit views → 780k
• Reddit upvotes → 4.114

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
The @Reddit post has:

• Helpful (Pro) Award
• Helpful Award
• Wholesome Award x2
• Silver Award
• I'll Drink to That Award
• comments 12

Here is the link…
The website is still very busy today had 12.5k visits and they keep coming.

I would like to thank the 3 first-ever sponsors @philostar @_justYogesh and @ramykhuffash

Also, folks that MD showing some ♥ like @AbiTyasTunggal

And a very special thanks to @levelsio

Thanks 😀
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I'm getting excited about launching my newsletter in February! 🥳

@gwynwans convinced me to create my own logo for it.

Soo.. just made this!

What does it conjure up for you?
Does it excite you?
Does it entice or intrigue you?
Do you 'get it'?
How can I make it better?
These were the other designs I was experimenting with.

The one I chose felt comfy to look at.

It rolled off the page.

The others seemed difficult to read, clunky or up tight. Do you know what I mean? lol
You might be wondering what is meta learning?

Ha yes! It's a curious word.

I'm not trying to be trendy, promise!

Meta learning is:
- An awareness of how you learn, your thinking + actions
- Gauging whether you're making progress
- "Your ability to learn joyfully" @Davoh
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An #unfolding #BuildInPublic thread demoing an iteration to the previously created audio 'Drop' page


The iteration is to add twitter meta-tags to the Drop page, as follows👇

When posting an audio 'Drop' to twitter, format it as a Twitter Player Card – with a playable audio widget in the tweet

Allows me to store my audio files on & share these in easily-consumable fashion via twitter
Ideal Version:

A smartly-customised 'unfoldingway'-monikored & designed audio widget embedded in the tweets, with a link back to the Drop page on

Displays the title & description of the audio file
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"Refactoring Python Code" book update: a few days ago I started moving all code examples to separate files (out of Markdown files) and covering them all with unit tests. That has been great, as I found tons of small typos. #buildinginpublic (1/4)
Using external files is a great idea - each file is fully working code, and in the book I just include the part I need (e.g. I skip imports and some helper functions).

I have the best of both worlds, I have working code and concise examples (2/4)
It also means whoever buys the book will receive a package of files with code and tests so that they can play with them! I'm super happy with this decision.

I'm using markdown-pp (…, now deprecated) to handle including external files (3/4)
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Are you looking to onboard your first 1000 users in 2022 for your startup (product) using Twitter?

Here is a thread 🧵 for you:
1. Focus on validating your ideas; this is the most critical step.

I have written a thread for the same
2. Use Twitter, and start tweeting about it everyday aka #buildinginpublic

By building in public, you get instant validation while also doing pre-marketing.

You can also open private beta and collect user details in a form.
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how to create a successful NFT series (Your Niche)
deep-dive 🧵👇
this thread is a deep dive of one topic
in the whole series. 1/x

what is a niche?
why its critical to your projects success?
steps in how you can find your niche.

feel free to check out the high level here👇
so what is a niche?

- a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service

simply put, serving an underserved market
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Super excited to launch #DrProduct!🥳

Received massive positive response on early access program. So, I decided to open Dr.Product to everyone!


Know more👇🧵 Dr.Product is open now. Dr.Product is a hand-picked collecti

Dr.Product is the curated library of hand-picked valuable resources for every aspiring product manager to learn product management without the struggle of finding the right resources on this massive digital ocean.

No need to waste 100s of hours searching for the right resources online. We did it for you, just focus on learning!
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🤓 Septiembre es mes de ideas, cambios y planes, y por supuesto I'm here for it! 👇
🎯 El objetivo de Aprende Notion sigue siendo:

Que todo el que quiera aprenda a crear sus propios procesos y sistemas en @NotionEspa para vivir y trabajar mejor.

¿Cómo lo hace hasta ahora? 👇🏻🧵
📹 A través de videos en el canal de Youtube, donde por ahora hay:

- Un curso de más de 20 lecciones con todos los fundamentos de Notion de 0 a 100
- Videos de casos de uso prácticos
- Ejemplos para la gestión del conocimiento, de proyectos, vida, etc…
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🎉 Lanzamiento del Add-on de Google Spreadsheets: @UnlimitedSheets

Por ello, he decidido crear este Add-on que añade funciones personalizadas para tu día a día como SEO

Instala el Add-on aquí:…

Dentro hilo ⬇️ #buildinginpublic
El principal problema que suelo tener con AppScript es que una vez que tienes bastantes funciones creadas es un engorro ir copiando y pegando el código entre los sheets, este problema se exacerba mas cuando quieres compartirlo entre compañeros de equipo
Con @UnlimitedSheets tengo centralizadas las funciones en un solo lugar y con solo instalarlo ya tienes acceso a ellas en cualquier Spreadsheet 💪

¿Qué funciones se incluyen en está versión?
- 11 funciones para SEO
- 7 utilidades para el día a día
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1/ Noting for the record that were it not for @HarveyMultani I would not be #BuildingInPublic at

For those that don’t know Harvey - you should - for the many years I’ve known him he has been about 18-24 months in the future at any given time.
2/ I was skeptical, but post #1 had 400+ views within 48 hours. Not “huge,” but a strong signal that Harvey was on to something.

Second post, similar numbers (300 views). Third post, even better (750 views) helped by $$ RT’s by infosec 👑 @0xAlexei and legend @davereaboi.
3/ Two weeks in and I’m getting regular emails/messages/DM’s - “The suspense is killing me” and “just tell us what you are building already!”

Alas, if you think the “big reveal” is coming in the next few days, I hate to break it to you: we have a long way to go.
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How I created a Mini Bank App using low-code in less than a week 🏦 💰

// THREAD 🧵 👇🏻

#nocode #lowcode #100DaysOfNoCode #BuildingInPublic
✨ Overview

Built a Web application that mimics the behavior of the bank like show balance, transaction history, FAQs, Block cards. It's a mini Bank 🏦

Stack Used

@airtable as Backend
@UiBakery for Frontend
@MailerLite for Email Integration
@zapier for workflow
✨ Frontend


Used UiBakery components via drag and drop visual builder, modified some styling according to our theme, and hooked REST API via built-in Data Connection.
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Some of us are unsure why we need to build in public if we're not building a company or product yet.

What if I offer you a different way of looking at it? 💭💭💭

Yes, it is true that if you're not actively building, then your sharing doesn't officially count as #BuildingInPublic.

But ... does it really matter? After all, we build in public because we want to develop an authentic voice -> have an audience.

Let me share 2 ways u can do it
1/ Start a new project!

You just need to figure out a "space" you're likely going to build something in the future, then start a mini project in the same space.

This might not be your ultimate project. Don't worry, at least you can start growing a relevant audience.
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Having hired 50-60 people in my career, I love to share my view about opening or hiding salary.

My thoughts after reading this article by @baileytalks - thanks for writing it Bailey!…
Admittedly, I did have the mindset of finding talents at a lower salary point. It felt like a win for the company as we could keep expenses low and a win for myself that I was able to negotiate in favor of the company.
As the person hiring (the Employer side), I had the bargaining power to always go for this question first.

"What was your last salary?"
"What is your expected salary?"

In negotiation, whoever shares the number first has a disadvantage.
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How I build a complete WebApp using lowcode in less than 2 weeks.

An Interesting thread 🧵 ⬇️

#nocode #lowcode #100DaysOfNoCode #BuildingInPublic Image

Built a Web application that allows you to Login via OTP and access the portal having a different demo, case studies, video.

Stack Used

@airtable as Backend

@UiBakery for Frontend

@zapier for workflow automation
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I'm going to be officially starting my journey to #buildinpublic. I'll be writing about my freelancing and transitioning to products and teaching. Here is why I want to build in public:
1. Motivation

I have found talking to others about their building in public is really encouraging. Starting to talk about my ideas has motivated me in a way I didn't expect. I used to fear talking about my work; now I'm excited to
2. Community

With just getting started I have made some great friends and got involved in an amazing group. I want to continue to make new friends and expand my network to others who share my interest and who I may be able to help
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⚡️ How to

Just studied @PaulYacoubian’s (who’s running @copy_ai ) Twitter

He’s making a killing with #buildinginpublic and here’s what I learned from going through his tweets

Thread (1/n)

(#10 is my fav)
1. Give back to the community
2. Make real connections with others
3. Lists of small, actionable advice work.
4. Learn from others, but from the "right" others
5. Document document document
6. Don't be shy to do the previous
7. Mark down every milestone
8. It's all one, continuing story
9. No decision? No problem
10. Have some fun, will you?
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Announcing my @beondeck Global Build Weekend Project:

Nyaaya, a FREE contract automation platform to bring legal aid to millions of Indians who cannot afford lawyers.

I aim to launch an MVP this weekend.

My tech stack: @BRYTER_io, @canva, Carrd
I've wanted to work on it for years but for the first time, no-code has given me the powers to realize my dream.

Doing it as part of @beondeck Global Build Weekend since it gives me a deadline and enough push to get it done quickly.
Why am I doing it alone and not as part of a team?

I want to see if one lawyer can automate a big chunk of lawyering work in a weekend.

That might be the wake-up call that other lawyers need to understand the disruption that's coming for the profession.
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After hearing about @JanelSGM from @csallen, I spent the past few hours digging into her Twitter feed to see how she has been building Newsletter OS in public, from ideation to launch.

Here are some highlights in chronological order and what you can learn from the process:
1/ August 5 2020: Janel digs into '50+ newsletters' (note the number to build credibility) and creates a thread to discuss the lessons learnt. She also mentions that this is for a side project, which raises awareness of something she may be working on.

2/ August 5 2020 (cont): Each tweet in the thread is focused on a key message, with clear pointers for newsletter writers to consider.

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Malpani Ventures is Inviting Impact Entrepreneurs for a Probationary Portfolio

So what exactly is this?

A thread 👇
1/The goal for Malpani Ventures is to fund frugal innovation in India. Today, we want to take this one step forward: by reaching out to frugal innovators in the impact space by providing them innovative funding solutions.
2/The biggest challenge for investors is to find the right founders to back. And we all know that ivy league degrees, prev experience, and successful exits are still not valid indicators of future success.

Only execution is!
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In honor of being hunted on 🐱 @ProductHunt today by @felix12777, we wanted to highlight what we have learned on our #nocode journey.

It has been 104 days from product signup (@AdaloHQ) to Product Hunt, so here are 104 learnings:

1) To start, we had to figure out as a non-technical team how to build a technical product to lower the cost of #career navigation
2) We started Lloyd before the pandemic was the reality it is today, but what has happened in the last year made us even more committed to building a lower cost, quality product. #Nocode was a fast way to keeping costs down to also benefit others
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Developing an audience is the most important, difficult, and totally rewarding thing to do for a founder or indie creator.

a /thread/ about #AudienceDevelopment
Let's say you want to create a "healthy nutrition" app. You need people to use and buy it.

6 steps to get you started with #AudienceDevelopment:
1) Find people who talk about healthy nutrition.
2) Look what they exactly talk about.
3) Join their conversations and understand.
4) Identify their problems.
5) Solve one of their problems with your app.
6) Show them your app and see what happens.

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Day 2 #buildinginpublic for @makerpad #t30 challenge

Building @pheedbackco w/ @pabloheredia24

- 25 sign ups
- Added extra detail into Airtable
- Set up our free email account
- Tried & failed to set up a MailerLite account
- Started a Trello board to track our tasks

1/ Added three additional columns in Airtable.

I've redacted our email addresses, but the page collects Name + Email

We know most of our early users so for our records, we are enriching it with:
- Twitter Handles
- Whether they tweeted to be in priority list
- Time created Image
2/ Did you know that you don't actually need to pay for email hosting if you have a custom domain?

You can hook it up to Gmail using @ImprovMx for free.

I learned this trick recently from @chris__alarcon and have saved a lot!

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This month I'm going to be #buildinginpublic with @pabloheredia24 & @nocode_buildr for @makerpad's #mpc-t30 challenge.

Our idea is

Get actionable, unbiased feedback from other makers in <15 minutes

Thread on how we got the landing page up in <30 min 👇
1/ Why

As makers, we sometimes hit roadblocks in projects that we might not know how to solve alone

Pheedback helps makers to get actionable, unbiased feedback from other makers in <15 minutes

(in exchange, you give them feedback too!)
2/ Copywriting

We borrowed something from @dannypostmaa's

"Tired of {Problem}? Get started with {Solution} Today!"

Tired of running into a wall with your projects? Get actionable, unbiased feedback in just 15 minutes from other driven makers.
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Confession: I've been a long-time Twitter lurker

In July, I decided to start actively engaging on Twitter

- Grew followers by 7x (~40 → 300)
- 253K impressions
- Learned & connected with inspiring, intelligent people
- Made new friends
- Involved in exciting projects ImageImage
I've also had fun building my newsletter in public:

- BrainPint has grown to 180+ subscribers
- Useful feedback on landing page
- Connected with fellow Newsletter Geeks to support each other and exchange tips on curation & growth
- Fun with #nocode and @carrd
People I've been inspired by:

- @brandonthezhang: Twitter growth
- @nocodelife: Building @LaunchMBA in public
- @anthilemoon: Consistency & community
- @MarieDOLLE: Curiosity
- @Kamphey: Useful ideas + @BetterSheets wizardry

+ Big thanks to @thisiskp_ for lighting a fire in me
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