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Herkesi konuşup durduğu #Metaverse nedir ?

Hangi evrende, hangi arsaları alabiliriz?

Arsa fiyatlarının durumu nedir ?

Arsa satın almak mantıklı bir yatırım mı ?

#Metaverse'ü ÖteEvren olarak çevirebiliriz.
İnsanların, ekran başında "seyretmeyip" Evrene sanal gözlüklerle interaktif bir şekilde dahil olmaları diyebiliriz kısaca.

@BarisOzcan'ın deyimiyle "Ayna Dünyalar"
Bir bilgisayar oyunundan daha sanal, kendi hayatınızdan daha gerçek bir yaşantınızın olduğu, kendi ekonomisine, kendi siyasetine, kendi eğlencesine en önemlisiyse kendi gerçekliğine sahip öte dünyalar...
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NFT playbook 2022:
seems like 2022 is coming back with a bang.

2.5mths ago i rotated a big portion of my portfolio out to weather the storm. now i feel confident to rotate back in nfts.

heres why and what im looking out for 👇
1. tax harvest is a real thing - ppl taking loss to minimize on tax before year end, making market uncertain. new yr rolls ard, everyones rdy to get back to the table.
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1/ Today was wild w/ @adidasoriginals dropping its first ever NFT in partnership w/ @gmoneyNFT, @punkscomic & @BoredApeYC. 30,000 NFTs, 16.2K owners, 5 hours of wasted time.

Here's my post-mortem of adidas' first drop: what went well & what we can do better in the future 🧵👇
2/ Let's start with what went well:
- The #NFTs look dope
- Minting was smooth
- Gas was low (if white-listed) ~0.009Ξ for me
- The project was well hyped & sold out immediately
- The floor has held high, currently at 0.59Ξ (~$2,283)

But that isn't the full story...
3/ #adidasOriginals had lots of issues throughout the #drop
- confusing launch details
- a fumbled whitelisting
- an extended mint pause (w/o comms)
- lost gas fees & gas wars
- bot-stacked general access
- scammers, fake contracts & fake sites
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This is from @adidas website:
"Workers must have access to effective communication channels with their employers and managers... as a means of exercising their social and economic rights"

#adidas #speakupforMyanmar #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar… ImageImage
But 73 days into the #myanmarmilitarycoup, and @adidas has made no concerted effort to assure the public or their workers as to whether they are actually committed to making sure their workers are guaranteed this access they tout on their corporate website. Image
@adidas did not issue a statement after the bloody garment district crackdown Mar 14.

And they haven't troubled themselves to issue ANY statements in Burmese language for their customers or workers. Their Myanmar store's FB page has also been largely silent.
#adidasforMyanmar Image
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"I urge you to support the public and the worker's movement against the military dictatorship in Myanmar."
- Moe Sandar Myint

@adidas @Chevron @adidasWomen: Get in formation! Take a stand to support these people, or else risk their blood on your hands. Your silence is violent.
friends, please sign these petitions! This one is asking @adidas, and @Beyonce as their affiliate, to take concrete action for their 20,000 workers in Myanmar:…
This one is asking the Biden admin to put sanctions on Myanmar Gas and Oil Enterprise (if this happened, it would result in @Chevron, @Petronas, Posco, @Total being forced to stop paying taxes to the junta):…
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#Thread about #NIKE #adidas #China #Uiguri #transparency #geopolitics :

Companies such as H&M, Adidas and Nike no longer want to process cotton from Xinjiang because of forced labor allegations. Therefore, the Chinese media are now calling for a boycott of the brands.
According to estimates by the United Nations and human rights organizations, China is holding up to one million Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

According to studies by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the regime uses Uighur slave labor on a large scale in cotton production. China's government vehemently denies the allegations. Around 20% of the cotton produced worldwide comes from Xinjiang.
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So sehen wir nicht aus, wenn wir keine Waren tragen.
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Ops... Image
A proposito di brand safety, responsabilità sociale e investimenti pubblicitari su #Facebook...

"Put your money where your mouth is"…
L'azienda di abbigliamento North Face ha interrotto le pianificazioni pubblicitarie su #Facebook.…
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#eurobasket87 - Ενα #thread με πολλή❤️ έχοντας ξαναδεί ολα τα παιχνίδια στη διάρκεια της καραντίνας. Μικρά ή μεγάλα που μου έμειναν απο τα βιντεο. Στο τέλος ενα όμορφο μεμοραμπίλιο απο τότε. #letsgoo 33 χρόνια μετά το αγαπημένο χρυσό #hellas #otd #eurobasket1987
Vs Romania #eurobasket87
- 12αδα με Gallis k KAMBOURIS - το M δεν θα το ξαναδούμε απο το 2ο game 👀ΥΓ:Φανης χωρις “initial” στη 12αδα ❤️ οπως κ Martheulenis κ.α
- Πρώτο καλάθι εθνικής back door Φανη σε Γκαλη (2ο back door μιας κ το 1ο απο Γιαννακη σε Νικ βρήκε στεφάνι)
Vs Rom cont: - Οι 2 πρωτες βολες Καμπούρη ευστοχες (για τις τελευταίες τα γνωρίζετε) - Φάση απο Harlems (Φιλιππος) στο β´απο Ρωμανιδη σε Γκαλη 👀🎬
- Το πρωτο/τελευταίο game που θα κατσει στον παγκο ο Νικ ✌️#eurobasket1987
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🗓️🇫🇷Un día como hoy pero de 1993 el #Olympique salía campeón de la #ChampionsLeague, siendo único equipo francés en lograrlo. Un campeonato teñido por la #corrupción de sus dirigentes q haría q el equipo no pueda defender el título al otro año ni jugar la copa #intercontinental👇 Image
En la foto del campeón se ve al protagonista de toda esa historia: el presidente del club Bernard Tapie, empresario (ex dueño de #Adidas) y también político: en ese entonces era diputado y años antes había sido ministro del gobierno de Francois Mitterrand. Image
Marcado x la corrupción, Tapie tenía el objetivo de lograr que el club obtuviese títulos para agrandar su figura y dar el salto político. Su antiguo asesor, Marc Fratani, quien denunció todas estas maniobras contó que buscaba “que sus aficionados se convirtiesen en sus votantes” Image
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#Adidas has reported a massive fall in net income from continuing operations: from €631 million registered in the first quarter of 2019 to only €20 million in the first three months this year. Due to the coronavirus, more than 70% of Adidas stores had to be shut down via KPMG Image
TOP5 clubs with the biggest kit deals (only #Adidas)

1⃣ #RealMadrid €120m a year
2⃣ #ManchesterUnited €94m
3⃣ #Bayern €90m
4⃣ #Arsenal €76m
5⃣ #Juventus €51m

Thirteen clubs generated agreements income of a total of approx. €470m. Only 5 clubs absorbs 91% of the total
Avg. €36m/club. Most deals between kit suppliers and teams are ranging from 5 to 10 yrs. The biggest rivalry in this business is the one between two gigantic brands Nike & Adidas. The American & German corporation are constantly battling for deals with the world’s biggest clubs
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Liebe @solveconflicts, ich halte das Thema im Grund für zu komplex, um es hier auf Twitter zu behandeln. Ich versuche es trotzdem in einem #Thread.
Ich unterscheide in der Wahl meiner Reaktion zwischen unterschiedlich schwerwiegenden Kategorien von Fehlern und zwischen unterschiedlichen Graden von Einsicht bezüglich des Fehlers. Auch Vorsatz beim Handeln oder grobe oder einfache Fahrlässigkeit spielt für mich eine Rolle.
Es gibt kleine Fehler, die kann ich mit einem Lächeln und aus dem Bewusstsein heraus, dass wir alle Fehler machen, sofort verzeihen.
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Was haben #adidas, Restaurants und Friseur*innen gemeinsam?

Sie dürfen nach (nicht nur) meiner Ansicht wegen der staatlich angeordneten Schließungen die Miete mindern.

1/7 Image
Die juristische Diskussion dazu läuft gerade auf Hochtouren. Ich habe dazu in den letzten Tagen etwas für das nächste AnwaltZertifikatMietrecht von @DasRechtsportal aufgeschrieben:…

These 1: Da Vermieter*innen die Mieträume aktuell nicht mehr so zur Verfügung stellen können, dass ihre Mieter*innen in der Lage sind, darin den Vertragszweck umzusetzen, sind diese Räume mangelhaft. Das nennt man Beschaffungsrisiko.
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Adidas prosecution cooperator Marty Blazer is here being sentenced by #SDNY Judge Ramos. AUSA says Blazer's recordings helped convict 10 in #Adidas scandal.
Inner City Press, in back row: Where are the #Nike prosecutions? Bol Bol, Deandre Ayton...
AUSA Boone says there will be an @HBO show sbout the #Adidas prosecutions.
Inner City Press has learned there will be a visual production about #OneCoin still-Missing Crypto Queen. In both,who will play Judge Ramos?
Adidas prosecution cooperator Marty Blazer is sobbing. Judge Ramos grants US motion under 5K1.1, sentences Blazer to time served, 1 year of Supervised Release. Restitution of $1,560,000, forfeiture of $2.35 million.
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OK - US v. #Avenatti #Nike extortion trial, Day 7 - Judge Gardephe showing increasing frustration with both side, as Coach Gary Franklin is in the bullpen Inner City Press will live tweet as much as it can: thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @businessinsider @KTVZ @dcexaminer @WashTimes @newsobserver Judge Gardephe: The examination on the point won't begin with offering the out of court statement. The defense needs to proffer the particular exhibit to me. But to send me a letter without bothering to identify the text messages, it's not helpful.
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @businessinsider @KTVZ @dcexaminer @WashTimes @newsobserver Judge Gardephe: So, if you want to do more examination of Auerbach, you can re-call him in the defense case. If he doesn't admit them, you can show him the text messages. If he continues to deny, you can offer them into evidence. Anything more?
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They're still doing jury selection. But SDNY prosecutors have rolled in a shopping cart full of binders. #Countdown
In courtroom for US v. Avenatti, a prospective juror says he has connections with the legal field. He's summoned up for sidebar. Jury selected and openings today? UNclear
Now SDNY Judge Gardephe asks prospective jurors still in Courtroom 110 if any for them did any research, online or otherwise, yesterday or last night or today so far. He's asked if anyone would have a problem not doing podcasts during trial…
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En unos minutos, publico mi hilo de los sábados: una historia de cómo un deportista es capaz de ser un agente transformador de toda una industria. Una de mis historias favoritas gracias a gente como @ADaimiel y @trecet que me enseñaron a amar el baloncesto. ¿Vamos?
1. Otoño de 1984. Un joven de Nueva York afincado en North Carolina está ansioso por saber para qué equipo jugará en la #NBA. Quería cambiar la historia del baloncesto, pero sin querer cambió también la del calzado deportivo. Hoy, la historia de #Jordan Brand.
2. Como no podía ser de otra manera, la historia comienza con un joven llamado Michael Jordan. Desde joven destaca en el baloncesto, aunque su deporte favorito era el beisbol. Juega en la universidad de casa, North Caroline.
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