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Le @Conseil_Etat aurait-il inventé la pierre philosophale? 🤔Quelques 1eres impressions à chaud sur points importants de l’arrêt sur la conservation des données de connexion
#dataretention #CERens
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D’un côté CdE évite d’entrer en conflit avec la CJUE en rejetant le moyen GVT 🇫🇷 lui demandant écarter arrêt CJUE car la Cour aurait agi ultra vires en ignorant les exemptions introduites par États dans droit UE. La position est forte (la Cour Const.
Allemande🇩🇪 appréciera)2/n
Pour CdE la ‘guerre des juges’ serait dévastatrice pour ordre juridique 🇪🇺. Il s’inscrit donc dans logique de ‘dialogue des juges’ en proposant une interprétation conciliatrice entre arrêt CJUE & besoins justice 🇫🇷. Pour le reste il appartient États prendre initiatives politiques
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A couple of things I would keep in mind on this saga:
1) The 1st Constitutional Courts which declared unconstitutional the data retention laws transposing the defunct directive, did so in 2009, 2010 & 2011: 1st, the Romanian Const Court ❤️, then the German and Czech Const Courts.
2) Before them, the Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court annulled a provision of the data retention national law in 2008.
What do these countries have in common? A history of suffering under surveillance states & no rule of law. Maybe they know this leads to bad stuff?
3) The ECJ tried to avoid the problem in a couple of cases, looking at formal issues & competence of the EU to act, when 1st looking at the 2006 Directive.
It couldn’t avoid it any longer when 2 other Constitutional-level tribunals sent it Qs : Austria & Ireland.
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One takeaway on the fringe of #LaQuadratureduNet is how vitally important the purpose of processing is when assessing necessity & proportionality of a measure. See the different analysis for national security v. combating crime & safeguarding public security. #DataRetention 1/
Another takeaway is how important it is to literally dissect the facts of a processing - what data is processed, how & for what purpose (see the IP address analysis) to establish necessity. Reminds me of our work for the Necessity Toolkit at the EDPS, where this was emphasized 2/
See the final version of the Necessity Toolkit here:… but maybe also check out the first version, very dear to me 😊… 3/END
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Sobre las consecuencias (severas!! emho) para la legislación penal española LECRIM y Ley25/2007 de la STJUE Asuntos C-623/17 y otros #Privacy #ECJ #PersonalData #PrivacyProtection #DataRetention #NationalSecurity (C-511/18,C-512/18,C-520/18 & C-623/17), abro un breve HILO:👇👇
Tras los atentados terroristas cometidos en Madrid y Londres, la UE estimó que una manera de combatir y perseguir eficazmente el terrorismo y el crimen organizado era mediante la retención de datos de telecomunicaciones...
....para facilitar la prevención, investigación y enjuiciamiento del terrorismo y de otras formas de delincuencia grave. Se aprobó la Directiva 2006/24/CE sobre conservación de datos, muy criticada desde su origen.
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Worrying news from Brazil 🇧🇷 The Fake News bill being discussed by Congress imposes mandatory social media account ID registration (!) and seems to be aiming to strict data localization and data retention obligations. 1/5
#LGPD #GDPR #privacy
If you thought mandatory SIM card registration is bad, this is worse. All social media users would have to provide valid Brazilian ID or passports if they’re foreigners & a Brazilian phone number to be able to open a user account. 2/5
It also aims to impose data retention obligations for internet connection logs (!) for 1 year by ISPs and 6 months by online applications. Plans for EU Adequacy post-LGPD may be … problematic. See CJEU in Digital Rights Ireland… 3/5
#dataretention #GDPR
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1. se non l'avete letta ieri sera, vi consiglio assolutamente di farlo: è la pubblicazione dell'#AdaLovelaceInstitute sulla #sorveglianzaDigitale contro #COVID. E' assolutamente intelligente: la cosa più intelligente che ho letto sul tema,scritta da persone veramente competenti
2. la pubblicazione è in inglese:… leggete il capitolo 3 sul #digital #ContactTracing. E' l'eccellenza
3. leggendola capirete una cosa: a differenza dei nostri "esperti", l'#AdaLovelaceInstitute centra il problema: "Al momento,NON esistono prove sufficienti a stabilire che il #ContactTracing digitale sia una tecnologia efficace per supportare la risposta alla #pandemia"
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Finding #1. Looking at it, the only changes I see in the final report are in sentence structure, detailed citation of background documentation. Substantively this finding is unchanged. It's worded differently (and more forensically).
Finding #2: Again, there is a claim of substantial changes made by the Dept. Reading this, the change I see is inclusion of more detail and a clearer enumeration of the logical analysis that was undertaken. The actual conclusion is unchanged.
Finding #3: Again... I'm at a loss to see where the substantial difference is here. And the finding is pretty standard fare. I'll look at Depts argument later... (or tomorrow). The DPC has been consistent (and there is significant case law on #DataRetention).
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A thread about metadata...
The media barely covered it, but one of the scarier aspects of the #dataretention legislation was around what are called a DRIP.
Basically when the legislation passed, the AG's Department prescribed an intentionally vague subset of data that ISPs would need to capture and store about their customers to meet the requirements of the legislation
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1. sono convinta che questa vicenda gravissima delle intercettazioni della #esurv finirà a tarallucci e vino, come è finita per #HackingTeam e per quella che io chiamo la legge #Bocassa, la legge che ci ha portato ad essere gli UNICI in EU che hanno #DataRetention a 6ANNI
2. sono convinta perché, lo dico con la chiarezza che mi è propria,NON esistono "check and balances", il sistema è semplicemente fuori controllo, come ha dimostrato lo scandalo #HackingTeam, i cui clienti erano quando di più vicino a Lucifero ci sia in Terra
3. sono convinta xché dopo scandalo #HackingTeam non solo non è cambiato NULLA,non è stata introdotta alcuna forma di controllo reale, trasparenza, regole, ma addirittura magistrati e investigatori hanno preteso legge #Bocassa, che ci ha fatto conoscere nel mondo xun nuovo record
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