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.@edri member @laquadrature is today at the CJEU on the #HADOPI case to defend to right to privacy and anonymity online.

Member States are stubbornly demanding the Court to reopen its case law to enable #MassSurveillance
@edri @laquadrature The HADOPI case basically asks the question whether retention and access to IP addresses associated with civil identity data and the content of a communication (a file shared via P2P) are considered 'serious interferences with privacy rights'
@edri @laquadrature A dozen Member States are here to explain how impossible it would be to prosecute any crime committed online without a complete revamp of the CJEU case law, making the internet a de facto "lawless zone" (words of France)
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#CarolaSchouten werkt voor het WEF en feliciteert #WEF van #KlausSchwab met Mega Voedsel Centrales (aka #FoodHubs vol #GMO-gif en voedselproducten met zwaar verminderde voedingswaarden zoals vitaminen.)

#ChristenUnie #GertJanSegers… Image
#CarolaSchouten werkt voor het WEF van #KlausSchwab met Mega Voedsel Centrales
(aka #FoodHubs met #GMO-voedselproducten met zwaar verminderde voedingswaarden én mogelijk #mRNA)

#NeurenbergCode #NeurenbergTribunaal2…
De WHO is bezig ongekende macht naar zich toe te trekken ten koste van uw vrijheden en rechten…

Medisch #fascisme
#Landverraad door uitlevering aan een buitenlandse entiteit. ImageImageImageImage
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om een afwijkende
#5G #reclame-spot uit China
De Totale Bewaking in het #SociaalKredietSysteem
#Spoedwet / #Sleepwet
Straks in Nederland,
te beginnen met de #QRcode
The EU’s biometric power-grab is sinister and grotesque

Brussels is rolling out an invasive new border system that will cause massive delays, and further undermine our liberty

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1/5 🚨OUT NOW: @edri's new paper flags high risks of over-policing in new EU law #PrumII:…

@EU_Commission Prüm II proposal threatens to create an EU-wide facial recognition system providing NO safeguards for people from state overreach & #MassSurveillance. A map of Europe showing cross-border access to various types
2/5 What happens if @EUCouncil gets their way?

👮👀For you to own a car & drive, you have to agree that your face & info are used for policing purposes across the EU. Your data will be added to a system that's supposed to be for suspects of serious crimes, like terrorism.
3/5 We would no longer be able to walk freely on our streets as the new law would assume everyone is a 👮criminal before proven otherwise.

“When EU law interferes with fundamental rights, EU law must also provide appropriate safeguards,” shares @je5perl from EDRi member @itpof.
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1/8 Yesterday, @edri member @laquadrature pled at the @EUCourtPress against the French system that puts the internet under #MassSurveillance to fight against the sharing of copyrighted content. The #CJUEHadopi case is important for several #DigitalRights debates at the EU level.
2/8 #HADOPI was created in 2009 to sanction users suspected of sharing protected content without authorisation. It collects IP addresses shared by rightsholders & requests civil identity data (name, postal & email addresses) from telecom operators to identify & contact suspects.
3/8 @laquadrature’s goal is to challenge access by #HADOPI to this sensitive information, as only serious crimes could justify such access according to @EUCourtPress. Yet, downloading a movie is not a serious crime.
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🧵Wordt digitaal contant geld programmeerbaar, en gekoppeld aan je identiteit? Artikel van @JannesvanRoermu op @FTM_nl… #FTM #Techthics #Masssurveillance #MassaSurveillance #ControleMaatschappij #ControllState #surveillance 1/6
📍 Wereldwijd werken centrale banken aan hun ‘eigen’ digitale munt, als equivalent van contant geld. Die kan het beste worden gecombineerd met een nieuwe digitale identiteit voor iedereen, menen veel beleidsmakers... 2/6
...Critici zijn bezorgd over de mate van controle en surveillance die zo’n systeem biedt. ‘Veel technocraten zijn zich van geen kwaad bewust. Ze zullen het met de beste bedoelingen fout doen.’ 3/6
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"The world is full of such small acts of care and kindness between strangers as well as between friends and family, acts that draw from a concern about others... If there’s any saving of humanity in the years ahead it will be built from such..."-- @csmaje…
Study reveals how blood vessels use 'short cuts' to control the cardiovascular system…
#ResearchResults, #BloodVessels, #CardiovascularSystem, #ControlMechanisms
COVID transmission 1,000 times more likely from air vs. surfaces, says study…
#COVID19, #AirTransmissibility, #SurfaceTransmissibility, #ResearchResults
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🇬🇧 With the adoption of the #chatcontrol regulation (#ePrivacy derogation), the European Parliament last month approved the EU's first #masssurveillance legislation to allow searching private messages for allegedly illegal content. Watch again my speech before the vote 🧵(1/5)
🔍 #Chatcontrol allows e-mail and messenger providers to indiscriminately scan your private messages and chats in real-time for potentially suspicious content, including automated reporting to the police. (2/5)
A petition has been set up to oppose indiscriminate #masssurveillance via #chatcontrol, and to save the confidentiality of private communications online - but to no avail:…
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🇬🇧 The EU Commission could break securely #E2EE encrypted communications with the upcoming #chatcontrol2.0 proposal. If all messaging providers were forced to search private messages, this would require backdoors and undermine security! (1/7)
Attacks on #encryption are brought forward by governments time and again. Most recently here, in a November Council resolution:…

The idea: access to encrypted messages only "for the good guys/law enforcement authorities"

A fallacy.. (2/7)
..because #encryption either works for all of us, or it works for no one at all. Once broken, and be it with best intentions, backdoors in encrypted communications are accessible to anyone who wants to use them – including criminal hackers (3/7)
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Majority of the European Parliament welcomes the Commission's intention to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police (#chatcontrol) by 580:76:37. Image
#chatcontrol will mean privatised #masssurveillance and the end of digital #secrecyofcorrespondence. It is not only inefficient but counter-productive, dangerous and causes severe collateral damage, including to children:… Image
Act now to stop indiscriminate messaging and #chatcontrol: Image
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1/8 👂 WHEN THEY HEAR US: After a majority of respondents called on the EU to ban biometric identification in the #AIWhitePaper consultation, the @EU_Commission says a ban is still being considered.
#BanThisBS #FacialRecognition #MassSurveillance #DemocracyInAction #PeoplePower
2/8 What is at stake with biometric surveillance? Our reality as we know it! We must protect our democratic public spaces– and with them, our freedoms to speak, to assemble, to protest and to express ourselves.

#BanThisBS #FacialRecognition
3/8 Europe, right now 🇪🇺: more than 15 countries have secretly experimented with harmful #Biometric systems like #FacialRecognition in public spaces. They have often ignored existing laws & showed no respect for democracy or critical public opinion.
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1. from the very beginning of this tragedy, #COVID, I have tried to alert you on how #COVID will be used to build a #MassSurveillance #Leviathan which will make the 9/11 #massSurveillance programs appear modest, if compared to this new Leviathan
2. never before #HealthData were integrated into #massSurveillance: not even the #NSA had tried it, as far as we know. BUT now with this huge tragedy, #COVID, we risk such #massSurveillance Leviathan.But there is further huge risk: the future of our #PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystems
3.if you are lucky(as I am)to live in a country with a PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystem,you have to wonder what is going to happen with these new "APPs" tracing #COVID and in some cases acquiring your #HealthData.Will #Amazon,#Google,#Palantir seize our PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystems?
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Today we are at @ECHR_Press hearing on @Snowden revelations and use of bulk data / mass surveillance by @GCHQ and U.K. government #echr #masssurveillance
One of the best things about these hearings is that @ukhomeoffice have to answer direct questions properly and cannot rely on evasion, obfuscation and rhetoric as they do even with Parliament and MPs
“Terrorism, National Security, nothing to see here move along” does not work when in front of International judges.
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