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If you needed another reason NOT to vote for @JoeBiden, then #ContactTracing and #MandatoryVaccine should be on your checklist. Also, any a**hat that doesn’t allow discussion shouldn’t be in the forum @vivek_murthy #Coward
Kyle Jurek, Iowa Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign: “I’m Ready to Throw Down Now…The Billionaire Class. The F***ing Media, Pundits. Walk into MSNBC Studios, Drag Those M*****F***ers Out by Their Hair and Light Them on Fire in the Streets.
Kyle Jurek Suggests That Liberal Democrats Should be Placed in Gulags or be Put to Death: “Liberals Get the F***ing Wall First.”
Jurek: “Well, I’ll Tell You What in Cuba, What did They do to Reactionaries? You Want to Fight Against the Revolution, You’re Going to Die for it,
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On vas pas se mentir la #COVID19 est entrain de se redevelopper, plus vite dans certains territoires mais, le virus est présent sur tout le territoire.
La question est :la même équipe de commandement ne va t’elle pas reproduire les mêmes echecs?
Et ces échecs ont été nombreux 1
Mensonges, manipulations, manques masqués, scientismes, mise en dangers de soignants, pertes de chances de patients, la gestion de la crise de février à juin a été en tout point catastrophique...Nous avions alors en permanence 3 semaines de retard sur l’affection 2
Le confinement a en quelques sorte remis le compteur à zéro meme si celui ci n’a pas été exempt de fautes ( on se souvient de ceux que l’on envoyait travailler dans des transports en communs moins nombreux, sans masques). Au sortir de celui ci des mesures ont ete prises
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Many of us talk about "the value of #digitalhealth" for improving health outcomes & improving the delivery of care, particularly during #COVID19.

I have concerns about evidence. But even more, I am concerned about equity. (A thread)
Despite lots of brouhaha about digital #contacttracing, it isn't effective, comes with major privacy concerns, and: "Too much reliance on automated contact tracing apps may also increase the risk of COVID-19 for vulnerable and digitally-excluded groups"…
Another systemic review from @cochrane suggests that the digital tech can be most useful as an AUGMENTATION of human efforts. They caution, though, that ", the technology is largely unproven in real-world outbreak settings" particularly with at-risk pts.…
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@MattHancock is now expanding mass DNA testing in the UK using new Digital Technologies.

Using a combo of Social Distancing & Routine #DNATesting life will move to the #NextNormal.


Using their Behavioural Insights Team (The Nudge Team).…

Society is accepting and is being nudged towards routine #DNATesting

Their Message is simple:

"To Get Back to the Things we Love. Let’s Get Tested."
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Here's an extensive #thread on how #BCCI put the bio-secure bubble in place when franchises first landed in #UAE for #IPL2020.

The Board issued a circular underlining dos & don'ts for the tournament & strict protocols to go with it. Below is the circular in detail...

As advised in the Overview of Health and Safety Protocols for #IPL, each team was required to form a Bio Secure Environment and to follow all the #BCCI protocols which will include: A) Testing; B) Health Passport; C) Contact Tracing.
#Testing: Delhi-based VPS Healthcare Group undertook all #Covid testing in UAE. Exclusive Testing room was set up in each Bio-Secure bubble and qualified nurses, wearing full PPE kits collected nasopharyngeal samples from team members.
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Hoera!! Een nieuw draadje over #MarcVanRanst.

Het vorige was een enorm succes, er is duidelijk een honger naar #content over onze #held.

We beginnen met #MarcVanRanst in zijn living.
#MarcVanRanst en een journaliste.
#MarcVanRanst en een journaliste.
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WEF's Klaus Schwab: "In all likelihood, unless the #pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way, the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health & mortality will be mild..."

New week-end thread w/ @spencerlatu

#Covid19 as catalyst for #WEF #greatreset
Written by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, Geneva, July 2020.

"Until 2011, Mr. Malleret was a senior partner at the Geneva-based IJ (Informed Judgment) Partners, an investment boutique for ultra-high-net-worth individuals."

#WEF #GlobalRiskNetwork…
"Malleret is the co-founder & principal author of the Monthly Barometer, an analytical and predictive newsletter on macro issues for high-level decisionmakers." - "Relevant to all; read by the influential"
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As NHS trials new contact tracing app, new report by @AdaLovelaceInst & @traversepeople finds the public want to see evidence it works alongside independent oversight.

#COVID19Tech #ContactTracing…
Over three weeks in May 2020, the @AdaLovelaceInst, @traversepeople, @involveUK & @BangtheTable convened a rapid online discussion with 28 members of the public to explore attitudes to the use of #COVID19 related technologies for transitioning out of lockdown.
The 'mini public' debated circumstances under which the use of tech like the contact tracing app would be an appropriate part of the #COVID19 response.

Four major findings emerged 👇
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The #COVID19 data problem in Switzerland. As ⁦@sbonhoeffer⁩ says, we need to analyse #ContactTracing data to look at where coronavirus is, but they still aren’t available... 1/n…
The point is to have info to break transmission chains. Showing that families account for a large proportion of #COVID19 is one thing. But it doesn’t show the source of infection. Where did the family member get infected? #ContactTracing should joint the dots... 2/n
No identifiable #COVID19 source outside the family is a warning ⚠️ That means #CommunityTransmission not controlled. And that means we need to #TestTestTest to find infections, then #TestTraceIsolateQuarantine to stop transmission ...3/n
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1/...Updated my #SMRT forecasts after Friday’s bullish t/s. My current valuation rises from 85p to 104p...double current shareprice. I’ve attempted to be conservative, modelling base case values across the board & attributing NIL to the new exciting @softcat agreement👇🏻
2/...#SMRT are operating in a sweet spot with their @swipedon & @spaceconnected visitor management solutions seeing increased demand due to the level of increased #ContactTracing policies worldwide👇🏻with their model offering Annual Recurring SaaS revenues
3/...#SMRT have also created the software suite for the new @Evoko NASO room booking system. EVOKO have a pre-installed base of 400,000 panels & the Feb 20 launch spoke of £30m TAM with 1st sales in Sept 20...& further SaaS revenue stream via @YouTube
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1. News: President Trump: We want to get stimulus money to the people, Democrats view it as a political issue - Thread 8.1.20 @realDonaldTrump #Relief #Democrats #Stimulus
2. Dr #Fauci faces criticism for #COVID outbreak response: Daughter's a Twitter software engineer.

This comes as Silicon Valley increasingly cracks down on so-called misinformation about virus from people who don't automatically accept what experts say…
3. News: Dr. Fauci reluctant to specifically criticize protests/ riots in relationship to spread of #COVID-19 (coronavirus disease):

“I didn’t say protests do anything,” #Fauci said.

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More pieces of the #Ohio #FirstEnergy scandal.... #RINO #GovMikeDewine has denied that he knew anything about this.... #DarkMoney Biggest scandal in Ohio history...… ImageImage
#Ohio #RINO #MikeDewine appoints Kristy Wilkin, the wife of #HB6 co-sponsor Shane Wilkin, to the Fourth District Court of Appeals.“The sponsors of HB6, Wilkin and Callender, received from #FirstEnergy $10,000 and $18,700, for their respective campaigns. Image
2019 Former #Battelle Energy Alliance employee suing the government contractor & nuclear reactor design co. owned by #BillGates saId he was forced out when he complained Gates’ company #TerraPower broke agreement w/ the U.S. government
#Ohio #GovMikeDewine
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There are many #digital platforms that can help with #COVID19 case mgmt and contact tracing, but which one is right for your needs? Supported by @gatesfoundation, we assessed 9 key platforms to support decision-making for MoHs and donor agencies:…
The 9 key platforms we looked at were: CommCare, Community Health Toolkit, DHIS2 Tracker, Go.Data, @getODK, @opensrp, @joinrapidpro, @SORMAS_open, and @WelTel. #COVID19 #pandemic #epitwitter #ContactTracing
We provide an overview of the 9 platforms and their relevant #COVID19 use cases. We also compare each platform on quality attributes (e.g. usability, scalability) so you can see what platforms has which features, and at what capacity! See image example: #COVID19 #contacttracing Example of comparison of platforms on usability
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1) #ContactTracing is simply the #PhoenixProgram #OperationHammer protocol - run thru #FusionCenters with collusion of #FBI #DOJ #InfraGard #DHS #FEMA #NSA #JTTFs.

Soon people who refuse to wear masks, who mingle in crowds (potential "super-spreaders"), who refuse to take ....
2) a vaccine, will be labeled as "Potential Domestic Threats" AKA Domestic #Terrorists and then put on watch-lists and set up for extrajudicial "#disruption" by FBI #FieldIntelligenceGroups #JTTFs #InfraGard #PrivateContractors #LARPs.
3) "DISRUPTION" includes the following:

A) Overt, repetitive stalking, harassment & assault
B) Smear Campaigns & #Zersetzung
C) Break-ins, theft & vandalism
D) #GasLighting
E) Cyber-harassment & hacking devices
F) Death threats
G) #FBI-orchestrated tortuous interference
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#SouthKorea has done a fantastic job with #ContactTracing This article analyzed reports for 59,073 contacts of 5,706 #COVID19 index patients. I believe it has important info for decision making related to #SchoolReopening…
- Of 10,592 household contacts, 11.8% had #COVID19
- Of 48, 481 nonhousehold contact, 1.9% had #COVID19
- All contacts were monitored for an avg 9.9 days after #SARSCoV2 was detected
- In houses with index 10-19 y.o, 18.6% of contacts had #COVID19
- Rates were higher for contacts of children than adults
- Reports from other countries estimate secondary attack rate for close contact ~ 35%
-High infection rate within family, so use personal protective measures should be used at home to reduce risk of transmission
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A thread on #ContactTracing for #COVID19. APHA @PublicHealth says 100,000 more contact tracers needed across U.S. for state and local health departments to stop the spread. 1/n #COVIDResponseCorps…
2. @DrTomFrieden's crucial indicators for #COVID19 control:
•Proportion of new cases with known source
•Proportion isolated within three days
•Proportion of cases among people in quarantine. An indicator of successful #ContactTracing.…
3. #ContactTracing in #MA significantly downscaled. Multi-million dollar effort with @PIH now has ~700 staffers, down from 1,900. Complaints: computer glitches, inadequate training, poor communication. Some towns focusing on their own, in-house efforts.…
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A thread on #ContactTracing for #COVID19. It's a race, but few states say how fast they’re running. @CDCgov guidance includes metrics - none of which are being publicly reported by most states. [A timely, comprehensive review.] 1/n…
2. @HarvardGH and @Harvard Safra Center's Metrics for #COVID19 Suppression include Key Performance Indicators for #ContactTracing as a framework for policy makers and the public…
3. States using different metrics for #COVID19 #ContactTracing. @NYCHealthSystem data: June 1-27: 10,066 cases, 5,285 completed interview (52.5%); 9,199 contacts named, 4,293 completed interview (46.6%)…
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Update on #ContactTracing for #COVID19 - a thread. Early signs of success from SF Bay Area. Many local counties are approaching goal of contacting 90% of the region’s positive cases, even as coronavirus cases spike across the state. @mikereidmd @SF_DPH…
2. San Francisco @SF_DPH data:
• % of Cases Reached for #ContactTracing over Prior Two Weeks – currently 82%, target 90+%
• % of Named Contacts Reached for Contact Tracing over the Prior Two Weeks – currently 85%, target 90+%…
3. OTOH, lack of transparency makes #ContactTracing success hard to measure. Impossible to know whether Bay Area’s two largest counties have been successful because their health officials refuse to reveal how many people they do reach, and how quickly.…
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1) #Covid19 #CultOfPodesta #PodestaGroup #Covidien @snjbear68 A FB thread by Brian Skroski transferred to Twit via screenshots with a pictures at the end.
The masterminds of the coup, #Coronavirus #ContactTracing, #Vaccinations and the destruction of our #ConstitutionalRights
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EXCLUSIVE: #ContactTracing whistleblower warns of door-to-door
#forcedvaccinations & and #FEMA kidnapping campaigns of “dissenters” who refuse vaccines,
#coronavirus #COVID19
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former FEMA administrator Celeste Solum, who confirmed that FEMA is gearing up to medically kidnap and forcefully place American citizens into FEMA camps where so-called “anti-vaxxers” will be exterminated (that’s not a metaphor, they will be murdered by the state)
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@nycHealthy took a beating in the @nytimes over the weekend:… It's a bit more complicated. Got an inside (but on-the-record) look at NYC's #contacttracing data today, along with @mlipsitch, @T_Inglesby, @dsallentess, @Farzad_MD, @drJoshS, @trvrb & others.
Here's a link to where you can find NYC's #coronavirus #COVID #contacttracing data:…
No one is reporting this level of detail. We *need* this level of transparency to learn and do better.
Here are some of the challenges and lessons learned so far:
-- ~27% of contacts of infectious cases are kids.
-- Many people don't have working phones. It's a bit like working in global health... we gave people SIM cards & phones.
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