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In April, @newslaundry & IFF brought together journalists & lawyers for our 2nd edition of @FoE_Con to discuss all things, uhm, "impolite". 🤭

Read our blog for a recap of FoE Con, our takeaways, & what lies ahead! 1/7…
The response was overwhelming. We are so grateful to our #digitalrights community who came together for us! ❤️

@FoE_Con is an annual event, commemorating the historic Shreya Singhal v. Union of India judgement that upheld primacy of free speech & expression. 2/7
Watch our first session on journalism and online censorship where we had a panel consisting of social commentator and YouTuber @TheDeshBhakt, journalist @sakshijoshii, and lawyer Shahrukh Alam. The panel was moderated by @AbhinandanSekhr. 3/7

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#LetTheNetWork presents to you its #Report:"Internet Shutdowns In India 2022".
An attempt to fully understand the frequency, extent and impact of #InternetShutdowns in India in 2022.…
#Internet #keepiton #democracy #BREAKING
The year 2022 has seen 75 shutdowns till the publication of this report. The previous decade has witnessed an exponential increase in internet shutdowns in India with a total count of 690, out of which 110 had been implemented in the year 2021.
The negative impact of the same cannot be measured in monetary terms alone, but through focusing on the flagrant infringement of fundamental rights, along with restricted access to essential services, bringing the lives of millions across the nation to a virtual standstill.
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@SFLCin is launching a #Report to help understand the intensity, extent, and impact of internet shutdowns in #India for the year 2022.
#keepiton #InternetShutdowns #Exclusive
In the year 2022 Indian government snapped internet service across various states 75 times.
81.3% of restrictions were placed upon mobile internet services and for 13.3% no information was available.
While 5.3% restrictions were both for broadband and mobile internet services.
This Report is a continuation of’s efforts against arbitrary internet shutdowns. In addition to understanding the law which sanctions internet shutdowns and the issues which arise within it.
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Last Month, the #SupremeCourt issued a notice to @GoI_MeitY on account of a PIL filed by @SFLCin challenging #InternetShutdowns imposed to prevent cheating in exams in Indian states.
The next hearing in the case will take place tomorrow.
Here’s everything you need to know: (1/n)
@SFLCin had filed a writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution against the States of #ArunachalPradesh, #Rajasthan, #Gujarat and #WestBengal, challenging the arbitrary imposition of #InternetShutdowns during examinations.
The state of #Assam is impleaded as well. (2/n)
A total of 12 instances of exam-related #internetShutdowns were documented at @SFLCin's internet shutdowns tracker -
There have been 3 more shutdowns, 2 in Assam and 1 in WB, after the petition was filed, bringing the total number to 15.
#KeepItOn (3/n)
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Come l'#intelligenzartificiale si applica alla #digitalizzazione dei #dati: Francesca Lagioia presenta Claudette (

Inizia il primo panel di Digital Rights.

@federicameta @giovannisartor3 @staziand @pierani #if2022 @fernandafaini
I dati sono diventati una risorsa essenziale per il progresso economico, ma lo sfruttamento dei #dati non può prescindere dalla tutela dei consumatori. Serve riportare i cittadini al centro della #DataEconomy.

@pierani a #if2022
#imperfezione #tecnologia #diritto #privacy
“Le grandi piattaforme non sono così cattive come le disegnano” l’intervento di @staziand Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs Lead Italy Greece, Malta per Google a Digital Rights ora in streaming #IF2022 #imperfezione
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@SFLCin invites lawyers from across India to apply for our #DigitalDefendersNetwork Training Program.
Last date to apply - 15th September


Here's everything you need to know about the course curriculum: 🧵
#DDN #Digitalrights #SafeInternet Image
The 5-week #DigitalDefendersNetwork training program is designed to impart the legal and technical knowledge necessary to defend digital rights and freedoms.

Module 1 - Digital Security Training

#DDN #Internet #Rights #Digitalrights #SafeInternet #DigitalSecurityTraining Image
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Big win for digital rights!
Supreme Court issued a notice to @GoI_MeitY today on account of a PIL filed by @SFLCin challenging the imposition of #InternetShutdowns to prevent cheating in exams in several Indian states.

#LetTheNetWork #DigitalRights
@SFLCin had filed a writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution against the States of #ArunachalPradesh, #Rajasthan, #Gujarat and #WestBengal, challenging the arbitrary imposition of #InternetShutdowns during examinations.
The state of #Assam was impleaded as well.
The Union has been directed to file its reply within 3 weeks. The next hearing will take place after 4 weeks. @GoI_MeitY

#SupremeCourt #InternetShutdowns
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Government-run internet outages are picking up pace around the world. In 2021, there were 182 shutdowns in 34 countries. #India, largely Jammu and Kashmir, plunged into digital darkness more times than any other country last year.

The increasing use of the kill switch underlines a deepening global trend towards digital authoritarianism, as governments use access to the internet as a weapon against their own people. #InternetShutdowns have also become a modern canary in the coal mine.

India leads total shutdowns globally. In 2021, the world’s largest democracy shut off its internet 106 times – more than the rest of the world combined. Hardest-hit was the region of Jammu and Kashmir, which was subject to 85 shutdowns.

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Digital Defenders Network (DDN) is our attempt to strengthen the digital rights movement in India.
Here's everything you need to know about #DDN: 🧵

#internet #rights #digitalrights #safeinternet #trainingcourse #training #digitalsecuritytraining
@SFLCin has been working to safeguard the digital rights of Indian citizens for over 10 years now. The #DigitalDefendersNetwork is a nationwide initiative to fight against the invasion of personal rights and freedoms.
#internet #rights #digitalrights #safeinternet #trainingcourse
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@SFLCin has written a letter to @ShashiTharoor and the Standing Committee on IT to investigate whistleblower #Mudge’s revelations.
#twitter #Whistleblower
Through the letter we have urged the Standing Committee, to investigate the impact of these revelations on Indian users and their rights.
Twitter’s former security chief, Peiter
“Mudge” Zatko, recently alleged that the platform misled regulators, and violated security and privacy standards.…
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The Right to Privacy was recognised as a Fundamental Right guaranteed under our Constitution on this day, five years ago by the Supreme Court of India when it delivered the landmark judgment - 'Retd. Justice K.S. Puttaswamy v. Union of India'

#PrivacyMatters Image
The Honorable Supreme Court of India held the #RightToPrivacy to be an essential part of liberty protected under Article 21, and freedom of speech and expression under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution.

#PrivacyDay2022 #PrivacyMatters #FundamentalRights #India #Democracy
Justice Chandrachud’s opinion in the #Puttaswamy judgement encapsulates the essence of #Privacy -

#PrivacyMatters #PrivacyDay2022 #RightToPrivacy #FundamentalRights #Constitution Image
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#Updates on @videolan being inaccessible on ISP platforms.
As per the last #RTI response, @GoI_MeitY
had said, “No information is available with this ministry related to website”.
We have filed a second appeal for it & are awaiting a response.
After not receiving satisfactory response from @GoI_MeitY, we have filed two applications under the Right to Information Act, 2005 with @BSNLCorporate and the @DoT_India as well.
#WebsiteBlocking #FreeSpeech #blocked #rtItBot
Latest tests on various carriers show different messages being displayed every time we try to load the "" website.
@ACTFibernet states that "The website has been blocked as per order of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology under IT Act, 2000."
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On 25 May 2022, an internet shutdown that lasted for about 7 days was imposed in #Konaseema district of #AndhraPradesh. @SFLCin filed an application under the RTI Act, 2005 on 26 May 2022, to seek information related to the shutdown. (1/7)
Acc to the order provided by the government of Andhra Pradesh in their reply, suspension of the internet was issued to prevent disruption of public order. The reply also clearly reflects that there was no end date for the internet shutdown. (2/7)
#InternetShutdowns #KeepItOn
The reply states that the order was not duly published as per the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court in Anuradha Bhasin Vs Union of India. However, no reasons were provided for this non-compliance. (3/7)

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1/8 Yesterday, @edri member @laquadrature pled at the @EUCourtPress against the French system that puts the internet under #MassSurveillance to fight against the sharing of copyrighted content. The #CJUEHadopi case is important for several #DigitalRights debates at the EU level.
2/8 #HADOPI was created in 2009 to sanction users suspected of sharing protected content without authorisation. It collects IP addresses shared by rightsholders & requests civil identity data (name, postal & email addresses) from telecom operators to identify & contact suspects.
3/8 @laquadrature’s goal is to challenge access by #HADOPI to this sensitive information, as only serious crimes could justify such access according to @EUCourtPress. Yet, downloading a movie is not a serious crime.
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1/5 @Europarl_EN approved the #DigitalServicesAct with 539 votes in favour. EDRi welcomes DSA’s attempt to enable a real transformation of online advertising industry, away from cheating & spying on users & towards a safer, privacy-respecting ad ecosystem.…
2/5 “The DSA offers the much-needed tools to enforce platform accountability, but we will continue to call and work for regulatory alternatives to address the currently dominant surveillance business model,” says @edri's @sebabecks.…
3/5 This is the result of continuous advocacy & campaigning efforts by the @EDRi network & many partners to push for stronger #DigitalRights rules.

🎉BIG thanks to EDRi members & allies for their work that has brought us one step closer to inclusive & equitable online spaces.
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1/7 2021 was the year of resilience, collective & victorious work for our digital rights network. As we launch the @EDRi Annual Report, join us in reflecting on last year’s biggest achievements. 🔎🧵👇🏿…
2/7 Last year we had to brace ourselves against numerous infringements against our #DigitalRights: predatory privacy policies, freedom of speech limitations, state surveillance & more. But these obstacles only made our network more powerful & united. 💪🏿🦸🏿…
3/7 In 🇩🇪, @edri member @freiheitsrechte impacted the new government coalition’s agreement, highlighting the value of encryption & strengthening the right to anonymity. In 🇮🇹, @HermesCenter facilitated a partial ban on facial recognition tech.

Find more:… "Like many other Black women, I personally face racist
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Since our last #TransparencyReport, IFF has filed 36 RTI requests and 3 first appeals in February!
In response received from NIXI, we discovered that there was no legal basis for their undated notice for cap on [dot]in domains! 1/n…
➡️ We filed RTIs with 30 Indian states and Union Territories over internet shutdown orders issued by them and their compliance with the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s judgment in the case of Anuradha Bhasin v. UoI! 2/n…
NIXI responded that the new policy is as per powers under Clause 9.19 of Registry-Registrar Agreement. The exercise of NIXI’s power based on this contractual agreement defies legal understanding. Further, NIXI justified their decision solely on grounds of National Security. 3/n
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[AMPLIFY] Join critical #digitalrights advocacy in India! #HIRING

1⃣ Policy Director:…

2⃣ Civic Literacy and Communications Associate:…

THREAD for details 👇🏽 1/4 Image
IFF is HIRING | Policy Director 🗣️

Lead IFF’s programme vertical, build IFF’s advocacy in emerging areas of tech policy, explain policy developments to our community, & drive real world change on digital rights!

Full job description and how to apply:… 2/4 Image
IFF is HIRING | Civic Literacy and Communications Associate 🗣️

Chalk out strategy, research and ideation to lead a young non profit’s communications, civic literacy, outreach, and advocacy initiatives!

Full job description and how to apply:… 3/4 Image
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Is democracy under threat?

@ProgIntl is creating an alternative — a global observatory with the legal expertise, data science, and parliamentary power to track anti-democratic attacks and provide real-time defenses against them.

We stand with them: (1/4) Quote tweet by Apar Gupta: ...
Our work on electoral integrity focuses on — free and fair elections and the impact of digitisation. This is a vital issue where our engagement includes a joint representation in the 2019 General Elections to the Election Commission. (2/4)
IFF has also advocated for a digital rights charter for political parties, and many of these demands have found mention in the manifestos of national political parties for the 2019 General Elections. (3/4)…
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#Tripura police has asked Twitter for personal details, like IP and linked phone numbers of multiple users — including lawyers & reporters — under a flimsy excuse: 'potential to flare up communal tension'.
Here's why this is patently illegal. Thread 👇🏽 1/n…
Information sought: browsing logs, IP addresses from which the users had logged on, mobile numbers (including verified numbers added for security reasons), and accounts that users had linked into their Twitter account.
This notice is patently illegal as Section 91 of the CrPC does not empower police authorities to block online content, but only enables the production of a document necessary for investigation or inquiry. The power to block online content only exists u/s69A of the IT Act. 3/n
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Government allows walk-in Vaccination for 18-44 age group.
We thank @PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA and @AyushmanNHA for listening to the the grievances raised by @SFLCin regarding #COVIDVaccination.
#DigitalDefenders #VaccinationDrive #Covid_19 #CowinPortal #Corona
Beneficiaries aged 18 years and above can now schedule appointments online or walk-in to Government vaccination centres for Vaccination.
. @SFLCin had written letters to @PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA @AyushmanNHA highlighting the urgent need to open up walk-in registrations for 18-44 age group.…
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#LiveToday: Join @PrasanthTweets, @VrindaBhandari, Dan Yair, & @sardarbinyan as they discuss the current state of COVID-19 litigation at @rightscon 2021.…
#DigitalRights #Covid19
. @SFLCin has assisted in the filing of a writ petition challenging the Liberalised Pricing and Accelerated National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy before the Kerala High Court.…
#petition #Vaccination #VaccinationForAll
The liberalised pricing policy has allowed a multi-track procurement process & a differential vaccine pricing mechanism where vaccines will be supplied by the two Vaccine Manufacturers, @SerumInstIndia as well as @BharatBiotech to the Center, the States & private hospitals.
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@WhatsApp has challenged the traceability provision in the Delhi High Court stating it is unconstitutional and against the fundamental Right to #Privacy as enshrined in Justice K.S. Puttaswamy vs UOI (2017).…
In order to follow the traceability provision i.e. Rule 4(2), WhatsApp would have to break end-to-end encryption for its users thereby undermining privacy of messages to its users.
You can read about the provision here:…. has been assisting FOSS developer Praveen A in challenging IL Rules,2021 including the traceability provision.

You can read about the challenge here:…
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