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El ex espía Fernando Di Pasquale que apretó junto a Juan Sebastian El Enano De Stéfano (hoy directivo de Subterráneos de Buenos Aires y protegido por @horaciorlarreta) está (casi) prófugo del Congreso. Dio una dirección en la calle Ambrosetti.
Se trata de la dirección en el barrio de Caballito donde quedó registrado como empleado jerárquico de la AFI macrista. Su jefe era el socio de Sergio Bartolomé Szpolski, Juan José Gallea. Todos de la megabanda de Richarte y Nosiglia. Di Paquale está jugando al filo de la Ley.
Cuando lo fueron a notificar, atendió el portero eléctrico una mujer y al rato un hombre salió y dijo que Di Pasquale ya no vivía allí. Curioso: acaso se fue a Uruguay como Rodríguez Simón el amigo de Macri e Irurzun? Di Paquale sabe sobre los planeros en dólares de la AFI.
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Los medios oficialistas (C5N, Pág12, TV Pública), y sus periodistas, son los que posicionan a @horaciorlarreta como candidato opositor en el 2023, tal como hicieron con Mauricio Macri entre el 2011 y 2015.
Abro hilo..
Lo hacen mostrándolo como alguien "distinto", "abierto al diálogo" dentro de JxC, y despegándolo de las atrocidades cometidas por Macri, Vidal y Bullrich en el marco de un gobierno nacional que compartió...
En los medios, Larreta no aparece como cómplice ni culpable de la #Gestapo , ni de la estafa con el FMI, ni de la inflación, ni del desempleo, ni del cierre de #pymes , ni de los cortes de luz, ni de la fuga de capitales... es ajeno a todo...
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All of 2020 we hammered facts, data, and evidence that #covid was being mishandled and blown out of proportion.

I've been warning that our gov won't willingly give up power and that silence would only make it worse.

This is Quebec, Canada. The crime? Loving family.

Speak up in 2021. Stop listening to mandates that don't help and don't make any sense.

My kids are growing up in this dystopia - and I'm the selfish one for pointing out the facts and hypocrisy?

Dragged from their families home after a neighbour tattled on them for gathering.
Everyone who is advocating for lockdowns this is on you. You will probably applaud it anyways.

Will you applaud when the lockdowns have led to massive unemployment, less tax income and cuts to public services as a result?
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Clement Atlee was imperfect. Every leader is. But 75 years later, despite the Tories' best efforts, we all still benefit from the changes introduced after WWII by a @UKLabour Government. And in this time of national crisis, we've needed our #NHS like never before. Image
In 1935, Herbert Morrison was defeated by Clement Attlee in the @UKLabour leadership election, but later acted as Home Secretary.

In 1945 he was given responsibility for drafting the Labour Party manifesto that included the blueprints for the nationalisation & the welfare state. Image
"Labour Party is a socialist party & proud of it. Its ultimate purpose at home is the establishment of the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain - free, democratic, efficient, progressive, public-spirited, its material resources organised in the service of the British people." Image
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After a peaceful pro-#independence demonstration in #Paris on #17October1961,up to 300 #Algerians were murdered by police. Historians described this #massacre as “the bloodiest act of state repression of street protest in western Europe in modern history”.…
The most memorable – and vicious – #atrocities saw #policemen herding panicking crowds on to #Paris's bridges, where many were tossed into the #Seine. The river became a watery morgue for scores of victims, whose lifeless bodies were washing up for weeks. #17Octobre1961 #Algeria
Others died in #police stations, or in nearby woods, where their #mutilated bodies testified to truncheon and rifle-butt injuries. The officers had been incensed by an illegal protest by 30,000 men, women and children organised by the National #Liberation Front (FLN) of #Algeria.
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Belgien spricht dem internationalen Haftbefehl gegen Lluis Puig und den katalanischen Präsidenten Carles #Puigdemont @KRLS seine Berechtigung ab. Warum geht das nicht auch in Deutschland, @die_regierung? #Puig #Katalonien #Catalonia #Catalogne #Catalunya… ImageImageImageImage
Hitler, Franco & die Falange. Unter NS-Herrschaft stellte Deutschland nicht nur Kampfgerät und Soldaten zur Niederschlagung der Spanischen Republik zur Verfügung, sondern förderte aktiv die ideologischen Ziele der Franco-Faschisten: #Katalonien #Catalunya
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🆘🚨💥Every American needs to Prepare for Battle. 🆘🚨💥 Peaceful Dissension & Disobedience are Crucial. (Thread)

Trump is sick, #UnfitToBePresident, or even drive a car, etc. Means there are WH power struggles, consolidating, vying for support and control.

Tyrant contenders are:
1. Jared/Ivanka
2. Barr
3. Pence
4. Pompeo

At some point the facade will fall because covering up Trump’s sickness is no longer possible. Then Trump will be quickly dispatched and replaced by one of them or a figurehead controlled by them.
This struggle for power will become ever more apparent to us as we draw closer to elections.

Secrecy and infighting. Just today the GOP announced the RNC will hold a significant portion of their convention in secret. Why? It’s not just infighting over the nomination...
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🆘🚨💥Every American needs to Prepare for Battle. 🆘🚨💥 Peaceful Dissension & Disobedience are Crucial. (Thread)

Trump doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. He’s #UnfitToBePresident, drive a car, etc. Means there are WH power struggles, consolidating, vying for
🆘🚨💥Every American needs to Prepare for Battle. 🆘🚨💥 Peaceful Dissension & Disobedience are Crucial. (Thread) & control. Tyrant contenders are: 1. Jared/Ivanka, 2. Barr, & 3. Pence. (maybe 4. Pompeo) If things fall, Trump will be quickly dispatched & replaced
🆘🚨💥Every American needs to Prepare for Battle. 🆘🚨💥 Peaceful Dissension & Disobedience are Crucial. (Thread) one of them or someone controlled by them. This struggle for power will become ever more apparent to us as we draw closer to elections. Reports of vicious
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Every freedom-loving person in the nation needs to stand up & say NO to #GestapoTrump & his unconstitutional invasion of American cities.

Even if you HATE the protests, even if you believe the protests are "violent," you MUST abhor & fear these constitution-shredding tactics.
The right will not hold the Presidency forever. Do you want federal shock troops invading YOUR hometown? Snatching your loved ones off the street "preemptively" bc they "might" commit a crime?

When constitutional rights are allowed to be shredded, we all suffer the consequences
Conservatives are whining & crying abt masks being "tyranny" while applauding a literal #Gestapo just bc #GestapoTrump is pointing them at the left.

This DOES NOT STOP W PPL YOU DISLIKE. And either way, those ppl are US citizens who did nothing wrong by the Fed's OWN ADMISSION
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#MomsAreEverywhere still linked and federal courthouse is occupied. Largest crowd ibe sween in a while at almost midnight on tuesday. #MomsAgainstFascism #MomsAgainstTrump #PortlandProtests #MomBloc #MOMTIFA #Portland
#DADtifa also present and not taking shit. #Portland #PortlandProtests
#MomsAreHere have moved up to fed courthouse to block and protesters are chanting "thank you moms"
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Am 20. Juli wird #Stauffenberg in Deutschland gefeiert.
Er hat gehandelt, als viele Andere tatenlos zusahen und wurde dadurch zum Opfer. Er war vorher 11 Jahre lang #Taeter im #Nationalsozialismus.
Er eignet sich deshalb _nicht_ als Identifikationsfigur für Zivilcourage (Thread)
Neben #Stauffenberg gab es weitere Widerstandskämpfer:innen gegen das unmenschlichste Regime in der Geschichte, das in #Deutschland Fuß fassen und 12 Jahre lang innenpolitisch relativ ungestört #Krieg, #Vernichtung und vor allem #Holocaust betreiben konnte.
Es gab aber auch Widerstand gegen den NS. Beispiele sind:
Georg #Elser verübte am 8.11.39 ein Attentat auf Hitler, das leider fehlschlug. Er wurde am 9.4.45 im #KZ #Dachau ermordet - 20 Tage vor der Befreiung des Lagers durch die #USArmy.
Es gab die #WeisseRose... (3/x)
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On our WORST day since April in #COVID-19
Cases = >70,000
Hospitalizations = 60,000
Deaths = 977
2/ We get reports that Federal Officers in unmarked vans "aka secret police" have been *detaining* protestors in Portland, #Oregon...who are missing...disappeared #Gestapo

3/ Texas Governor is refusing to lockdown
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This is completely insane see"secret police" only answerable to Homeland security & the President roaming a US city at will with no local oversight or transparency and apparently illegally snatching citizens at night into unmarked vans? Seriously?…
This is never a good sign for a functional democracy to see a set of hashtags like this trending #Gestapo #Election2020 Image
A statement from last night by Oregon Governor Kate Brown asking the federal "secret police" to please leave the state of Oregon. #Gestapo
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Dit schatje werd vanuit Drancy Parijs vervoerd naar #Auschwitz.
7 jaar oud vermoord.
Baudet noemde de met de #nazi's collaborerende Generaal van het Vichy bewind #Petain de redder van Parijs.
Goed om bij het #rascismedebat hier ook bij stil te staan
Petain, president van het Vichy-bewind werkte innig samen met het naziregime.
In een gesprek met @ADnl noemde Baudet Petain de redder van Parijs.
Uit dat 'geredde'Parijs, het Sammel- & Durchgangslager Drancy werden tussen de 70.000 en 76.000 Joden naar Auschwitz gedeporteerd.
In het door de Duitsers gecontroleerde gebied werden de Joden vervolgd.
Tegelijkertijd ging ook de Vichy-regering waarvan Petain het hoofd was actief de Joden vervolgen. In oktober 1940 werd een aantal anti-Joodse wetten aangenomen, het "Statut des Juifs" genaamd.
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1. se non l'avete letta ieri sera, vi consiglio assolutamente di farlo: è la pubblicazione dell'#AdaLovelaceInstitute sulla #sorveglianzaDigitale contro #COVID. E' assolutamente intelligente: la cosa più intelligente che ho letto sul tema,scritta da persone veramente competenti
2. la pubblicazione è in inglese:… leggete il capitolo 3 sul #digital #ContactTracing. E' l'eccellenza
3. leggendola capirete una cosa: a differenza dei nostri "esperti", l'#AdaLovelaceInstitute centra il problema: "Al momento,NON esistono prove sufficienti a stabilire che il #ContactTracing digitale sia una tecnologia efficace per supportare la risposta alla #pandemia"
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1/ A short but chilling document issued #OTD Feb 10 1936 by the Nazi Ministry of State, giving unlimited powers to the #Gestapo. This excerpt charges them to "combat all activities hostile to the State within the whole Reich" and to do investigations with no limits specified. . . Image
2/ The Gestapo is considered to be a creation of Hermann Goering, also of Luftwaffe fame. Control was given to Himmler in 1934. This Feb 1936 law gave it carte blanche to do whatever it liked. . . all without judicial review. ImageImage
3/ "Secret Police can carry out investigations in cases of High treason, treason, crimes connected with explosives, as well as other attacks on Party or State. . .has the competence in cases of violation of law concerning firearms and ammunition. . .administers all conc camps." Image
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Did the leader of the #UN say the #Holocaust didnt start with the #gas #chambers? So why dont you say when it did start? As the world ignored that #jews get hunted once again in #history.The mass #murrder begun with the gas the murrder of the #Nazi time begun with the Nazis
as it was announced that #Hitler took power what did you think happened? The #GESTAPO the secruity poliece of the Nazi hijaked and murrdered thousend of people mainly journalists and people witch fought in the ressistance to save the Weimar republic wich was doomed with the birth
because of the treaty of #Versailles and how you let the situation happen. People wich are #starving, #poor and have no #currency wth worth and nations occupied the industrial area of the #Rheinland, wich was the only one in #Germany.
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Nach wem die Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, die Kurt-Eisner-Straße und die Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße benannt sind, dürfte den meisten in #Leipzig hoffentlich klar sein.
Aber die Straßen der Stadt stecken voller weiterer, heute oft leider weniger bekannter Namen aus der Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung, der Sozialdemokratie, der Revolution & des Widerstands gegen den NS - viele davon direkt mit der Stadt verbunden (fast alle allerdings Männer).
Hinzu kommen die Orte der Revolution selbst: das "Volkshaus" als deren de-facto Hauptquartier, die "Leipziger Volkszeitung" (#LVZ) als das Organ der Revolutionspartei USPD, die Soldatenquartiere in #Connewitz ("Goldene Krone" und "Eiskeller", heute das Conne Island).
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Je suis très émue d avoir rencontré ce matin Francois Amoudruz. Il y a 76 ans ce scout savoyard a été arrêté par la #Gestapo, lors d une rafle organisée par... un ancien résistant, devenu collabo. On est jamais trahis que par les siens! #Thread
Interrogatoire, déportation, humiliations, train à bestiaux, #Buchenwald. Combien de François Amoudruz reste-t-il? A travers leurs parcours personnels, ces gens-là portent le poids de la grande histoire, une partie de ses secrets.
Je supporte mal le fait de les voir partir. Dans 10 ans maximum plus personne ne pourra témoigner de cela. J ai enregistré notre discussion, à bâtons rompus. Je ne l avais pas préparée, car je ne voulais surtout pas prendre cela comme un travail.
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Seeing The @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @SenateMajLdr @SpeakerRyan let criminal @realDonaldTrump violate the rule of law and pardon friends without objection is the SAME THING as @NYPDCT handing #ISIL guns & ammo and letting them shoot up @TimesSquareNYC #IllegitimatePresident (1)
One has to wonder why in the face of this obvious corruption of @realDonaldTrump and the open conspiracy with @KremlinRussia_E, the @GOP stays silent. Could this be the reason?… (2)
Can it be that @DevinNunes @RepMattGaetz @Jim_Jordan @RepSteveChabot @LouieGohmertTX1 @DanaRohrabacher are actually actively receiving money from @KremlinRussia_E friendly Oligarchs? #Mueller (3)
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