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Brexit affects everyone and everything. Hear our #R4OR /thread

Employers and employees- you are all on the same side on this one. You all need a healthy economy and stable political environment to thrive. The Single Market is the biggest trading bloc in the world and its cold outside believe me #R4OR #StopBrexit
The care sector is already fragile as hurt EU27 citizens have headed for the door to somewhere they are wanted. Even the government says Brexit will damage the care of our elderly and vulnerable #R4OR #StopTheCoup
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An idea.
We live in France, and as far as I know in order to see a Doctor privately you just pay, but to get a prescription, post no deal, you must be resident at a French address.
If your life depends on it you are welcome to use ours. 1/7
I'm not firm on the legal issues as they can vary depending on personal, and current, circumstances, so I'm afraid you will need to research such matters for yourself.

If anyone knows of a reason this could not work please chime in.
This is not a business offer, we are not a hotel.
Although our Chateau was a Colony des vacance that housed near 300 kids & staff we don't have those facilities any more.
But the residency slate is pretty flexible. 3/7
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Thread: I just wrote to and sent copies to media:
Reading the #yellowhammer leaked and redacted publicised versions, it is evident that #Brexit is the disaster the experts have been warning about. #
2/ We also know why the 31/10 date is so important as it will allow the people that donated their money to the Johnson campaign to recoup their investment by betting on the markets. The public can not be fooled anymore. #LiarJohnson #RevokeArticle50
3/ We would like to put it on record that if anyone dies because of no deal, we will hold the Government accountable and we will prosecute the Government for their death. #LeafAlliance #StopTheCoup
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When do we cross the Gross Negligence line?
The casual hand waving at experts?
The arrogant shrug at scientists?
The use of Parliamentary Privilege to undermine analysis.
18 months ago we put together a list of #DeathByBrexit risks. Ignored and dismissed. 95% acurate.

The most serious issue of Brexit Accountability is the collaboration between press and politicians.

Supressing Yellowhammer only happens when Journalists call it it Project Fear. This must never happen again.

The no deal #death@@ list? 👇

How to deal with media corruption without supressing free speech?

Well one thing I know is the shrill for free speech did nothing to prevent the corruption of media through the brexit debacle. Our democracy was attacked not with their protection but with their assistance
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If we stay in the EU, we can eat Xmas food at Xmastime. If #ChaosBrexit happens, “This could leave British shoppers having to turn to the likes of turkey, stuffing and pigs-in-blankets as regular fresh food supplies run low.” H/t @MrSandy_P /52
If we stay in the EU, cancer patients can continue to have treatment with certain radioactive isotopes. These are as unstable as a Slytherin Tory cabinet minister and cannot be stockpiled. H/t @Dr_PhilippaW /53
If we stay in the EU, we can spend £100m between now and Hallowe’en – more than 2x what Proctor & Gable will spend in that time says @kacidama – on sexy shit such as the NHS, transport, education, jobs, housing and cool Hallowe’en costumes.
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Look at the state of the bottom of this list.
@Nigel_Farage is ranked 747th out of 751 for MEP voting.
Less than 40% of votes.
Taking taxpayers money & doing nothing.
One of the very worst lazy, overpaid, "gravy train" MEPs Leavers are always railing about.
#WakeUpUK #BrexitsACon
@Nigel_Farage This analysis of MEP value is from here:…
@Nigel_Farage By comparison, here are the top 30 or so of UK MEPs
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