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What did I tell you? The entire UK is about to be privatised and deregulated for total autocratic corporate hegemony, extortion, destruction of environment/countryside, public services annihilated, slave labour, Neo-Feudalism, charter cities. The Tories must be stopped!
UK democracy is being sold off to private investors who can write their own anti-statist laws to usher in 'Laws as services that companies demand' Shanker Singham. 'Win the courts, win the war' Libertarianism is incompatible with democracy.
The UK is witnessing the total commodification of democracy and yet hardly anyone seems to care, least of all the opposition parties. Tories have their clean slate ready, next unelected PM will unleash libertarian hell on an unsuspecting public. I despair.
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They are absolutely lying here. I will take you through step by step as to why and what they are planning for the UK post Brexit.🧵 #GTTO #BrexitChaos…
Rachel Wolf - Director/researcher for Centre for Policy Srudies. "It was also encouraging to see our work with authors such as Priti Patel, Rishi Sunak, Damian Green bear fruit, proposals being taken up on everything from freeports to free schools".…
Lord Bamford chairman of JCB who throws bungs of cash at Tory Govt is on the board for Centre for Policy Studies, Thatchers most influential right wing think tank.…
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Rees-Mogg “Our departure from the European Union necessitates a re-thinking of the British state.
So Brexit was about slashing the public sector now? The lies never end, these far right libertarian lunatics must be stopped once and for all #BrexitChaos…
In both the 2016 EU Referendum and the 2019 General Election, Boris Johnson promised that Brexit would actually lead to an increase in funding for public services, with hundreds of millions of additional pounds poured into the NHS every week. Where's the f*cking money then? Liars
Truss’ lackeys say cutting the size of the public sector is a requirement for unleashing Britain’s supposed post-Brexit potential. It's like Russian dolls, the lies go on and on. Deregulation and handing over Govt to private corporate rule is what's coming next post Brexit.
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Point of Brexit was deregulation, a libertarian exit from democracy and all accountability. 3rd country UK screams 'We are a capital hungry emerging economy!' but to the wrong investors, those with brutal HR records, Tories want out of ECHR, wonder why?…
UK risks ‘facilitating human rights abuses’ with Gulf trade deal, MPs warn, guess who is at the centre of that? Anne-Marie Trevelyan. Once ECHR is dismantled, post Brexit deals with despotic regimes will rapidly increase. Stop this madness! #BrexitChaos…
Trevelyan is also up to her neck in this👇🏻…
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Brexit, a trojan horse to hide the tory mismanagement and theft of over £2 trillion since 2010 only makes up 1.25% of the money lost

#Austerity £1T #Brexit £25B #Cov19 £400B #Debt £500B
#UK #ToryFascists #BackBoris #EU #BrexitLies #DenazifyUkraine #UN #abolishNATO #BrexitChaos Image
1) Out of nowhere the Brexit referendum was announced and the date set was June 23rd 2016 by David Cameron.

'A once in a generation decision'
'Its your chance to decide if we stay or leave the EU'
'The government will implement what you decide'
'Its just an IN/OUT vote' Image
2) The government, establishment and most of the media, who should be impartial, sent out leaflets to every house claiming they believe the UK should remain in the EU

The date was set and everyone seemed to be ready, happy with the up-and-coming vote and a friendly vibe about it Image
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How to explain what a charter city is to a 10 year old.
One day the Govt allows a big company to buy the land your homes are on, they're so wealthy they decide to change the laws so they can make more money. They will draw up a new contract that you have to sign where you agree to live by their rules and not the Govt's anymore.
If the company don't like you for disagreeing with them because they lowered your wages and demanded you work more hours for even less pay, they might force you to leave their town and go and live in a special area they built for the very poor just so you don't bother the company
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@raycraib has written the very first book on right wing libertarian charter cities: Adventure Capitalism - A History of Libertarian Exit.'
The parallels to post Brexit UK are unmistakable. Buy it, it will blow your mind!
Since WWII, Great Depression, a huge ideological battle continues to rage between social democracy and individual liberty. Libertarians want to abolish Govt interference because taxing their 'property/wealth' is state theft' and represents oppressive constraints on their liberty
Spin fwd to 2022, multinationals/CEO profits have increased +1000% while workers wage increases have been frozen, cut or given the equivalent of crumbs from the table. Is it any wonder that a billionaire ant-democracy movement is currently at economic war with the state and Govt?
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The Tories don't govern, they antagonise. They are only interested in transferring public money into private hands and in doing so will ruin peoples lives for generations. A libertarian exit from democracy is the plan, extortionate energy bills the first test, worse is coming.
The privatisation of entire cities will seal corporate hegemony and plunge the UK public into total subservience to far right libertarian ideology. The point is to uncouple governance of all social and societal responsibility by handing power to private interests. #BrexitChaos
A planned obsolescence, an entire underclass of disenfranchised workers slaving in cities and regions they used to call home. Mogg's restructuring of sovereignty was so the wealthy could steal public money to render entire cities as fiefdoms under corporate polycentric laws.
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Um, remember when Brexiters were screaming with joy 'Go go WTO?'
👇🏻#BrexitChaos #BrexitLies #WTO
From the article
What are the implications of a permanent collapse of the international trading system?
Very real danger from such a breakdown is a return to what we saw in the 1930s. In response to the outbreak of the Great Depression, you had countries imposing trade barriers>
blocking imports from other state, and a general escalation of tit-for-tat protectionism. This response wound up not only exacerbating the effects of the depression itself but has also been credited by some as paving the way for the outbreak of the second world war.
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December 2020. But it’s all the fault of the French apparently. #BrexitChaos #DoverChaos
Thanks to @gylesnamopaleen for flagging this.
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EU law is retained under EUWA 2018, debated ad nauseam in Parlt

It gave Mins power to remedy legal defects

Parlt of course has power to legislate to change EU law

New Act likely to give Mins power to remove reg burden by Order

Order = scant Parly process
To expand slightly.

We don't know exactly what the Bill will include.…

But one likely content is an Order-making power to alleviate regulatory burdens.

(HMG has itself imposed reg burdens of immense scale!)

HMG press release cites a special status
for retained EU law. This is technically correct, but overstated (a subject for another day). David Davis created this status in his EUWA 2018, which was passed to avoid a legislative vacuum.
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Merkel says farewell to France.

This is what grown up diplomacy looks like. And what the EU project means to so many citizens on that vast continent. Whilst we sit outside the tent, drunkenly shouting at foreigners.

Beautiful. 🇪🇺
I find this intensely moving. Bridges not walls. Peace not jingoism and war-making. Cooperation not stand offs.We have made a terrible, terrible mistake. #BrexitBritain
I wish all those who lost their lives in WW2 could have seen this moment.
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Thank you Dan, once again you’ve explained with absolute clarity one of the most significant failings of @10DowningStreet ‘s catastrophic #COVID19UK management.

1/22 - Sorry🙏🏻💙
I qualified as a GP in 1996, but no longer work in “normal” General Practice & have not done so since Oct 20.

I now spend 90% of my time as a “GP in A+E” & work in our 2 local UTCs.

I’ve also been part of the local #COVID “hot” services - in our #HotSite & doing home visits.
From talking to my GP friends & colleagues, I believe my experience is not at all uncommon & has played a HUGE PART in the current #GPCrisis - both for the health & wellbeing of our patients but also for the recruitment/retainment AND wellbeing of GPs themselves.
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Viele rechte "EU-Skeptiker" bekommen jetzt feuchte Träume von einem #Polexit!
Der wird aber nicht kommen! 😝
Zum einen hat der #Brexit als erschreckendes Beispiel gezeigt, was das in einer globalisierten Welt bedeutet & zum anderen wäre es politischer Selbstmord!

Der #BrexitHasFailed & das daraus entstandene #BrexitChaos zeigen wie dumm ein solcher Schritt ist, wobei man sogar noch bedenken muss das UK bei den Verhandlungen sogar noch einen zweiten "Britenrabatt" bekommen haben d.h. es wurden nur die Rosinen raus gepickt!

Ich denke wir sind uns einig das die EU soetwas kein zweites mal macht & das man bei keinem anderen Mitgliedstaat je wieder derart entgegenkommend sein würde! 🤔
Das sind die Vorüberlegungen zum IST-Zustand, aber kommen wir jetzt zu den Fakten was den #Polexit betrifft!

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Didn’t sleep much last night, thoughts of what is actually happening in this country running through my head…. Then light bulb moment💡💡are we in one big social experiment???

Firstly #BrexitChaos remove freedom of movement. So only the elite can travel. Therefore keeping 1/
The masses on the island !!!

Then ;- #COVID19 remove the weak from society. They aren’t needed, they aren’t useful.
Use the media, lockdown to control the masses while the elite ignore all the rules.
Use the counties finances to ensure your peers are well looked after. 2/
Control the borders stop people getting in or out of the island.

#BrexitChaos no food on the shelves, #PetrolShortages fuel prices increase the masses are now pliant they need fuel to travel.

Pretend nothing is wrong

Build homes next to manufacturing units so the masses 3/
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Türkiye 🇹🇷 çok başka konuları konuşuyor,

İngiltere'de "raflar boşaldı"


Gas price hikes
Food shortages
Export crisis
Driver shortages
Farming chaos
Fishing chaos
Financial Asset exodus
N. Ireland chaos
Livestock culling (CO2 shortage)

What is killing UK 🇬🇧 is not about UK
Doğal gaz fiyatları Ağustos ayındaki fiyatların üstüne %70 zam (!) görünce sene başından bu yana fiyat artışı % 250'ye fırladı

Ülkenin sözleşmeli 13 milyon kullanıcısı abonelik süresi boyunca eski fiyattan almaya devam edeceğinden sırayla gaz firmaları operasyonlarını durduruyor
Birden bire bu derece artan fiyat 🏷 karşısında endüstriyel CO2 🏭 üretimi yapan iki firma kapatınca ortaya GIDA GÜVENLİĞİ sorunu çıktı

- kesimhaneler
- modifiye atmosfer depolama ve paketleme işlemleri
- gazlı meşrubat üretimi
- sifon dispensırlar
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New analysis shows the UK is the only country in north west Europe to have suffered a decrease in exports since the Brexit vote in 2016.

Far from increasing trade, as Boris Johnson promised, the UK has suffered a downturn - costing £billions #BrexitChaos…
While Ireland has increased its volume of exports in goods and services by 48.1% over the past five years, the UK has seen a decrease of 5.5%.

That puts it behind all thirteen neighbouring countries - and the only country to see a decline.

(House of Commons Library, IMF data).
On average, independent countries of Scotland's size or smaller have recorded the biggest increase in exports since 2016 at +16.7%, compared to an average increase of +11.9% for all countries in north west Europe.

(House of Commons Library, IMF data)
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Bad news for anyone in Scotland's fishing industries hoping for some action from the UK Government to help with that problem of getting their products to the European markets #BrexitChaos
It wasn't just me who got a negative response, either, @Stuart_McDonald and @neilgraysnp pressed for support for Scotland's fishing industry but the Tory Government still doesn't see the problem -
and the chaos engulfs other industries, too, as meat producers have found out -…
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2 days to go. 1 downside of Brexit per day for a year. That’s more than one downside for every £million the NHS didn’t get. Reply with suggestions (I can’t do it all!) #Brexit #BrexitReality
1 day to go. Daily Brexit downsides big and small lined up and ready to go. More than a bus-side in a year. Reply with suggestions. #Brexit #BrexitReality
1. Health insurance for travel in the EU countries is no longer free for UK citizens, once your current EHIC card expires (if you have one). #Brexit #BrexitReality
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Brexit affects everyone and everything. Hear our #R4OR /thread

Employers and employees- you are all on the same side on this one. You all need a healthy economy and stable political environment to thrive. The Single Market is the biggest trading bloc in the world and its cold outside believe me #R4OR #StopBrexit
The care sector is already fragile as hurt EU27 citizens have headed for the door to somewhere they are wanted. Even the government says Brexit will damage the care of our elderly and vulnerable #R4OR #StopTheCoup
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Anybody interested in #India's #Economy should take 30 minutes time out and listen to this interview. There is both sound, credible analysis of the problem AND an entirely logical policy prescription. #AltSarkar @PIB_Altsarkar @fek_le @Vidyut…
A quick summary:
1. Our present problems can be traced back directly to the stupid, stupid move on Nov 8 2016 when 86% of the means of settlement of dues was taken out. Damn that #Demonetisation. We in #AltSarkar have to acknowledge it even if its defenders do not.
2. India's problem is a demand side problem. People have neither the free disposable cash now nor the confidence in their future to take a loan to go out and buy stuff.
3. You don't deal with a demand drop off by propping up supply side factors. #AltSarkar believes in logic
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It's now painfully clear and beyond any doubt: 1. That the sunny, cost-free, easy-access uplands, posited by the Brexit cult, are mendacious fantasy. 2. That the ever-growing costs, downsides and consequences of Brexit are very real and intellectually indisputable.
We may tire of confronting the undisputed opportunity costs* of #Brexit #CatastrophUK (c.£130bn so far, rising at c.£1.2bn weekly) but our *GDP *Currency *Property Values *Stock Market *Govt Borrowing *Ongoing #Brexodus (ref: @uk_domain_names) combine to drag the UK backwards.
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#MayForceOne out from Berlin

Next stop for @theresa_may - Paris

🇬🇧 Royal Air Force
BAe 146
ZE700 KRF59
#MayForceOne heading back to London from Paris

🇬🇧 Royal Air Force
BAe 146
ZE700 KRF59

#BrexitForceOne #BrexitChaos #BrexitShambles #TheresaMay #Brexit
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Theresa May's machiavelic plans have to stop.

If she really believes her negotiations are that Strong and Stable, she should stop this embarrassing political circus and openly go for her No-Deal #Brexit plan, instead of sneakily engineering it.

We know that's your plan. 1/10
When she decided to put forward her support to #BradyAmendment, she knew it would be rejected by the EU negotiators.
It was even said yesterday before she decided to support it.
But it is a sneaky way to put forward a No-Deal #Brexit and later putting the blame on the EU. 2/10
The #Backstop was negotiated BY the UK to comply with UK's red lines:
✔ No hard border (#GoodFridayAgreement)
❌ No customs unions
❌ No single market
❌ No freedom of movement
The EU wanted a soft #Brexit. So no Backstop. 3/10
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