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1.On 12th Oct, a group of campaigners organised #R4OR to highlight the risk of Brexit to our rights. This is the 2nd part of all the speeches from that day.

We @FinalSayForAll work hard to show how #BrexitIsPersonal. If you wish to help, please donate at
2. Annelies @Liesebieke speaks about how limited the access to the NHS is for people with disabilities & how so many of them are paying for treatment themselves. Brexit will only make this worse for her, even make it life-threatening. #ROAR
3. Steve Bray @snb19692 spoke at #R4OR of how SODEM represents everyone, no matter how they voted, and even if they don’t realise it. How we need to understand what led us here & the need for PR. They're fighting for everyone’s rights & future.
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Just my opinion:
Costumes and stunts have a critical role at the start of a movement, especially when that movement focuses on something that's failing to capture public attention.

They energize volunteers and create visibility for something that would otherwise not get noticed.
However, when a movement reaches a certain size the challenge moves from energizing volunteers and getting noticed, to challenging the counter-narrative... and the opposition always creates a counter-narrative.
The counter-narrative for Remain is (unfairly) that it is a dilettante movement of the inner-London student and hipster set, unrepresentative of real (fuck this term) UK working people.

That it is a group of people for whom the protests are the point, and Remain an excuse.
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“When are you going back to Barcelona?” asked one of Aranza's work colleagues on a number of occasions after the referendum.

An all too familiar story for EU citizens who chose to make their home in what used to be a welcoming country. /1
#BrexitIsPersonal @InLimboBrexit
You’ll find Aranza’s story on our YouTube channel, along with >150 #BrexitIsPersonal stories filmed up & down the country.

Please take a look & help us to share them with those who can influence events. Make their rights matter. /2
It’s never been more important for all of us to stand up when our rights are threatened. So come and join us on the 12th October at the @Rally4OurRights in London. Let's #R4OR together!
For details, visit our website & sign up using the RSVP link. /3
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1. As most of you know, we decided to organise when PV moved the date of their march. Our aim's always been to offer those who can't change their travel arrangements and those who can attend both a chance to protest on 12th Oct. The following's our plan.
2. We're focusing on the rights that all #66million plus #the5Million will lose due to Brexit. So the rally's taking place in locations we feel most relevant to the loss of rights:
The Home Office - Marsham Street
Tufton Street
European Parliament Office - St John's Smith Square
3. It's a static protest, though attendees can move between locations, if they wish.
There'll be speakers at each location, who will cover topics relevant to that particular location. Uniquely there'll also be an opportunity for ppl attending to have their say.
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Brexit affects everyone and everything. Hear our #R4OR /thread

Employers and employees- you are all on the same side on this one. You all need a healthy economy and stable political environment to thrive. The Single Market is the biggest trading bloc in the world and its cold outside believe me #R4OR #StopBrexit
The care sector is already fragile as hurt EU27 citizens have headed for the door to somewhere they are wanted. Even the government says Brexit will damage the care of our elderly and vulnerable #R4OR #StopTheCoup
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As Parliament in the UK has been silenced, we thought we'd fill the void tonight with @EllieChownsMEP, Green MEP for the W. Midlands, talking about why she became involved in politics.
It was a delight to welcome her to our #FSFABeehive event in Hereford. #BrexitIsPersonal /1
Watch the rest of Ellie’s film to hear why #BrexitIsPersonal for her.
If you are proud, like Ellie, to be both British and European, stand up with us and demand to be represented in BOTH Parliaments. /2
It’s never been more important to make our voices heard. Join us on the 12th October at the @Rally4OurRights in London to do just that. Let's really start to #R4OR!
For details of the event, visit our website & sign up using the RSVP link. /3
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#R4OR review of the week: if you aren't angry, you aren't paying attention. Have a read and then sign up for @Rally4OurRights
While you are reading, please remember that the best indication of future behaviour is past behaviour 1/
Rees Mogg lies down in the Commons like a petulant boy defying his nanny and gets set straight by @CarolineLucas He won’t stand up for us. Will you? #R4OR 2/
Johnson loses 1st vote as PM. (2 more to come) He can’t even command the respect of the HoC, how will he get any respect from the EU? Is this really someone we can trust with our rights? #R4OR 3/
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Mark @ItRecks joined us at the #FSFABeehive in Hereford with @HerefordshireEU. He may be more familiar to you as the 8ft dinosaur, T-Rexit.
In this clip he talks about the severe impacts of a no-deal Brexit: “We’ve been lied to all the way through this.” #BrexitIsPersonal /1
Watch the rest of Mark's film to hear why #BrexitIsPersonal for him.
If you’re just as angry & frustrated at all the lies people have been sold, then stand up with millions of us to demand a #FinalSayForAll or better still, #RevokeA50. /2
There’s a chance to do just that at the @Rally4OurRights in London on the 12th October. Join us to demand that the rights of ALL are defended. Let's continue to #R4OR!
For details of the event, visit the website below & sign up using the RSVP link. /3
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Eddie was far too young to vote in the 2016 referendum. He’s still too young to vote now, but he knows how damaging #Brexit will be for others. That’s why he’s joined the protest against Brexit because “other people will suffer if I don’t do anything.” #BrexitIsPersonal /1
Watch the rest of Eddie’s short film. If you feel proud of him for standing up for his generation’s future, stand up with him and millions of others in demanding a #FinalSayForAll, or better still #RevokeA50.
#BrexitIsPersonal /2
We’ve filmed more than 150 stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. Please visit our YouTube channel for more #BrexitIsPersonal stories from our many #FSFABeehive's. /3…
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Julia suffers from epilepsy and it’s taken 10 years for her to get the right medication to enable her to work and have a life. Now she’s terrified that Brexit will put her medication at risk and she’ll be back to square one. #BrexitIsPersonal 1/
Watch Julia’s full film to hear more about why #BrexitIsPersonal for her.
Why should people’s lives be needlessly put at risk for Brexit? If you are angry too, stand with us & millions of others to demand a #FinalSayForAll, or better still #RevokeA50. /2
We’ve filmed more than 150 stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. Please visit our YouTube channel for more #BrexitIsPersonal stories from our many #FSFABeehive's. /3…
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Update after 24hrs.

#R4OR will be on 12th October in central London.

It will be a static protest, not a march.

It is in addition to the @peoplesvote_uk March on the 19th. If you can choose but can only go to one event, go to the 19th march. It’s bigger and more important.
#R4OR is firstly for people who could not change their plans to go to the march on the 19th.

It will be smaller, have a serious tone, and will be different to the usual march-crowd-speeches format (which works very well for larger numbers BTW).

A number of groups are involved in running it, including @FinalSayForAll, @RemainerNow, @Farmers4EU, @VoicesForEurope, @InLimboBrexit and @BrexpatsHOV.

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