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@EricLondonSEP @agordonreed @WSWS_Updates She's been openly publicly discussing the #1619Project since it was released and has many upcoming engagements. She's been on the radio, at conferences, symposiums, panel discussions...
@EricLondonSEP @agordonreed @WSWS_Updates She has no obligation to entertain a group that has launched a vicious twitter attack on her. A group that denies the well-documented systemic racism endemic in America historically and today, by declaring that capitalism is the ONLY real problem
@EricLondonSEP @agordonreed @WSWS_Updates A group that blames the authors, contributors and consultants on the #1619Project for documenting America's pervasive white supremacy and institutionalized racism. Opposes them for being supposed divisive perpetrators of said racism...
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I've really wrestled with this—but I'm sharing this deeply disappointing interview with James M. McPherson, because I think it's important to read and understand its huge academic shortcoming and blindspots. McPherson profoundly misreads #1619Project.…
I say this as: 1. someone with a (largely unused) PhD with a specialization in Civil War print culture, and 2. someone who has found McPherson's Civil War research to be mostly insightful and thorough. But this LONG interview is disturbingly un-informed and ill-considered.
Most of all, McPherson repeatedly equates abolitionism with racial egalitarianism—and that is, quite obviously, a crazy thing to do. Most of the major players in the abolitionist movement had a stated belief in black inferiority.
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Anti-Zwarte Piet is slechts een onderdeel in de cultuuroorlog tegen het Westen.
De ingehuurde subsidie acteurs/activisten zijn werktuigen ve hogere macht met de bedoeling om 1 neutrale bevolking te maken middels "dekolonisatie".
Kortom de schuld vd slavernij bij blank aub
Did you know that after the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, many moved to the Netherlands and became the Dutch slave traders?
Duik maar eens in alles met slavernij en baantjes, je komt PvdA "toppers" tegen. "Anti-discriminatie" clubs, anti-slavernij clubs, KOZP, dekolonisatie cursussen via mw. Wekker, Hoge School Utrecht, NINSEE 020, musea, etc, etc
Keiharde business 😉
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Launching today – "Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African American Newspapers," an open-access digital book from @stanfordpress

Here is a thread on Black Quotidian’s motivations, structure, arguments, and influences…
Black Quotidian explores how the black press popularized Af-Am history and valued the lives of black people. Introductory essays on the history of black newspapers are followed by over 365 short posts on individual historical newspaper articles
You can explore Black Quotidian in several different ways. You can start with one of the 8 thematic paths Or, you can start with a specific month… Or, you can pick a random date
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Today's #1619Project collaboration between @Smithsonian and @NYTMag allows Americans to do something important—to illuminate the darkest corners of our history, one of which is the story of slavery. Graphic with yellow text on black background. Text is a quote from Lonnie G. Bunch II, 14th Secretary of the Smithsonian: “Let us use history to inspire us to push a country forward, to help us believe that all things are possible and to demand a country lives up to its stated ideas.”
The #1619Project allows us to understand how central slavery was to our creation and to who we are to this day. It reminds us that America has always been shaped by diverse people and has always been touched and informed by the African American experience.
We continue to be shaped by slavery and to grapple with its legacy. I hope you'll join us now to view the #1619Project webcast presented at @NMAAHC in collaboration between @Smithsonian and @NYTMag:…
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Two chances to discuss #1619Project with me in NOLA next week. This one Nov. 8.
And NOV 9 @XULA1925
I also want you to notice how @XULA1925 claims me as alumna. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️
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This is one of the most controversial videos we've ever posted but if you have an open mind you'll know she speaks 100% truth.

It starts with indoctrination and education...
"The first modern human beings that evolved on this earth were Black women...& every human being on the face of the earth today has the memory of those Black women's genetic structure in their genes. We don't want to admit that, but that's the way it is..." - #JaneElliott

.@nhannahjones check tweets above in our thread...
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This book ties into my thoughts about middle class debt. If America wasn't built on racism, we'd have equal funding for schools & infrastructure such that everyone could live in a neighborhood with good schools, access to fresh food & good transportation.
Loose gun laws, refusal to expand healthcare & tax cuts that take money from schools is all tied to racism. It reminds me of #1619Project. More white Missourians are dying from guns. Tennessee has awful healthcare & Kansas schools (1954) are defunded causing whites to drop out.
Gun ownership was historically for white people, black people were insured as property (discussed in the book I read last week, Medical Apartheid) & Kansas is well known for Brown v. Board of Education where a black child couldn't attend her local white school in walking distance
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@sylvana simons 😁🤤
Secret Pirates of 1492~The Portuguese Jews Hidden History
Jamaica, the luscious Caribbean island that was then the home to descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who converted to Roman Catholicism and .......
@sylvana Jews And Plantation Slavery In The Caribbean
My distinguished guide was Mr Ainsley Henriques, leader of the Jewish community in Jamaica.
@sylvana Jews And Plantation Slavery In The Caribbean
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This's a very thoughtful piece by @IamGMJohnson on the language we use when we write abt the descendants of slavery in the United States. I produced a mini style guide to guide the #1619Project because I knew the ability words have to empower/harm/define.…
@IamGMJohnson When I was in college I always capitalized the b in when referring to black Americans. As a professional journalist I bowed to traditional style, but at the same time I refuse to use African-American because I think black speaks both to a race and a politics and is more powerful.
@IamGMJohnson I would love to hear the thoughts of other black journos on this.
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Happening now! @UChicago’s Institute of Politics & @pulitzercenter welcome @nhannahjones speaking about @NYTmag #1619Project, in conversation with @JWhitePubRadio of @WBEZ. Watch live on IOP’s Facebook page
@nhannahjones on reframing US history and what we know. “Ten of 12 founders were enslavers;” one of the reasons they rebelled against Britain was b/c they feared Britain would eliminate slavery, Hannah-Jones said. Slavery shaped how much sugar we eat, where we live, our attitudes
@nhannahjones on legacies of slavery: US=only industrialized rich democracy without universal health care; w/lowest rate of labor unions in industrialized world; w/least generous parental leave. Polling shows if Americans think blacks would benefit from a program, they opposed it
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This amazing Philadelphia Public School teacher had her students read my #1619Project essay on black people's role in perfecting democracy and then write me response letters. I read them last night coming back on the train. It was remarkable to see how students engaged with it.
Each student included a brief bio and a photo and then discussed what struck them most about the essay. I was transfixed reading how the essay shifted their thinking about the history they've learned and their perceptions of black people and themselves as black Americans.
It was thrilling witnessing the way they linked parts of my essay to their own lives, and to life in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, but a place that makes so many of their lives so hard. And it brought tears to my eyes when some wrote that I made them proud.
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Are you at @harvardiop @JFKJrForum or watching the livestream of The Politics of Difference: Race, Technology, and Inclusion? Join us in the conversation here too!…
We began with an acknowledgement from @EricaVioletLee of the broad legacies and damage of slavery and colonialism, and the land where @harvard sits as being the traditional land of the Massachusett.
Moderator @bostonjoan began by asking the panel about the politics of inclusion and exclusion in institutions and industry, and where they see potential for power shift.
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A thread on Trumpian conservatism, the #1619project, and the politics of interpreting (or erasing) the history of slavery at Mount Vernon.
We're doing a unit on George Washington and slavery (in history and memory) in my intro to US History class. This excellent Backstory episode couldn't have been better timed.…
We've read parts of the #1619Project to set the stage for our discussion about how contemporary Americans should remember slavery and its relationship to our politics and our economy. So I thought, how does Mt. Vernon do this work? Which led me to this.
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One of the stranger reactions I received to my critique of the #1619Project's bad economics was incredulity that I even noticed a similarity between the pro-slavery "King Cotton" thesis of 1860 and the economic theses of Baptist, Beckert & other NHC historians.
I first pointed out this similarity around 2015, shortly after Baptist's book came out. I also published a longer version of it about 2 years ago here:…
Turns out, I'm far from the only scholar to make this point. Here's Stanley Engerman, arguably the leading economic historian of slavery alive today, noting the "King Cotton" thesis' presence in his review of Ed Baptist and Calvin Schermerhorn's books.
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welcome to @curaffairs LIVE TWEET of the #DemocraticDebate — “houston we have a problem” edition
there will be pandering, fudging, overworked one liners, and on this feed, typos. embrace it. here we go!
bernie sanders is too authentic for your lozenge
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Wow. Never thought my name nor my work would be spoken of in Congress. This is for the 40 million descendants. No one can ever say they do not know the year 1619 again or that America would not be America without us. I am so grateful. #1619Project
I just with my dad was here to see this.
*WISH. So emotional I cannot spell. As usual.
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1/ I've noticed lots of good commentary on the National Review response to #1619Project.
2/ An excellent point from @nhannahjones:
3/ Another excellent point from @OsitaNwanevu:
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THREAD—The central role of wanton, racialized torture in America's bloody history: "The excruciatingly painful medical experiments went on until his body was disfigured by a network of scars." #1619project h/t @nhannahjones
@nhannahjones "John Brown, an enslaved man on a Baldwin County, Ga., plantation in the 1820s and ’30s, was lent to a physician, Dr. Thomas Hamilton, who was obsessed with proving that physiological differences between black and white people existed.
"Hamilton used Brown to try to determine how deep black skin went, believing it was thicker than white skin. Brown, who eventually escaped to England, recorded his experiences in an autobiography, published in 1855...
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Sad to read something as poorly reasoned as this in @NRO National Review.
The same tired defensiveness taught in segregated Mississippi 50 yrs ago—Africans sold their own into slavery...Muslims started it...other places enslaved more...
National Review’s answer to the @NYTimes #1619Project reads like talking points from a Confederate veterans reunion, circa 1915.
Jefferson Davis would applaud. I’m surprised it left out the shameful old shibboleth about slavery saving souls by spreading the gospel of Christ.
When did it become a defense of immorality in recent American history to point out that Greeks did something vaguely similar 2000 years ago? What relevance does ostensible racism in the Islamic world have to discussion about human trafficking by Christians in the US? 3/5
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THREAD—"The United States has the highest rate of incarceration of any nation on Earth... Central to understanding this practice of mass incarceration and excessive punishment is the legacy of slavery."… #1619Project
"We represent 4 percent of the planet’s population but 22 percent of its imprisoned. In the early 1970s, our prisons held fewer than 300,000 people; since then, that number has grown to more than 2.2 million, with 4.5 million more on probation or parole."
"The 13th Amendment is credited with ending slavery, but it stopped short of that: It made an exception for those convicted of crimes. After emancipation, black people, once seen as less than fully human 'slaves,' were seen as less than fully human 'criminals.'
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I have gotten a lot of really shitty (often racist) feedback on the #1619Project and almost nothing surprises me, but I have to say this made me sit down. Someone sent this to *my house* to complain that I haven’t done enough to make sure he got a FREE copy of the project.
So, let’s just be clear here: The Sunday NYT costs $6. We do not give it away for free. I am a reporter but I *personally* fundraised in order to print free copies to ensure we could get the #1619project into the hands of people who aren’t Times subscribers or who can’t afford.
These free copies have gone to low-income schools, to places that serve low-income black communities such as the Schomburg, and in Benton Harbor and OKC. We’re giving out free copies in Detroit. Hot 97 gave out free copies. And we gave out free copies outside the Times.
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Highly recommend this thread on Stephens. His is the mediocrity of aristocracy, and his disdain for academia is the disdain long shown by those who are "to the manor born" and resent being held to account by "lessors" bearing evidence and better arguments.
As @page88 points out, just that one shoddy reference to "bed bugs" and the Nazis would be grounds for having one's work roundly rejected in academia. And yet, here's Pulitzer Bret using evidence like a high school sophomore writing a paper in 30 minutes...and nothing happens.
@page88 Not only has he not been held to account (other than by the general public), but he got the paper of record to allow him to double down on his ahistorical foolishness.
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1/ Before and after slavery was abolished, black Americans fought to make this country’s ideals a reality.

This week, host @al_letson sat down with @nhannahjones to discuss the @nytimes#1619Project.

A bit from their conversation ……
2/ First, @nhannahjones explains how a childhood infatuation with history sharpened in high school, during a Black Studies class.
3/ The Founding Fathers knew the people they were entrapping within slavery were human beings, she writes in the lead essay of the @NYTimes#1619Project, but the system the Founders created ensured they wouldn’t be treated as such.

Read the essay:…
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