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1/10: Black history is not a separate entity.

It is a vital part of the very fabric of American history and it continues to play a role in shaping our country’s future.

This thread will help illustrate that point by diving into an important piece of history – the arrival of…… ImageImageImageImage
2/10: In August 1619, about a year before the Mayflower’s voyage, a ship arrived in Point Comfort, Virginia carrying the first enslaved Africans to English North America.

They were captured from Angola, in present-day West Africa. #1619Project #Juneteenth2023 ImageImage
3/10: The “20 and odd” Africans, as historical documents refer to them, arrived on the “White Lion,” a ship that had captured them from a Portuguese slaver.

They were sold in exchange for food and some were transported to Jamestown, the first permanent English colony.…… Image
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A course that helps students use math in a practical way to examine a complex issue impacting society? I didn't know about this addition to the curriculum but it's awesome! Now @DailyMail carefree attitude abt facts? Not so much.…
Shall we?

First, @DailyMail called the #1619Project a "controversial activist organization." What? The 1619 Project is a work of journalism. There literally is no 1619 Project organization. There is the NYT that published it, and Pulitzer Center that makes curriculum.
@DailyMail says 1000s "of high schoolers are set to learn a radical new 'reparations math' curriculum that teaches how slavery 'led to a wealth gap for African Americans'" but then admits "It is not yet clear where the new curriculum would be taught." Ever consider reporting?
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The @nytimes #1619Project & @pulitzercenter have sunk to a new low in their obsession to convince young black people that they are entitled victims who remain enslaved and unfree. A 🧵 on their new high school curriculum “Reparations Math” (1/7)
“What I learned…is that black people are still not free.” Proudly promoted by the @pulitzercenter as proof of learning, these are words of a black student who finished Reparations Math. Grammatical errors aside the intentional message of black victimhood is unconscionable. (2/7) Image
Reparations programs face steep opposition. But none of that viewpoint is represented in the curriculum. It is pure indoctrination. Powerful & empowering counter arguments for black agency such as from @BobWoodson are ignored. (3/7)
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Thread: Here are 5 little-known facts about black history that you will NOT learn about in any #BlackHistoryMonth presentation. For complete references and documentation see my book “The End of Racism.” Buckle up!
1. American slavery didn’t last for “400 years” as the #1619Project and so many others contend. From 1619-1776 America was under British rule. American slavery was 1776-1865, which is 89 years
2. Slaves didn’t build America. The plantations the slaves built were all destroyed in the Civil War. America was built, most of all, by its original European settlers who established its political, economic and moral foundations
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THREAD. There are only two weekends left in #BlackHistoryMonth & I’m seeing so many bizarre, ahistorical takes on here, it’s a reminder that we should be using this month to educate ourselves. Fortunately, there are SO many resources out that can enrich, inspire & educate.
As I previously posted @MasterClass on Black history featuring a bumper crop of scholars including @sandylocks, Dr. @CornelWest, @nhannahjones & more is FREE this month. Stream It.… Image
The #1619Project is streaming now on @hulu. It is a compelling look at our history, guided by @nhannahjones, the creator of the #1619Project. It’s terrific. I’m pretty knowledgeable on Black history, but I learn something new from each segment. STREAM:… Image
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Uses #1619Project as political prop in a video that opens with growing up where railroad tracks (not white people) divided the town by race. Talking about being the child of immigrants without acknowledging that the rights she had in SC were won by Black resistance. Just peak.
Talking about how governments in China and Iran kill their own citizens while from a state where in 1968, four years before she was born, highway patrolman -- govt agents -- opened fire on 200 unarmed Black citizens protesting apartheid in South Carolina.…
Nikki Haley's family was able to immigrate to the US because the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act finally ended the racist immigration quota system designed to keep out most non-white immigrants.…
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New theory: "The virtuous lie"

A virtuous lie is a falsehood that's promulgated & not corrected despite known falsity b/c it serves an "emancipatory" end.

#1619Project, New History of Capitalism, Hawaiian indigeneity: lies that're "good" b/c they free us of an oppressive past.

We quite literally live by these lies. At my college, you see signs that say "This is Tongva land." No one cares that before the Tongva got here, the Hokan were here. The Tongva, an Uto-Aztecan people, replaced the Hokan, as Uto-Aztecan peoples did across western N. America.

We live by these lies b/c to do so makes us good people. To question them is to align oneself w/ evil. Famous author addressed a local HS with a talk straight out of New History of Capitalism. He painted American slavery in the most gruesome colors. So far so good. However...
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Blacks people were enslaved in this land longer than we've been free. And our constant plotting for liberation led white Americans to develop a fear of Black people as an "internal enemy" that remains embedded in our national psyche. #1619hulu Ep. 5 FEAR. Out now. @lesliemalex
In #1619hulu FEAR, Historian @lesliemalex tells us how the surveillance, policing and vigilanteism that Black Americans experience daily have their roots in the slave patrols, which deputized all white people to stop, question, and search Black people they thought suspicious.
The FEAR episode of #1619hulu shows the white men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery were acting out a long America tradition. And how policing in America for Black people has largely been about social control.
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I am not giving oxygen to the rightwing media frenzy against the #1619hulu docuseries because I know they use the #1619Project for clicks, but I am so aghast and offended that the National Review would print this about this child just to make digs at this work. Image
The #1619Project has broken some people's brains. This is not ok.
And the misogynoir is not even veiled. "Homegirl wiles"? I've been a journalist for more than two decades.
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#TheEducationOfMissJoon Day 1 Notes :

1st, I'd like to apologize for thinking this was gonna be a simple cinematic experience that I'd so blithely undertake instead of the viscerally emotional endeavor I can already see it's going to be.
I consider myself educated & not the least bit naïve but I am ONE episode into the #1619Project & already realizing how wrong I was @ how much I knew. As a product of public education & after only ONE episode, I have a greater understanding of the abject failure my education was.
We have been duped! A concerted effort has been made to keep us ignorant. I get how most ⬜s feel blindsided by these discoveries. It's CLEAR suppressing history is NOT a new tactic of ⬜ supremacists. We have been lied to for CENTURIES.
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Here we go! Follow this thread for live coverage of Missouri #SB42, an anti-CRT, don't say gay, anti-trans kids, anti-DEI bill that I'm calling the #OmnibusBillOfHate #MOLeg
Committee chair says "since this bill is almost identical to so man other bills" they're going to try to keep it under an hour. Audible laughter in the galley from the room full of folks who woke up at 5am to be here to testify.
Now they're looking for witnesses out in the hallway who are testifying in support of this bill...because so so so many people are here to oppose Missouri's #OmnibusBillOfHate
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Big announcement yesterday, today I indulge my inner petty. To all those "NHJ hasn't written an article for the NYT in 2 years" trolls: You're right! I just helped create two #1 bestselling books and a 6-part docuseries for the NYT. What have YOU done?…
As I said before, imagine thinking you know more about what I'm working on then the people who pay my salary. The NYT is not just a newspaper, it's a media company. Folks can search my byline but not find major press releases about what I'm working on for my employer. Ok.
And, by the way, I cannot wait for you to see what we've been working on when it premieres on @hulu Jan. 26. #1619hulu #1619Project
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@NAACPVirginia seeks to deflect blame for the DEAD-LAST in USA test scores of inner city @VASchools. Youngkin is raising standards & the best defense is a good offense so they ATTACK @GovernorVA @nytimes @PostOpinions @RTDOpinions @maddow
@LesterHoltNBC @JCapehardt @7NewsDC @NPR
@NAACPVirginia Loudoun branch sent out this urgent call to action to @VASchoolBoards urging rejection of the standards, unfairly accusing @GovernorVA & his team of racism because the standards are NOT the #1619Project admittedly part fiction journalist's view of history. @RTDNEWS
@NAACPVirginia @VASchoolBoards @GovernorVA @RTDNEWS Email from Michelle Thomas to @VaSchoolBoards @VaHousedems @VASenateDems @vademocrats, donor list
Call to Action - Stop Youngkin SOL Discriminatory Changes! -text largely misleading, w a few reasonable items to correct- but ending with DONATE, completely Trumpian grift. @7NewsDC
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Defenders of the #1619Project repeatedly excuse its sloppiness by claiming that it is a work of "journalism, not history."

Fine. Let's grant that.

Now tell me: why are academic history organizations such as @TheSouthernSHA featuring it as the plenary at its 2023 conference?
If it is "journalism, not history" then it has no place being the centerpiece of a scholarly history conference.

If it is history as signified by its promotion at scholarly history conferences, then it must - necessarily - be held to scholarly standards instead of "journalism."
Right now the 1619 Project is engaged in a terminological sleight of hand to insulate itself from scholarly criticism while also attempting to benefit from the imprimatur of scholarly history, such as the SHA.

This is dishonest. And those promoting it are complicit in dishonesty
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Recently, I talked with Brazilian journalist @TiagoRogero about #projetoQuerino, a groundbreaking podcast inspired by the #1619Project. They have English transcript of the first episode and it is absolutely fascinating.
Some fascinating tidbits from episode 1 of #projetoQuerino :At one point, there were more enslaved people in  Brazil,  just over a million people, than the  entire population of Portugal.
Reminds me of the little contemplated fact that during the period of slavery, millions more African people crossed the Atlantic than Europeans.
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As many states and school boards seek to ban and limit difficult discussions of our nation's past, it is critical that we as a free society find ways to read together, think together, and build together. That is why I am proud to announce the #1619Project National Read Along.
Join communities across the nation as we collectively read and discuss six chapters from the #1619Project book. You can join us at
And because we at @OneWorldLit and @nytimes believe it is so important to democratize knowledge and information, we will be giving out FREE PDF's of the six chapters that are part of the #1619ProjectReadAlong: DEMOCRACY, CAPITALISM, RACE, MUSIC, SELF-DEFENSE, MUSIC, JUSTICE.
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Today's edition of the @WSWS_Updates carries three sharp & important comments on the death of #QueenElizabethII.
Chris Marsden's comment on the the #queensfuneral draws a parallel to that of Edward VII in 1910. 1/…
The bombastic spectacle preceded the outbreak of WWI by just 4 years, followed by the overthrow of the Tsars in Russia in 1917 and the German Kaiser in 1918. Similarly, the glorification of monarchy, pomp & backwardness today heralds nothing so much as war & revolution. 2/
In her article, Jean Shaoul details only one of the horrific massacres in Africa that #QueenElizabeth presided over: the bloody crushing of the Mau Mau insurgency in Kenya in 1952-56, with an estimated 150,000 dead 3/:…
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The same people obsessively tweeting about @AHAhistorians editor's column fallout as evidence of "wokeism" run amok completely ignore the column that ran after the #1619Project published. They're ok with ideology if it affirms there's.…
This has been the tell frm the beginning of those who camouflage their bad-faith critiques of the #1619Project & the from-the-bottom historiography tht undergirds it -- while decrying a "lack of objectivity" they only acknowledge critiques & ignore all the historians tht affirm.
Forgive typo in first tweet: *theirs
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The SCOTUS' Christianists: the states must decide whether pregnant women are state property.

Also SCOTUS Christianists: the six of us get to decide every state's gun laws. And we like the laws that existed to support the fugitive slave acts in the 18th and 19th centuries.
A reminder that the reason abortion was legal for white women in distress back then but otherwise illegal was the same reason we have a 2nd Amendment: slavery. Slave children were property, so aborting them or aiding in such was an economic crime.…
And slavers needed guns to recapture runaway slaves and prevent slave rebellions. And southern planters didn't trust the nascent federal govenment to look after their human "property."…
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The Black Conservative: A black conservative journalist responds to David Horowitz's article, "Ten Reasons Why #Reparations for #Slavery is a Bad Idea and Racist Too".…
There Go Crazy Miss Daisy.

"Why y'all Blacks complaining 'bout slavery, now? The cotton has been picked and sold, we got iPhones now, and economies running on full speed; y'all should've asked for reparations - during slavey -- or at least during Jim Crow?"
A Black Libertarian view on reparations for centuries of slavery -- free labor

The Case Against Reparations

"America owes black people more than it has given—but reparations aren’t the answer."…
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Oh joy. @tedcruz is now doing his distinctive brand of whingey white conservative male performance art; trying to goad #KetanjiBrownJackson into denouncing Critical Race Theory and the #1619Project, neither of which Cruz is smart enough to understand.
The bottom line for the right is that to be qualified for a SCOTUS seat, or really any position in “their” America, Black people must ritualistically disown and denounce Black people, Black thought, Black culture, Black history and any and all racial and historical consciousness.
They must vow to only and always defend white Christian male sovereignty over America, as enumerated in the original constitution. No white candidate for any office is required to similarly denounce white supremacy, white Christian nationalism, or even insurrection. We see y’all.
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⚡️Live Tweets / Thread Ahead ⚡️

1/x Looking forward to @WalterDGreason's convo w/
@nhannahjones about the #1619Project: #NHJatMac.

Walter joined @historyatmac at @Macalester this year. I'm proud to call him a friend.

cc: @profsbradley @kayewhitehead
@WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @historyatmac @Macalester @ProfSBradley @kayewhitehead @Sunny_Slaughter @ThereseSteiner @SlaughterDR @aaronlmorrison @digimentors @LBRolsky @MacalesterPres @sree @dviyer @PhdRachel 3/x "I've been working toward #1619Project my entire career. When the 400th anniversary was approaching...I was worried that it would be erased, obscured or minimized. I knew one essay would not be big enough." @nhannahjones

@Macalester's Thread 👇
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We'll be live-tweeting today's virtual @macalumni and community event with @nhannahjones. We're excited to welcome Professor Hannah-Jones to the wider @Macalester community, and are looking forward to her conversation with @WalterDGreason and Dr. Tia-Simone Gardner. #NHJatMAC
We're starting the event with a welcome message from @MacalesterPres, introductions and a Land Acknowledgement from our Provost Dr. Lisa Anderson-Levy. Our moderator, @WalterDGreason is up next, and then @nhannahjones. We're so glad you're here with us. #NHJatMAC
@MacalesterPres @WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @nhannahjones, "I've loved history my entire life [...] I couldn't conceive of the project without historians" - historians like @WalterDGreason.
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So the conservative argument in 2018 was: don’t stop teaching white-authored classics just because the n-word is used in them! Children of all races need these uncomfortable lessons! Now they argue that any book that might make white kids feel angst must be banned.
So Black kids need to accept hearing the n-word read in English class, because they shouldn’t let “feelings” get in the way of exposure to great literature; but white kids shouldn’t ever have to hear that any white person at any time ever used the n-word in hostility or racism.
How is this not a blatant argument for using public education to build up the egos of white children while chipping away at the psyches of every other child, by normalizing hearing slurs against them but shielding white kids from all history that might bring any discomfort?
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