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It's time to do another one of my dumb threads, so here goes:

I'm SO GLAD life is so simplistic for you. Guess where I was this morning? At the #PainClinic with my elderly mother who suffers from #dementia. She had an early AM appointment, which is unusual for her. Mom is
more confused earlier in the day. She often has trouble getting to sleep because of pain & the dementia. We had to plan carefully, bathing her, & laying out clothing yesterday. Despite this, mom changed back into her nightgown 3 times, then finally put the gown on OVER her
street clothes. ANYWAY, we arrive ON TIME & the shenanigans begin. The kind receptionist greets us warmly, & I explain that mom is especially confused this AM. The mean receptionist (on a massive power trip) attempts to prevent me from accompanying mom to the appointment. She
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Cohen has signed a "proffer agreement" with SDNY, agreeing to cooperate in their inv’n of the Trump Org re whether they falsified business records.

Hannity’s HRC obsession

During Trump’s presidency, Hannity has mentioned HRC on 86% of his episodes


Judge sentences 3 Blackwater guards to prison for 2007 Iraqi attack

Trump tried to ease Iran Sanctions, Prompting Bolton Pushback

Sanctions move aimed at securing Rouhani meeting this month

In foreign policy, Trump gets points for creativity. Results, not so much

Trump’s trade war has killed 300,000 jobs

Former Mattis Aide at Center of Dispute Over Pentagon Transparency

Some contend that the department’s delay in approving his memoir was due to longstanding protocol, not ill will
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1/n #opioïds Je conseille encore une fois de lire le resumé de l'actualité de l'été par @docteurdu16…. Dans ce resumé, un document qui a une valeur historique: la déposition filmée de Richard Sackler en 2015.
2/n Richard Sackler est le fils d'un des fondateurs de Purdue Pharma. Sa famille est devenue la 19ème famille la plus riche des USA grâce au succès de l'Oxycontin, que Purdue a admis avoir promu de manière trompeuse en 2007.…
3/n Après plusieurs années de combat juridique ce document a donc été rendu public et STAT en a publié des extraits. En février 2019, @propublica avait obtenu le procès verbal de cette déposition.
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This has to stop! 🛑 the latest shot in the "war on drugs" puts people's lives around the world at risk


The US «War on drugs » besides being a total failure in America, has immense consequences on the rest of the 🌍 Currently billions of people in LMICs, already have limited or no access to opioid treatments leaving them with no option for severe pain…
The 🇺🇸 “war” rhetoric drives and often pressures, governments into overly tightening their regulations and place more and more burden on patent access, under the threat of being tagged “drug fueling terrorist country” or withdrawing aid funds, or both…
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Hi, I’ll be live-tweeting today’s Chicago Board of Health public meeting. #ChiDocumenters
@ChiDocumenters #publichealth #chicagopublichealth
@CHIdocumenters Dr. Arwady reviews high-level updates from the dept, including an anti-#syphillis campaign, a research study on Chicago maternal mortality (#maternitymatters) that will be released soon, and a new program that will provide assistance to #newmom s at 3 Chicago hospitals.
Dr. Arwady shares info about the new training video aimed at Chicago employees who work with youth, centers a #traumainformed approach to working with them.
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@NitaGhei @DanLairdMD 1/Just to be super clear: there is a strong relationship between prescribed #opioid dose & risk of overdose : the magnitude of that association & degree to which it is causal is not entirely clear. But I agree we should avoid escalating doses unless back is against a wall
@NitaGhei @DanLairdMD 2/However, if a person is stable at a given dose, even if we now say “gosh, wish it were not that high” there is no trial evidence that a reduction dose does improve safety. It is plausible (I offer the idea to my patients!) but no trial evidence .. & there is something key here:
@NitaGhei @DanLairdMD 3/The best advocates for taper are the ones who show great skill and sensitivity and patience in how they carry it out. Including a willingness to stop or reverse the taper (as Canadian Guideline supports) based on how patient does
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Wrote this piece with the help of a great team including @DrKevinHill. Below I'll share some of my thoughts about #opioids and opioid use disorder and how they present in #hpm and #palliative care, plus why we need to do a better job of addressing #addiction at end of life. 1/x
2/x Training in #KY gave me a front row seat to the #opioidcrisis. With an interest in #hpm I kept wondering what would happen to these individuals who developed an OUD and years later were prescribed opioids. How would I keep those patients safe and manage their pain?
3/x I continue to think that our field will struggle in years to come when survivors of the #opioidcrisis age, develop serious illness, and develop pain. Thinking about this, and reading @jeff_deeney article in @TheAtlantic… made me want to do more.
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Today, @DrMcCance_Katz shares California data compared to national data on prevalence of substance use disorder and mental health issues at the 2019 CMHACY conference.
SAMHSA will focus on nation no longer just on grantees.
56.8M Americans have a mental or substance use disorder in the country.
California looks very similar to the nation.
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👉👉👉VICTORY AT LAST IN OREGON ON FORCED TAPERING. Today, Oregon voted against a proposal to mandate tapering to 0 of Oregon Medicaid patients who currently take #opioids long term to manage #pain - an action that would, by Oregon’s estimation, have affected 60-100,000 people…. The proposal garnered national attention & the concern of over a hundred experts in pain medicine, addiction, and health policy. In light of their efforts and the growing evidence about the dangers of mandatory tapering, Oregon today demurred. 2/
Two specific proposals were at issue. The first was passed in 2016 and mandated the tapering of anyone with a condition involving the back, neck or spine. Oregon added coverage of modalities like physical therapy - but the taper mandate was absolute. 3/
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🚨🚨🚨ATTENTION #Spoonies #ChronicPain community, people have been asking for the recent clarifications from the @CDCgov and the @US_FDA to take to their #Doctors, so I have created a pinned tweet with everything. #Opioids 🚨🚨🚨
👉👉👉The @CDCgov clarification appears in an article in @NEJM here…
👉👉👉with an accompanying press release:…
👉👉👉A quick way to see most of the article, a separate letter issued by the CDC Director @CDCDirector and the @US_FDA warning is to go here: …
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I've been hearing a lot of resignation in people's voices and tweets, in the face of the latest tragedy at #PowaySynagogueShooting. People are giving up hope that we can ever bend the curve on our #gunviolence epidemic.

--This thread is dedicated to destroying that despair.—
6 years ago, we watched those babies walk out of #SandyHook - & were torn apart, as a nation, by the memory of those who didn't make it.

Many of us had been told that we "couldn't" talk about guns.

But after Sandy Hook, many of us said "no more; we will not be silent."
A few bravely started talking and writing about why #gunviolence was a #publichealth issue. Those few, turned into a wave. The groundwork was slowly laid.
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Hello & Happy Spring! (Thread) If you haven’t been on here til 1am EST, I’m going to unpack recently announced #opioid bill S-724 (named for John McCain). For reax check out threads by @erinbiba and @AnaMardoll (call @gillibrandNY ASAP to protest bill.) Onto the breakdown:
Sen. Gillibrand introduced this bill with a flip referral to dental work and a misunderstanding of the term “acute pain”. #AcutePain does not mean ‘severe’ in medical terms, it means pain lasting up to/less than 6mos. If you’ve ever had a gunshot wound,
been in/had a serious accident, needed extensive surgery, had #fibromyalgia #arthritis #endometriosis or #pelvicpain #backpain -just to name a few-you may know that sometimes one needs more than 7 days of pain meds.
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.@RollingStone Your reporter EJ Dickson claims there's a "clear link" bwn opioid prescriptions & addiction. In fact, the #CDC has long held that 96.96% of patients prescribed #opioids do NOT develop misuse or addiction. thread
2 Further evidence against Dickson's claim of a "clear link" is the fact that opioid scripts are at an 18 year low & have dropped every year since 2011. But during that same time, ODs have skyrocketed. That's because addiction/ODs are driven by ILLICIT, not prescription drugs.
3 Getting this wrong has dire consequences. I'm the director of headsUPmigraine & learned yesterday of yet another young woman who's DEAD because she was forced off safe, effective medication, despite being 1 of the 96.96% who relied on opioids without addiction.
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NO! 🛑

Bill #Gates Will Pay $12 Million To Big Pharma For A 'Mandatory' Universal Flu Shot

They (NWO/Goobalists) want to control EVERY aspect of your life & want you to be a slave to the govt. #BigPharma #FluShots

@realDonaldTrump @POTUS…
Then here’s #Schiff asking FB to remove ALL anti-Vaccine articles/information. @realDonaldTrump @POTUS

FB, Google bowing to globalists - serious folks, this stuff is happening right before your eyes 👀
#NWO #BigPharma #Vaccines #Sheep #Schiff

Schiff calls out #Facebook, #Google over anti-vaccination information - The Hill…
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1/This care partner's tale in 9 tweets.
Son 35 yrs. Undetected spondylolysthesis and other musculoskeletal issues uncovered at 13 yrs due primarily to onset of pain during a period of rapid growth.
2/ First emergency spine fusion at 15 yrs after 2 yrs of medical profession denying that kids have pain. Teens are an invisible health care population.
Columbine happened in this period.
Every teenage boy in America had a target on their forehead.
Pain became 'kid wants drugs"
3/ Fusion failed. #FailedBackSurgerySyndrome
Blame the kid for failure to heal. Medical message: Shift the blame. Teach the kid that cure is his fault.
Teenage cutting, self-harm distracts from daily pain.
Back into surgical revision2 @ 16.
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1/With 3% of overdose deaths (9 of 269) in Jefferson Cty, Alabama due to prescription opioids, there is a limit to how many lives are going to be saved by extending the 7 year decline in Rx, as underscored in a new study by ⁦…
2/the new @JAMANetworkOpen paper properly asssumed a reduction in nonmedical use of Rx #opioids since that reduction is already happening. The first problem is that other factors such as what opioids people start with & lethality of the illicit market dominate death rates
3/we have found the “limits of prescription control” - my article with @AJ_Gordon in @AddictionJrnl is free online here… opioid Rx now 19% down from 2006. Time to embrace a better approach to addiction care and Rx risk mitigation.
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My goodness, these new documents about Purdue Pharma and its ties to Tufts University medical school and Massachusetts General Hospital, and the influence Purdue had on the curriculum of student docs and the perception of #opioids are hair raising.…
According to this filing by the Mass AG. Purdue established the Tufts Masters of Science in Pain Research, Education and Policy, an annual lecture on pain medicine, a Sackler was on the board of the school of medicine, and Purdue employees regularly taught a seminar on opioids...
It was considered such a success by Purdue, the firm considered it a model for influencing teaching hospitals and medical schools. Tufts also agreed to support a response to the growing opioid crisis in Maine. It appointed a Purdue employee to Adjunct Associate Professor and..
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Thread! Due to ignoramus Trump and poorly-informed pundits, too many Americans think the #ACA is nothing but the mandate, pre-existing coverage, and It's SO much more. If the O'Connor ruling stands, these items will disappear:
1) The Medicare Part-D doughnut hole that forced seniors to go without meds for part of the year is supposed to close by 2020 thanks to the #ACA. Repeal would re-open it.
2) Insurers *have to* cover maternity care, preventative care, mental health, lab tests, disability care...
...pediatric care including dental and vision, prescription drugs, ER visits, etc.
3) The #ACA eliminates annual and lifetime limits on coverage so you will always be covered regardless of health.
4) Establishes limits on how much you have to spend out of pocket...
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Even with the problems with this study
It’s the only kind of research allowed
Until the Government accepts people in Severe Pain need research studies in Every State USA 🇺🇸 regarding
decent pain medication options besides street #Opioids
Developing specific ratio of CBD TO THC
@JordanTishlerMD could design a study.
Legislators need to throw out their hunger for taxation,and investment options. @HHSGov needs to support Patients with Severe Pain to obtain affordable #MedicalCannabis and eliminate state rules like yearly Doctor’s note saying we have pain.
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1. While the #FreePress was throwing their tantrum,
President Trump held a Cabinet meeting where some
extremely important issues were addressed. Since you
probably didn't see or hear about it, let's take a look
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma #PrescriptionDrugs
.@realDonaldTrump .@SecAzar
1st time in history, President Trump is
-importing prescription drugs that do not violate
intellectual property rights & not under patent protections
(competition=lower costs)
-bringing negotiation & discounts to our #Medicare partners
50% of savings go back to the patients
President Trump explains how the "rich middle men"
are angry at him. He can't be bought.
He also explains how the #democrats are extremely happy
about this and have told him so personally (but wont tell you)
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings for July 10, 2018
1. University of Colorado Professor Pleads Guilty to Fraud

#OlegVasilyev #LosAlamosNationalLabs #UniversityofColorado…
2. Biopharmaceutical Employees Convicted of Insider Trading

#securitiesfraud #insidertrading #clinicaltrials #JasonChan #SongjiangWang…
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The American #HepatitisA epidemic is out of control. Cases reported in nearly every State, mostly in #Homeless and/or #opioid using populations. Examples [multiple tweets]:
West Virginia (since Mar2018)
404 cases
280 hospitalized
1 dead…
Utah (since Jan 2017)
271 cases
138 hospitalizations
Risk factors
Homelessness + drug use = 37%
Drug use = 27%
Homelessness = 8.5%
Epi-Linked =14%
Travel = 1.5%
Unknown =12.4%
Incarcerated =14.7%
Michigan (since Aug2016)
cases = 850
hospitalizations = 686
14.8% of total males = MSM
3% of total = healthcare workers
4.7% = food handlers
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Selected list of #indictments for June 27, June 28, and June 29, 2018
1. First Nationwide Undercover Operation Targeting Darknet Vendors Results in Arrests of More Than 35 Individuals Selling Illicit Goods and the Seizure of Weapons, Drugs and More Than $23.6 Million

#darknet #drugtrafficking #weaponstrafficking…
2. Multiple convictions in federal sex trafficking cases

#childsextrafficking #indianapolis #indiana…
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Thread on ...

🚨🔥Does Standard Hotel link to #ratlines #UraniumOne #U1 & other resources???🔥🚨

Uranium from Shinkolobwe mines in DRC Congo(former Zaire) moves thru port in Mombasa Kenya

#MAGA #KAG @POTUS #QAnon #TheRainMakers #PedoGate #opioids #ObamaGate #CBTS
Kenyan police arrested 12 in ‘02 Mombasa bombing of Israeli hotel

6 Pakistani
4 Somalis
1 Spain (Jose Tena)
1 US (Alicia K)

Bomb followed by attempted missile attack of Israeli charter #Israel #MAGA @POTUS #WWG1WWA #TheRainMakers #QAnon #PedoGate…
Two in ‘02 Mombasa Kenya bombing were daughter & son-in-law of USA*ID employee w ties to Africa incl Zaire (DRC Congo), Kenya, Egypt, etc

🚨Jose Tena & Alicia Kalhammer - husband & wife🙄

Kenyan police arrested them but the pair were released w help from diplomatic ties
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