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Today marks my one year anniversary working in #Victoria’s homeless encampments in a global pandemic.

There’s a lot of things I wish I could tell my one-year-ago self.

I submit for you, Lessons Learned in the Intersections of #COVIDー19, homelessness, and #overdose.

I took a temporary leave of absence from my work-from-home job because I had a literal sense of impending doom. As I drove by Topaz park, I noticed tents and decided to stop by.

People were being told to shelter in place in the park. Services/shelters were being closed down.
When I spoke to the folks at the park, I was immediately aware of the complete lack of supports that were available.

I bought some wound care supplies at Walmart and started working in the park.

Before long, the park had roughly 200 tents.
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These numbers are staggering - as they have been since the health emergency was declared in April 2016. There is no way to adequately articulate the immense suffering and heartbreak this horrifying loss of life has brought to our province. 1/ #bcpoli #overdosecrisis
I recently met with a local chapter of @momsstoptheharm and we discussed the gaping voids in our existing patchwork of supports and services for the countless British Columbians with substance use disorder. 2/ #bcpoli
One parent told me: ‘we need immediate low barrier, regulated, non-stigmatized safe supply to save people from the poisoned drug supply. Because if your child dies there's no more time for other interventions to help.' 3/ #bcpoli
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Why aren’t doctors prescribing Dilaudid in BC? A lengthy #thread

Over two thousand people in BC have prescriptions for safer tablet opioids, benzos, and stimulants through BCCSU’s Dual-risk Mitigation guideline. (1/24)
This guideline provides advice to prescribers on which drugs and dosages are recommended for patients that are at “dual risk” of overdose or contracting COVID-19.

The goal is to support physical distancing among PWUD, (2/24)
by providing prescriptions so people don’t have to hustle, or go see a dealer several times per day for #streetsupply which means less risk of COVID contraction/overdose. (3/24)
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Independent Pandemic Response Observatory.
This is a body that is referred to to justify the public health measures.
The public's adherence to public health rules would increase
Evidence needs to be made public.

"We haven't seen modelling since the spring."- @ehyshka

The data will help people buy in to the measures that are being

Shay wonders - What are they hiding? Who benefits from this censorship?
#RedAlert @ryanjespersen #RealTalkRJ
Double Bunking in an ICU is absurd.

Yes, warm bunking is normal in Oil & Gas but double bunking is a huge flag for the capacity of #abpoli health system.
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The chief coroner of #Ontario + others have released report today for #OverdoseDeaths during #COVID19

The stats reflect exactly what PWUDs & harm reductionists have been saying all year: that they are living through a horrifying disaster.

#thread full of rage & grief
In the first 15 weeks of the pandemic, almost 700 people died from overdose - thats an avg of 46 people dying each WEEK.

Its anticipated that there will be a 50% INCREASE in the number of people who die from overdose in 2020 in comparison to 2019. #ONpoli Image
Since the beginning of this crisis in 2016/2017 - more and more people keep dying FROM PREVENTABLE DEATHS from the toxic illicit drug supply.

A toxic illicit drug supply thats a direct result of years of prohibition - prohibition born out of white supremacy. ImageImage
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synthetic drugs are very profitable; we got too poor in a place that was getting wealthier by the day. ImageImage
the Poisoning Massacre is similarly an economic crisis. in fact it is the same one and will not be solved entirely through #SafeSupply. it will be mitigated, but the underlying causes will remain. and will return. its more than a housing crisis.
we got too poor.

in 2015-16, basic social assistance in BC was $610/mth and disability was $906/mth.

the shelter rate, as ever, was $375/mth…
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New article from @kendracrighton about our program! Check out this thread for some highlights.⬇️⬇️…

#ThatsSAFER @AVIVanIsle @OutreachSolid SAFER Outreach Worker, Jaclyn, wears a SOLID Outreach shirt
“ …for those who are left outside, accessing a #safesupply isn’t easy. Cue @SaferVic. This team of nurses, outreach workers with lived experience, physicians & a systems navigator are working full-time to provide people sheltering in Victoria parks the medications they need.” A pop-up supervised consumption tent stands on grass covered
We’re stoked that SAFER Outreach Worker, Jaclyn, was highlighted in this article because she is a force of nature & “...spends most of her time in the community…handing out harm reduction supplies & building a bridge of trust.”
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How can we address the severe harms caused by an increasingly toxic drug supply?

Our new article examines what happens when you distribute safer, pharmaceutical opioids (#safesupply) to people at-risk of fentanyl-related overdose. Image
Before we get started, and I cannot believe this still needs to be said, fentanyl & fentanyl-adulterated drugs are driving overdose deaths in much of North America.

We need approaches responsive to the changing drug supply, and 'safe supply' programs represent a key innovation.
Now, operating out of @PHScss overdose prevention site in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, this program distributed hydromorphone as an alternative to illicit fentanyl.

People could receive up to 80 mg/day of hydromorphone to be used onsite (16 mg up to 5 times daily, 2 h apart).
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August 31 is International #Overdose Awareness Day. Every year I reflect on all the people we’ve lost, but especially Arielle. Here we are at 18 - careless, happy assholes. She was brilliant, snarky, a talented musician, and she died at age 26 from a poisoned drug supply. Image
In the last 2 years of her life, Arielle went to jail, went to rehab, and “got clean.”

Jail didn’t save her.
Rehab didn’t save her.
Abstinence didn’t save her.

#SCS could’ve saved her. #safesupply could’ve saved her.
#MOUD could’ve saved her.
#Naloxone could’ve saved her.
There is no excuse for her death or for any of the 71,000 overdose deaths in 2019, not when evidence-based treatments for #OUD exist. Not one damn more person should die alone from a treatable condition in the year #2020.
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Join us for our latest #DPACOVIDSeries Discussion on Thursday July 23 from 2-4pm EST to hear about why #SafeSupply and Legal Regulation of drugs is essential in this moment. RSVP: Image
ICYMI: Check out the recording for our first #DPACOVIDSeries Discussion:

#COVID19, Drug Policy, and Decarceration
ICYMI: Check out the recording for our second #DPACOVIDSeries Discussion:

Reconsidering Re-entry: Exploring Decarceration in its Fullness Amid #COVID19
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Want a feel for how extensive, entrenched and structured the hatred in America is for our tens of millions of drug users? Take this #ThoughtExperiment with me....

#Stigma #PWUD #PWID #DrugUse #HumanRights #PublicHealth
#HarmReduction #NormalizeHR #SafeSupply #SCS #SIF

IMAGINE for a moment that you woke up tomorrow to the news that the entire retail #alcohol supply in the #US was randomly contaminated with deadly levels of #fentanyl. A one ounce shot could put you into respiratory arrest in 120 seconds, quickly followed by cardiac arrest.

The proper administration of #NARCAN within minutes or #RescueBreathing is your only hope for survival; #911 and #EMS can’t get there that fast.

Now IMAGINE for a moment what the governmental and civil society response would be to this news...

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Starting now @BrookingsInst webinar, "The Opioid Crisis in America – Prevention, Treatment, and Regulation"…
Cringe - while talking about treatment access, Rep David Trone also speaking about the need for more supply-side efforts internationally and domestically to address synthetic opioids in drug supply. Who's going to tell him fent enforcement has motivated creation of new analogs?
Check out our @DrugPolicyOrg report, entitled "Criminal Justice Reform in the Fentanyl Era: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" which problematizes the user/seller dichotomy, and racial disparities in enforcement:…
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Here @jasonluan88 responds to arguments for #safesupply brought forward by advocates on social & mainstream media, but it appears that he needs help with understanding and interpretation of the arguments and data in support of safe supply.
Thread: 1/
#Abpoli #Ableg
In the headline @jasonluan88 continues to use stigmatizing language with the word “addict”. People who use drugs are people first!
Stigma causes people to to use and die alone.

Here are helpful resources on stigma for the minsiter.

#ableg #abpoli
A person with lived and living experience is free to chose how they self-identify, but unless @jasonluan88 has lived experience he should stick to #PersonFirstLanuage
#Abpoli #Ableg
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1/6: Talking to PWUD and prescribers over the past few weeks I've learned there's a huge disconnect between #safesupply and what we can call pandemic prescribing
(a thread)
2/6: Pandemic prescribing is providing pharmaceutical alternatives to street drugs to help reduce #overdose risk and let people isolate during #COVID. It's a life saving approach now, but it's not the long-term solution to the overdose crisis, #Safesupply is.
3/6: Offering drug users the least sought-after drugs through pandemic prescribing is playing it as safe as possible, it's the equivalent of providing an alcoholic with light beer when what they've been consuming is 40 proof liquor. It's not #Safesupply
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1) I don’t know that I can hear another physician say we “can’t rely on doctors to solve the overdose/poisoning crisis” We are literally dying and we can’t rely on the individuals who took an oath to do no harm?
2) If a PWUD comes into your office seeking safe supply and you say NO you’ve basically sentenced the individual to death. Walking out of your office without a prescription sends us back to the street. You made the choice to say NO...
3) Why do PWUD need to fix the problem? Why don’t physicians have to step the fuck up and do what needs to be done?! The government isn’t going to change drug laws or end prohibition quicker than physicians can prescribe...
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There are important issues this article in @CalgarySunRSS & the comments by @jasonluan88 miss:
(1) First we have to keep people alive to give them a chance for recovery. During #covid19 drugs are more toxic, and seeking and taking drugs is more dangerous.…
re @CalgarySunRSS & @jasonluan88:
(2) when people struggle with addiction, drug use happens, regardless of consequences. Creating more treatment spaces in a crisis will helps some but not all. People will seek treatment when they are ready and ready is different for each person
re @CalgarySunRSS & @jasonluan88:
(3) prescribing a safe alternative to toxic street drugs does not equate to "free drugs". It means prescription alternatives to toxic street supply within provincial drug plans. It is a public health approach to a health crisis. #safesupply
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Tweet 1: " Many people ask me why someone on opioid against #treatment (OAT) to manage their #addiction would still use heroin at the same time. It comes down to what fuels on individuals addiction (a thread)"
Tweet 2: "2/ First, you have to understand why someone might start using #opioids or other drugs in the first place. For me, I started using heroin to deal with deep-rooted trauma that was causing me incredible emotional pain"
Tweet:3 "3/ Soon I had to keep using heroin regularly to stave off the debilitating withdrawal from not using. So I was using heroin for two reasons: to manage trauma and to manage withdrawal"
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Just got a message re: local supply and decided to share a few things (a thread). This is from Minnesota. I’m sure the trends are becoming similar elsewhere.
Here’s the FB version:…

#harmreduction #safesupplynow #safesupply #covid19 #covid19harmreduction
•People should consider OTC supplies to manage withdrawal now.
•The supply is even more unpredictable, sometimes w/ increased cuts to stretch.
•When new supply comes in, be prepared for stronger product.
•Prices are increasing. Recommendation is to stockpile, but it’s costly.
See if people need supplies to manage withdrawal. OTC for symptoms—like Imodium to manage diarrhea and Tylenol for fever—Pedialyte, Ensure.
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Alberta Q2 Opioid Reporting fresh off the press!

As previously noted by @ehyshka, this quarter demonstrates an increase in fentanyl-related overdose compared to Q1 2019.
#AbLeg #ABpoli…
This is one of many reasons why it’s important to avoid overgeneralizing from a single data point—overdose deaths occur in ebbs and flows.

Sometimes a single bad batch can make the difference between a low point vs a surge in deaths.
Opioid related overdose deaths in the province related to fentanyl—important to note we are STILL in CRISIS. We are STILL LOSING 2 people everyday.

We are not doing enough to protect the vulnerable.

A reminder that there are still three communities waiting for SCS funding.
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This attack on doctors and patients--simplistic, conflated and erroneous narratives about opioids, chronic pain, addiction, people who use drugs– is exhausting and not helpful while thousands of ppl remain vulnerable to harm, OD, death. (1/n)
Many govt efforts at regulating physician practice have historically been harmful. In the 1920s, doctors could no longer provide #safesupply of morphine, driving pts to street use/heroin. Politicians like Anslinger used racist fear tactics to degrade, lock up ppl of color (2/n)
A new JAMA study by researchers including @LarochelleMarc @DrSarahWakeman @JagChhatwal explicitly asks this question: will focusing on prescription Rx supply derease opioid OD deaths? Not significantly, according to their model (3/n)…
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if you have some time tonight to change how you understandstand the Downtown Eastside, there are some perspectives i'd like to share. for tomorrow
#DTES #vanpoli This is @johannhari101 speaking last fall. via @YouTube
we are still doing #harmReduction but
>>>>>>we must expand our concept of HARM [because clearly we did not]
[because everything became much more harmful very quickly
fatal, in fact
HARM is actually dynamic, a shapeshifter.
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i've had to make this point several times when speaking to council.

it would be great if nobody has to do this in the future. i'd like that. if i don't have to point this out, that would indicate to me that we've made a significant change
#vanpoli #vanelxn18
if we refused to wait until the obituary before acknowledging that people have inherent dignity, worth, humanity, all that
if the motivating impulse is resentment, the consequences can never be productive. it seems to me that this is a big reason why the #DTES is so utterly messed up. an endless spiral of resentment & blame & regret, such fierce desire for a past that never was
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